Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud



The Con Man Lays the Shaky Groundwork: How Dare you ask Gober to Put Anthing in Writing!!

evasive uncooperative article taken out of a book.

this is why Tom has gone through three wives but sticks with the dumbest & greediest

Textbook Tom
I should have called the lawyers in sooner
This is why the lobbyists called me Tom’s “handler”……but Tom can’t be handled….
It already has a label!
Post article on altruistic narcissism written by the ranches
This is Gober’s Form of an Apology Post-Threats of Firing you even though you’re not being paid and you never signed up to work on a book and he does not understand the concept of marketing a book that’s destined for nowhere!
Maladaptive vs Adaptive Narcissism.
The Jesse Eisinger Incident
Einhorn did say Tom thought he was an angel Sent from God with a message for the world.


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