Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

David Was ALWAYS in Leon’s Back Pocket



Would someone tell me what’s wrong with the above picture other than David Einhorn’s “Dumb & Dumber” haircut???

CORNELL PHOTO OP:.  Einhorn Center’s “Board of Empathy” Featuring:

–1 financial criminal with a God complex & a yesteryear reputation.

–2 parents who plant voter suppression signs in black neighborhoods with the father being not only aware of David’s financial negligence, but the one to refer Tom Gober to David regarding his Brighthouse Financial situation. YET, Steve & Nancy have the nerve to show up to this ostentatious display of “trust fund liberal” bullshit that espouses to rail against systemic, racism & privilege….

— 3 kids who are all products of Jewish privilege whereas Lori Loughlin would be sent up the river along with Martha Stewart…. It’s more than just “money talks”, it’s collusion & back-scratching like all the good old boys protecting Tom Gober down south at the ACFE.


–1 dried-up socialite on the make who has nothing to offer but sagging tits for the Fumbling “man-boy”, Davey Einhorn along with high-profile divorces, marriages & photo-ops to last her until Mom and Dad finally kick the bucket, but perhaps that’s what David is ultimately waiting for too..

….. For this last statement I have no doubt, especially when you see Shady Dave as a man who not only snickered at $6.5 billion in liabilities marked as assets within Brighthouse Financial, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY,  as a man who would spend 6 years trying to drive a company like Allied Capital into bankruptcy for his own gain just before “inexplicably” backing-off of Allied following its buy-out to his extended network of “Jewish Hall of Shame” cohorts which obviously includes Leon Black, a man whose $430 billion in reinsurance fraud among 45 U.S. insurers alone David chose to ignore when it fell into his lap ALONG WITH GM PENSION ANGLES & AN OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME A BRIGHTHOUSE FINANCIAL BOARD MEMBER BY ANXIOUSLY ALLOWING OTHERS TO WORK FOR HIM AND AROUND HIM IN A COLLECTIVE!

Kind of makes a person wonder if the long-term goal of badgering ALLIED CAPITAL was to prep it for an easy buy-out from the start with David, the hedge fund hyena, “getting what was his” along the way? It all makes sense now when you read David telling me in our email correspondence that he had “no opinion on Leon Black” AND at a time when the New York Times had just begun looking into Leon for his unsavory relationship with sex-trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, of which Leon Black no doubt enjoyed the fruits.

BOTTOM LINE:.    I look at this Cornell Einhorn Center photo and all I see is a pack of rats! I know that a seasoned veteran like Harry Green had to get the hell out of Greenlight cuz he couldn’t take it any longer and I know that Josh Hittman was in that meeting in June 2018 when David was on his feet after asking Tom Gober if he could prove that Brighthouse financial were insolvent & a dumping ground for MetLife debt at which point Tom responded with “Absolutely”.  Does anyone at Broken Taillight want to see that correspondence? Does anyone at Broken Taillight find it profoundly disturbing that David will “settle” with a blogger who discussed one of his funds stock positions before it was publicly announced, but he won’t answer to me OR his employees?

One would have thought that a soft-sell for David in terms of his Brighthouse Financial dilemma which included being part of a collective dream team of Big Law, Big Lobbyist & his fellow Big Investors would have been better than lying about the insolvency of Brighthouse Financial in order to falsely inflate the value of his hedge fund which is exactly what David falsely accused Allied Capital of being. David lacks the education, the credentials and most importantly the proof that Brighthouse is undervalued due to GAAP–  accounting ESPECIALLY WHEN HE HAD THE CFE & SECRET WEAPON OF BIG LAW WHO TOOK DOWN AIG TELLING HIM OTHERWISE..

How the hell is a hack like David Einhorn a Time magazine 100 most influential people unless it’s for all the worst reasons imaginable??  Why the hell is he a guest speaker for a Cambridge Union Address in which he speaks about critical thinking skills of which he has none, just insider information. David Einhorn, the New Ivan BOESKY!!!

At least Greg Lindberg and Leon Black know they’re unsavory whereas David Einhorn and Tom Gober actually view themselves as God’s messenger here on earth when they’re nothing more than a couple of narcissistic con artists looking for unfaltering enablers and their next high..

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