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Dear Leon Black & Marc Rowan,

        You know, you two really are pieces of complete gangster shit who would be executed in a normal country! Both of you!!

       You’re willing to give way too much money to a duo of shady lawyers and $62.5 million to a bunch of massage therapist hookers with no evidence when I’ve got the evidence, yet you do nothing ?!?!?

        This is why I’m approaching more major lawyers here in Richmond…

        You’re so arrogant & crooked and reliant upon an even more crooked Jewish media who will conceal your crimes while creating a victimology scenario that you don’t even think about how to deal with me in a civil manner..

        And no that’s not anti-Semitic. I refuse to be held under the thumb of your Pavlovian scare words… Nor will I allow fuckers like you to avoid accountability by playing the victim… You want to know why people hate Jews? Why they were kept them in ghettos OR run out of town?? Then look in the mirror, Asshole!! You don’t give people much of a reason to like you, only to be reliant on you for certain things like a horrible marriage…

     Better still, look at the anti-semitic Kushner boys who marry white whores that “convert” then call themselves Jews when these tarts aren’t even Semitic and the self loathing jewboys do this so they don’t have kids who look Middle Eastern like their father— Financial criminal Charles Kushner- or like a typical ugly, rat-faced Jew like Ruth Bader Ginsburg who is a perfect example of what’s been ridiculed for centuries by native Europeans from Russia to Spain for looking Jewish.

       Step two, call anybody who doesn’t go along with this scam “anti-Semitic” so that you can get away with cultural bastardization & the racial misappropriation of white women which ain’t any different than you getting away with blackmail attempts against Harvard or University of Pennsylvania as being anti-Semitic so you can distract people from Apollo Global Management serving as the biggest, white-collar, fraud scheme of all time while you then go about nursing your victimology bullshit in order to make your reality more palatable while wondering why the world hates you.. You are a personality problem which evolves into a societal one as it eclipses anything good you bring to the table!!! It’s time to  rebalance the table..

        In the meantime, THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES AND I WILL NOT WALK ON THE EGGSHELLS FOR WHAT IS EFFECTIVELY NOTHING MORE THAN A PSYCHOLOGICAL SCAM. The tactics Jews like Marc Rowan or Jewface Dana Bash of CNN employ are no different than what the Indian trainers use to keep a baby elephant on a skinny rope which can be easily broken when they grow to become adult elephants. I’m going to make sure that society breaks that psychological rope and that the children of the other 98% will no longer be indoctrinated.. That’s not a right or a left thing- it’s bastion of sanity thing !!

      But you got everyone thinking that they’re either alt-left or alt right for not going along with your lies thanks to your Jewish cohorts in the media who have everyone thinking that they have to impress “great white father” when in reality, Jews suffer from a serious Uncle Tom Syndrome AND you’re willing to bankrupt society and hold people hostage whether it be the insurance industry, Elon Musk or institutions of higher learning which you infiltrate and try to take over for yourselves so you can put yourselves in this position in the first place.. This is an age-old problem, NOT a conspiracy theory which you mislabel in order to avoid accountability and to make your reality more palatable… You try to make us look like the crazy, disgruntled ones when you’re nothing but shysters who need to be regulated.

HUGE POINT: It’s because of the scam you’re running right now, NOT your actual crimes which makes you so detestable & unforgivable… You avoid your crimes by throwing other people under the bus OR attempting to hold the heads of the other 98% underwater with your victimology garbage. You create your own jew-baiting backlash in what is a self-realizing prophecy….

      Let’s face it, if you had it so bad in Europe for hundreds of years, then you should have gone back to the Middle East a long time ago, but you didn’t… Why even come to Europe in the first place?!?? WHITE WOMEN & MONEY.. AGAIN! That’s not conspiracy theory and to call it conspiracy theory is to avoid accountability… You don’t mind undermining the entire police force in the United States with the help of CNN, but God forbid somebody calls you out on taking accountability for the insolvency of the insurance industry you mother fucking, no good cocksuckers! I guess the question still remains whether or not Dan Loeb could have been the redeemer if Tom Gober hadn’t pulled the rug out from under everyone.

ON A POSITIVE NOTE: At least Leon keeps his mouth shut which is unusual for a Jew, but Marc runs his big, fat, obnoxious, carping kike mouth and starts playing the victim while not realizing that he’s a guest among us.. You know it’s the same carping mouth you see that hack Adam Sandler going into at times and which also reminds me of David Einhorn giving his best impersonation of Gordon Gecko with me over the phone..

       I was reminded of it once again when I saw this article about some sleazy & typically Jewish-looking doctor who got in trouble with Johns Hopkins recently….(FYI, my use of the word kike is justifiable Jew-baiting and is exclusive to Ashkenazi Jews….. PLEASE seek professional help from what should be diagnosed as the “Jewish victimology syndrome”. It’s a mental disorder that should be listed in the DSM handbook for which Tom Gober never could have been prepared for AND which I’ve been talking about long before this Gaza situation erupted)

      Johns Hopkins doctor allegedly bullied staff to match his wife’s diagnoses, improperly removed bladder: report allegedly-bullied-staff-to-match-his-wifes-diagnoses- Improperly-removed-bladder-report/

       Just to let you guys know, I’ll be sharing this letter, but only after the email is sent out to Elon musk’s employees, Claudine gay of Harvard, the huckster Jew lawyer who’s pursuing her now, Bob Iger, student bodies, etc…… It’s going to be a fun list !!! For now, keep up the good work, Marc Rowan!!!

NOTE, this is just a side letter I’m sending out right now.. The main email will be going out later, but what I’m really looking forward to will be my petition along with my new “subscriber only” list in which I’ll be going live & off script to those interested in paying very little for one hell of a show.. In the meantime, you are all welcome to go to my GoFundMe page which you see at the bottom of my makeshift website and spread the word….


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