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Dear Ken Griffin of Citadel, Claudine Gay of Harvard, shyster “activist-attorney” Harvey Silverglate, Bob Iger of Disney, Tim Cook the CEO of Apple, Harvard faculty & students, Cornell faculty & students, UPenn’s president Liz Magill & its courageous students, Wharton Business School & Boston U along with FINANCIAL TERRORIST Marc Rowan of Apollo Global Management, Marc’s cohorts Leon Black aka “godfather of insurance fraud”, Jewish supremacist Dr. Eli David, members of the ill-founded Milken Institute who’s hosting Harvard complainant– Tally Zingher at the moment, various journalists & attorneys along with investors like David Einhorn & Bill Ackman AND finally the “whiny, bitch of UPenn”– EYAL YAKOBY,

        Why has the rest of the country ONLY NOW figured out what I understood about Jews as a child in 1988 AND what Winston Churchill predicted in 1937 in terms of what would happen with a Jewish state?? Likewise, Claudine Gay of Harvard has everything she needs handed to her on a silver platter to not only deflect some cheap, hustler like Harvey Silverglate, but to countersue him AND the investor-gangsters who pose as “activist-investors”. The same thing can be said for Liz McGill of UPenn. Henry Silverglate & his faux condescension is everything I knew was coming & if he chooses to ignore crimes OR the questionable credibility of all these “activists-investors”, then he is an enemy of the state, NOT a defender of justice.

NEWSFLASH:    Jews (Ashekanazi/ Sephardic /Mizrahi) have been coming from around the world to victimize Palestinians since at least the Dreyfus Affair and all because Jewish cult leaders & terrorists who had bombed hotels and embassies had also convinced themselves that they were the successors of some old, dead desert civilization or “co-civilization” from over 2,000 years ago AND “God’s chosen people” AND STILL DO!!! This goes well-beyond Manifest Destiny & if Jews were anyone else of Middle Eastern descent who talked this way then they would immediately be placed on an international watch group for terrorists. BUT SOME TERRORISTS COME MORE WELL-GROOMED & PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE.

ENTER: .   MARC ROWAN OF APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT WHO’S THE BAG MAN FOR A $430 BILLION FRAUD SCHEME AND BILL ACKMAN WHOSE HAD TO RELY ON JEWISH MARKETING SCHEMES TO MAKE A NAME FOR HIMSELF. I saw Marc Rowan on TV trying to do some damage control by saying that everybody needs to be given a chance to talk, but he certainly didn’t give UPenn much of an opportunity before getting his Jewish cohorts from Bloomberg News together to pitch the idea of having donors contribute no more than a dollar for having the nerve not to demonize Palestinians on campus. This is what the Jew News focuses, NOT my website with it’s provable fraud which I’ve inherited from the former Golden Goose of Big Law. **See NEW! Email to Leon & Marc in above attachments. Also, The bottom Gaza section of my makeshift homepage:

BOTTOM LINE  If Americans are to live with having the Holocaust, Nazi Germany & it’s distortion of an Aryan race crammed down our throats 365 days a year, than it’s fair that we direct criticism NOT ONLY at the state of Israel, but to that of the pervading attitudes held by Ashkenazi Jews towards that of Palestinian Arabs because these attitudes are certainly not limited to self-identifying Zionists. In fact, these attitudes are forged by a serious case of imposter syndrome ingrained in Ashkenazi Jews similar to what is seen with a mulatto caste system in Haiti. There are almost 6 billion Hindu, Christians & Muslims, but we’re all going along with the Jew agenda even outside of places like New York City because this insanity has become normalized in the U.S. thanks to monetary & institutional control which is being demonstrated even as we speak.

NEXT, LOOK AT THE ANGLES:   If I were your garden-variety Jew, all I would need to do is to re-label guys like Ackman & Rowan as “activist investors” then shift the focus on a diversion which of course will be to no one’s benefit but their own. It is exactly this collective consciousness among Jews that has cemented a collective inaction & collective collusion to dismiss the proven evidence of fraud on my website which was provided by the CFE who testified against Hank Greenberg in the AIG civil case and who was the lead expert witness in the biggest antitrust case in the history of the planet. Does anyone even want to compel compliance from this malignant bitch of a CFE, Tom Gober, or file a criminal complaint against the ACFE?

                Quite frankly, David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital took more flack for a trumped-up, British pub incident than has the ACFE in terms owning up to the fact that they’ve enabled Tom Gober’s suppression of evidence most notably in terms of Apollo Global Management & his exploitative labor practices towards me. Speaking of David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital, Dave has proven to be totally ambivalent about the fact that Brighthouse Financial– a major holding of his– serves as “a dumping ground for MetLife debt”. This goes far beyond David’s mind being preoccupied at the time with a divorce from one of the ugliest woman on the planet. It points to the fact that the NASDAQ producer was right, “David doesn’t give a shit about anybody but himself”. The rest is nothing more than Jewish activist scams which one can read about in my attachments that are also posted on the website.

    ********* GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL:     None of these Jewish businessmen like IGER, ACKMAN or ROWAN should be threatening anyone and if they get out of line again then their wealth should be APPROPRIATED, REDISTRIBUTED & their asses THROWN IN JAIL where they probably should have been sent years ago. If the shyster attorney, HARVEY SILVERGLATE, wants to ignore everything on my website and pretend that it’s not provable then he’s as guilty as the Jewish media who overlooks it in favor of vilifying decent people in terms of where they stand on transsexuals in sports OR funding of the police force & glorifying BLM. Eyal YAKOBY is NOT important, but the Jewish marketing schemes make him seem important!!! $430 billion in reinsurance fraud among 45 US insurers alone committed through Apollo Global Management is important. EYAL doesn’t deserve an attorney, I do!! The Jews don’t mind turning the mob on everyone else, but when it’s turned on them it’s a crime.

           NONE of what I’ve just stated constitutes a “conspiracy theory” NOR is it jew-bating or ANTI-SEMITISM …… What it is IS provable special treatment, double-standards, a lack of accountability & blatant infringements upon mainstream America thanks to Ashkenazi Jewry… THEN AGAIN, if I were ashamed of looking Jewish & had ZERO conscience, then perhaps I took would play this same game while getting everyone to turn a blind eye to the fact that the most corrupt gangsters & financial terrorists of all time are being protected by the Jewish community & media and not out of fear of the few who make the others look bad, but because of the pride Jews on the sideline take in the wealth of these corporate gangsters AND in their control of the planet’s wealth even if that entails “the destruction of insurer solvency at breakneck speed” which doesn’t help them…EVIDENCE OF BIG INSURER FRAUD – Daveeinhorn

         Journalist Joseph Sobran, frequently used his columns to criticize Israel, the Holocaust & Zionism. In one column he wrote that The New York Times “really ought to change its name to Holocaust Update”. In a 1992 column, Sobran complained of “a more or less official national obsession with a tiny, faraway socialist ethnocracy”, meaning Israel. Sobran argued that the 9/11 attacks were a result of the United States government’s policies in the Middle East. He claimed those policies are formed by the “Jewish lobby”. 

( NOTE:  This is a problem confronted by both Helen Thomas & by Mordecai Venanu, the Israeli-born, Nobel Peace Prize nominee who spent decades in an Israeli prison while his American-born, double agent captor continues to reside unhindered in Florida. The Jew York Times won’t talk about this, but they will glorify Chelsea Manning to the point of him receiving a presidential pardon along with a free sex change operation because Americans don’t want to look like “big meanies”…. It makes me wonder who the real terrorist is here?)

      BUT BACK TO SOBRAN:    In 2002, Sobran wrote, “My chief offense, it appears, has been to insist that the state of Israel has been a costly and treacherous ‘ally’ to the United States. As of last Sept. 11, I should think that is undeniable. But I have yet to receive a single apology for having been correct.” Sobran said he lacked the “scholarly competence” to be a Holocaust denier. He also claimed that the official number of Holocaust victims was inaccurate and that Nazi Germany was not intent on racial extermination.[third-party source needed] He said his attitude was not anti-Semitism but “more like counter-Semitism”.

*******HUGE POINT:   ELON MUSK, LIKE MYSELF, ARE “COUNTER-SEMITES”.….. But then again, I personally despise the misappropriation of the word Semitic as all Arabs are Semitic, but also because the word has been made into a scare word to make Americans into Pavlovian dogs, especially those raised in the 1980s…

          *NOTE:       North Africans are Hamitic. Of course, both are convenient “coat hook” terms derived from Shem & Ham whereas the word “Africa” comes a Berber word “Afrisis” which was a portion of Carthage in Tunisia so to say that black people are “African American” is fairly inaccurate as Afrisis was not only miniscule compared to the continent at large, but also not negroid. Predictably, the Jewish, faux academia community wants to deem words like mongoloid, negroid & Austronesian as “racist” while clumping completely racially dissimilar people into one category and thereby marginalizing all Middle Eastern people as “people of color” to effectively create a further divide within the white community while also making Ashekanazi Jews feel more white by distancing themselves from their Middle Eastern heritage. 

          Remember, Emmanuel Kant said, “Jews are simply Palestinians living among us” which is so evident when you look at anyone from Jeff Goldblum Grant, Grant Heslov, Rochelle Walensky of the CDC, Dr. Eli David, Sergei Bryn, Barbra Streisand or the self-loathing Peter Ustinov who altered his appearance & religious affiliation. Why aren’t they brown people now? Barbra Streisand can dye her hair blonde and stay out of the sun, but one look at that face and you know exactly what she is— That Be A Mega Jew, a desert tribe!!!  Also, somebody better let Kathy Najimi know that she’s now considered “brown”– the new rhetoric– as terms like white & black are Western terms from what I was told by a blonde, Lebanese woman who worked at Harvard’s Semitic Museum when I volunteered there years ago. Likewise, half Spanish-European & half Semitic-Lebanese, Salma Hayek, is now considered “brown” no thanks to the snowball effect of the dumbing of America in which radicalized & dumbed-down, white people view themselves as noble & enlightened while others are clearly guilty of racial misappropriation for very personal & muddled reasons.

         NOTE:    When I mentioned a Jewish state, I was talking about the United States, NOT Israel. Perhaps Churchill spoke from what he already knew to be true about Jews & perhaps young Americans require more outside perspective similar to what I received from an English friend who told me almost 25 years ago that people call America the “Jew.S.A.” back in Europe. Perhaps, this is why I knew as a child long before this Englishman that there would be a generation of white people my age who would be entirely dumbed-down by a berating, Jewish media which refused to accept the fact that they are guests living among us, but the Jewish media plowed forward with it continual attempts to destroy & tarnish the image of America’s founding fathers while glorifying their own. THIS IS TYPICALLY ACCOMPANIED BY UPLIFTING THE DREGS OF SOCIETY– NEVER IVY LEAGUE STUDENTS– AS THE LATTER HAVE BEEN INDOCTRINATED ON WHITE GUILT BY JEWS WHO NEVER THOUGHT THAT IF BLACK LIVES MATTER THEN SO DO PALESTINIANS AND NO DOUBLE STANDARDS CAN CHECK MATE THAT.

           PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE:    The biographer for the low-life, American gangster— Meyer Lansky— portrayed Lansky as unique & compassionate in terms of his attitude towards black people in America for the time even as another message was clearly being sent for the reader to intuit which was that it is acceptable to openly refer to Palestinians as vermin who had to be cleared from the land. This is the psychological conditioning we’re accustomed to in America by the Jewish media who portray themselves as the avant-garde humanitarian AND if you don’t go along with their singular brand of expulsion tactics towards an ethnic group then your anti-Semitic, you’re Hitler…. It’s unabashed!! This is the Jewish moral compass.

          BOTTOM LINE:  If anyone says anything that doesn’t pander to Jewish delusions & double-talk of the self-loathing Ashkenazi Jew, than they are barked down into the ground as anti-Semitic. This is Jewish supremacy & Jewish terrorism and it runs rampant at Harvard as I experienced it personally on an Ashkelon archaeological excavation. When I look at an older generation of Jews like David Einhorn’s parents who are accused of planting voter suppression signs in black neighborhoods, I see nothing more than an era of Jews who fail to connect the dots in terms of how their own people have failed them. The same can be said for William F. Buckley who accused of SOBRAN as being an anti-Semite, but was in truth ignorant & “trigger happy” with that word then imagined himself as being a “noble defender” despite simultaneously maintaining views that AIDS was a homosexual punishment & that white Southerners had every right to keep blacks out of their schools in the South.

       This rootless man in the above video who is stealing this woman’s home is not Levantine nor is he exactly European, but we do know that he possesses an identity crisis along with absolutely no conscience or self-awareness.

    I want everyone to be highly aware of the fact that these are the same people who glorify black lives matter, normalize transsexuals, legitimize illegal invaders jumping the border and who try to brainwash white Americans that they’re not real American any more than a guy who just got off a boat from Nepal. As he rationalizes the theft of her home, I want the reader to remember that this isn’t an event happening 150 years ago like the American Indian tragedy, it’s happening now and it’s been happening, but it’s always kept under wraps so the Jews can continue undisturbed with the flogging of young, white children about colonization from 400 years ago… 

BOTTOM LINE:   Jews maintain a tenuous claim at best in terms of being the people from the Bible.  Perhaps this is why a lot of rehearsed, Jewish rhetoric always pretends that “Palestinian” isn’t even a real group, despite it being a Phoenician word that far out dates the word “Jew” which only came about around 587 BC after the return from Babylon. Add to this, the territory was supposed to go to the Palestinians after liberating it from the Ottoman Empire; but instead, was given to the Jews to get them out of everyone’s hair in Europe as they were creating the same division & marginalization of the mainstream that they’ve created in America today. These claims to the holy Land becomes even more disingenuous once they start trying to convert white people OR take offense at being told they look Jewish or that they’re not real Jews because they’re too mixed..

       I grew up in a post-1970s leftist American society which I call “the Jewish construct” because that’s what happens when you let Jews in, they push others out & they cry “victim” if you don’t allow their domineering attitude to get its way…AGAIN, this is not just a personality problem, it’s a scam. If you grew up in the 1980s in America, then you’re the first generation of white people who don’t know what Jewish is. 

        HERE’S HOW IT WORKS:   If I were a Jew in the media who’s ashamed of looking Jewish then I too might pretend that it’s a religion, not a race, then steal a European ethnic identity which looks entirely different, yet make that ethnic group walk on eggshells if they don’t go along with the farce by leading a corrupt, influence campaign to vilify them which is often times accompanied by trying to uplift some goofy, fringe group to gain both camouflage & traction.  

              EXAMPLE, I’ve been told that I’m anti-Semitic by some Jews just for telling them they look Jewish OR that they don’t. Even worse, pseudo-intellectual, white people do the same and they don’t even know what the word means. It’s like listening to Jake Shields, a martial artist who currently dominates X, who was told by a some Pakistani claiming to be an investigative journalist that Benjamin Netanyahu has a haplogroup indicating that he’s Polish and not Semitic, but “Brown boy” & Jake Shields are too clueless to understand that this haplogroup belongs to people spanning all the way to India and that Ben N. definitely looks Jewish or Turkish, not Slavic-European. People have to remember that Jews, like blacks in America, are mixed but there is a dominant gene that always shows through.. 

         NOTE:     A person has to ask themselves why Jews are so angry at being told that they look like what they are, BUT are happy when they’re told they look like what they AREN’T and invariably by ignorant commoners who view themselves as multicultural. I also find it noteworthy to point out that people always take out their hatred on people who reflect something they hate most about themselves. So when Jews aren’t deflecting their imposter syndrome onto Palestinians, you can watch them in action through your own television set as they indoctrinate your children. Just play a game of “WAIT FOR IT!” sometime…  This game is played by picking up on small, repetitious bites of indoctrination through your seemingly harmless television show. Wait for a scene wherein the hipster trash play Black Sabbath over that of Christmas music and then mock their dysfunctional families on Christmas followed by the show’s protagonist attempting to “talk sense” into a Christian, white woman by telling her that Jonas Salk relied on science, not some dancing snowman & elves. Is it just me or are these skulking Jews just jealous AND what would happen if somebody mocked a menorah & dreidel? But this is how 2% overthrows the other 98%..

         Before the Jewish propaganda machines starts showboating this “Hand” girl, keep in mind that Israel is leading an extermination program beginning with Palestinians children AND only glorifying HAND because she doesn’t look Jewish or Arabic as did poster child, Anne Frank. This isn’t simply racial misappropriation, it’s BOTH a visual miseducation campaign that stems from the Uncle Tom complex of Ashekanazi Jewry AND it’s a marketing ploy to get white America to identify then side with them.  It’s absolutely disgusting that the Jewish, marketing machine already has a book out about this girl, yet these same Jews ignore everything from a $430 billion fraud scheme at Apollo Global Management AND deeply-disturbing articles on DEEP CAPTURE revealing questionable behavior that’s hard to ignore unless you have total control of the media.

AGAIN, judging from the above video it has taken the BBC way too long to figure out what I’ve known since I was 12..


  (A.)    I’ll be posting more epistles on my website, but also upgrading to a subscriber only status wherein readers will be given the option of paying to see me give a live & much more embellished version of what they read… 

 (B.)      Just to let everybody know, I’ll be writing more on the corrupt influence of Jews at Harvard based on my own experiences 20 years ago AND to what one now sees in Eurasian & Russian studies program no thanks to the simple-minded contributions of a “born yesterday” Daria Bough.

 (C.)      I’ll also be posting a link on the homepage for my upcoming petition which will deal with the insolvency of the insurance industry; but more specifically, (1.) BRIGHTHOUSE FINANCIAL which serves as a PROVEN “dumping ground for MetLife debt” and (2.)  Apollo Global Management under Leon Black’s management was transformed into the mother nest of corporate fraud for which Leon’s hand-picked successor, Marc Rowan, is the “bag man”. Americans need to learn that people like Bob Iger of Disney are absolutely no different than Roman Abramovich as they think like gangsters & chess players in terms of how to pivot their age-old, Jewish victimology chess pieces in order to gain the upper hand over their opponent which in this case is the other 98%. If Bob Iger were replaced tomorrow, there would be no loss…

      Again, the Chinese would never tolerate this shit which is exactly what I respect about them so much. They would drop Jewish hucksters like Rowan, Iger, Ackman & Silverglate along with their faux “defender of humanity” routine & media cohorts down a hole along with all of their trans athletes & dumbed-down, BLM white hipster trash rioters. Balance & Order needs to be restored and until then, this country is almost as screwed-up as all the countries from where immigrants are now fleeing (while bypassing neighboring Brazil) because they know that they’ll be welcomed at the Hotel Roosevelt while 94-year-olds are being evicted & further cuts are made for the inner city and all because young, white America has been breastfed on white hate & white guilt by a mini blood of Jewish media pretending to be the conscience of mankind. 

         I have the solution though that will satisfy the ALT left & ALT right AND everyone in between and it begins with all of these crooked investors coughing up money that will go to something other than a social-activist scam which does nothing but enable Jewish privilege at places like the Einhorn Collaborative, an organization in desperate need of transformation from something less “activist-terrorist” (OR mental disorder) & into something more productive. I’m sure Marc Rowan, Bill Ackman & Leon Black are anxious to fund such amends. Someday, I want to sit down with David and discuss this article…

THE APOLLO MEMO: Leon Black’s G.O.A.T. White-Collar, Fraud Scheme – Daveeinhorn

         I see a lot of investors who are now on the hook for continued donations to Harvard & UPenn, but they could also start by taking some of the money they’ve been stealing from investors & policyholders— along with all of their ill-gotten gains earned from cronyism schemes– and I want them to support evicted seniors who had to make room for migrant shelters UNLESS they want to fund airline flights to send them back which is pretty much what Eisenhower did in the ’50s.. After all, these investors are creating conditions not only for these situations to flourish thanks to their media cohorts, but they’re turning America into a country which people are now fleeing themselves.

Dozens Of NYC Seniors Evicted From Nursing Home Turned Into Migrant Shelter

VERY Sincerely,


P.S.  I’d appreciate it if somebody like Ken Griffin were to get this email to Elon Musk– COMPLIMENTS OF HIS OLD FRIEND, DAVID EINHORN– AND I apologize for it’s makeshift format, but all the crooks attacking Harvard & Penn Do not want to find anyone attempting to expose what they are and the media has been entirely useless as all the journalists are preoccupied with transsexuals in sports OR have a Jewish boss to report to who is invariably a little more then an accomplice.



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