Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

Fraud is David’s Constant Companion



Brighthouse Financial is NOT the only form of fraud to which David turns a blind or apathetic eye. There are insidious forms of fraud which can lead to the breakdown of society equal to that any financial malfeasance responsible for an economic collapse and in turn social unrest

David thinks he’s got the social unrest part covered, but he actually contributes to it in the form of his “social activist scam”– the Einhorn Collaborative— which combined with the precipitators of a financial collapse serves as a recipe for social unrest & inequity.

Given David’s apathy– if not mockery— to Brighthouse Financial’s labeling of $6.5 billion in liabilities as assets, which disgusted a NASDAQ producer when told the story, along with David’s inability to see that enabling activists-terrorists who exemplify passive-aggressive behavior in the form of a victimology agenda to force overrepresentation, is not only social unrest in itself, but a hostile overthrow that leads to a right-wing backlash being that moderate voices are barked down by both the supposed “victim” and those who have been brainwashed to eat their own.

David– much like the New York Times— is more about euphemized subversion than integrity, but if David feels that I’m wrong then he can start contributing $100M over the course of 10 years to the PLO instead of allowing an unqualified, hippy-dippy ditz in charge of his non-profit to give $100m to a skulking, self-serving nobody & founder of the New Pluralists, whose brand name is the very definition of undermining & bullying the establishment through the use of victimology tactics in order to supplant them.

DAVID has managed to cover all the deleterious bases, but one must look at the root cause of this brand of “hero-homicide complex”. Enter the Einhorn Collaborative & decide for yourself if it’s:

  1. A radical & ineffectual form of therapy that’s evolved into a “cult of personality”.
  2. Altruistic Narcissism, similar to Tom Gober, but more folie a deux.
  3. The Dumbing of the ivy league hiding in plain site that makes the villification of Lori Loughlin look like a bigger farce than Martha Stewart’s prison sentence
  4. A Distraction from investors and from seeing what’s really going in his own Broken Taillight backyard.
  5. Exemplary of David’s questionable judgment OR complete apathy OR his need to “be right” & then pick a fight over that of respecting money & fraud findings the way a hedge fund manager should. Google Michelle Celarier’s article
  6. Should David take a year off from Broken Taillight and allow “interim” delegates like a Parker Quillin type to revamp his business??

Those with Asperger’s have a lack of empathy, but may try to overcompensate by say throwing 8 & 9 figure checks to a university in the name of empathy. Sometimes, it may even be the same university that turned you down for a graduate degree, but I imagine they won’t be turning your daughters down after such sizeable donations.

Harry Markopoulos is another one who noticed Asperger’s. Ya’ know, the same Harry who went after Madoff, and who tried to bilk me for information on Leon Black from the “TOM VAULT”, BUT Harry is as myopic & as arrogant as David despite lacking in insight or the property tools.  What a layman like myself sees as “gristle” that guys like Einhorn and Markopolis are trying to feast on, they see as the “select cuts”.

David elevates and financially supports trash whether it be the New Pluralist, the president of his non-profit Jenn Hoos Rothberg or his ex-wife, Cheryl Strauss Einhorn. I don’t know where he finds these people. First off, let’s look at Ira Hillman, Head Honcho of Hugs, at the Einhorn Collaborative. This guy is such a wuss that he makes David look like Rambo. He’s the one responsible for donating to Columbia for their studies on the importance of bonding between an infant and their mother because 10,000 years of motherhood is not enough of a control group. He had better not be making six figures for this bullshit! You’re better off getting somebody like my father who was a doctor for years along with Tom Gober, an expert in insurance, to create a children’s health care program than you are this garbage!

Meanwhile, screw my binder that I sent David & Tobias Hasselberger, the silent and ineffectual partner over at Broken Taillight. This was a binder or proposal for GM pension angles and NOL carry forwards, but funding the New Pluralists seems like a more reasonable idea over that of a bipartisan reinsurance caucus.

Meanwhile, people like Jenn of the Einhorn Collaborative, needs to step down and know their place while David’s daughters step-up. Let Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, the Cross-Eyed Medusa, live off the other half of David’s net worth stolen in the divorce while she giveS her beleaguered, plastic surgeon a long-needed rest as nothing seems to work anyway. There CANNOT be anymore Columbia classes AND no bought no more bought-and-paid-for, bullshit lectures at Cornell. They help NO ONE except for those in search of false hope & false ambitions for which Cornell is not known. Try the audience members on “ELLEN”!

BOTTOM LINE:     Overinflated “credentials” have allowed for CHERYL’S sophomoric articles to go into print. Like Cyndi Lauper sang “money changes everything”…..Now, it f it were anyone else, it would be ridiculed or thrown into a wastebasket. Her mindless dribble is nothing more than “how-to” tips for housewives combined with an attempt to provide the illusion that her life is fast-paced & of some importance—much like those unrealistic people you see in Truvada commercials!

Next, THIS IS WHAT DAVID EINHORN DIDN’T SEE OR CALL OUT FOR DECADES IN HIS MARRIAGE SO WHY SHOULD IT BE ANY DIFFERENT IN HIS HEDGE FUND:.   This dingbat of a snake oil salesman, Cheryl, has blatantly lifted, third-rate content from any intro to management college textbook then taped it together with inane anecdotes and dated factoids followed by self-congratulations & ludicrous claims of groundbreaking, critical-thinking & problem-solving approaches which would make any reasonably intelligent person feel like they’re listening to Tori Spelling trying to be Dr. Phil.

Like my Securities Compliance Officer friend said, “She’s saying things that Dale Carnegie wrote decades ago, but a LOT better”. I say Dale Carnegie wrote for people over 12 years old though and I would dare say that she thinks she’s reinventing Socratic logic.

BOTTOM LINE:    David shouldn’t be accusing regulators of being asleep at the wheel when David doesn’t even see the fraud transpiring in his own backyard whether it be Brighthouse, Jenn or Cheryl. It’s bad enough when David’s actions or inaction are detrimental to the economy he claims to fight for when he ignores what Big Law like Dee Miles or Joe Whatley know AND what Parker Quillen recognized, but NOW you’re dumbing America via Cheryl & Jenn, wasting your investor’s time & not maximizing the potential of either your hedge fund or your non-profit.

David’s Legacy:

(1.) Driving Lehman Brothers into the ground for his own benefit without trying to solve the problem, only reliant on it being a problem,

(2.) A cult for a nonprofit which takes priority over his investors, aka. Mr. Rogers dysfunctional neighborhood, that feeds into subversive agendas along with huggy-feely useless studies, ie. entrusting an idiot to funnel $100M over 10 years to social justice scams

(3.) CORNELL’S SCHOOL OF EMPATHY which David’s deluded parents are present to not only witness, while he ignores what’s going on in his own business.

(4.) Parting with HALF your life & HALF your net worth to some half-witted Gargoyle AND enabling the Gargoyle to serve as the most ludicrous, academic fraud to ever infect an ivy league school, so thanks, David!

       In the real world, Cheryl Strauss Einhorn couldn’t shovel her shit to a junior college. This crapola is NOT curriculum worthy of teaching at Columbia or lecturing at Cornell. In fact, it’s NOT even curriculum as much as it is back episodes of Oprah. She should be cleaning toilets at Columbia NOT holding lectures and saying stupid things like “A is for Absolute, always question your primary audience and define your target market.” This is an insult to a person’s intelligence AND a rip-off to parents who pay for a Columbia education or a Cornell level seminar. The name value just ain’t worth it!

BUT AGAIN, David just snickers at $6.5b in Brighthouse Financial’s liabilities marked as assets….hmmm, interesting priorities once again..



Here’s a sample of the crap that has been over glorified due to David’s name value, compliments of the ex-wife and a crooked media.

Article #1- The Ghanese Article:

      Daniel Pearl was a REAL investigative journalist, but how on earth does some noodlehead who uses her husband’s money along with a chance to re-purpose a vacation at a Ghanese luxury resort into that of a tax write-off to catapult her delusions of a faux, hard-hitting article involving a branch of the World Bank that funds underdeveloped regions in underdeveloped countries actually be considered an investigative journalist?!?! Furthermore, why was this asswipe material even republished??

My college nephew simply said, “Oh yeah, old news we learned about it in our international finance class”– and no thanks to Hard-hitting Cheryl who next develops an Angela Lansbury “Murder, She Wrote” complex when approaching a Ghanese Bureaucrat, i.e. gangster, by saying something like, “Don’t worry, fellas, I’m not some nosy reporter. I’m an academic here on a fellowship. So where does the money really go?” Gober laughed by the way.

NOTE:.   REAL journalists would have begun by contacting hostage negotiators for the oil companies as these guys know where the money really goes being that they are called in when corrupt, local governments don’t build those hospitals or schools from the funds provided by foreign assistance then citizens take a foreign oil company employee hostage in order to get them built….. And of course, small business affected by tourism is also overlooked, but who’s counting…….

MORE DUMBING OF AMERICA ONLY MONEY CAN BUY??  Look these up for yourself!!

  • Article #2- Dance & Management: Her big “A-hah” moment. A partner dance class demonstrates & validates her supposedly ingenious approach to self help & management theory. Ta-dah!! She’s invented a whole new discipline. If she weren’t so delusional & simple minded, she’d be considered devious instead of just dangerously stupid.
  • Book #1. “Problem Solved”: NOBODY believes that Warren Buffett actually read this crapola! He had his secretary compose a nice review because her husband was a well-known disciple of his value-investment strategy. Mr. BUFFETT had other things on his mind, i.e. “it’s either my ass & ROA or Hank & AIG on a silver platter to the Feds”, but David didn’t know that story!

       Either way, this wanna-be, rising star of academia puts me in mind of a line from Bull Durham wherein Kevin Costner tells Tim Robbins that once he made it to the major league, then his moldy flip-flop would be considered “colorful”, but til then he’s a slob. Cheryl will never be colorful, just a slob. It doesn’t matter if she attempts to paint herself as some innovator of the marriage between self help & management theory. You see women like this ALL the time on TLC fighting over who can lay rightful claim to an innovative napkin folding technique. Piss Off & return to your cauldron!!!

BIZARRE  CLAIMS: Groundbreaking problem solving approaches, critical thinking & systematic reasoning to make people stop & think, not jump to conclusions….Umm, sounds fine, but that’s someone else’s book for all those who can tell shit from shinola. And careful what you wish for because people will “stop & think” then ask themselves, “how did this nonsense slip thru the cracks?”

All Crackhead Cheryl’s done is smoke & mirrors with PowerPoint Pitch decks & the basic tenants of a college sophomore’s Intro to Marketing: 1.) Identify the problem, 2.) Assess the problem, 3.) Devise a solution, 4.) Assess the solution, 5.) Implement the solution, 6.) Evaluate the Solution.

FORGET the A.R.E.A. Methodology as Noodlehead just sounds like a schoolgirl running for class president. Instead, let’s talk about the D.A.V.E. Methodology— (D.) Finding Your Personal David: Ugly girl preys upon shy guy at college, “Do you wanna study after class sometime?” (A) Assimilate: Move to a Jewtropolis so she can make greater inroads, (V.) Visibility: Plug your career into that of your husband’s to your benefit, but to his detriment then promote yourself as a “power couple” (E.) Estimateor NEVER underestimate the dumbing of America money can buy!

FALSE VALIDATORS: Next, ghetto kids to CEO’s are the range of people supposedly signing up for this trumped up housewives alter ego. Quite inadvertently, an economic growth principle is demonstrated here as it is easy to achieve leaps & bounds within underdeveloped communities just by “teaching a man to fish”, but it takes the moving of mountains to achieve incremental growth in highly-developed ones.

Noodlehead Cheryl is engaging children in “underdeveloped” areas who have little to nothing in the way of middle-class role models; hence, they are as easily misguided and falsely inspired by a set of vague & open-ended, guiding principles in much the same way as a bunch of fat, uneducated housewives who define themselves through Dr. Phil & who repeat self-affirmations like Stewart Smalley from ’90’s SNL.

OK, get a clue! Kids in “underdeveloped” urban America will grow up and likely NEVER open a checking account, only cruise by on check-cashing, which they view as a “bank. In this case, they’re better off with a home economics class, not Cheryl’s beat sheet for Avon Lady’s which she captures in yet another worthless acronym, CHEETAH. Meanwhile, the CEO’s use her as an excuse for a business weekend they sign the attendance sheet then leave.

VERDICT:    PROBLEM SOLVED only lives up to its claims if you’re a frustrated husband who goes into the bathroom to jerk-off into it as you know that no one will ever read it anyway when there’s “Where’s Waldo” to pass the time.

  • Book #2: Nobody cares what Cookie Monster in a dress has to say about the importance of financial research! It’s a given! This is why we have financial analysts! This is why we have majors in college to cover this kind of thing! Fuck off, Gargoyle!!!

Again, the girl who should have died a virgin & been ridiculed in the newsroom has avoided her true fate in life by stalking the sex-starved nerd who couldn’t talk to girls– but with far more potential than her own– is now living in a big house with half of David’s net worth ($700M), boring a bunch of SNL “Linda Richman’s” with her podunk podcast and sporting a whole new look thanks to an industrious plastic surgeon. It’s called the “Caitlin Jenner”.

True Journalism or True Crime?!! …..DAVID DOES NOT SEE it?!?!

BOTTOM LINE: How can an investor trust a man with their money whose better judgment would tell him that this shit is normal or at least apathetic to it?!? Write another book, David. Call it “Beer Goggling ALL of the Time: A Soft & Limp Strategy’. No glossary this time, that’s for kids!



The Bottom Line Goes Ignored:     America’s pensions are important, NOT “Pirates of the Caribbean” and certainly not the academically bogus “Problem Solved” which was penned by that cross-dressing Gargoyle on the make who David inseminated. Last but certainly not least,  the Pussywimp Einhorn Collaborative in its current state is NOT a priority.

I have multi-billion, dollar facts whereas the “Degenerate & Bedraggled” Johnny Depp had only inferences along with sycophants & duplicitous attorneys willing to overlook the fact that Depp is essentially the Hollywood equivalent of a Brighthouse Financial— debouched & riddled with financial malfeasance through no fault but their own!!

If MetLife has a problem with this statement, then they can slap a hefty lawsuit on CFE, Tom Gober OR open their books for Tom OR use me as their expert witness against an UNFIT & UNETHICAL lead witness on the stand used against them.

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