Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

Jeffrey & Ghrislaine or David & Cheryl



That article, Predator in a Cute T-shirt: Notes on David Einhorn” left out one crucial culprit— Cheryl Strauss Einhorn.. Watching the video below of David in the “jelly donut” interview, it becomes clear that there’s no way Dave could have pulled off spin-doctoring companies like Lehman & Allied all on his own.  

WATCH DAVE’S INTRO:  David Einhorn on monetary policy 

       ”Asperger’s Boy” didn’t have the social skills to attract the level of attention he received in the early 2000s…. Cheryl had to push her “socially-challenged” husband to succeed thru the use of her own resources to get Dave into the limelight in order for her to go along for the ride.  

       It’s no wonder that Dave heaped tons of praise on Jesse Eisinger being that Jesse was not only willing to glorify a half-baked David Einhorn, BUT ALSO “guilty” of writing an endorsement for his then-colleague, Cheryl Einhorn, who penned a moronic, niche book which in the real world would garner nothing but ridicule— NOT the praise bought & paid for in the artificiality of David Einhorn’s world. It ain’t hard to connect these illicit dots!! 

        There’s no doubt in my mind that the gargoyle-like Cheryl Einhorn had pushed Dave to be aggressive in terms of driving companies into the ground based upon nothing verifiable NOR provable. She’s simply Ghrislaine Maxwell wearing a different coat… Cheryl pushed Dave to be a crook, but I’m going to push his sorry ass to do the right thing.  

     Due to people like David and the Great Recession of 2007 to 2008, an entire generation has put off their reproductive plans causing a drastic decline in birth rates. Perhaps the Einhorn Collaborative should do a study on this instead of some idiotic study to understand the importance of mother-infant bonding!  

      At least Leon Black never intentionally caused chaos & destruction like David did with Lehman …. Pick your poison:  smoke n’ mirrors OR chaos & destruction…. I’ll take smoke ‘n mirrors as it can be redirected into something transformative as opposed to just allowing the bottom to fall out. 

      David drove Allied into the ground until Leon bought it out for better or worse… That’s the difference you’re dealing with.. 

— I’m done for today!!! 

P.S. Jesse Eisinger can feel free to pass this email along to Cheryl…You remember Jesse Eisinger? The journalists-publicist who David props in his autobiographical book that’s steeped in a martyr complex & victimology agenda only Tom Gober could love?? Well, not only was Jesse a colleague of David’s noodleheaded ex-wife, but he wrote the supposed, definitive AIG debacle,“behind the scenes” story, yet Jesse did not know that it started with Tom Gober’s 3-year investigation with the feds against Reciprocal of America in which the real target was Warren Buffett. Good job Jesse! FUCKNUT!!! 

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