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Dear DOJ: Victim’s Assistance Hotline



Dear Victim Assistance at the DOJ for the Greg Lindberg case.
Yes, I’m a victim & a cheated policy holder, but I’ve been cheated by an apathetic Judge Max Cogburn who refuses to expose or crackdown on the sleazeball, expert witness– Tom Gobe, CFE– who is testifying against Greg Lindberg in North Carolina.

I haven’t heard back from Judge Cogburn as he’s chosen to reduce serious evidence & “mistrial-worthy” complaints into “spam” as do his clerks. In fact, Judge Cogburn has tried to disassociate himself from all accountability & culpability by blocking emails from me which he had previously been receiving. One doesn’t block senders unless they already know what it’s about. Judge Cogburn knows what it’s about, but chooses to play the “ignore it, it’ll go away” game. WOW!!!

Tom Gober wants to see Greg Lindberg behind bars, but fails to understand that the two of them should then be sharing the same cell…. Nor does Tom’s attorney network deem it necessary to oust an unfit expert witness who can “see and unseen” what laymen can’t. Tom’s lust to see Greg behind bars AND to exact an irrational malice towards me has driven him to lie to his own attorneys regarding his engagements with me as well as with investors & lobbyists for these very same attorneys had also been “promised-in” & were anxious to start ASAP.

Tom had killed two birds with one stone by first pulling a hit ‘n run on me which he then “validated” because he “didn’t have time right now” because he needed to put Greg Lindberg behind bars. Maybe Tom will have time when he sits with Greg behind bars and ponders on what we had been collaborating on since 2016 and how the Greg Lindberg case was supposed to be part of the bigger picture…

NOTE: This storefront hustler & dirty, old man at large had the nerve to throw in some faux indignation that I should not represent myself as working with him despite the fact that he was proving himself to be an unconscionable grafter. (See my letter to David Boise). Tom just doesn’t get that his “too good to put anything in writing” approach which had effectively created compulsory labor DID NOT FREE TOM OF LEGAL OBLIGATIONS BUT RATHER IT exposed him of maintaining an “R. Kelly business model”.

Tom knows he’s guilty as he went so far as to lie & stonewall to his attorneys about cases they would have been working on as they were cases which Tom had been shopping around to investors who had received promises of legal representation from such people as Dee Miles, Joe Whatley, Edward Stone, David Boise. This unceremonious withdrawal resulted in a lack of culpability in which the attorneys had to deny their knowledge of this, such as Dee Miles, who went ahead and used Tom for the Banner Life case.

Even if TOM’S facts were true, Tom is unethical by any industry’s standard of ethics & his facts are fruit of a poisonous tree who has to be kept on a short leash, forced to comply with his long-term intentions & engagements, THEN his “facts” third-party verified. I demand that this expert witness, Tom Gober, CFE, takes the time to explain to Greg Lindberg how he can try to put him behind bars for hustling policyholders when Tom has done nothing but hustle policyholders for years, you’ll know, when Tom wasn’t lying & withholding major fraud from his own enthusiastic attorneys.  Likewise, I demand to know why the attorneys on this case, including the Alabama State Bar, seem to be unbothered by this.

The “Defenders of Justice” in this country are making me feel like I should have gone straight to Leon Black with ALL this shit in the first place… And in case you’ve lost track of what I mean by “in the first place”, I’m talking about Tom Gober– the unfit expert witness— who pulled the rug out from under me after going “off the rails” as one Security Compliance Officer described Tom due on to his panhandling & quibbling of either a VERY myopic OR a very, dishonest David Einhorn involving Apollo’s smoke ‘n mirrors.

 …..Either way, David M. Einhorn pretends to champion fraud when in reality he contrives what’s TOTALLY unacceptable to be normal OR what’s actually normal & functional to be crooked. This inclination applies to anything from once-thriving businesses OR to that of the trash women in his life Dave’s either overpaying at faux non-profits, screwing or fantasizing to these days.. Taking down a New Jersey deli valued at $100 million is a waste of time– not a comeback– but at least it was more honest than Dave’s Allied Capital victory.


      When it comes to Leon Black, you know what the hell you’re dealing with and he doesn’t pretend.!! BUT AGAIN, TOM GOBER IS GETTING EVERYTHING FOR FREE WHILE DAVID DECIDES WHAT FUTURE SHORTS TO MAKE BASED ON WHAT I’M DOING TODAY… And for anyone who watched the Harry Markopolos/Madoff documentary on Netflix, you’ll know that Harry never got any type of whistleblower reward. Like Tom once said, “…. All I did today was to make a lot of lawyers very rich while nothing really changed..” and by “nothing”, Tom meant the broken system which perpetuates this cycle of attorneys reaping  “tribute” from the crooked insurers.


      Maybe you guys can explain this to me in person as I have it on my calendar for April 24th and May 1st in terms of Greg’s hearings and trials…. Don’t try to chase me & my picket sign away from the front of the court building. After all, if you can allow BLM-inspired, hipster trash to destroy cities across America, then you can allow me sit out in front of your f***ing, court building with my sign!!!!  I can’t wait!!!


Kiss my ass!!! ..



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