Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

Tom Gober: Mr. AIG Debacle, CFE



Thank you readers for joining me and as an introduction, I think the easiest thing to do would be to show you the letter I sent to attorney Dee Miles of Beasley Allen in Alabama back in February 2020, just before the pandemic hit. I sent it to him following his unexpected retreat to a plan already set into action in which he had engaged the directing manager of a top 15 hedge fund and had given me assurances that he would talk Tom down. Plus, he was on the cusp of speaking to my lobbyist with whom they should have presented a United front. I think this email says it all and I’ll have very little to add after that.

MY FINAL SOLUTION: The “Gober Problem” & the “NEW” McNulty Memo

I tried to handle this situation respectfully, but now I’m  forced to pursue an aggressive course of action against Tom that goes far beyond that which I took w/even my former, faux-manager after being told by the president of NCOPM that she belonged in jail.  NO ONE can afford these “sociable predators” who string a person along without remorse and who set their victim’s lives back 3-5 years. Tom is a parasite who feeds off your loyalty and he does it by coming disguised as just a harmless, country boy from Maybeury with a vision—  NOT the voyeuristic old man who draws you into deeper waters to the point that you’re in too deep to turn back. THIS is when the abuse really begins….

So now I’m back to “What to do about the Gober Problem?” as I CANNOT afford the lack of scruples from not just Tom, but now a trial lawyer with a sudden case of amnesia or “miscommunication” issues as he is no doubt stuck between a rock and a hard place. Nonetheless, the elusive euphemism you gave me in Friday’s “form letter” could have been better handled with the truth.

BOTTOM LINE:  What the McNulty Memo did to Tom’s career with the Feds, the TRIXIE Memo will do to Tom’s career with civil cases. There is NO legal action that can be taken against me by you or by Tom. Tom has an unsavory reputation you are not aware of and you needed to reign him in with your last talk.

I’m not making threats, just stating facts. Tom Gober is professionally unethical and he knows this. An innocent man doesn’t always ask, “you’re not taping me are you?” after telling me that when the dominoes fall, he’ll just gives me millions of dollars. An innocent man doesn’t berate me and pull the rug out from under me for showing a Securities Compliance Officer friend the explosive correspondence between himself and David Einhorn as this friend ruled Tom as being “off the rails” and borderline “incriminating himself” w/David looking out for the both of them.  Tom’s a guilty man both professionally and personally as you can witness from this brand of isolation tactics wherein Tom wants no one to bear witness to either his folly, intentional or not, nor any preemptive escape routes from TRIXIE. THIS IS HOW TOM DOES BUSINESS! You try talking this down!!

Sorry, I can no longer produce euphemisms to excuse Tom’s behavior as I’ve  done with Einhorn and Dee Miles nor can I afford to allow Tom to waste four years of my life—  NOT when I have too many witnesses and documentation, both written and verbal, and ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose or look forward to except to exposè Tom to the highest levels as the professionally reckless, unconscionable and often times malicious and narcissistic “abuser of power” that Tom truly is.  I simply will not allow Tom to deny his accountability.  He’s an entitled, narcissistic nerd on a power kick who I can easily hold accountable honestlyconcisely and methodically for anything and everything from cruel intent both towards me and to investors, to panhandling to investors then onto his exploitative, abusive and out-of-touch-with-reality tirades towards myself and potential investors– you know, when he’s not trying to lure investors into breaking securities compliance laws to join him on his mission to apparently nowhere except wasted time and armchair theorizing. No wonder Jessie Eissinger who wrote the definitive bio on AIG never knew who Tom was! If a person has to rely on Tom as a whistleblower, then things will never get done!

Problem:  Tom is not a doer and he has no honor.

What Tom does have is narcissistic evangelism and an addictive personality that comes in the form of sublimated alcoholism to religion. Even Einhorn noted, “Tom thinks he’s an angel sent from God with a message for the world… I know the type”.  People don’t take sanctimonious Tom and his hyperbole seriously. Maybe it flies in the Deep South after Dee Miles has groomed Tom for the stand,  but not in New York. The Southern preacher with a whiskey flask tucked into the Bible runs deep in Tom’s veins, he’s simply lost the accent. His true mandate is NOT  “Come fight fraud with me”,  it’s really “Bleed For Me…..uh, you first?!”.


Tom’s all about “the show”. He even agreed who the my following “black widow” example:      Tom will go out of his way to help the little, old black widow in Mississippi who’s getting screwed by store-front insurers, but he shits on investors like Einhorn, who he roots for to fail OR he shits on someone like myself who he’s enlisted after staring at me for two years AND after I  moved mountains for a Tom who vacillates between clinging to me for solutions then smirks as he relishes taking me down a notch & plays “ignore her and make her crawl back games” all because I had the nerve to broach points of basic needs,  ie. Purveying the viability of a book—- AGAIN, THE BOOK WILL HAVE VIABILITY ONCE YOU GET WITH SOMEONE LIKE LOEB OR EINHORN, BUT LIKE ROB SAID, “CONGRESS BEFORE HOLLYWOOD” AND LIKE I SAID, “NO ONE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE. HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO MOVE THIS BOOK IN A DYING PUBLISHING INDUSTRY?  I WRITE IT, THEY WILL.NOT COME”.


I was NEVER recruited for a book! TRIXIE was recruited for MetLife and a documentary. If you change course, make sure it makes sense and it opens doors to the endgame. Don’t elude your partner like some hustler vacating a store-front rental because you’re frustrated by your own inept learning curve!  I’ve vigorously reported “Toms” in the past and with conclusive results. There are eyes on this man and he doesn’t think there are.

I should be exposing reinsurers as I have no doubt moved mountains and delivered to Tom his wildest dream expectations; but instead, I will be exposing someone who is no better than the dishonest, John Grisham-esque, “leave-’em-high-and-dry” characters he pursues. Tom is a narcissist who’s obsessed with the term narcissist, but fails to see himself as the devious counterpart of the narcissistic, insurer CEO he loves to malign. Tom’s former alcoholism is used to discredit him as an expert witness, but it’s nothing compared to what really drives him. The self-made Tom possesses a constant need for approval and validation from the lawyers he works with— Do Not Confuse This Need for Validation & Purpose as Tom Honoring his Pursuit for Policyholder Justice! Tom’s personal vices, ie. delay being the worst form of denial, passive aggressive/elusive negotiator personality type with investors, but passive-compliant with attorneys are totally FLUID and know no boundaries between personal & professional. Alas, I really have no interest in further deconstruction of Tom’s various personality disorders because the result is always the same— nothing ever gets done and people get screwed if a higher force doesn’t intervene.

Mary, the journalist, and myself are sources of validation other than the lawyers, but we literally go nowhere for years at a time w/Tom, but he’ll bemoan to anyone at Starbucks who will listen. Mary & myself also become venting boards which the lawyers won’t tolerate unless there’s an end game and Tom has to ultimately pay his bills w/$400 an hour yet never has anything for me and is always waiting to get paid to throw me maybe $300 after 6 months. You don’t have to be a psychologist or author of “Men Who Can’t Love” to know that men like Tom have a thing for keeping a woman like me at arm’s length, not because I was a “junior collaborator”, but because I am not the “mother figure” & NYT journalist Mary is. It’s an outlet for his ego, but he doesn’t understand that what he’s doing is real and he soon becomes his own one-man, store-front hustler who predictably withdraws, evades and sabotages projects & relationships if they get “too real”, too close to home. AGAIN!!! THIS IS HOW TOM GOBER DOES BUSINESS!!

Men like tom always take trophies or mementos from their fantasized, female victims and in this case, it’s a trail of shared “burn Tom’s ass to the ground” emails. Tom is living proof of how dirty old men– which I never really wanted to  see Tom as for the sake of friendship—have their own “game”.  Part of this “game” is withholding. For instance, these predators won’t return items nor do they want to see the women they prey upon happy either with another person OR from giving them what is owed to them. IT’S POWER AND CONTROL and nothing melds with this dysfunctional, male mold better than Tom’s own inherent tendencies to subvert rational approaches & solutions then to revert to things that just don’t make sense!!!

……… AND ONCE AGAIN , waste people’s time, ie. Tom’s ill-conceived, boorish & obscure blog to “tell the world” about reinsurer scams instead of staying on course w/viable documentaries and investor interests. NEXT, Drop me like a hot potato, hit the reset button and give your woes to a replacement on how he wants to both tell the world, affect change and get credit for doing so WHICH TOM COULD HAVE HAD VIA BARRY KATZ.AND GEORGE PYNE, ROB’S COUSIN, WHO BUILT UP AND SOLD WILLIAM MORRIS ENDEAVOR FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! OR BY HIGH-LEVEL LOBBYISTS AND INVESTORS WHO ARE ON YOUR SIDE LETTING THINGS WORK FOR YOU AND AROUND YOU AS YOU BE YOU AND LET DEE BE DEE!!!! THIS IS HOW IT WORKS!!


Tom has a warped pathology and it’s mixing with his business and effectively compromising it and harming the lives of others.

I’ve given this psycho-scheister his dream on a silver platter and what we’ve been working on FOR YEARS. NOW, huckster Tom pretends to Dee Miles that it’s not viable OR Dee Miles pretends to TRIXIE that it’s not viable w/some nonsensical response that conflicts with his prior actions.  Dee Miles could not possibly buy whatever bullshit Tom was selling which leads one to conclude that Tom gave a flat out refusal. How can Tom justify to Dee Miles that tuning away investors who are willing to help him hold accountable Apollo Management or Fairfax Financial is not viable when Dee has already taken Tom on contingency TWICE on cases like AIG ($400m) or BCBS AL– which was the biggest antitrust case on the planet ever that no one’s ever heard about—AND this was without the high-profile investors & lobbyists to boot?

BOTTOM LINE:  This email is NOT an ultimatum. I will burn Tom to the ground. That’s just a heads-up, a professional courtesy. No more $400 million settlements. No more AIG’s or BCBS of AL.  That’s how I do business.

Now let’s snapshot the mean-spirited Tom who wants to see Einhorn– who bruised Gober’s lethal ego– crash & burn, but in the end who has more to lose? We all know my sorry ass has absolutely nothing to lose. This means Tom becomes the most “impeachable” expert witness to ever hit the witness stand since Kato Kaelin. I guess that’s what  happens when Tom, with the Questionable judgment, gives a well-connected yet broke-ass nobody too much information and a whole lot of dicking around. This IS NOT hell hath no fury, this is Tom has reaped what he’s sewn and Dee has to feel the ripple effect— though you know I had a much more pleasant ripple in mind. That doesn’t matter any more.


I gave you the benefit of a doubt by responding to your tight-lipped, “form letter” on Friday, but it was clear from your sudden “cover my ass, drop TRIXIE & deny everything” tone– wherein my straight-forward, collaborative, synergistic approach was now reduced to abstract “theory”–  that I knew something HUGE must have happened in your phone call w/Tom.  Clearly, whatever was said not only burst your very enthusiastic balloon, but it caused you to do a complete about-face. This could only be one thing:  Dee Miles finally understood what a complete piece of unreasonable shit Tom Gober really is and what I had been put through, but there was also nothing Dee could do about it except to discard me and accept one “domino” at a time instead of going for the whole “domino effect” Tom has always espoused. Your phone call with Tom was intended to convince him that it was time to pull the trigger as you and Joe Whatley have almost an exclusive domain and control over Tom’s post-McNulty Memo career.  A little woman like me should not have to be bulldozed by Big Law who is supposed to “halt” abuse and these sudden evasive tactics reek of dishonesty both on your part as well as on Tom’s.

You had no illusions, nor was there any “miscommunication” between us before going into your talk with Tom as you were excited and stated, “I see it as BIG!” with it launching everyone—lawyer, investor  and lobbyist– to new heights. This thoroughly outlined &  simple, collaborative approach was easily communicated to both a lobbyist, a hedge fund manager and to Joe Whatley along with an adjunct attorney you had assigned to the case. You were eager to talk to Parker Quillen and Rob Houton— BOTH of whom had no difficulty with the simple nature of the three-legged approach:  Big Law meets Big Investor meets Big Lobbyist wherein everyone is doing their own job which assists the other. You know perfectly well that you were never intended to take on the role of the lobbyist, but you are conspicuously changing your tune and playing dumb as is evident by Fridays form letter to me in which you spontaneously have created a totally, new narrative.

BOTTOM LINE:   According to Tom, his espoused “domino effect” is fact and my gameplan to make it happen is viable, which means that Tom is either lying to Dee Miles by now labeling it as “theories” OR Tom’s been lying to me for nearly five years by calling it “fact”…..OR everybody’s lying to my sorry, white ass, period!

It’s ludicrous to suggest that a high-level, corporate attorney who is used to sifting through complex legalese should have difficulty in “cracking the code” of my simple, three-tiered collaborative effort NOR would you allow Tom to talk circles around you. This isn’t just ludicrous,  it’s intellectually dishonest. Likewise, it’s not your job to come up with theories, it’s your job to prove fraud. This was the point-blank, billion-dollar question Einhorn asked Tom, “Can you prove it?”  The only theory you would have to sell would be “if finite reinsurance is abused 90% of the time– which Tom teaches to postal inspectors – then Prem Watsa of Fairfax Financial is not only NOT credible, but he had employed degradation tactics via the use of his own attorneys towards hedge fund managers like, Dan Loeb and Seth Cohen, in order to humiliate these outsiders who are ignorant of big insurers use of finite reinsurance in the form of illicit “side-letters” as there is NO reasonable way to conclude that Prem Watsa does NOT understand that finite abuse is a proven way of doing business.  If he’s willing to use such bizarre, courtroom tactics, then he should be forced to sign a contract saying that he understands that finite reinsurance is abused 90% of the time and that he is willing to show the world that he is the exception.

Your AIG case only penalized and inconvenienced People like Hank Greenberg and Warren Buffett’s RoA, but it didn’t halt shit. It just sent Greenberg to China where he’s apparently selling off CIA policies to the “Chinese Warren Buffett”.  Plus, I received complaint calls from Tom in Alabama towards the end of the BCBS case and he clearly stated that “all he did was just make a bunch of lawyers rich… nothing’s changes”.  NO ONE EVEN KNOWS ABOUT BCBS OF ALABAMA!  Mary Walsh of the New York Times sure as hell didn’t write about it! Perhaps Dee and Tom should inquire about cognitive dissonance therapy as Dee clearly functions as a profiteer and Tom as the enabler.

……BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, working with Rob Houton would lead to the  actual halting of fraud and consumer abuse, but that takes investors as I know you don’t need me to explain these things to you. You also know this would not put a trial lawyer out of business because the “black hole” which Tom has theorized will go from being a poisonous tree to bearing the fruits of a new cottage industry to be filled with lobbyist, lawyers and corporate re-inventors.  Plus, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time a trial lawyer got into lobbying.

Make no mistake, everything you discussed with Tom over the phone in regards to my plan for a “triumvirate’ collaboration geared to fulfilling his multi-faceted mission is not only verifiable via  emails with Tom and later Rob Houton as well, but it’s therefore an approach approved by Tom and initially attempted by Tom even before being placed in the more capable hands of Robert Houton who was “ready to move” with it until Rob got pulled away on the EpiPen on a Plane campaign. This proof of both Tom’s intent and his belief in the viability of my approach stands in sharp contrast to Tom’s original approach which entailed informing Einhorn that Einhorn was a major shareholder of  a dumping ground for MetLife debt and then expecting a thank-you from Einhorn when Tom never offered a mutually beneficial recourse.

Instead, Tom hounded Einhorn for the next couple of months to get him to admit that he, Tom, was right and that Einhorn had found their meeting to be beneficial. This is  typical of Tom placing his accounting ethics above a client’s needs. Anyhow, it took me a year of counseling Tom to make him see that his ‘cart before the horse’ tactic had effectively tied Einhorn’s hands and wasn’t doing any favors for Einhorn’s investors which is why I suggested approaching Cyrus Mehri, but never prodded Tom on why not Dee Miles, nor did I get a clear answer as to why nothing came of the  Mehri  meeting which Judge Clemon had flown to DC to attend.  At least by November of 2018, Tom had apologized to Einhorn for doing him a disservice, but that was before the explosive August Apollo emails……Unreal, Tom and I started at ground zero with me knocking on doors like a girl scout, but  in the end I produced a dream team and Tom becomes suddenly elusive……hmmm, makes you wonder what you’re dealing with!!!!

FREE ADVICE;   You need to be worried about Tom far more than you do me and realize that if Tom’s like this now, it’s only going to get worse. Despite the hostile tone of this email, I’m far more the ally than you’re willing to admit. Tom is a man who is failing the policyholders he’s sworn to protect as there is no reason for a change of heart from the course we were on EXCEPT that “Glossy Bossy”, as he called me, was the one to nab the Big Fish, to move mountains, not Tom Gober…. Sorry Tom, but that’s what I’m here for!  He couldn’t close the deal with these guys and I could which is basically nerd castration for Tom. If you don’t believe me, I have a rough draft of a contract involving hedge fund managers which Tom approved; but of course, it was assumed that he would be the one bringing them on.

BOTTOM LINE:  Gober does not approach two hedge fund managers TWICE EACH unless he’s ready to PROVE fraud and that is ALWAYS viable. Plus, Tom built on it with a GM pensions angle ala Einhorn in mind.

The hedge fund approach was delineated in a contract I drafted, BUT it placed Tom as the recruiter. I never thought I would be the one cutting the deals, but Tom did relish the idea of placing himself between two hedge fund managers in a documentary which demonstrates how out-of-touch and self-absorbed he is as Tom sees himself as the star and not as someone who hitches himself to a star and shines that way. This mindset is right up there with Tom’s sophomoric belief that if I “wrote it, then they will come”; therefore, Glossy Bossy should grateful that Tom is giving her 50% of Tom’s go-nowhere book so I had better not ask Tom any more questions or Tom will drop me like a bad habit as Tom has found a really great and totally, obscure, publishing company in France that will allow the writer to keep more money”.  Uhhhh, 50% of zero is still zero, Mr. Forensic Accountant!


Again, I was never recruited for a book, I was there for a documentary and to go after MetLife and/or to “out” the “captive cowboys” and the Brighthouse Financial twist seemed like the launching pad— THE magic moment, and the investors made it click. Let’s not be naïve, it always comes down to investors and a movie comes after the fall, not before…the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place. All Tom had to do was to be Tom and allow things to work for him and around him— including Dee or Cryrus or whomever and they in turn would allow things to work for them and around them.

The Mind of a Narcissist:

How dare Glossy Bossy ask for contracts, “my word is gold and without it I have nothing”.  Glossy Bossy has NOTHING because Gober’s word is pure shit!! This is why my Syrian friend who’s best friends with Maxine Waters and close to Eliot Engel of  New York who sponsored his bill that Trump just passed, is waiting for me to give him the signal to CAVEAT EMPTOR Tom Gober’s ass.  Funny, not too long ago, Tom spoke to my director friend, May Lily, and stated that he wanted her there when he testified to Maxine (Waters)…

You see what I’m dealing with?! His word is SHIT!

Would Tom lie under oath about all this AND HAS?!

GOOGLE “TOM GOBER”:  Here you and EVERY reinsurer will soon find my website devoted entirely to Tom Gober. He’ll be seen as a man of questionable ethics and judgment who is either willing to place investors into compromising positions to further his own agenda or who is simply a loose cannon; but either way, he reeks of professional misconduct and an agenda to push on his own unpredictable terms.


All this DISHONORABLE Man Had to Do Was to HONOR The Mission and his bullshit GOLDEN WORD. Instead, Tom the Apostle Pulls the Rug Out From Under Everyone, which effectively Includes the Policyholders, then adds Injury to insult with his usual SKEWED PERSPECTIVE by Implying that I’m the Parasite just as he Labels ALL Investors as being “just out for the money” —–probably because he’s incapable of nabbing any investors– YET God’s Messenger fails to see that Dee Miles and Joe Whatley are clearly NOT running Non-Profits as they are the same honest scavengers that COMPLIMENT the hedge fund hyena. These attorneys introduce Tom as “the guy who earned the firm $250 million” NOT as “the guy who defends the policyholder “.  Unfortunately, Rob has already stated that “If his investors (billionaires) heard Tom talk, they would laugh. Tom’s sitting on a pot of gold and doesn’t want to share, he wants everything for free.”  Nonetheless, if I could contain—more than re-train Tom– then Rob is still on with Tom who would eventually see the process and the fruits of his labor going to work.

Weirder still, Tom can no longer work with me because I called him “a failure to launch with investors”, investors who he just said he despised anyway AND investors who myself or Rob Houton would have to bring on because Tom pisses people off!  STEP OUT OF THE BOX, DEE, AND SEE TOM FOR HOW OTHER PEOPLE SEE HIM!!  Tom is a one-trick pony and a “gimp” who needs to be taken out of his box to do his thing, then put back in. END OF STORY!! Incidentally, Rob Houton could have organized that fraud foundation Tom AND Dee Miles have discussed and rocketed your career to a new stratosphere so PLEASE don’t deny this fact or tell me that Dee Miles as a trial lawyer doesn’t deal in politics or regulations because only a PRIMED lobbyist can orchestrate the investors and politics to make that fraud foundation of yours and Tom’s happen.

F.U. Trixie!

Thanks for finishing that read. When Tom first approached me, I was recovering from a dishonest entertainment manager, the sort of person who made bold promises like Tom yet she collected illegal fees which was enough for me to send her to prison, As she had also pulled the same stunts on one of my friends from the “housewives” franchise. Any attorney who tries to make this about back pay is either out of their league or has no conscience. Tom’s lawyers are 100% culpable for his actions as they know everything and have no conscience while also not being out of their league.

It disturbs me to know that if I were Anna Sorokin, I would have a free attorney and a book deal OR if I were a “one in a million”, ghetto guys– like Rodney King– who was “on something” and leading the police on a wild goose chase whilst endangering the public and refusing to submit when apprehended,  then I would be glorified by a rabbel-rousing media intent on undermining mainstream, middle America along with a crook lawyer & a pending riot compliments of idealistic, hipster trash & saboteurs.

Let’s look at the SERIOUS TRIAL LAWYER PROBLEM that infects this country!! No group who maintains non-STEM, two-year degrees should have so many people by the throat while not being able to get a store-front hustler like Tom Gober by the balls. Why is the tail wagging the dog? Why do they not care about his behavior and what he withholds from them? Why does the Alabama State Bar not care about Dee’s inability to report on Tom just as Dee denies ducking out on investors due to Tom’s Gober’s erratic tendencies that keeps investors on shaky ground….. and apparently his own attorneys as well…


The R.KELLY case was groundbreaking. It didn’t just set a precedent, it created a legal road map for Feds to build a case against a perpetrator who effectively operates a de facto, organized crime ring as evidenced by that person’s habitual, long-term practices of deceitful intent COUPLED with their abusive & exploitative misbehavior with ALL OF THE ABOVE made possible by a loosely-based network of enablers who also double as financial dependents to the accused.

In other words, there existed a bunch of executives in suits making money off of R. Kelly who were well aware of his perverse propensities while a bunch of roadies brought R. Kelly women under false pretenses, then locked the door & just let things play out. In the case of the rising star, Aaliyah, a long standing, abusive, professional relationship transpired between that of Kelly & this easily-exploited, heavily-invested ingenue who could not walk away as R.Kelly made sure to hold all the cards in the most unethical & imprisoning way possible….hmmm, I think I’ve seen something like this in a re-run of “Criminal Minds” or is it the Tom Gober Business Model?


Tom is a chronic & habitual, store-front hustler who used me as the “roadie” to solicit investors, lobbyists AND at least one lawyer who couldn’t stand Tom. Just to be crystal clear, Tom’s attorney network AND the ACFE is more than a little aware of Tom’s “unethical by an any industry’s standard” behavior as I’ve made sure of this and they are now fruit of a poisonous tree. Unlike R. Kelly’s roadies though, I could never “lock” Tom in a room with any of these solicited people NOR could allow him to make me his ultimate victim-his Aaliyah so to speak, but an “Aaliyah” with absolutely nothing to show after four years.

Tom had been working a similar “contingency-based” modus operandi with a student videographer who preceded me, but this young man eventually disbanded from Tom at around the same time this “Preacher of Starbuck’s” made his move on me AND after two years of him staring at me from afar Venues like Starbuck’s are to Tom as Hollywood parties were to Harvey Weinstein and like Weinstein & R. Kelly, Tom can deliver, but Tom’s endgame is validation & voyeurism. THAT is his true intent, NOT his declared intent and it’s this deception that makes Tom a “one-man-enabled-by-many” crime ring, NOT just a store-front hustler anymore!

I need to emphasize that whether it be “Me Too”, sexual blackmail OR that of pathological liars like Gober, it all falls under labor abuse & abuse of position.

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