Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud




David Einhorn lied in a recent TV interview with Sonali Basak when he stated that BOTH value investing was dead & that market valuation was no longer possible.

David knows his second major holding, Brighthouse Financial, is a “dumping ground” for MetLife debt, the worst of the worst goes into Brighthouse, as it states in the letter to attorney Norman Berman of Boston. That is nothing BUT market valuation!! Likewise, it’s also what makes Brighthouse Financial David’s biggest value investment……But one must ask themselves why didn’t David gradually dump it when I showed him proof of $6.5B in liabilities marked his assets at BrightHouse Financial generated by the secret CFE weapon of big law?… Why did DAVID just snicker…. Anyone want to see my email inbox??????
To have this website,, out in the open and then for David to go on television with THAT HUGE of a lie makes me say, ”David, you belong in jail and I will work to destroy your falsely inflated hedge fund GREENLIGHT CAPITAL, just like you worked for eight years to destroy ALLIED CAPITAL based on some trumped-up, inside information which you gleaned through MICHAEL MILKEN cronyism via your former boss, Gary Siegler… “ Here’s a must read article:: Deep Capture’s:. “The Predator in a Cute T-shirt”

Notes on David Einhorn: The Predator in a Cute T-Shirt

DAVID never had ANY evidence against Allied Capital. CURRENTLY, David has ZERO evidence of Brighthouse Financial being undervalued due to GAAP theories and he refuses to come forth with it. ……But funny how David backed-off Allied once it was bought by friends of friends….Hmmm, maybe DAVID won’t speak out against Michael Milken’s “friend”— LEON BLACK–– AND LEON’S $430B IN REINSURANCE FRAUD AMONG 45 US INSURERS because of this same investor-cronyism & clannishness which David QueerHorn took advantage of in order to contrive unproven claims against ALLIED CAPITAL.

VALUE IINVESTING:. Dee Miles of Beasley Allen, who won a $400 million suit against AIG, was anxious to collaborate with David when I contacted Dee regarding Tom Gober’s misbehavior, but David wouldn’t even talk to a power player who wanted to see DAVID rise to become a board member of Brighthouse Financial with the lawyers going along for the ride as both would shielded by a collaborative of investors and lobbyists DOING SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE, NOT “HEDGE FUND HYENA” DESTRUCTIVE…

GM AMBITIONS: Pensions angle from Tom GOBER, CFE, were up for grabs with first dibs going to David Einhorn who had led a ridiculously unsuccessful campaign against GM….. but DAVID can’t go after 1 crooked CFE who holds everybody under his thumb when all David needed to do was to have his attorneys contact the crooks at the ACFE as well as contacting the sleazy CFE’s key attorneys who have been screwed over by Tom as they are only now beginning to learn how much they’ve been denied by this storefront hustler who uses his CFE business in a way similar to that of an asexual Harvey Weinstein.

I wanted to make David part of a collaborative of investors, lawyers & lobbyists so that DAVID, the distressed investor, would not be waging a one-man war. Instead, David chooses to be a falsely-inflated investor via BRIGHTHOUSE FINANCIAL………
The investor-activism I was selling was “legitimate inside information” on par with more of a quant fund than that of a hedge fund, but people like David Einhorn prefer “faux inside information” so they can create situations that really don’t exist in order to destroy lives & sources of livelihood for their own gain whilst playing the hero. In reality, this is David’s “hero homicide complex”, not activist investing. MAYBE David only want to stick with his crooked cronies, not legitimate people? Maybe it’s like when David told the SEC investigator during his Allied campaign that he “never pays for investment ideas”….. Like Tom Gober, Dave wants something for nothing. He’ll ask me to get information on ASSURED GUARANTY from Tom whom he hates, but David won’t offer me any guarantees.

Notes on David Einhorn: The Predator in a Cute T-Shirt

This is What DAVID had with ALLIED CAPITAL:

Inside information,
A corrupt SEC,
Dirty chronyism & bumbling trash journalists like Jesse Eisinger, the same Jesse who writes half-baked books about the AIG debacle & places his kudos on the mindless, juvenile “high school fluff” of David’s ex-wife as a form of dirty favors & ethnic back-scratching.
A warped moral compass & victimology agenda that vilifies decent regulators who reviewed David supposed evidence and found that Allied was no massive fraud…
Spin doctoring & rabbel-rousing worse than Trump’s January 6th Capitol Hill Riot
David is a Svengali w/a well-honed “Kermit the Frog” appeal which made even Harry Markopoulos fall for his act, while leaving others scratching their head in terms of what’s real as David’s is a One-eyed Jack.……..Hmmmm, maybe Harry deserves anything he can get out of a sorry piece of shit like David. “Use or be used” is David’s true style, not this angelic narcissism regarding empathy as Asperger’s David is a big fat ZERO in terms of emotional IQ and I know Harry agrees with me in that regard.
Five key points:

David can’t tell the difference between a dumping ground for MetLife debt and a legitimate company? So why should he be any different in terms of a legitimate nonprofit versus that of a money pit for activist-terrorist causes like that of the seemingly juvenile, Einhorn Collaborative, in which DAVID appointed a girl with ZERO experience & ZERO common sense as president of this former billionaire’s non-profit from day one. Ole “Sugar Tits” Rothberg now siphons $100 million from God knows where to an activist-subversive named Uma of the New Pluralists as seen on my website “Jenn Hoos ROTHBERG & Shady Dave”…… Next time, hire off of Fiverr!!!….…….
…….. Meanwhile, Ira Hillman, Head honcho of Hugs, throws money away to faux, academic “shell” causes like understanding the importance of bonding between a mother & her infant.

I FEEL LIKE I’M ON MICHAEL JACKSON’S NEVERLAND RANCH … Huh!!! MR. EMPATHY doesn’t mind the destroying viable companies and the working man’s livelihood because DAVID makes up for it by gifting jobs to a bunch of overly privileged, “armchair” bleeding hearts who in no way contribute anything real to the world, only their self-diluted one.

Meanwhile, the president of Cornell doesn’t mind that David Einhorn overinflates his hedge fund just as long as the money keeps rolling in to the Mickey Mouse, non-profit– the Einhorn Center– in which David buys respectability at a school that turned him down for a master’s in Economics, not to mention it buys off his children’s education.

Both presidents of Cornell and Colombia don’t mind David’s ex-wife Cheryl Strauss Einhorn lowering the prestige of the ivy League, by allowing someone with absolutely no qualifications to teach stock selection classes OR to falsely promote herself as a pioneer of self-help & management theory based on a juvenile acronym & a cheesy, podunk podcast….. CHERYL, the hideous, little gargoyle, is better off selling bath bombs on Etsy, NOT giving advice like that idiot, stepmother from Beetlejuice OR presuming to give the greenlight to men who want to start a hedge fund.

BOTTOM LINE:…The EINHORN COLLABORATIVE needs a complete overhaul. There needs to be a business arm before there’s a humanitarian arm…..THINK, the bipartisan reinsurance caucus!! The lobbyist I brought on would have taken care of that, but instead I took care of him. Robert’s career is now dust, David and Tom are next…

Ultimately, DAVID can’t tell the difference between a thoroughbred and a broken-down nag in terms of women, but it serves as a metaphor for his entire life. ”Einhorn” is the perfect last name for David as he truly is a unicorn. Dave is certainly NOT ugly despite his recent haircut, but he is nonetheless a sex-starved nerd who wasted half his life & a cool $700M on a transsexual Rhea Pearlman who should have died a virgin & an unknown in the mailroom of Barron’s.
FAST FORWARD: Dave’s TOTAL lack of standards & sexuality have served as a blatant invitation for a sagging “C-List”, socialite & homely paramour, Nathalie Kaplan, who thinks she can wrap “8-second” Einhorn around her finger just by flashing some “aging barmaid” boob squished into a revealing top that turns no one on except for either a fat, sweaty redneck OR a sexually maladjusted, David Einhorn. One does not have to protect David from women like me; but rather, women like this, or women like Cheryl the Gargoyle who make off w/the money David’s earned his investors the hard way.… Unfortunately, his daughters are not savvy enough to understand that mom and dad should be sent down the river with the Todd & Julie Chrisley.

NOTE: The greysexual David Einhorn could get some decent pussy if he wanted to, but he’s too chicken shit and wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway. Instead, David settles for an aging, social-climber with a network of corporate funders & Hampton, social circle connections who DAVID can then use as a tool to misdirect more funds into his shady, psychosis of a non-profit. Old Nathalie may be looking for a permanent seat at the billionaire table after years of being around money– but never really a permanent part of it– so why not serve as the “beard” for some wimp like David LimpHorn as I’m sure it’s not the first time Ms. Kaplan has preyed upon a sexually ambiguous, Mama’s boy……But in the end, convenience is convenience.

Let’s be extremely clear, Nathalie Kaplan is a much more glamorous version of Jenn Hoos Rothberg of the Einhorn Collaborative as Ms. Kaplan’s exactly what Jenn is trying to be OR what certain forces are trying to propel Jenn towards. Nathalie Kaplan began as an event coordinator at Christie’s. That’s not a job, it’s a prestige, “token” position for which a very rich & connected father buys his daughter and in which people are passed over in favor of somebody with social connections. The job should be retitled as, “Overglorified Hobnobber”.

Ms. Kaplan reminds me of an episode of “Will & Grace” in which Grace tells Karen that she only hired Karen because she knows everybody with money. Ms. Kaplan didn’t go to law school or get an MBA to help her father’s business which means that Nat’s only true assets rest in her inheritance OR in her divorce settlements. In other words, this woman is looking for a new place to land. This is also exactly why Nathalie will settle for this letter being posted on the website and shared with half of New York City as David Einhorn, social climber at large & non-profit “head case”, sees in her nothing but a new enabler-partner & total doormat instead of keeping his eye on the prize which is his investors, Brighthouse Financial and a WHOLE LOT of others, not Just some piece of shit, New Jersey deli.

Nathalie Kaplan may be a thousand times better than David’s ex-wife or Jenn Hoos Rothberg; but nonetheless, she’s never been tested in life. Old Nat’s never had to really work or even worse not find work, she’s never been in a holding pattern & unable to get traction, she’s never had to take things that are beneath her while idiots surpass her because the cold, hard truth is that Ms. Kaplan is absolutely symptomatic of the systemic discrimination for which the Einhorn Collaborative feigns to rail against. A woman like NATHALIE KAPLAN has never had to deal with jealous women who don’t want her to do well OR psycho men who feel entitled to her because looks, talent & brains create envy while money only creates sycophants.

BOTTOM LINE:. If NATHALIE KAPLAN can’t help with the Brighthouse Financial Dilemma, then this over-the-hill, “mattress-on-the-make” should graciously FUCK OFF because we don’t need any more enablers in the Einhorn Family Freakshow who should not be walking among us.

David should be serving 10 to 20 years alongside Elizabeth Holmes, not being honored by the crooked president of Cornell who has his palms greased as David creates a handful of jobs for sheltered, college kids who should be going out into the real world instead of working at the Mickey Mouse Einhorn Center at Cornell.

Think about creating jobs for the people whose lives David has destroyed while trying to capsize Allied Capital for his own gain, NOT jobs for these little shits who work on overglorified class projects at the Einhorn Center. If you REALLY want to help them, then think about starting something REAL that they can get more out of, not this “dysfunctional Mr. Rogers neighborhood” affectation.

WAKE-UP CALL:. Elizabeth Holmes is ultimately NOT that important, but why is she in jail while Leon Black’s far-reaching $430B starting figure fraud hangs in plain sight ???

Harry Markopolos may irk me, but he is the only man willing to go after an influential Jew like Bernie Madoff. Undoubtedly, Harry’s successful pursuit of Madoff was due in part to the fact that Bernie ate his own. This is a sad statement on our society, but nonetheless true. David knew to keep his friends close & his potential enemies, like Markopolos, even closer…. Or at least Dave used to know how to do this with his sweet, harmless “Kermit the Frog” appeal & his ego-fluffing which Harry demands…..BUT again, what about Leon Black, who was on Harry’s radar last I spoke to Harry????

Question: Is anyone in Wall Street’s, Jewish boy’s club going to speak out against your colleagues OR are you going to continue with this collusion by screaming “anti-Semitic” in what is effectively BOTH a long-resented, “dodge & deflect” accountability tactic AND an intentionally oppressive, victimology agenda now weaponized by faux-activist groups like Uma of the New Pluralists which David enables. (see “Jenn Hoos Rothberg & Shady Dave” on

I feel like Elliot Spitzer, Dan Loeb & Seth Cohen were the only ones trying until Greenberg threw Elliot under the bus with his Kroll Investigations by revealing Elliott’s penchant for high-end hookers.. But I say let Elliot have his pre-packaged pussy and throw some David’s way because he could really use some. Meanwhile, PREM WATSA was having Seth Cohen and Dan Loeb sign degradation contracts because clearly their legal reps sucked which would have been cured with what I was bringing on with Dee Miles & Joe Whatley.

NOTE:. This is what I get in New York, but down south I have every redneck lawyer and condescending male at the ACFE turning a blind eye to Tom’s shenanigans posted alongside Leon Black’s dirty laundry which is why I let Estrich Goldin know about their unfit expert witness.

AGAIN, I encourage you to read the article by Deep Capture, “The Predator in a Cute T-shirt”. Likewise, David’s “Fooling Some of the People ALL the Time” really does belong behind a glass case in a Museum of Propaganda just as the author states; but just as importantly, in a Museum for Skewed Victimology Agendas.

Greenlight Capital investors need to be made aware of 3 things:

Where is the money coming from?? David seems to have no problem falsely inflating his hedge fund and turning down the opportunity to “benefit from a large and diverse flow of ideas”. This stands in conflict with their mission as espoused by the DME Capital Management, March 2022 Report.

Where are David’s loyalties? His investors OR showboating empathy by materializing funds to go towards this “nice guy image” . IVAR KRUEGER also hemorrhaged “nice guy” funds like David.

Where is his better judgment? If Dave doesn’t see fraud in his own backyard and if he’s turning down golden opportunities by withholding from his own partners & employees– even at the behest of Parker Quillin to have Dave share with his analysts what he & I should have been working on the year before UNTIL Tom & Dee pulled a no-show on him and on what everybody should have been hearing about in the news just before the break of the pandemic.
Instead, what I get from David is, “Good luck…. Farewell” which I documented at the bottom of the “David Einhorn” page. ( That’s pride & condescension EVEN with somebody like Parker Q behind me.

QUESTION: Why am I not getting anything out of this sanctimonious sack of shit, David Einhorn, who’s as fucked-up as that eunuch & “God’s Accountant” Tom Gober???

Erratic David gives away the presidency of the EINHORN COLLABORATIVE & a paycheck to a useless, overly privileged bimbo like JENN HOOS ROTHBERG, but that pales in comparison to the sideshow freak & complete imbecile of an ex-wife who got 3 wads of cum, $700M & the dumbing of America only David’s money, rhetoric & non-inclusive, Jewish back-scratching can buy when Jenn & Cheryl really should be cleaning toilets, but that would require actual work!

David, you should be ashamed of yourself…… Good old David FagHorn, financial criminal at large, believes that if he ignores me it will go away just like his Brighthouse dilemma. Meanwhile, investors & insurers all sit across from each other in collusion, just like Tom’s attorneys.

You have to wonder if David has lost his touch OR if he was nothing but an illusion to begin with…. ?????

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