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David Einhorn Loses $700m to a Nobody, but Peter Gerschel’s Daughter Puts Him Back on Top!



David Einhorn Loses $700m to a Nobody, but Peter Gerschel’s Daughter Puts Him Back on Top!

This is the final page on my website and a complimentary way of looking at my last few pages…

David Einhorn is a fallen investor who has to overinflate the value of his hedge fund by lying to his own investors regarding the insolvency of Brighthouse Financial which he’s too lazy to care about even when the solution is offered to him on a silver platter AND when other more successful, hedge fund managers are anxious to dive right in along with the biggest attorneys in the country…..

Let’s face it, David has wrongfully & woefully accused value investing of being dead and this is unfortunately the only way Asperger’s David is capable of thinking.  Couple that with the fact that David was forced to part with half his net worth to the ugliest & dumbest woman on earth whose only contribution was to bring to Dave’s table people like the seedy, “journalists-publicist” like Jesse Eisinger.

Therefore, one must ask themselves, “Do you really put it past a calculating & callous ‘Shady Dave’ to not understand that he can inherit more money in a day than he can inherit in the rest of his lifetime?” David now smells an opportunity to make-up for what he lost in his divorce by getting with Natalie Gerschel Kaplan especially since Dave is no longer at even half his net worth. It’s decreased and will continue to decrease. I know his “gambler’s” mind and David can’t deal with that……

David’s ex-wife, Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, didn’t come from the same level of wealth as does Natalie Gerschel Kaplan nor is Nathalie as grotesquely, Jewish-looking which makes Nathalie a very easy sell for David. Cheryl simply got Dave when he was young & dorky, but Nathalie gets David when he’s older, craftier & looking for someone to take care of him…..BUT before Nathalie’s parents die, David will get what he needs through Nat’s corporate funding for his shady, non-profits & his diminishing client list.

NATHALIE needs to stop playing the socialite looking for a suitable, wealthy divorcé and realize that she’s possibly bringing more to the table than Dave is…. This is a point I may not have made as clear as I would have liked to being that my sometimes acerbic personality consumes me when writing these letters …..

I just tend to be disgusted by women who don’t see through David with all of his Kermit the frog,  “cutesie” bullshit act. Everything about Dave is a put on …He’s not a sweet, little abused nerd who a new woman can easily guide after years of being berated by a woman who’s too ugly to fuck, like Cheryl. Dave’s a toxic nerd who’s playing mad scientist the whole time….

The only thing that really bothers David Einhorn in regards to me emailing a jury of his peers is the part about his corruption and looking like the crook that he really is…. That’s all provable about the bitch Einhorn!!!

Why isn’t EVERYTHING about you, David, all over CNN and MSNBC???? If you and your dad– the guy who puts up voter suppression signs in black neighborhoods– were the white, Anglo-Saxon male then the same people who protect Dave would make sure that your ass were driven out of town..

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