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David Boise & Now Jes Staley via Jeffrey Epstein



 In case you aren’t all aware about David Boise and his involvement with the Jeffrey Epstein Case, then take a peek at this article from “The Intelligencer”.
     I’ve also screenshotted a couple of helpful footnotes… This Virginia Giuffre, paramour of Jeffrey Epstein, is right up there with some bimbo like Naomi Doe or Cheri Pierson for whom I have written about extensively in “The Whores of Wigdor Law Firm”.  We all have our sad story, sister, so take a number and stand in line!!!!
The Whores of Wigdor Law – Daveeinhorn
    ACTRESS, MODEL, HOSTESS, RECEPTIONIST WHORE! Virginia Giuffre was old enough to make her choices. Anyone her own age would have run the other way. She came from the gutter and the Epstein life looked glamorous to her. Virginia certainly does not look miserable at these parties as you can see in an attached photo.
       There was no reason for Virginia to leave her job as the receptionist at Mar-a-Lago spa and if management had heard that she was using their establishment as a front OR as a launching pad for her debut into the world of prostitution, then Ms. Giuffre would have been fired. Sounds to me like meeting Ms. Maxwell was kismet!
      BOTTOM LINE:. If you’re a spa receptionist at Mar-A-Lago run by Donald Trump, one has to wonder what your true angle was from the start. In fact, I’m surprised Virginia hadn’t sucked-off Trump to get the job! Drop the little girl lost routine especially since you, Virginia, were of legal age for the majority of the time!
       No one is corroborating Virginia’s story whether it be Alan Dershowitz or Bill Clinton or Glenn Durbin nor does she have any evidence. Ms. Giuffre is trying to sugarcoat the fact that she willingly entered a life of prostitution and women like her tend to fabricate false realities similar to the faux Anastasia, Czarina of Russia. Women like Virginia Giuffre may start off as the timid “farmer’s daughter”, but those are always the ones who become intoxicated with a false sense of power, but eventually burn out.
       The only grain of truth is that Virginia Giuffre was Jeffrey Epstein’s bimbo who was experiencing a “bad girl” phase & now she’s looking for salvation & a financial killing by exploiting this bizarre, psychological-political environment wherein everyone seems to be experiencing an overcompensating case of “the nice guy-ism”.
       No high school girls I knew would have been into this lifestyle. If Ms. Maxwell had preyed upon an Abused Woman’s support group, I could understand the arguments leveled by an unsavory David Boise. In some cases, the girls were innocent, but in others they were already corrupt. Quite frankly, I have sympathy for Aileen Wuornos, not for Virginia Giuffre!
        David Boies has no business going after JP Morgan or Deutsche Bank until he’s ready to admit to his own duplicity & culpability regarding, Tom Gober CFE. Mr. Boies is part of what I call the “R. Kelly Business Model” in which all of R. Kelly’s attorneys, much like Tom Gober’s, served as enablers to a low-life predator who lured attractive, promising females into their web with viable, career promises then exploited their talents by withholding what was owed to them..
David Boise & Tom Gober – Daveeinhorn
         Currently, David Boies has turned into nothing but a common ambulance-chaser in an effort to cut his losses from the Elizabeth Holmes Debacle. I heard Liz couldn’t pay her legal bill! BOISE literally took a case he couldn’t win with Ms. Holmes; therefore, does he continue to take legal fees which come directly out of the wallets of Elizabeth’s grifted clients?
     I expect the people in this email like SUSAN ESTRICH to forward this to David Boies while all the investment guys can bombard Jamie Dimon & Jes Staley with my email and tell him to give me a call!!!
   The only people who need a goddamn reckoning would be the newly-ordained “social worker”, David BOIES, “storefront hustler” Tom Gober, the Alabama State Bar & the low-lifes at the ACFE above all else…
    Now I have to get back to my motion to dismiss a major case because attorneys like David BOIES would rather make a fast, easy buck pretending to defend a bunch of ignorant whores on the make then to do the easiest thing in the world for an unsung nobody like me who fought for attorneys like him for YEARS for REAL cases that are worthy of more dignity then what he’s doing right now!
     ALL David Boies is doing is trying to make a case out of PRESUMPTION!!!!  I don’t care how abused Virginia was at the time she met Ms. Maxwell because Virginia did everything willingly. This isn’t an abused women syndrome… I thought we’d been down this road before with Elizabeth Holmes who was screwing that old Indian guy who looks like Yoda.. Playing the victim of systematic abuse didn’t work with her either.
Mr. Boies, please look into an honest line of work as you’ve done to me far worse than what Jeffrey Epstein ever did to Virginia Giuffre. Your secretary, Linda Carlsen, would have made an excellent addition to Ghrislaine Maxwell’s stable.
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