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David Einhorn Answered Me & I Fire Back!!



**NOTE TO READERS:    I suppose David lacked the better judgment of an attorney. It’s like when an investigator asked him if he had ever accepted payment for any of his “investment ideas” from another hedge fund manager which is essentially code for collusion, of course, David answered, “Payment in-kind” just before his attorney corrected him ……Sometimes it’s not what you say, but what you EFFECTIVELY say.


I am going to do you the courtesy of responding one time.

I disagree with your claim that Brighthouse is a fraud. I looked into Tom’s suppositions and they didn’t pan out. It is true that if everyone died at once, they wouldn’t be able to pay the claims. That is true for any insurance company. If all of All State’s cars crashed at once, they wouldn’t be able to pay either. The claim that they have liabilities that they are calling assets is an error on his part. Finally, the claim that they moved part of the business from New York to Delaware for more favorable regulatory treatment is true. So what? Companies do that all of the time. 

I have no relationship with Apollo, Leon Black or Athene. Given that I believe Tom was wrong about Brighthouse, I have no reason to want to pursue Athene.

Relating to you and I and Assured Guaranty, I was interested in obtaining information and you were interested in getting paid. We never came to an agreement and you never provided any information.

Whatever issue you have with Tom, I am not aware of anything I might have done to cause it.

For some reason, all of this has clearly upset you and sent you on a multi-year campaign to smear me, my family, friends, colleagues and co-workers. The whole thing is perplexing. I don’t have a clue what you want to have rectified. I’m a believer in free speech and you are entitled to your opinion. Now, of course, we both know that most of what you are saying is just wrong and the rest is made up. I hope you find some peace.


Dear David QueerHorn,

Your long-awaited email to me is total confabulation & denial on multiple levels… It addressed NOTHING; therefore, I’ll systematically address everything involving your paltry response to my website. (

Your listless tone in the email was the same overtly, dismissive attitude you took towards LOCs in Tom Gober’s email addendum discussing Leon Black’s $430 billion in reinsurance fraud among 45 US insurers alone. That was even before Tom Gober clairvoyantly panhandled you.

Funny how your reaction to my website makes me think of how your book– “Fooling Some of the People All the Time“– has been described as something that belongs in a Museum of Propaganda. Unfortunately, those same perennial fools are the bourgeois social-climbers who idolize you.

Now, with no further ado…

David, you do NOT sound scholarly when you say to me that “it’s true if everyone were to die at once, then claims could not be paid” (by insurers).  Uhhh, THIS IS WHY INSURERS ARE AN INDUSTRY BASED ON THE LAW OF LARGE NUMBERS—- YOU MORON!!!!! .. But what’s more obvious from this statement is that DAVID undeniably believes that this is the meaning of big insurer insolvency.  Being a dumping ground for MetLife debt is TOTALLY different than everybody hypothetically dying all at once. I didn’t misunderstand any of your long-awaited answers. You really are stupid!!!

David, you claim to have, “looked into Tom’s suppositions and they didn’t pan out”, but I’m still waiting on bated breath for you to prove your own theories on Brighthouse Financial’s undervaluation due to GAAP.

TOM TO DAVID (June/2018):  “Most importantly, I can share the statutory and GAAP accounting standards that prove their sworn statements to be false in some cases and misleading in many. This is all I do.”

****** DavidVERIFY as to what the hell you mean when you say you “looked into it“.  Perhaps you tipped off your cronies because Gober is typically where the road ends in terms of these matters. Unfortunately, you’re not held to ANY level of accountability and this seems to be your only gift.

DEEP CAPTURE (Mark Mitchell):  “With some minor exceptions, none of Einhorn’s allegations of fraud were ever proven to have merit (ALLIED CAPITAL). And it was clear from the get-go that Einhorn’s notion of “fair value” had nothing to do with “fair” (as in “what the market was paying”). Rather, “fair value” was an arbitrary metric that could be taken to mean whatever Einhorn said the value of the loans should be.”

DEEP CAPTURE (Mark Mitchell):.  “In fact, the SEC did nothing but ask Einhorn a few questions. Meanwhile, Einhorn convinced the SEC to launch an investigation of Allied. Then Einhorn all but directed this massive but ultimately misguided investigation for a period of three long years.

    As Einhorn admits in his book, his hedge fund partner had a “social” relationship with William Donaldson, then the Chairman of the SEC. That’s how Einhorn got the investigation of Allied started. As the investigation progressed, Einhorn says, SEC officials even asked him to be their “cartographer” – outlining all the ways in which Allied was supposedly a massive Ponzi scheme, and also failing to mark its assets to “fair value” (i.e. the arbitrary value at which Einhorn believed the assets could be sold in a fire sale).  Clearly, Wall Street miscreants like Einhorn had captured the SEC to the point where the Wall Street miscreants were virtually running the place.”

Dear David,...This is no different than what Madoff did. Actually the one difference is that David Einhorn has Harry Markopolos fooled as being some sweet, little guy.

DEEP CAPTURE (Mark Mitchell):  “Einhorn’s slithering PR effort never ceases to amaze as somehow he has managed to attach himself to Markopolos, and even wangled a deal to write the introduction to Markopolos’s blockbuster book.”

………But that’s part of David’s disarming, boyish charm & it pairs perfectly with his Asperger’s with the latter being something I agree with Harry about 100%. Funny how David took off the nice guy mask with me by our second phone call. SHADY DAVE wouldn’t have tried to shake down or rattle a regulator whose palms he was trying to grease OR conniving with one of his corrupt cronies— like he did me! Of course, David suffers from an acute case of “selective memory”.

LOST IN TRANSLATION:   I’ve often stated that David had snickered at $6.5 billion in liabilities being marked as assets which was taken from an August 2019 email. This has prompted the following response from David to me:

DAVID TO ME, Trixie (02/16/23):    “The claim that they have liabilities that they are calling assets is an error on his part.”  (“His” meaning Tom Gober, “they” meaning BHF)

TOM:  “Brighthouse Life has $6.5 Billion in SURPLUS BUT LOOK AT THEIR CEDED TOTAL TO BH Re of Delaware that number is actually deducted out of liabilities.”

**  Tom sent me this information which I passed along to David in an effort to open Dave’s eyes and get them speaking. Unfortunately, when I spoke to David he only scoffed at it. This is what I told the Nasdaq producer which then prompted him to call David a “narcissist who’s only out for himself…..he doesn’t care about anybody but himself”….. 

TOM TO DAVID:  “If MetLife/BH had done something meaningful when they were required to unwind Exeter Re (about $18 bn recoverable from a secret entity) I wouldn’t feel so strongly. But changing the name from Exeter to BR of DE is far short.”

DAVID TO ME, Trixie (02/16/23):   “Finally, the claim that they moved part of the business from New York to Delaware for more favorable regulatory treatment is true. So what? Companies do that all of the time.”

NOTE:. Brighthouse Financial and other insurers may enjoy a greater level of non-transparency since the McNulty Memo & post-AIG, captive reinsurance shams, but they’re breaking their own code of ethics when required to “unwind” Exeter Re and all they come up with is a crummy name change. Concomitantly, APOLLO is a crossroads of insurer & security ethics being that is a publicly-traded, private equity. This is a pervious link in the armor.


TOM GOBER TO NORM BERMAN OF BOSTON, ESQ.:.  “…….Benjamin Lawsky had demanded that MetLife cease doing that sham deal in Barbados hiding nearly $20 Billion in reinsurance liabilities offshore, away from prying eyes. Lawsky said “Undo it.” But, Norm, knew ML could not UNDO IT. Exeter Re had many billions more in liabilities than real assets. To undo it would make ML insolvent.

Regalbuto told me that MetLife had practically begged NYDFS to allow ML to start a “Captive” onshore in NY so they could pull it back from Barbados and deal with it in NY. NY is the primary regulator due to their NY domicile, NY said Hell No “Special Purpose” Captives are not permitted in NY and you are asking us to allow you to break the law. Regalbuto said ML said okay and promptly flew to Delaware whereupon DE said Hell YES.

That is the story of BrightHouse. They dumped the worst of the worst into a new company in secret in DE and they opened their doors technically broke from day one.

Remember when Oil & Gas companies and Utilities used to really screw up and expose huge tracts of land to hazardous wastes? Before official judgments demanding restoration were entered the companies would form a NewCo and dump all of the hazardous waste issues into them. Long before the hazards were remedied the NewCo would go broke and leave the mess to the public to solve.

That is exactly what ML did with Brighthouse.

Hmmmm…..      Does David think that he knows more than Tom Gober, CFE & his attorneys who took down AIG and only because they couldn’t get to Warren Buffett who served up Hank Greenberg on a silver platter??? Do you, David, think you know more than this secret weapon of Big Law who served as the lead witness for the BCBS of Alabama case– the biggest antitrust case in the history of the planet– along with David Boies? Does David think that he knows more than the CFE who’s never lost a case in almost 40 years & earns nine figures settlements for his attorneys?

David, why should we listen to you when all you have is (A.) a bachelor’s degree in social studies & (B.) a hedge fund that shrunk in half with investors jumping ship at EXACTLY the same time Tom Gober met with you in New York. This means that you have EVERY reason to overinflate BHF because you can’t unload it? The nuances of that meeting were described in detail to me by Gober including the look of doom on your face when Gober said that he could prove the insolvency of Brighthouse Financial when you asked if he could. You were then on your feet and the meeting was over!

DEEP CAPTURE (MARK MITCHELL):….”the SEC subpoenaed Einhorn’s phone records (during an investigation into Allied capital short-selling)….. But according to the inspector general’s report, Einhorn did not bother to comply with this subpoena. He never handed over the phone records, and nobody at the SEC seemed to notice or care. Which is funny, because Einhorn states in his book that he did hand over his phone records.”

Is it all selective memory, truculence OR chicanery?????

…   REGARDLESS, Dee Miles was ready to help make your greatest weakness a strength just as Dee was annoyed that it was not only hidden from him… Parker Quillen was ready to hear all about everything on the menu ASAP in New York. He wanted to talk to Dee Miles pronto & vice versa.  Do you really think that you know more than these people? Unfortunately, this is part of your God complex.

In fact, you begin your email to me with nothing but an unapologetic, god complex by stating that you’re, “doing me the courtesy of responding one time. BITCH PLEASE!!! You haven’t done ANYONE the courtesy of even supporting your false claims whether it be Allied Capital or Brighthouse Financial NOR are you obliged to!

Unfortunately, your unsupported claims get spin-doctored by an incompetent & crooked media who’s more enamored by you than actually armed with facts NOR do they even demand them—  it’s SURREAL!  Trixie ONLY states evidence produced by people who are proven entities. The only thing Einhorn maintains is a knack for turning fiction into fact via unfounded assumptions, senseless popularity contests & faux condescension.

DEEP CAPTURE (Mark Mitchell):    “Well, the media swooned for the cuddly Einhorn. This was the same media that Einhorn had accused of bungling idiocy, but never mind that – now he had glowing profiles in many of the top news publications, and a three-hour appearance on CNBC. Half-way through his CNBC debut, Einhorn put on a cute t-shirt painted by his young kids just to show that he was a regular guy and a lover of children, as opposed to a marauding hedge fund manager seeking to obliterate one of America’s largest investment banks.

       Einhorn even lets us know that he is going to donate some of the proceeds from his short selling of Allied to needy children. “I have been waiting,” he writes, “but the children should not have to wait.”

      As far as I know, the children are still waiting. Although Einhorn has made enormous profits from his short selling of Allied, he has provided no evidence that his contributions to charity have significantly increased. But it is clear that the purpose of his book was not to tell the truth. It was to inoculate himself from public criticism and regulatory scrutiny in preparation for his next big project – the destruction of Lehman Brothers.”

More FALSE Claims Made By Einhorn:

FACT:    Einhorn had my first Facebook site taken down on him……..You are NOT a believer of free speech, Dave.

FACT:  Your ex-wife has no business teaching stock selection courses at an ivy League college OR even a junior college for that matter. She has no qualifications… Her books have been compared to “Hooked on Phonics” and if it were anyone else, they would end up in the wastebasket & ridiculed. What’s worse is that they make grossly false claims of being groundbreaking works instead of the basic principles of any intro to marketing and management textbooks shoplifted from a local campus bookstore.

FACT:  There’s no reason why a 25-year-old girl with zero experience should have gotten the job as president of a billionaire’s newly founded non-profit unless he’s sleeping with her OR he can pull the wool over her eyes. David’s not a “man’s man” as can be seen by Dan Loeb recommending him to a good tailor on Facebook. This is why Dave needs male reassurance from an idiot girl who’s not grotesque-looking like his now ex-wife.

FACT:  Your kids have bribe money to get into school, only they’re called DONATIONS or contributions.

FACT:.  Your parents are well known for putting up voter suppression signs in black neighborhoods, yet they show up to that ridiculous Einhorn Center that claims to real against systemic racism.

FACT:   Your employees are either crooked, stupid or as oppressed by you as I am…

FACT:     I don’t deal in opinions, I deal in provable facts. I don’t make things up WHEREAS Einhorn suffers from selective memory and a case of “Deny Everything”. FORTUNATELY, there are too many people who have documented your aggression…

*****DAVID to ME, Trixie:  Relating to you and I and Assured Guaranty, I was interested in obtaining information and you were interested in getting paid. We never came to an agreement and you never provided any information.*****

OMG::. Seriously??!! David, you knew perfectly well that I was not a CFE or an accountant or attorney or an analyst.. I was the catalyst and the strategist that lit the fire under Tom Gober who served as the stifled Preacher of Starbucks when I first met him. You knew that the only information you could get out of me would be proprietary or inside information from Tom. People don’t typically “come to an agreement” when they’re fishing for inside information and withholding talks with a “small fish” like me from their employees.

You don’t even realize that you’re admitting to wrongdoing!! It’s like “Fooling some of the people all of the time” when your skewed victimology agenda thinly veils your warped pathology. Of course, I wasn’t going to provide any information if you weren’t providing any assurances UP-FRONT, you only provided haggling & screaming.. I was someone you were keeping in the closet… I didn’t get this with Parker Quillen at Third Point Financial!

Was I supposed to give you inside information from Tom’s proprietary vault and then you were going to drop some sort of agreement which would have been an illicit one at that. Or just give me “in kind” favors like Bill Ackman because I was such important person who couldn’t be toyed with?!?!

DEEP CAPTURE:   “Really, Einhorn’s book should be placed in a glass case at the Museum of Contemporary Propaganda, as it is such a work of art. Anyone familiar with the world of abusive short selling will read this book and see that Einhorn engaged in all manner of shenanigans to obtain inside information and drive down Allied’s stock price. But the dark genius of Einhorn’s book is that it manages to portray his malefaction as par for the course – just another day in the life of a noble fraud-buster.”

DEEP CAPTURE (Mark Mitchell):  “The official asked this question: “Mr. Einhorn, have you ever compensated [short selling hedge fund] Gotham Partners…for providing you with an investment idea? Einhorn answered, “Except in-kind, no.” Then Einhorn consulted with his lawyer and changed his mind. He went back to the SEC official and said, “I think the more correct answer to your question is that there’s been no compensation for the ideas.” The moral of this story, according to Einhorn’s book, is that the investigator was a bumbling idiot for asking such a question.’

OMG!!   ONCE AGAIN, DAVID, YOU’RE TOO STUPID to live!  Your original answer was an admission to dirty favors in exchange for inside information and or collusion until your attorney corrected you and then you thought the investigator an idiot for asking such an obviously entrapping question….. You certainly wouldn’t have compensated little old me “in kind” nor did you even broach compensation with me.. You’re just went in with your fishing pole…

DAVID to TRIXIE:   Whatever issue you have with Tom, I am not aware of anything I might have done to cause it.

TRIXIE:.  OF COURSE YOU’RE NOT AWARE!! You were too busy yelling & screaming on speakerphone and trying to shake me down for inside information from the “Tom vault” that when I tried to politely inform you of how you officially destroyed my working relationship with Tom who consequently disavowed all investors ensuring that I would never get paid for 4 years of work following the Apollo meltdown, you cut me off in annoyance & chanted,  “YEAH, YEAH YEAH!  I don’t want to hear about Tom anymore. Give me what you got. You got 30 seconds, sell it to me”…And before slamming down the phone on me, you tried it and hollered, “No, no, no TRIXIE. The insurers are doing everything right and filing all the correct forms and by the time you get to anyone you’re after they’re all be dead”.

I repeated this story to an honest journalist who had written for The Wall Street Journal regarding AIG and she was appalled that you just told me to trust the big insurers. I emailed Tom about Assured Guaranty, but he could not penetrate their non-transparency and he told me to do what I wanted to do with Einhorn and the Apollo report just before his final act of sabotage with Dee Miles. Also, Parker Quillen was now busy on something else since Tom pulled the rug out from everyone, but thought it was something that David should pursue and have his employees look over. Unfortunately, none of this employees really have the skill set Tom has and it shows.

FACT:    As far as me embarking on a multi-year campaign smear campaign, think about what you did to Allied Capital for 6 years with no evidence, only spin-doctoring. You NEVER produced any evidence only assumptions in terms of ALLIED which you made stick with the help of crooked journalists supplied by your low-life ex-wife..

Funny how your back-off of Allied Capital the second it was bought out by LEON BLACK, ya’ know, the man Harry Markopolos & Tom Gober both agree about in terms of “No one belongs in jail more than Leon Black”. It’s no wonder you’re not interested in the fraud hanging in plain sight when it comes to Apollo or Athene. It’s only one degree of separation to criminal co-horts like Michael Milken or Leon Black with Milken allowing your Noodlehead ex-wife to actually speak her dribble at his institute.

DEEP CAPTURE (Mark Mitchell):   “For a variety of reasons, short-side stock manipulators in the Milken network often accumulate large numbers of shares in the companies that they seek to destroy.

        Not long after Milken’s strange appearance (at Allied), David Einhorn was at a hedge fund luncheon, sitting next to Carl Icahn, one of Milken’s closest cronies. Einhorn launched his career working for Gary Siegler, who was formerly a top partner in Icahn’s investment fund, and is certainly part of the Milken network. So, it was not surprising to Allied’s executives when, halfway through the luncheon, Einhorn declared that “Allied Capital is going to zero!”

     For the next eight years, Einhorn led a vicious campaign against Allied, loudly and publicly pronouncing that the company was a massive Ponzi scheme..”

      Dear QueerHorn,     Your response to me is not a courtesy, it’s gloating & it’s an admission that you continue to suppress information & to enable fraud via a back-scratching media and other parasitic tactics similar to how Madoff exerted his control over the SEC. Why is this hard to believe??? Why won’t you prove your Brighthouse undervaluation theories?

ONE CRIMINAL CHARGE I CAN MAKE STICK AGAINST DAVID EINHORN:  You’ve publicly misrepresented BHF from an accounting point of view. These are not my opinions, it’s your body of lies and you’re sticking to it.

David, you are the worst of the short-sellers as all others are a “mixed bag” with at least some redeeming qualities who prove that adversity can make for strange bedfellows– a concept Gober could never understand! But it’s no wonder you wouldn’t join an honest  campaign that challenges real fraud and possibly reform. Parker Q, speaking on behalf of Third Point, didn’t hesitate. The problem is that you haven’t been in an honest campaign in your entire life like Dan and Seth were when they challenged Prem Watsa or Bill Ackman going after MBIA as Gober could have verified any accusations against MBIA and Prem Watsa. Maybe you’ve just been “parking stock” with Brighthouse Financial and an honest campaign would have conflicted with your dishonest one.

DEEP CAPTURE (Mark Mitchell):   “Lest there still be any doubt that Einhorn really was a crusading crime-fighter, rather than a profit-seeking hedge fund manager, he hired an expensive lobbying outfit called the Gordon Group to orchestrate an astounding public relations campaign. The Gordon Group, whose key clients seem to be Einhorn and Einhorn’s network of hedge fund managers (including the above mentioned William Ackman and Whitney Tilson) is staffed by real professionals. Their Einhorn campaign was marked by the sort of hype that normally accompanies the launch of a new teen-idol band.”

David Einhorn refuses to go after the actual bad guy!!  He has to have total control in creating situations that are not there, but have no doubt that they will always stem from proven cronyism, dirty lawyers & dirty journalists along with the tainting of OR the misdirecting of regulators. David, you just like to tell yourself you’re the good guy and will spend a fortune to earn a false badge of honor. That is your sickness. YOU START TO BELIEVE YOUR OWN BULLSHIT!

One of these days, Einhorn, you’ll be working on a chain gang where you’ll learn the truth & value of how real work will set you free, not devaluing that of others. Maybe this just might earn you that place in heaven you try to buy at Cornell?

I’ll be at peace when you’re in prison where you belong. Til then, feel free to go fuck yourself you pathetic spineless, crooked wimp & get professional help with your apparent Asperger’s condition. Unlike you, I don’t write passive aggressive emails to disguise the obnoxious loud mouth we both know you are. So thank you for giving me more fodder for the videos.

I’ll be sending out my crowdfunding page soon so that people can enjoy more videos, maybe even short films. You can’t get truth like this on CNBC.



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