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The Man Wall of Shame



The “Man Wall of Shame” Supporting Characters:

ROBERT HOUTON, Lobbyist, Houton Strategies

Robert decided to visit me while in town less than a year after Tom had pulled the rug out from under us– which includes his entire network of attorneys & investors as well as the policy holders– being that none of this was “real” to this petulant schoolboy….. HERE’S HOW IT WENT:

Robert’s deflection of his own level of accountability & his complete lack of professionalism began with him nervously suggesting that I “move on” then nervously suggesting that I send him my resumé as he avoided owning up to his lack of ethics by making me feel like a nagging female stuck in the past.

This exchange took place in January 2021- our 11 month reunion– and it served as my long-awaited opportunity to approach Robert with what effectively amounted to him facilitating the implosion of 3 to 4 years of my contingent work with Tom by engaging then abandoning me with an increasingly difficult Tom who required a higher-level “handler” than myself.


ROBERT dropped Tom and myself without warning so that he could indulge in another campaign despite telling Tom & myself that he would make a phone call to David– along with the other top 15 hedge fund manager-– because he wanted to engage Maxine Waters by July so that no one else would attempt to own Tom’s issue. Suddenly, after months of spontaneous wedding proposals– despite ZERO encouragement from me— as well as constant references to Tom as the Golden Goose, I received a curt text message from Robert informing me that he “had other commitments”, but did not bother to  proffer any alternative resources. I had to *67 Robert in order to get some straight answers at which point he told me that if I brought on the billionaire investors, he would still be there for me. Is this shithead for real??


What kind of a lobbyist tells a client– and an industry outsider— that they will have to be responsible for bringing on the billionaire investors just as he abandons them for a project of lesser importance yet expects to reap the reward instead of referring that client to any of his trusted peers who can perform the job of a lobbyist?


This is a scheister who is ensuring his own gain by abusing his position at the expense of “client exploitation”? He sounds like some store-front hustler of an entertainment manager taking on young talent by asking for illegal fees. My, my! All of this is beginning to sound like someone we all know. Could it be Tom except Tom starved you by never giving you money?

These are cocky, isolation tactics to keep a little woman like myself hungry in order to watch & wait for her to deliver when not having the make put on her by Robert’s flamboyant braggadocio.

AGAIN, another male superior who does not treat me with the same deference as he would his “real” clients or his real associates who are not immune to these slave labor tactics. It’s even stranger still since I have the potential of making them far more money than they could ever have made by themselves ALL while giving them my full attention & cooperation. Seriously, would it help if I were ugly? I think it would being that I’ve met both of these guys at the same Starbucks and they both just stared at me for long periods of time before employing their approach.


Robert sat on his investors the same way Tom sat on information or how David sat on gift-wrapped, business strategies.

Read between the lines:

Robert effectively told me that he had been killing time with Tom and myself until Epipen on a Plane came thru! He could have had himself a double-win with nothing more than a phone call and an approach email! Let’s face it, EPIPEN ON A PLANE pales in comparison to Operation Captive Reinsurers, a.k.a. Operation Big investor, Big lobbyist Big law. Think about it, if Chuck Schumer would support EpiPen then just imagine how my campaign would have resonated with him and others! Dee Miles agreed with that!

Thanks, GREAT business model, Robert!! Next, more of his accountability becomes mixed with truth when he shifts blame to Tom who wanted “something for nothing” & who made investors nervous. In truth, Tom had previously been ready to start under Robert’s tutelage; but without Robert, the “panhandler” in Tom came out to play which effectively made Robert’s accusations a self-fulfilling prophesy. Even Dee Miles had volunteered to take the reigns and smooth things over with David, but with Robert all I get is lazy, blame-shifting. Hmmm, who’s the one who wants something for nothing when a little woman & total nobody like me is doing all the heavy-lifting?

Following Robert’s “abandon them to their own devices then show up for a free meal” approach, I informed Robert of the Apollo debacle between Tom and David.  Robert then expresses regret that he did not make the call to Einhorn himself, yet he refused to dignify to me as to why he didn’t. Robert was given another chance a few months later when I landed a top 15 hedge fund manager, but Robert blew off his obligations of initiating contact with Dee Milles in what should have been a united front to checkmate Tom’s evasive tactics.

ONCE AGAIN, Robert blew another golden opportunity, but still is trying to hook up with me. Like Tom, they both act like my time is meaningless  because they’re the only ones with bills to pay while I should be looking for a diamond ring on my finger, from Robert who can’t stop dropping hints.


YES!  Happy-go-lucky Robert thought he stood a chance with me the following year– once the old cueball stopped cruising college campuses for schoolgirls. Apparently, Robert didn’t want me to buy my own coffee because “I’m a woman and I don’t want a woman to have to pay”, but Robert doesn’t think of how he took the money out of my pocket in the first place.

Robert can shove his diamond ring emojis along with his free coffee up his ass because he sat on his investors the way Gober stonewalls Dee Miles OR the way Dee Miles withholds the Truth about Gober to opposing counsel OR the way Einhorn withholds viable strategies that would work for him & around him to his own team.

ONE MORE ZINGER, I tell Robert of how Tom disavowed investors for being all “about the money” and how he wanted to look into advocacy groups which Tom has had years to do, but Robert suddenly believes this would be a start for “Barely Legal” Tom despite the fact that he just got screwed over by Tom as he complained about how Tom blew it and couldn’t introduce him to investors. More importantly, we were to be the advocacy group– the face of change is the way he put it. “Advocacy group” is simply code for grassroots and it’s not enough especially when going up against big insurers. It takes a season Ed DC lobbyist to enact legislation and fully address the problem or issue, but Tom pisses off and pisses on lobbyists along with Big law. Nobody gets to talk to Maxine Waters and her legislative team for free! If advocacy groups were such a great idea, then Robert would have produced names of them when he was on board.  For me, Ann Frohmann of Nebraska would be the closest thing to an effective advocate as she serves as a triple threat—lobbyist, advocate & lawyer. Ann would have been a great replacement for Tom with Tom being the guy in the background, which is where he is best kept.


ALL THESE BIG MEN ARE MAKING ME DO ALL THE HEAVY LIFTING WHILE THEY’RE KEPT UNDER THE THUMB OF THE PSYCHOPATH NERD, TOM GOBER, AND NON-CHALANT ABOUT IT! In fact, the only thing this collection of men are more nonchalant about is getting something out of me for free as they know they can because all this country cares about is blatant sexual harassment, not blatant EXPLOITATION.


DEE MILES, Esq., BeasleyAllen, AIG $400M Settlement

If you haven’t been following, Dee Miles is the attorney who is most notable in terms of Tom going to him for the AIG civil suit back in 2008 which garnered a $400M settlement or BCBS of AL 2019, the biggest antitrust case on the planet ever which included David Boies….Anyway, Dee is Tom’s most go-to attorney so after Tom pulled a fly-by-night on me, I emailed Dee to inform him of Tom’s antics and to his credit he got back to me within a day in which expressed his shock and disappointment as well as concern for Tom’s bruised ego.

Good luck with that one! I spent 14 months from the time of the original Brighthouse Financial meeting in June of 2018 to the Apollo meltdown of August 2019 thinking like that. Anyway, Dee was completely confused as to why Tom hid Brighthouse Financial from him and I was equally confused as to why Dee didn’t know this. I informed Dee that I sent Tom to Cyrus Mehri whose counsel is Judge Clemon of Alabama, someone who Dee knew very well. I mention this due to the fact that Judge Clemon had high-tailed it to DC for the original Brighthouse meeting in June of 2018 wherein Tom pissed-off a very impatient Cyrus & Jay Angoff, his insurance guy, due to the fact that Tom cannot separate insurer ethics from that of security ethics which is also something a security compliance officer friend of mine had pointed out.

I then sent Dee a two-page letter I had also sent to a major, hedge fund and within 4 hours I received a call from his managing director, then 20 minutes later while pacing a parking lot outside of a family style restaurant, I had closed a tentative deal with a top hedge fund in which he told me to bring up my lawyers, lobbyists and this guy Tom– if he really is as good as I say he is and if he can give a killer presentation to a bunch of guys with ADHD-– then they’re ready to roll”.  I shared this with Dee Miles when we spoke few days after I emailed him an identical submission of this strategy. Dee just said “I went to get started tomorrow….Tell Parker to call me.” Dee then finished ALL of my sentences and told me “I see it as the bigger the better…. I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but thought it couldn’t be done”. It was surreal and the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It just goes to show that when it’s right, it’s REALLY right!

This is what makes it so disappointing and so unexpected to learn that Dee did not have as much pull in persuading Tom as he thought he would. Even worse he had no balls and no integrity. Dee went in not knowing what he was really up against. Tom doesn’t make threats. He transparently stonewalls and evades like a child who says the dog ate my homework. Nonetheless, the formerly enthusiastic Dee Miles proved himself not just useless, but unethical in terms of his newfound, false narrative laced with amnesia that he began to create which only made him and Tom look guiltier as it Is Gober’s open admission of his own guilt and his keen awareness of it. Dee actually pointed the finger at himself as it makes no sense for a lawyer to fear taking on a case that he can only win in theory, being that he’s taken ALL Gober’s cases on theory, it’s called contingency in his legal circles. Mary Williams Walsh of the New York Times laughed when I told her that.

A person has to understand that you never allow something like Tom Gober to get the upper hand because it’s a slippery slope from there on out.  I e-mailed Dee Miles a very, long cautionary email stating that it would be unethical for him to allow Tom Gober to take any witness stand against any big insurer because he does not comply with any industry’s standard of ethics. And if you don’t comply with any industry ethics, then you should not be in these industries. If Cuomo could not remain as governor, Tom cannot remain as a CFE.

Nonetheless, Dee ignores the email which he received as I confirmed with his secretary. Dee feels invincible and above the law and when lawyers feel above the law then we’ve entered the realm of organized crime. This was evident when I saw that Dee was bragging about a $38 million win against Dickman vs Banner Life with Tom’s Richmond, Virginia legal associates. Dee Miles even got Judge Clemon to shun me as the judge was initially very eager about a project like this, but then suddenly had a case of, “I’m an old man. I’m no good to you”.

It’s one thing for Tom Gober to pull the rug out from under everyone, but when Dee Miles who’s supposed to be the attorney with the cool head able to lead everyone to an agreeable settlement then starts playing amnesia games with me or laying false narratives AND unceremoniously pulling the rug out from under major investors at Third Point, then we have a systemic problem. Perhaps, Dee should apply to serve as R Kelly’s new legal counsel?

Dee Miles is the man who left me apologizing to major investors questioning me about the disappearing act. I don’t know why I waited so long to tell Jere Beasley this, but I will tell you that Jere Beasley is not as receptive to this information as Dee was receptive to me informing him about Tom’s behavior. What does that tell you? What does it tell the reader when I begin to receive strange text messages asking me, “what’s the name of that lawyer you’re trying to destroy? I need his name”.

Before all this, Dee was actually quite likeable and loved everything I came up with and that should tell you something, but now he’s just an A-moral, spineless sack of shit.


JOSEPH T. WELLS, Founder of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) & Top 100 in Security

This guy needs to be de-frocked and shipped back in time to the ’50’s. ALL he had to do was verify that Tom Gober was registered with the ACFE then re-direct me to a Jacob Parks who handles complaints related to ethics charges. ALL this was withheld!!! I was told that they only handle certification- BULLSHIT! and I have it in emails…

My balloon was popped only after jumping thru hoops in which I attempted to pitch the viability of using Mr. WELLS as a more fit replacement for someone like Gober as Tom was unable to separate securities ethics with that of accounting ethics. Add to that, Tom gets on a proverbial pulpit and expects people to bleed for him.

I needed a cool head, but what I got instead from Joseph T. Wells was a man who was disinterested in exposing major fraud– like $400 billion in reinsurance fraud committed by Apollo Management which I specifically mentioned— nor was he able to attend to my earnest appeal with anything but total misdirect before ultimately brushing me off like a leper.


JACOB PARKS, CFE & Head of Complaints at the ACFE

This is a guy who claims to champion the ferreting-out of corporate fraud on the highest levels AND who handles ethics-based complaints against other Certified Fraud Examiners(CFE). YET, when given a thick binder on Tom– which will be replicated throughout this site—he did not see anything unethical about a man feigning indignation then refusing to sign contracts because his “word was gold” OR said things like “when the Dominoes, fall I’ll just give you millions of dollars…. You’re not recording me, are you?” Jacob parks clearly has a bizarre definition of what is ethical or unethical. I will let readers judge for themselves if this person is either stupid or too unethical to hold this position These are people who make me say, “just grab somebody from Starbucks and throw them in there. It can’t be any worse than what you have, W/Jacob.”


JOSEPH BELTH, Emeritus of Accounting, Gober’s Mentor & Dried-Up, Old Fart!

Waxy Joe had his 1950’s housewife play the role of his personal secretary, but she could tell me nothing other than, “I told him you called”, hint hint! Gober blew it for EVERYONE including Joe’s own life’s work, yet the boys club do not acknowledge that this upstart could be right.

Keep in mind that Joe has spent his life trying to tell the world about big insurer fraud the size of Metlife which is the EXACT reason I chose to stick by Tom. Unfortunately, these two men left their brains in another decade as they have misled themselves to believe that their egghead blogs will be internet sensation that “tells the world“.  AGAIN, this is where investors come in because the world hears them while the lobbyists orchestrate the campaign whereas ONLY a judge and court stenographer hear Tom & the attorneys.

No doubt I was portrayed as some uppity, hysterical female whereas Emeritus Joe Belth will NEVER be portrayed as the dried-up, old fart who refuses to get out of the left-hand lane.


Dee Miles

Joseph T Wells

Jacob parks


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