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I’m including the attorneys in this email for a reason.,

Being that David Einhorn refuses to publicly prove that Brighthouse Financial is undervalued due to his GAAP accounting theories as opposed to that of the proof I showed him related to $6.5 Billion in liabilities marked as assets coupled with the June of 2018 presentation in which it was AGAIN proven that Brighthouse Financial was insolvent and a dumping ground for MetLife debt, I would NOW like to file a lawsuit against David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital who has failed to act in the best interest of his clients & in terms of his collusion to fraud. If I could throw in his contributions to a national dialogue of misinformation, I would! By falsely inflating Brighthouse Financial, David also falsely inflated his own hedge fund then used the money to funds his outlandish causes.

I’ve had a chance to stew even more after reading the Deep Capture article on David along with that of Michelle Celarier’s article in which only one Greenlight investor, David Rocker, took up for David Einhorn, yet this is the same investor was fined $5 million thanks to Patrick Byrne of AGAIN, Deep Capture & founder of David and Tom are no longer a study of male resistance, but now one of collusion to fraud.

David & his ex-wife (an academic fraud btw) who shares in the spoils should be coughing up money like Elizabeth Holmes & going down the river with Todd & Julie Chrisley. Call me if any of you attorneys want to get started!

Perhaps this is the only way to resurrect Tom Gober’s now fallen career and I know the exact investor who would love to own Tom’s facts; and more importantly, surpass David Einhorn.

This person contacted me after finding my website and I recently started hearing him quoted all over the news. Before that, I didn’t know who he was.

Again, see my following attachments as they will be the next two pages posted on my website in which 4 new pages have already been posted.

Just curious, does anyone want to see my next video in which we act out that “Deep Capture” article laced with a whole lotta Leon Black who’s now being protected by EstrichGoldin who are willing to sacrifice Greg Lindberg in order to protect a bigger fish like Leon? I’ve already contacted Greg Lindberg to keep him in this loop along with Judge Max Cogburn who I feel has suppressed the information I presented to him on Tom Gober…..

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