Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

Dear Patrick Gerschel, Meet the REAL David Einhorn



Welcome Patrick Gerschel to the table who some of you may know,I suggest you all look at which of your “neighbors” I’m sending this to and understand that it’s going up on the website under, “Dear Patrick Gerschel, Meet the REAL David Einhorn”.. Anyway, the final three chapters are posted on the website:. www.DaveEinhorn.comJudge Max Cogburn: This is the judge in the Greg Lindberg case. Greg Lindberg’s attorneys are also Leon Black’s attorneys who stars in this saga as well. Greg Lindberg was the guy Tom Gober was trying to put behind bars as he pulled the rug out from under me and his own attorneys. Who really belongs in jail here??

Tom Gober is Stalking Me— and BADLY!:. This is what it’s like to be stalked by the CFE who has his finger on the detonate button of the world economy

Greenlight Capital Investors Need a Refund!:.  Nathalie Kaplan and David Einhorn are two social-climbing, con artists who deserve each other.. Just as video #2 on my website predicted, David would find himself a new enabler-partner to fulfill BOTH his social-climbing ambitions AND his “preacher’s flock”. David feels no more actual emotional attachments to ole Nat anymore than Henry VIII had for any of his wives, it’s simply a “merger”.

Every door & every window I open to David Einhorn gets weirder, dirtier & more nonsensical, just smoke n’ mirrors! The only people who like him are tagalongs & social-climbers. The Smart Jews go with people like Dan Loeb, while the “hanger-ons” gravitate to David Einhorn.

To wrap this up,

Dave’s sweet, humble guy routine is nothing more than an act to cover his crimes & negligence, the same as Tom Gober. It’s like the NASDAQ producer said to me when shown $6.5 billion in liabilities marked as assets at Brighthouse Financial and hearing that David just snickered, “David’s a narcissist who doesn’t care about anyone but himself…. He’s only out for himself.” Words to live by and people like Steven Einhorn are totally duplicitous just like the ACFE and Dee Miles of Beasley Allen duplicitous when it comes to the morally bankrupt, Tom Gober..…

TOTALLY PATHETIC & more ludicrous than current American politics. Nonetheless, David will now feign confusion & play the victim, then rely on a trumped-up popularity contest laced with cronyism & sycophants, just like he did with ALLIED CAPITAL!!! It won’t work this time, not when you’re caught red-handed with evidence YOU left behind. Even OJ couldn’t pull that shit off completely…..

******Read some true journalism, NOT dirty favors from jokers like Jesse Eisinger who David has in his crooked pocket thanks to that Stygian witch David calls his ex-wife.

Introduction to the Deep Capture Analysis (October 2007) – Deep Capture

Introduction to the Deep Capture Analysis (October 2007) – Deep Capture


Now for a little, “David Einhorn” ………

David, don’t you DARE make me out to be the “bad guy”…If the hurt feelings” of Nathalie Kaplan actually matters to your Asperger’s-ridden head– or at least the opinion of her father— then your priorities are TOTALLY fucked-up & your moral compass more bizarre than that of Tom Gober who sees himself as a hero for protecting an elderly, black lady from the big insurers, yet doesn’t hesitate to (a.)  endanger investors, (b.) withhold from his own attorneys and (c.) exploit hardworking, struggling single women like myself and then lie about ALL of it—Just like David Einhorn!!!!!!  

          BOTTOM LINE:  Nathalie Gerschel Kaplan is an aging, parasitic socialite who contributes NOTHING to society except for high-profile marriages & divorces along with some faux branding bullshit. There’s more integrity in the life of your average bartender than in this overly privileged, professional socialite who is pure hype with no substance, exactly how old Davey Einhorn likes his women folk. This is where David’s empathy resides, only for people— especially women— of this ilk.

        DAVID, WHAT ABOUT MY FEELINGS?  Were you concerned about my feelings OR did you display any empathy when you tried to ignore my attempt to gently inform you that my working relationship with Tom Gober was ruined after you spat in his face and I was forced to tell Tom that he couldn’t expect investors to intuit his intentions ??? What I got instead was the illustrious David Einhorn chiding me that “the big insurers were doing everything right” as you pummeled me to no avail for any residual information left behind from the “Tom vault” without offering me any assurances.

What about the feelings of your investors and your employees? What about withholding from your employees a way to turn your business around by not having to lie to your investors that your second major holding wasn’t totally insolvent & a dumping ground for MetLife debt?

The real problem was that David FagHorn is the corruption he does not want to see combattedTHIS is the real reason why David turned down what the biggest attorneys & hedge fund managers in the world had jumped on until Tom Gober pulled the rug out from under everyone.  This is what I brought to the table and what you, David, would have been forced to go along with eventually…

To David Einhorn, the new Ivar Krueger, for whom showboating empathy OR financially supporting & elevating trash like Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, Jenn Hoos Rothberg and now an opportunistic, socialite on the make like Nathalie Kaplan has become the true priority in his life.


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