Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

“David Einhorn & Tom Gober, CFE: The Fraud Behind the Fraud”


Call to Investors, Policyholders, Media, Big Law AND the Wizard of Oz!

Hey, there investors & policyholders! Have you heard the joke about the legendary, yet myopic and distressed hedge fund manager locking horns with the malignant, sanctimonious CFE behind the AIG debacle who swindles single women he stalks THEN withholds from his legal network of nine-figure, settlement attorney? REALLY?!?!

TOM GOBER; CFE Behind The AIG Debacle & More
David EINHORN; Hedge Funds manager & Mr. Lehman/Allied Debacle

The is the story of a professionally toxic CFE who claims that he’s found “the very core of what will bring the entire industry down (reinsurers)” YET he refuses to allow his own attorneys, lobbyists & investors to schmooze. Like a lobbyist said, “If my investors heard Tom talk, they’d laugh. He’s sitting on a pot of gold and doesn’t want to share.” I can only imagine how trial lawyers must feel….

            Is this man who’s supposed to be working against billion-dollar, insurer fraud really in the pocket of the big insurers or is he skulking because I– his marketing strategist– told him that he could not clairvoyantly panhandle to investors like David Einhorn AND because I wanted him to speak to my Security Compliance Officer who examined the correspondence and ruled in David Einhorn’s favor by describing Tom as “completely off the rails” while “David was watching out for both their asses, but Tom was too ignorant to see it.”

         Also, this will be covering documented fraud of BHF’s Insolvency– it’s a “dumping ground” for MetLife debt. Leon Black formerly of Apollo Management created the “mothernest” of Big Insurer fraud that makes AIG look like “the poor man’s” reinsurance scam via one PUBLICLY-TRADED, private equity that co-mingles securities & insurer ethics with 45 U.S. insurers, $430 billion in reinsurance fraud—STARTING FIGURES! Leon may be out of sight, but NOT out of mind!


Tom Gober: Expose/Bring to Justice/Fulfill Mission…. Everyone’s happy!

David Einhorn: Expose/Open Eyes/Take Charge…….. Reinvention!


BIG INVESTOR, BIG LOBBYIST, BIG LAW—ALL this equals long-short strategies AND constructive change in Dodd-Frank for the good of the investors and the policyholders by ultimately staving off financial collapses and undeserving bailouts.

–          Imagine a non-destructive, activist-investor approach working in tandem by watching out for each other & never falling short as they have in the past, ie. big law never received the media they needed and could only take down one crooked insurer at a time. On the other hand, investors get the media, but they’re harassed by the insurer’s attorneys while their own lawyers on retainer do nothing but cannibalize said retainers. Finally, lobbyists or hired guns are being overlooked for the side of the good. In the end, EVEN AN INCREMENTAL WIN CONSTITUTES A MAJOR WIN!

*THIS is a Whistleblower Story…..and why a Whole Lotta People Need to Make it Right…

Tom Gober belongs in jail and his professional licenses revoked. He’s betrayed his team on far more levels than Andrew Cuomo while casually orchestrating a racket comparable to only that of R. Kelly who in fact was enabled BY his team……

        EVERYONE was on board with the Dream Team approach until Tom Gober pulled the rug out from everyone as he lied to his attorneys about both his engagement & declared intent with lobbyists, investors and myself. This meant that Tom was effectively refusing to serve as lead expert witness on his own cases which he had just pushed on investors and lobbyists with the very same attorneys he was now lying to & cutting out being promised-in. Let’s not forget his guarantee of making them money which stemmed from his proven track record.


If David Einhorn can go after GM, then he can save the day by taking down one malignant nerd of a CFE on a power kick & a God’s messenger complex. It’s a more effective strategy than trying to eke out tidbits of information left behind with me from Gober. Does David remember describing Tom to me as, “Tom thinks he’s an angel sent from God with a message for the world. I know the type.” Tom’s favorite attorney shuttered when he heard that from me. Meanwhile, the lobbyist said that Tom is the goose who laid the golden egg, but doesn’t want to share. Somebody needs to set us free because as David has pointed out, regulators don’t regulate.

This leads us to “Lord of the Manor”,  Joseph TWells, the founder of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) & top 100 in National Security. Mr. Wells does NOT find what you’re about to witness to be unethical and that also applies to his whipping boy, Jacob Parks, who handles the ethics complaint department which is as one you can guess, a total joke. Is he even concerned about GazProm being reinsured by Connecticut reinsurers? What about CIA policies being sold to the Chinese Warren Buffett?

Let’s not forget the lawyers of Beasley Allen in Alabama who take on Tom’s cases, who pay Tom’s bills, who wanted to do move forward with investors, BUT who cannot put the Gober genie back in its bottle. Everybody needs to be working together. Gober is not Putin, he’s just a narcissistic wimp on a power kick and it is a spite-fueled kick at that.

Gober complains to me about making all of his lawyers money while the system never changes; when of course, this virtuous ascetic isn’t exploiting & threatening me before ultimately pulling out at the finish line so he can relish leaving me broke as a form of revenge. Drawing the line at Tom panhandling investors then ensuring a complete destruction of any viable path that could ultimately pay for 4 years of my contingent work to realize his dreams & garner a cornucopia of cases for his attorneys is what earned me a Scarlet letter of ungodliness and being “ all about the money” as I was unable to bleed for Tom for the rest of my life and actually expected to be able to pay some bills.

Again, Joseph T. Wells and Jacob Parks of the ACFE saw nothing wrong with this and David Einhorn had no empathy. Instead, David chided me , “No, no, no. The insurers are doing everything right and filling out all the correct forms and by the time you actually get to the person I want, they’ll all be dead.” David then hung up on me because there was no use in staying on the phone as I could not help him out on Assured Guaranty and he didn’t want to hear about better alternatives.

David wants what he wants and turns down the golden opportunities which other more successful hedge fund managers grabbed AND what Tom’s favorite attorney and AIG debacle guy, Dee Miles, had described as, “I’ve always want to do something like this before, but never thought it could be done….and I want to get started tomorrow….. I see it as the bigger the better.”

Unfortunately, Dee Miles then created a false narrative after Tom refused to be honest with him about his dealings with me, investors and lobbyists. In fact, Dee Miles– douchebag extraordinaire– effectively indicted  Tom by putting in writing Tom’s lies, if not his own, in which 4 years of hard work, Tom’s declared intent, Tom’s engagement with investors, his claims of proof of fraud with Wall Street investors—ALL became “theory” while Dee Miles who personifies the trial lawyer problem in this country suddenly incurs a sudden onset of amnesia. Did Tom think that I just wanted to spend three to four years of my life hanging on his every word? NOTE:.  Any attorney who thinks that this is about back pay is either unconscionable or out of their league.

David Einhorn was initially seen before me as the victim of the corrupt, big insurer, like BRIGHTHOUSE FINANCIAL/ METLIFE, who keep big investors like him on the outside of their corrupt insider games no matter how much they aspire to get into things like reinsurance. David turned a very serious corner though when he began to invent unsubstantiated theories based on GAAP accounting practices to justify the undervaluation of Brighthouse Financial when he’s known better since June 2018 at which time David was told by an unchaperoned Tom Gober that Brighthouse was a dumping ground for MetLife debt.

David asked Tom in the meeting, “Can you prove it?” Gober said, “Yes, absolutely” and then expected a thank-you for tying the investor’s hands when offering Dave no recourse. You have to sell fighting fraud as it is his mantra after all. This is why Tom Gober’s lawyer—who I had to speak to behind Tom’s back— wanted to smooth things over with David. I told Dee, “Let Dave come to us because we have bigger fish to fry, bigger investors to answer to.”


Israel is a Racist, Supremacist State

Israeli logic dictates throwing all Palestinians off what little land they have left so that IDF can find a handful of resistance groups who are supposed to stay behind……this is what Israel calls hiding behind civilians?!”

Jewish Propaganda

All Israeli allegations that Hamas is hiding in hospitals or schools, mosque are total lies. Hamas made a request for an independent agency (ex. UN, doctors without boarders, etc) to come & inspect. In addition, the head of the physician’s team who lived in Gaza for 16 years denied Israeli claims and said for 16 years in Al shifah hospital, the largest in Gaza was able to move anywhere without restriction and never saw any Hamas members.

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