Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

INTRODUCTION with Gallery of Evidence





Before you all read THE APOLLO MEMO under the next tab in the table of contents, first understand that it’s a synopsis of Leon Black’s modified coinsurance (MODCO) fraud scheme which Leon engaged in for many years while serving as the CEO of Apollo Global Management. It was sent from Tom Gober, CFE, to David M. Einhorn of Greenlight Capital in August of 2019. In short, MODCO is an esoteric & largely forgotten practice that LB revived, but only to pervert it into what has become the biggest, white-collar fraud scheme of all time which is sure to usher in the next financial collapse.


The APOLLO MEMO is also just a portion of what Tom Gober, CFE, suppressed from his own eager attorneys, investors & lobbyists ALL because Tom wanted to punish me for insisting that he not panhandle to investors OR get inexplicably angry with security compliance laws OR disavow all investors as I would never get paid being that Tom’s attorneys apparently never seemed to pay him and if I didn’t agree to an irrational change of heart & declared intentions, then maybe we should go our separate ways thereby flushing down the drain almost 4 years of my hard work for him, his attorneys, the policyholders, etc.


By the last year, I had been jumping through hoops trying to make it to the finish line so that higher forces could intervene on my behalf. In terms of “higher forces”,  the attorneys have unethically disengaged themselves from any culpability with Tom & the ACFE clearly doesn’t exist to help normal citizens, just billionaires, if at all. “So what about someone like Harry Markopolos”, you may be asking yourselves??

Both Tom Gober & Harry Markopolos may believe that nobody belongs in jail more than LEON BLACK, but Harry’s true passion is to brag about himself. This is what he prefers even more than entertaining the possibility that there just might be a glitch with his whole approach to taking down Leon Black. Harry M. has an entire team of people behind him, yet he didn’t even know about this MODCO scheme NOR did he even care to learn about it just as I wasn’t willing to give up too much. This effectively means that Harry possesses only the “gristle” in terms of Leon’s fraud schemes while missing the “meat” of the problem. A guy like Harry would never be willing to share the spotlight with someone like Tom since he’d have to admit that someone knew more than he did. Harry would just take what Tom knew and make it his own which is what Harry may end up doing with info from my website— BUT THANKS TO OLE TRIXIE— the cat’s already out of the bag, so fuck you BOTH very much, Harry & Tom!!


Meanwhile, TOM GOBER, the toxic CFE who lives in the woods like some kind of uni-bomber with a Starbuck’s card, continues to sit on everything in terms of Leon Black like some angry old hen guarding her eggs, thus Leon can now sleep soundly at night as I’ve no doubt provided him with enough information to approach Tom Gober in order to buy his silence.


LET ME BE CLEAR:   I don’t give a shit if some overglorified, crook like Hank Greenberg was quoted as saying that he, “had always greatly admired Tom’s abilities” (being that Gober had originally aimed for Warren Buffett & his Reciprocal of Americqa, NOT Greenberg & AIG which Buffet served up as a consultation prize instead)  BECAUSE no Hank or Leon is about to stand in my way when I know that guys like them will always be taken down by their ego in the end. This is the greatest gift LEON BLACK is giving me right now.


EXAMPLE:    If Leon Black is totally dismissive of my website, then would he have been willing to “play ball” with me if I had approached him with these findings before ever first exposing him?


ANSWER:   UNLIKELY!!  After all, the entire legal system had to twist this guy’s arm just to get him to pay off a bunch of ignorant whores; THEREFORE, what do you think that Leon would have done with a random woman like myself who had been collaborating with some wimp of a CFE that just pulled the rug out from under her, BUT who had left her with VERY legitimate information on him??


My guess was that Leon would be just about as forthcoming as a cheap-ass Donald Trump who refused to pay out of pocket to “Stormy D’s” paltry demands while never hesitating to dip into his own campaign funds. Ergo, a man like Leon would never deign to share any of his ill-gotten gains with a nobody who came to him with an altruistic, “reinvent yourself & wash away your sins” way-out. My initial assumption is proven correct EVERYDAY as Leon continues to blow money on attorneys who string him along for years while letting him think that he’s great & that my website isn’t important. Wake up Leon, you Chump!  All you’re really doing is paying for Susan Estrich’s unending stream of nips & tucks to her plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills! You might as well just cut her a big, fat check right now just like David M. Einhorn did with that cross-eyed, gargoyle— Cheryl Strauss Einhorn!

 This scenario is giving me flashbacks to Dan Loeb & Steve Cohen’s inexperienced attorneys forcing them to sign “degradation contracts” with Prem Watsa with their Fairfax Financial fiasco, just as it also takes me back to David Einhorn using me as a conduit to Tom Gober’s information but only after unapologetically facilitating the destruction of my working relationship w/him. Wouldn’t it have made more sense for David to approach Tom’s attorneys who I had brought forth to David instead of expecting me to do all the heavy-lifting? Unfortunately, this seems to be a recurring theme which every billionaire, toxic CFE, attorney & lobbyist expects of me just so they can then reap the rewards…. Is this “trickle-down” economics?


Anyway, it’s also hard for anyone to believe that Dave would have paid me for proprietary information in what could have constituted a “questionable” contract. After all, David is too ethical to ever sign a questionable contract when he can just take phone calls from me at a distance then hang-up whenever he feels like it, NEVER a suggestion of an actual meeting or presentation..


Nonetheless, let’s not forget Tom Gober telling me to do whatever the hell I wanted to do with this information AND with David because Tom was too busy on other things—- namely, Greg Lindberg— who shares attorneys with Leon Black and whose case should have been rolled into the bigger picture with the lobbyist.


For now, Tom Gober’s warped perspective is sure to view me as “stealing” his thunder with my latest posting. But back in the real world, Gober is still getting everything from me for free even if he chooses to see himself as an ascetic making sacrifices for the policyholders who he left high & dry along with a lot of other people.


Both Tom & David need to come out of hiding and act like grown-ass men for once in their lives. Likewise, Leon is a total disappointment as he should be the one most likely to be a “decision-maker”.

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