Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

David Boise & Tom Gober



GUILTY: David Boise’ KNOWINGLY Uses Unfit Witness & Suppresses the Evidence

The above subject header is what’s going up on the website today then circulated around Manhattan. Then I’m going to have my web team link Beasley Allen & Boies, Schiller, Flexner to my website. I’m also going down to North Carolina before the March 2023 re-trial of GREG LINDBERG with my little picket sign to meet with anyone in the press who I’ll be contacting this week.

GREG LINDBERG CAN FEEL FREE TO CALL ME!!!! This is the price an attorney pays for working with a miscreant like Tom Gober, CFE. Don’t blame me, blame the tauntingly befuddled ACFE who can’t seem to grasp simple concepts & sentences. THEY are where the buck should have ended!

NEXT, if I cannot rely on the jokers at the New York State Bar to do their job, then I’ll have to do the job in my own way & with ZERO fear or apprehension. Understand now that I have absolutely no problem dragging a bunch of low-life, trial lawyers thru the mud being that they are knowingly & deceitfully placing an unfit, expert witness on the stand. Clearly, attorneys like “Team Boies” have placed themselves not only above the law, but they’re guilty of a gross indifference towards innocent, private citizens similar to that of the R.Kelly prosecution in which his attorney-enablers were negligent.

My final solution to the GOBER PROBLEM is pursuant to the inaction of David Boise, Dee Miles, Joe Whatley & Christy Crow’s (president of the Alabama State Bar) refusal to take a responsible & fair-minded approach by handling this serious yet simple in-house, “HR issue” with the appropriate level of just & dutiful care it deserves. If DAVID BOIES & COMPANY try to take action against me, then they’re effectively admitting to not only their own guilt, but to gangster tactics.

BOTTOM LINE, Mr. Boies: Not only did I turn a blind eye for BOISE, SCHILLER, FLEXNER during the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama proceedings, but I fought for everyone by going up against Tom Gober’s passive-aggressive tactics. UNFORTUNATELY, Tom continues to keep everyone under his thumb when something could easily be done. YOU OWE ME BIG TIME, DAVID BOIES!!!! So stop pulling a Gober by hiding behind some worthless twat like LINDA who plays interference AND who’s too stupid to understand that Gober betrayed us all!

While The People vs Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama case was ongoing, I had to exist with Tom Gober’s ever-tightening, abusive & unethical yoke around my neck which Gober’s warped pathology considers to be a normal part of doing business. YET, one will never find Tom applying the same tactics to any of his attorneys– just to lobbyists, major investors & peons like myself. What does this tell you?!

AGAIN, this is why one local attorney stated, “Tom doesn’t fit any industry’s standards of ethics“. Tom has either spent too much time in relative isolation OR he’s a loner for a good reason. These are the only possibilities in terms of his blatantly grinding & blood-sucking business practices that are best compared to a storefront, entertainment agent who promises to make you a star; but in reality, they’re extorting you. For Tom Gober, this extortion comes in the form of working on contingency or on “theory” like that of his attorneys.

DOUBLE STANDARDS: David BOISE & Dee Miles would never have allowed Tom Gober to pull the rug out from under the AIG debacle civil suit NOR the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama case. They wouldn’t have settled for the Gober going AWOL by simply requiring a refund of their hourly rate. They would invent new precedents to compel performance with Gober’s future career being put at risk. Do trial lawyers no longer care about the biggest cases of their career being yanked out from under them?? Are you willing to take scraps from the Gober table because if so, it’s over.

REMEMBER that lobbyist, Robert Houton, who expected me to bring on the billionaire investors? Well, between him & Tom, they are perfectly capable of delivering in their own way, yet they carry on shady, side hustles on people they can get away with doing it to.

NOTE: These psycho men refuse to take any accountability OR to see what’s wrong with their actions as their delusions evidently run deep … Tom is not diluted by his warped, moral compass 100% of the time as he does have moments of lucidity which is demonstrated by his need to outright lie & withhold everything from DEE MILES, all the way down to Russian interference with Connecticut reinsurers.

This is a “Law & Order” moment wherein perpetrators fail to recognize that running a side-hustle targeted at getting “invisible people” to do all the heavy-lifting while keeping them on shaky grounds is something that should either put them out of business OR sent to jail….. Robert HOUTON– out of business! Tom Gober— go straight to jail! Tom’s condescending, God complex attorneys who treat his marks like nothing more than a mere inconvenience also need to be put out of business.

NOTE:. Tom’s obstinate ego doesn’t understand that a contest of wills is not professional behavior that he would he ever display towards his lawyers so then why reserve that chicanery for me? Why do these attorneys choose to enable it when they’re being cheated as well?

Tom Gober would have made a great, Russian pimp in a different lifetime as he uses his brand of yokel charm to bring on unsuspecting women who can no longer deal with gross guys hitting on them all the time— the lobbyist Robert Houton comes to mind— but TOM then withholds something just out of reach so that he can make his victim jump through hoops. This way, Tom can get everything for free while his frantic victims rush to reach the finish line where “higher forces” can then take the torch. But DEE MILES couldn’t talk Tom down as promised and David BOIES doesn’t even bother to try as he just blocks email accounts and awaits new ones.

THESE ARE MY HIGHER FORCES?!?!?! . Scumfuck, trial LAWYERS who PRETEND THERE’S NOTHING DIRECTLY ILLEGAL OR EVEN UNETHICAL going on. THIS IS A GOD COMPLEX OF PEOPLE WITH A PIECE OF Shit Two Year DEGREE Who HAVE MORE POWER IN THIS COUNTRY THEN THEY SHOULD, KINDA LIKE HOLLYWOOD TRASH proffering their opinions on why 12 different genders in this country makes perfect sense! And you wonder why Putin is coming at us from all directions starting with the Ukraine!!

I mentioned earlier that the ACFE is not able to grasp simple concepts. This includes:

Tom endangering investors by pushing them to compromise security compliance laws
Lying to his own attorneys regarding his declared intent and engagement with lobbyists & investors in which his attorneys were promised to these lobbyist and investors
his abusive, exploitative & “out of touch with reality” business practices in which he refuses to sign contracts because Tom’s “too moral” to dare be asked and if asked again then he would pull the rug out from under years of working towards a shared goal. This resulted in a low-life, store-front crook receiving compulsory, free labor. Oh, excuse me, CONTINGENCY!!!
As I’ve mentioned before, Mary Williams Walsh, previously of the New York Times, was appalled to hear that I wasn’t getting paid by Tom and that Tom had panhandled David Einhorn by whining that he had, “worked all weekend on this and thought you would see where it was going and decide to help us out” just before disavowing all investors and then disavowing me for trying to talk him down. Tom has placed his need to extol sadism above that of honoring the policyholders & his attorneys because Tom is simply an unconscionable, cheap bastard with no follow-thru. NOW, for David BOIES to sit there like the Emperor from Star Wars is a disgrace to big law AND if he were an officer of the law, he would be asked to step down.

Tom GOBER Is a passive-aggressive psychopath. He needs help. He’s enjoying me going after David Einhorn. Gober also enjoys me going after David BOISE and all of his other attorneys for the resentment that’s festered for years. Resentment for not changing the system OR resentment for making the money he doesn’t. He’s a cheap hustler who looks for a free ride and people to do his dirty work.

Just look at that idiot kid TOM sent to the place I’m subletting with the crapola bouquet of flowers. Meanwhile, the property manager couldn’t understand why this kid needed to get up to what he thought was my room. I’m on the lam right now and in order for a person to have that address Is shady as hell. DON’T FORGET, Tom is the guy who looks up Yemeni, reinsurance store-fronts on Google Maps OR who finds $6.5 billion in fraud at Brighthouse Financial when he gets himself worked up into a fit late night out on his computer… (See “Tom Gober is Stalking Me” chapter on the website)

I never could have imagined so much SURREAL laziness, indifference & apathy from people like David Boise & Dee Miles in terms of everything from the concealment of corporate insolvency and dismissal of the most advantageous fraud cases of their career, but even more so is the concealing & protecting of an unethical, unfit expert lead witness whose fraud hides in plain sight. Instead, they turn their venom on the struggling, single woman who’s been cheated by the same charlatan who’s cheating them.

I shouldn’t be surprised in the case of David BOISE considering his TOTAL A-morality in terms of representing a financial criminal of Hank Greenberg’s magnitude while at fhe same time prosecuting Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. That’s not an objective attorney, that’s just a gangster looking for tribute and gangsters tend to step on & over people who get in their way.

Just Remember, the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life was to sell a financial-political campaign to a proven lobbyist, a top 15 hedge fund on the planet and to Dee Miles who won the $400 million AIG civil suit settlement. Yet, the most culpable of the big attorneys are making it seem like I’m asking them to lead a commando mission to kill Putin despite it being just a matter of going after one malignant wimp of a CFE on a twisted, powerkick whose bills they pay.

This is the same CFE who should have lost him his job 3 years ago when he threw away everything he asked for & could have dreamed of, THEN lied about it to all those attorneys who were supposed to have enjoyed the fruits of MY labor. Thus far, Tom GOBER has stolen 7 years of my life and somebody is going to cough-up what was stolen from me & the investors AND denied from the policyholders for whom Tom Gober pretends to champion AND for whom David BOISE occasionally pretends to champion when he isn’t enjoying the fruits of financial criminals & subverting justice.

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