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Dear Zoe, Logan, Julia & Alec, Neri, Alexander Kestenbaum & Marc Kasowitz

Please take the time to review what over 100 celebrity investors, leading attorneys & Harvard, UPenn, MIT, NYU faculty & staff & school newspapers already know. ***This is my makeshift website. Note the top two videos & the bottom two & feel free to exchange notes with each other. Revisions coming soon!

     Next, review the article about Marc Kasowitz, the shyster attorney representing Alexander Kestenbaum, the “special needs,” Jew who’s inventing anti-Semitism at Harvard. Meanwhile, the burning down of police stations across the country were called “protests” according to the Jewish liberal media which is now suffering a misfire as people come to the awakening that if black lives matter then so do Palestinian lives.

QUESTION:  Does anyone think for one second that Marc Kasowitz, attorney for Trump, would ever go after a fellow Jew like Leon Black or UPenn’s faux humanitarian, Marc Rowan, for his role in a $430 billion fraud scheme among 45 US insurers, especially when these Jews are trying to gain institutional control of private education?

BOTTOM LINE:  If Marc Kasowitz is going to tell some stranger to “WATCH HIS BACK, BITCH!” in a series of threatening emails then I’m going to tell “Tough Guy” Marc to watch his back AND his front because Marc is the sort of person who has to learn how hard work– real work– will set him free and that people like Penny Pritzker, Bill Ackman, Marc Rowan & Alexander Kestenbaum ALL need to be regulated AS DOES HE!


    Bill Ackman is NOT an “activist-investor”. He’s a financial terrorist & a social-climbing hustler who’s using the four of you—Zoe, Logan, Julia & Alec– to facilitate one of his “signature” fraud schemes. In the past, Ackman has deceptively operated under the guise of “investor interests” with the end goal being to drive down the value of a company in order to make a killing by short-selling the stock at the expense of a company’s board members & employees, but now the same principal is being applied to institutions of higher learning under the guise of humanitarianism in what amounts to a dangerous precedence being set in terms of whoever pays the piper calls the tune. This is a travesty of massive overreach.

All Publicity is Good Publicity if You’re Bill Ackman Deep Capture

         This is also effectively nothing more than institutional control with the scapegoat being DEI. This tells me one HUGE thing & I’m sure it’s told a lot of bright Harvard students the same thing as well:   It’s perfectly acceptable to commend, to sugar-coat or to glorify the genocide of Palestinians as long as it’s being carried out by Jews, but if this sort of slaughter were performed by any white Christian person, their actions would be vilified & their flimsy justifications for such maniacal behavior would be summarily dismissed— especiallyif the victimswere anyone NOT Palestinian!

This is Jewish privilege & it’s the same Jewish privilege that provided fertile ground for DEI which has now backfired in their faces & forced them to seek shade in the Christian right backlash which the Jewish, left-wing media (Hollywood for sure) stirred up then maligned, but now plays against each other. All four students who are backing Bill Ackman are too young to remember when this “snowball effect” took root in the ’80s w/the age-old, Jewish victimology agenda being plugged into a modern media NOR do any Americans born after the mid 70s seem to know what a Jew is as they’ve all been massively misled by a self-loathing, Jewish media which I had to grow up with.

The lack of public outrage & double-standards in regards to this new “Jewish Aryanism” is due to its suppression under the guise of anti-Semitism which is exactly why Susan Sarandon, standing with protesters outside of the Holland Tunnel, stated that as “the violence escalates we have to make our message known because it’s not coming from the top, so the people are sending the message

      Nonetheless, self-deflecting Jews will always bastardize this as being anti-Semitic in order to assuage their ego & to silence the masses thus allowing the flood gate of Benjamin Netanyahu’s genocide campaign against that of the native people to flow freely instead of bombing him as we would anyone else. Note, we never would have had a 9/11 if we never supported a genocidal, military machine in the first place. That day was a protest as much as it was an act of terrorism, but of course the Jews use it as an excuse to say to other world, “Now do you understand what we’re going through”, NOT the other way around.

         Instead of listening & learning, we continue to hunt down 96-year-old Nazi war criminals at the behest of Jews who seem to be calling the shots with their own revenge agendas which they have now aimed at student protesters whose reputation their attempting to smear by turning their own people against them. This is called “living with Jews”. It’s simply how they operate so learn their modus operandi instead of using it to your own advantage in order to gain prestige & positions at Harvard. If any of you refuse to take heed, then expect to end up being beholden to a crook who should have been in prison years ago as he’s nothing more than a multi-faceted terrorist in sheep’s clothing.

POWER GRAB WRAPPED IN “Social Activist” Scams:         Bill Ackman is a front-line defender for Netanyahu here in America, but being the overeducated con artist that Bill Ackman is, he doesn’t do anything without his own self-interest at stake and this includes doing anything for Jews as a whole. This is a power grab for Netanyahu and it’s a power grab for Bill Ackman and I also fear that it’s a power grab for Harvard’s four horsemen of the apocalypse with each one playing the false role of the “hero-victim” who stands up to social injustices. But alas, it ain’t nothing but a power grab with a little bit of revenge mixed in.

      NOTE, a massive financial fraud OR a massive, victimology fraud cannot be carried out without media collusion and it’s the same collusion that has never asked for any actual evidence from a Bill Ackman who makes outrageous allegations against a company AND it’s the same collusion that ignores & suppresses my evidence hanging in plain site.  Note that the journalists on DEEP CAPTURE are veterans of financial reporting you understand what kind of a huckster Bill the Shill really is while my own website is littered with evidence left behind by the CFE behind the AIG debacle who also served as the expert, lead witness in the BCBS of Alabama case– the biggest, antitrust civil suit in the history of the planet.

            My bottom line is that Bill “the Shill” Ackman belonged in prison a long time ago writing love letters to Michael Milken, NOT operating within the financial services industry OR seen as a pillar of the community. This is “Willd West” corruption of getting people over a barrel is such a corrupt abuse of power & overreach that the only thing worse is to add insult to injury by playing the victim-hero AND I WOULD HATE TO THINK THAT ANY OF YOU FOUR AT RENEW HARVARD ARE USING THE SAME FAUX HUMANITARIAN ROUTINE TO DISGUISE WHAT MAY BE NOTHING MORE THAN A “POWER GRAB”.

           For now, I want to add TWO SUBTITLES to this email as I haven’t written about them in any of my other epistles AND because I do plan on copying this email as a follow-up to my 43 page booklet I’ve sent out to countless names you know.

Imperfect Annotations of Claudine Gay vs The INTERFERENCE & Lowered Standards of Academia thanks to Jewish Privilege & Entitlement of the Jewish Princess

1.)Claudine Gay: Her only “crime” is NOT a slightly, flawed annotated bibliography; but rather, it’s not kissing a Jewish Supremacist’s ugly ass as can be seen by Penny Pritzker who called to let the governing body know that Claudine had no future at Harvard. This may have been a blessing in disguise because now everyone can see how much black people have always served as not much more than pawns for Jews and when they no longer serve their purpose OR jump through hoops, they’re toast!  Hmmm, Black lives matter, but not Palestinians.

   QUESTION:   Where were these Jewish, so-called “activists investors” when police stations were being burned & white people were vilified for pointing a gun at a bunch of nimrods who were too stupid to understand that a random person’s front yard doesn’t represent protest grounds?

ANSWER:  JewNews was busy propagandizing moderate people as being “white nationalists” then gave every fringe group the nod to do the same thing because at the end of the day, Jews at the networks will simply portray themselves as the “hero” or the “defender of humanity” like that total wimp, Ira Hillman of the Einhorn Collaborative, who in the wake of George Floyd’s death had to explain to his adopted, black sons about racial discrepancies which he of course drew from his wealth of experience working from a hot bed of Jewish privilege among a bunch of trust fund liberals & Jewish entitlement best reflected by the so-called Collaborative’s president who was given the job with just a year out of college.

         Jews like Bill “the Shill” Ackman don’t care about the other 98%, just themselves. It’s similar to what the NASDAQ producer said about David Einhorn, a former corporate colluder of Bill Ackman’s, when he heard about David snickering at proof of the insolvency of Brighthouse Financial and it’s use as a dumping ground for MetLife debt.

BOTTOM LINE:   Nothing’s changed in thousands of years as we look at the story of Moses who ran out on an Egypt crippled by plight & plague accompanied by the Pharaoh’s gold en route to a supposed promised land where they killed a peaceful society in the name of God’s children..


2.)NERI OXMANBill “the Shill” Ackman’s wife is facing the same exact ad hominem charges which Bill Ackman had scraped-up, exploited & hounded Claudine Gay with AND which in no way makes the Quackman look righteous, only an adherent of yellow journalism. Uh-oh!!! Of course being the Jew, Bill self-deflects in the belief that everyone is out to get him & his family just as he turns his own brand of “control freak” blame on other people by now threatening to investigate everyone at MIT by combing through EVERYONE’S dissertation as he for some reason believes himself to have this authority. THE QUACKMAN IS TOTALLY OFF THE RAILS just like the Johns Hopkins doctor in the article below while Neri sees herself as a visionary with her premise that buildings will grow in the future and not be built. Is this visionary or just plain stupid?

*Johns Hopkins doctor allegedly bullied staff to match his wife’s diagnoses, improperly removed :

3.)Ann Druyan:This is the ex-wife of Carl Sagan & a low-grade moron who slept her way to the top. Why else do you think a college drop-out whose own junior high math teacher told her to stop asking stupid questions when she raised her hand to ask if pi were always the same for every circle in the universe. This is the woman who was awarded the “power housewife” title of creative director for the Apollo program. Of course, this woman wallows in an ocean of Jewish neurosis & victimology by blaming her junior high math teacher for her failure to finish college.

    NOTE, there is absolutely no scientific evidence behind the readability or visibility of her EEG, ONLY the hopes that some distance civilization could decipher it and see her thoughts. This is as cheesy as Bill Ackman’s wife claiming that buildings will grow in the future, NOT be built. I’m looking at a bunch of ditzes who believe themselves to be some sort of visionaries when in reality they are being given far too much leash due to the corruption of people who pay the piper are then allowed to call the tune. (At least Tori Spelling knew her place, these women don’t)

4.)Cheryl Strauss Einhorn :This sideshow freak & ex-wife of Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn doesn’t simply think that she reinvented the wheel, she clearly believes that she invented it altogether!  Extravagant claims of being a groundbreaking innovator of self-help & management theory-in-one are based upon nothing more than taking snippets of any college, sophomore’s intro to marketing or intro to management textbook and then slapping it together under some cheesy, housewife acronym. It gets worse as her Jewish, marketing machine– like that of Bill Ackman’s-– claims that everyone from CEOs to school children are getting in on her “methodology”. Essentially, Cheryl is a wanna-be Suze Orman, but ends up more like Gabbi Tuft except Gabbi actually has a following despite Cheryl’s unmistakable resemblance to this former wrestler turned SheMale, motivational speaker.

         MORAL OF THIS STORY:  This is the stupidity $50 million in donations can buy and how it directly leads to the lowering of academic standards wherein somebody with absolutely no credentials is allowed to teach stock selection courses at Columbia University. Let’s face it, everyone’s hope was that David Einhorn was drafting her curriculum while even my Jewish girlfriend couldn’t understand why in an ocean full of Jews up in New York was Cheryl being glorified or even married off to David? Talk about dysfunction junction, massive overreach & the dumbing of the ivy League all in one.

JOE BIDEN & PENNY PRITZKER ….Sleepy Joe’s upcoming campaign slogan will be, “Vote for Joe, he’s all we’ve got!” and it will be absolutely true. This is what happens after decades worth of giving a Jewish media free rein to target the younger generation with a berating victimology agenda which then spawned a right-wing backlash while the divide is constantly widened by throwing more fat on the fire– typically in the form of thinly-veiled, white hate— while misdirecting the blame somewhere else. BOTTOM LINE:  Everyone has gotten dumber while Jews have stayed the same. It’s not a coincidence nor is it proof of superiority.

Meanwhile Biden, the guy who earned his lifetime ticket to the senate thanks to George Meany who figured that a senator from Delaware (the cradle of mediocrity) & a senator from New York is equal but with one costing a lot less, CONTINUES TO MISDIRECT funds for free healthcare & a genocidal, military machine in Israel instead of bombing it like we did Germany while sending that foreign aide to the Ukraine who’s fighting World War III for us all. ENTER Penny Pritzker…..

         Penny Pritzker is a conflict of interest whether it be at Harvard or as Joe Biden’s US representative to Ukraine’s economic recovery as Penny has no business involving herself this closely in anything other than her family’s own direct interests. As we can see, Penny’s only true interest appear to be utilizing her family’s wealth in order to gain institutional control of private education AND in maintaining a tight lid on Israeli genocidal policies by repackaging it as “anyone who goes against us is an anti-Semite and we will scrape up some shyster, Jew attorney to sue you all” …..ENTER MARC KASOWITZ…..This is the face of the Jewish personality disorder & Jewish terrorism.

         This misplaced socialite & all-around battle axe, Penny Pritzker, is more concerned about telling Harvard that Claudine Gay has no future there instead of waking up to the fact the Jews represent 3% of the population yet are trying to dictate American policy & education or better stated—misinformation— while portraying themselves as a defender of humanity because this is how Jewish terrorism works, so learn it.

         This is nothing new and it’s why Edward Longshanks just kicked the Jews out of England and appropriated their wealth all together as Jews always fail to realize that they’re guest living among us as they constantly vie for the upper hand through the use of a victimology agenda & institutional control and oftentimes racial misappropriation. This is Jewish terrorism and Penny Pritzker is a Jewish terrorist just like the narcissistic psychopath dominating Twitter (X), Dr. Eli David—internet butt-lover of Bill Ackman— who is trying to portray Israel as a last bastion between Europe & radical Islam when in truth Israel is the reason why we had 9/11. Maybe we should be suing Israel?

I see 4 problems here:

  • The American public fails to understand that Christianity has far more in common with Islam than we do with Jews due to the fact that extremists are attempting to take Islam back to 2000 years ago before Islam even existed while Jews use this as an excuse to gain institutional control through the use of a victimology agenda.
  • The other problem is Penny Pritzker is playing the “activist investor” scam which is nothing more than a Jewish, marketing scheme oftentimes abused by investors to destroy a company for their own gain OR at the very least to squeeze everyone out else out in what constitutes Jewish cronyism & institutional control. I know it’s coming before it happens….
  • If Jews want to tear down what they created in reference to DEI then I suggest that America begins to tear down what they created in Israel.. If we could monitor Germany after the war, why aren’t we monitoring Israel now? The answer is simple, Jews and force double standards and what becomes a one-way street— control of the masses thru the use of Pavlovian scare words like anti-Semitism.

NOTE, by monitor I don’t mean send some ignorant redneck like Laura Boebert to Israel who operates under the misguided belief that Christianity is the Old Testament because Jews would love to hide behind her stupidity as much as they ridicule her beliefs while never acknowledging that the Old Testament is Judaism because this would be in affront to their ego and counterproductive to undermining the mainstream.

  • Penny Pritzker has no credentials— just a big, Jewish mouth & her family’s money which she hides behind. Defund Israel, NOT HARVARD!! .. Stop allowing for Jewish, psychological warfare to run everybody’s lives. Penny Pritzker like Bill Ackman is deflecting what they hate most about themselves. In this case, Penny doesn’t want to admit that it’s she who has no credentials just as Bill Ackman doesn’t want to acknowledge that his wife doesn’t belong at MIT. Instead, Bill Quackman just acts out like that obnoxious, Jewish doctor from Johns Hopkins who bullied the staff into going along with a false diagnosis to remove a patient’s gallbladder.  Not apples & oranges, I knew that guy had to be a Jew before I even clicked on that article and every inch of his face proves that.


         I’m going to leave you all today with some applicable anecdotes involving my Jewish girlfriend & her self-loathing brother with the latter being somebody who possesses the need to reinvent Jews as something they’ve never been in a “fake it ‘til you make it” approach. What you don’t know is that these two are a distant relation to Penny and I can say from personal experience that my girlfriend has stated many years ago that she wished Palestinians would just disappear even as I had to remind her that she needs to learn to embrace her Middle Eastern heritage considering the fact that people compare her to Kathy Najimi for a good reason.

        Furthermore, the Canaanite blood is shared by Jews and Lebanese people alike and people like the Kushner boys lose their claim to that homeland when having a bunch of dumb, white whores convert because this doesn’t make it just a religion, it makes Jews self-loathing con artists who are guilty of racial misappropriation. This is why the Jewish media misinforms & berates when they’re not vilifying Palestinians. After a while, you’re left with Jews who possess both ignorance & a serious identity crisis while the dumbed-down other 98% of society finds themselves beholden to Jews and don’t quite know why.

       It’s funny to me that my friend’s brother liked to think of himself as a sort of ambassador between worlds even as he ridiculed a Jewish coworker (MegaJew) for being too Jewish like actor Richard Kind OR questioned why a young, black co-worker got the job when he spoke too black. It’s even funnier still that all these suburban, idiot co-workers compared me to MegaJew when in reality I was simply able to roll with what he was—a total, New York Jew and there’s nothing more Jewish than that! YOU BE YOU is what I say!

      Anyway, I tweaked MegaJew’s ego by pointing out to him that Jasmine Bleeth didn’t look Jewish as her mother wasn’t which diluted the ethnic, Jewish blood. Likewise, I had bruised her brother’s ego by telling him he had to be the only Jew on the planet who bragged about his father for going to the second, worst law school in the country—WIDENER LAW– especially considering the fact that he talks like such an elitist OR maybe it was because I had him admitting that he was not only ashamed of people who look Jewish, but that if given the chance he would have destroyed Ann Frank’s diary because she’s an embarrassment for looking *too Arab” like Jennifer Grey. (Who used to look good!)

        This was followed by me first asking him how he would feel if a self-loathing splinter group from the near east invaded his country and then made off with their women by claiming them to be their own genetic material simply by having them convert to their religion OR worse still is if they pretended that they were the same thing as the native people and that it was somehow just a religion? His face crumpled at the realization of why Jews have been hated for centuries at which point I asked him why he was trying to date white women like me as it appears that he had designs on trying to make Jews out of them which signaled to me that perhaps he needs to find happiness with his own and not with mine unless he has plans to assimilate, NOT to infringe then play the victim if people don’t go along with it.… FYI, this isn’t any different than how Jews and Israelis are trying to repackage genocide in Gaza in order to conform with their ego along with their constant pivoting of having to gain the victim position.

       Jews always carry grudges. This is why the Skulking Jew next hunted his sister for any information on my private life that he could spread around the office which he boldly admitted to me with a smirk while the only person who really supported his efforts was the loud-mouth, grating Jew he made fun of behind his back. Furthermore, it came as no surprise when he invited the black guy he made fun of for sounding too black to his wedding because every Jew needs a token they can showboat, kind of like a Claudine Gay, but that didn’t work out. The only people who understood what I was dealing with were the old, white guys in the office who just looked at him as an old- school “dirty Jew” & if that offends anybody then the problem is you, NOT me.

      Incidentally, this wedding was to a white woman in which his abrasively, Jewish mother knew beforehand that her son thought that looking Jewish was ugly, yet insisted along with the rabbi– who didn’t understand that he was a guest which is atypical of Jews—  that the wedding be Jewish. Meanwhile, his sister went into a state of Jewish neuroses & persecution due to the fact that the minister in attendance was complaining about being marginalized which she internalized as anti-Semitism because this is what dealing with Jews is like. They care only about their side winning, their overrepresentation & their feelings—  NOT the fact that the bride’s family is paying for the wedding & that they are guests among us who should be assimilating if this is the route they choose in life. Unfortunately, this is standard fair with a lot of traditional Jews and it always presents as a clear & ruthless display of self-involved victimology. AGAIN, this is the extended Pritzker clan.

MORAL OF THE STORY:    When you make a Jew look at themselves in the mirror for what they really are, it sends them in only one direction— SABOTAGE.  This is just dealing with Jews and they are little more than Hitler’s in sheep’s clothing who possess a seriously skewed idea of Jewish pride & self-involved overrepresentation. But in order to make this psychosis fly with the rest of the world, the entire socio-political environment has to then be skewed wherein the mainstream eventually abides by a dictatorship of 2.5% of the population who has created a false reality for themselves which entails pretending to be the victim as a means of keeping everyone on a short leash until eventually they become the victim due to their inability to listen & know their place. NOTE, this nonsense would not be happening in a country like China, only in a country where there are cracks in the surface that can be penetrated then exploited.

       The bottom line here is that giving Penny Pritzker or Bill Ackman a little power outside of their prescribed duties is like giving a meth addict keys to the clinic. They need to bloom where planted and be more gracious guests in their host country because if we lived in a sane country, people like Bill Ackman & Marc Rowan would be hanging in a public square by a noose for all to observe & shit on as their families watched. Meanwhile, Penny Pritzker needs to contact Gabbi Tuft to tailor her a fitness program then consult a plastic surgeon.

In conclusion, all newbies to my mass email– which includes the four horsemen of Harvard’s apocalypse– will be receiving in separate emails the following attachments, but for now I do have two of those epistles posted online and we’ll soon have more. The first epistle I suggest reading is long but necessary for anyone fighting Jewish terrorism because when you deal with people who have ZERO conscience, ONLY victimology, then the truth reflected back at them is the best weapon and the more you have of it, the better. This is the ultimate crash course so welcome & buckle up for my latest epistle…..”DIRTY MONEY, DIRTY MEDIA, DIRTY JEWS”.


1.). Dirty Money, Dirty Media, Dirty Jews (43 page offensive masterpiece)

2.) Dear Leon & Marc…

3.) LEGALLY, Harvard & UPenn…..

4.) Dear Ken Griffin, Elon Musk…..


6.) Https:// ackman-amp- marc-rowan/

Yours truly, 

Ursula the “Counter-Semite”

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