Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

Jenn Hoos Rothberg & Shady Dave



The Einhorn Collaborative…Attention ALL INVESTORS, CORNELL & COLUMBIA!

Like the producer I met at NASDAQ said, “David’s a narcissist, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself…He’s only out for himself”. His words to describe Tom Gober were nearly identical, but Tom Gober didn’t scoff at $6½ billion in liabilities marked as assets at BrightHouse Financial as did David.

Cornell & Columbia should be ashamed to take David’s money and even more so to have DAVID host an event at Cornell 3 weeks ago. The presidents of these universities need to step down OR stop accepting dirty money from David which allows for BOTH his children & for his academic fraud of an ex-wife to teach there? Calling Lori Loughlin?! …. Now let’s go for a third strike….

STRIKE THREE:.  Understanding David’s inability to leave college behind, I realized that the only way in which a young woman with ZERO qualifications could become the president of this billionaire’s, newly-founded nonprofit would be to serve as a front for something of a more illicit nature– business or sexual-– OR as a favor rooted in discrimination….

BOTTOM LINE:   We ALL know that someone a couple years out of college with only basic fundraising & grant writing experience didn’t apply to the job of “President” at David’s non-profit on-line….

Now, check out what David Einhorn assigns as the president of his nonprofit and keep in mind that both this “President” along with David’s ex-wife should be cleaning toilets, but that would require actual work, so we give them token prestige jobs, yet they’re both too stupid or deluded to understand that’s what they are. This has only caused them to draw attention to themselves:

#1.)      Jewish Privilege OR Covert Infidelity:…..and David can’t get either right!?

I previously made a comparison to Samantha Guthrie interviewing Trump as it related to Jenn Hoos Rothberg serving as president of the EINHORN COLLABORATIVE.

The reason was simple:  There was no doubt that an unknown, blatantly stupid blonde had to get that gig by sucking some seriously, connected Jew dick. So I Googled it and of course I was right about Samantha Guthrie because it’s a no-brainer….yet David refuses to acknowledge his own “no-brainers”.

EXAMPLE, I knew that David would be totally guilty of discrimination in terms of Jewish back-scratching when it came to his selection of a president, BUT I also assumed that he could easily get around any assumptions by selecting only a highly-qualified “name who could prime his daughters to one day take over— NOT hire someone with ZERO qualifications!!  What I’m witnessing at this level is inexcusable lunacy and David cannot get around the obvious! The hiring of Jenn Hoos Rothberg serves as nothing more than a giant, red flag BOTH in terms of David’s lack of critical-thinking skills & in terms of David compromising ethics and fair play in the workplace. Furthermore, why would Cornell send someone to David who was so thoroughly unprimed for the role of President as one keeps in mind that my assumption of a Cornell link was correct?

        NOTE:.  David has a fear of women who he believes to be out of his league, kind of like Tom, so he’ll find a seemingly legitimate front for which Jenn has NO DOUBT always been aware of, even if she is an imbecile in the broader sense.  Now Unqualified Jenn may have a “desperate housewife” cachet; but outside of that, why the hell keep her around unless Jenn’s approval rating among panhandlers with shoddy causes actually impresses David? AGAINwhy the special treatment in an OCEAN full of overqualified Jews in New York City?! This was clearly some kind of “favor” and EVERYONE deserves to know what the hell it was!

Either way,  it’s very hypocritical for an organization that was supposed to be founded on the premise of inclusivity, diversity & a total rejection of hate and white privilege is in reality nothing more than a hotbed of surprisingly, unqualified Jewish privilege & free rides. It becomes more laughable as these out-of-touch idealists view themselves as some sort of “defender of humanity” for supporting subversive-activists like the New Pluralists, a group who is to receive $100 million over the next 10 years and whose very name announces their clear intention to undermine the mainstream culture by using anachronistic “founding fathers” rhetoric & skewed, victimology agendas if a person doesn’t agree with the concept of 4% of society supplanting the traditional, mainstream culture.

Likewise, the more I read about the New Pluralist’s skulking founder,  Uma, the more it proves her to be no better than the Pakistani restaurant owner in Minneapolis who cheered on the mob to burn the police station to the ground while rabbel-rousing CNN sanctified the mob as activists, not terrorists. No other country would tolerate such people, but Uma taps into the weak-minded links in society like that of the “trust fund” liberal or Jewish privilege whether it be David and Jenn or like that of Barbra Streisand who sanctify George Floyd just to play up to the media and to look like “the nice guy”, yet I don’t see any of them funneling money to the PLO. Huh?!

You know what else I don’t see?..… The New York Times printing my op-ed about David Einhorn suppressing major fraud involving Leon Black, but I do see the Times misrepresenting George Floyd as a “hip hop artist” as opposed to simply “catalyst” while attempting to force degradation programs onto the mainstream, white, middle-class kids which people like Jenn Hoos Rothberg support because she knows she will always get a free ride out of life while enjoying the luxury of playing the Jewish victim and oppressing the white middle class with it.….As Malcolm X said, the media makes everything crazy look normal, and everything normal, crazy. This explains vigilantes like Kyle Rittenburg who took to the streets as nobody was safe from the dregs of society, but Jenn Hoos Rothberg wants to hold a “love in”. This shared insanity previously included Dave’s ex-wife who fed into the organization’s dipshit, empathy-based pretenses, but it’s intensified since her departure.

Let me be perfectly frank & and I don’t care who I offend with the truth:   David Einhorn may be a wimp, but he still has to think with his dick on some level..

With that said, Ms. Rothberg is not the same latex-based, Jew cartoon in appearance as is David’s ex-wife. This alone makes Jenn a perfect candidate for some covert infidelity because the Jewess who is more “whitened-up” in terms of having more of a European admixture via racial misappropriation in order to create a less Semitic appearance (aka. Middle Eastern splinter group), like being more blonde & definitely less “Jewface”, is almost always considered more desirable among self-loathing, Ashkenazi Jews who want to misrepresent that it’s just a religion yet doublespeak the anti-Semitic card, ya’ know, when they’re not trying to obscure their Middle Eastern ancestry through a Jewish princess nose job & dye job combo OR a desire to “pass” as Italian among the more attractive, ethnic-looking, Jews…. With that in mind, understand that when people looked at the disparity between David and his ex-wife, CHERYL, it was often assumed that David had to be a closeted gay to stick around with that shit unless he found an outlet.

Speaking of outlets, Jenn may function as an overly indulged “pet”, but she’s also an overprivileged noodlehead with a divisive, alt-left, scatterbrained agenda which David has let loose like a kraken on society. One has to ask if David’s Collaborative is really what he wants it to be OR is it overcompensation since the divorce. I believe David’s true vision goes unrealized while a narcissistic ditz who’s as deluded as his ex-wife continues to hemorrhage funds, yet believes that she’s making a positive difference for the world.….This tomfoolery is a microcosm of what we see going on all around us as the country drifts from the long-respected NAACP to being replaced with that of a low-life, exploitation group like BLM,  just as the Einhorn Collaborative wholly embraces this movement by instituting a complete dismissal of common sense at a time when it is never more needed.

Maybe David feels that he has to  overcompensate for racist accusations aimed at his parents, Stephen & Nancy Einhorn, who sponsored voter suppression signs in largely, black urban neighborhoods, whatever that really means. I feel that David’s father would agree with me when I say that if David’s non-profit actually wants to help somebody– his investors included— then think about facilitating grocery stores and name-brand chains in black communities; but until then, your non-profit doesn’t do anybody any favors except to provide overprivileged “armchair activists” with too much money & too much ”reach” for people who do far less work in a day than your average Starbucks barista or Amazon delivery guy.

The EINHORN COLLABORATIVE is a microcosm of Jewish privilege, but not even high-caliber privilege which has made it almost comical to me especially since the goy employees are all working at the bottom as support staff, no “lead” titles. I’m calling my Jewish best friend in Florida and we’re laughing about it as we both go to it immediately. It’s the same thing with JEFFREY KESWIN, co-founder of Greenlight Capital, who was marginalized in his own goddamn company by allowing it to be given that stupid name, greenlight, due to David’s, overbearing noodlehead of a wife who had to give David the greenlight or permission to start the company of his dreams with his parents money, ya’ know, being that David drifts thru life with no balls.

BOTTOM LINE:    I’m no right-winger, but I’m definitely forced to objectively say that The Einhorn Collaborative is built on a weird mix of ethno-religious, back-scratching & ‘trust fund liberal” empathy.  The head honchos of the varying “departments of empathy” consist of a bunch of sheltered, wimpy guys who just “move food around their plate” as they try to help out people like Don Lemon or Baby from “Dirty Dancing” who really think they’re going to “change the world”.  Is this trickle-down economics of trust fund, Gen Y Jewish Liberals?

These totally, surreal wimps are hired by David because he’s clearly threatened by normal guys who don’t come across as total eunuchs OR as a lesbian support group from the last showing of the Vagina Monologues. If these overly privileged wimps are so into empathy, then start looking into abandoned Pit breeds for use as therapy dogs AND the fact that you have a first-rate school of veterinary medicine at Cornell. Show some concern over the impending extinction of the monarch butterfly and how children would like to know what they can do in NY state to help as I feel this unites all backgrounds in a very organic way.

#2.)      THE “OLD HEN” CONNECTION :   Many women in the non-profit world will tell you of how they’re disgusted at having to compete against thousands of women with 15 years of experience who are all cutting each other’s throats for a $35,000 a year job in what is essentially a negative growth industry wherein a person has to die in order for the job to open up.

Likewise, when I was interning at the Children’s Museum of Boston years ago, there was this idiot girl fresh out of college who spoke openly about her college professor getting her the job. There’s no way that a 22-year-old, recent college grad should have gotten a mid-level marketing job who possessed no special skills. So let’s talk about Jenn Hoos Rothberg, President of the Einhorn Collaborative.

I can easily see Jenn brown-nosing the teacher and putting on a lot of syrupy, fake, female, fragility crap which appeals to either:

  • Stupid, old hen types who perpetuate a cycle of “mediocrity begets mediocrity” wherein they promote women who don’t threaten their ego. This results in the mundane being propped-up & overglorified…. EXAMPLE: matronly women pushing their drab girlfriend on a male acquaintance by telling him that “Judy” has a great personality, she’s so sweet and would make a great mother OR they provide a VERY distorted celebrity comparison….. If I were a guy, I’d stay home with Mr. Hand and order a pizza.


  • Then of course, we have David Einhorn…… David is essentially a closeted PTA mom & 8 seconds of unrequited pleasure who has no one to blame but himself……. Perhaps he should start a new therapy group with Johnny Depp….

….…ANYWAY…..No teacher’s pet status should have gotten olejenn from Cornell undergrad to head of the line as president of a billionaire’s, newly-founded nonprofit which would require FAR more admin experience and less in terms of a little bit of grant writing and fundraising experience. Yes, to an entry-level job as an assistant grant writer OR to an assistant fundraiser position at the Einhorn Collaborative; but otherwise, a fellow hedge fund manager’s wife, many of whom are primed fundraisers with their finger on the call button of wealthy socialites, are exactly who David could have called upon.

….. I just don’t understand how David can have a smart mother as a role model, yet he keeps on hiring and being attracted to these worthless, Jewish princess, tagalongs who make Tori Spelling look like a Nobel prize winner in Economics– except Tory Spelling knows her place!

Jenn is clearly too stupid to know that you don’t brag about “being lucky” to have gotten the job as president of the Einhorn Collaborative 15 years ago when she was in her mid-20s with virtually no experience….. It ain’t luck, Sugar Tits!!.... Jenn is dumber still as she openly acknowledges the fact that she didn’t possess even one remarkable accomplishment NOR does she maintain even a hint of common sense in terms of an ability to delegate wisely, to be resourceful and to ultimately see all the angles like why she’s really there. IS SHE REALLY THIS STUPID???? One does not brag about “being lucky” to people, one preys that people never find out the truth!!

#3).   Monica Lewinsky:   This has Monica Lewinsky written all over it, but Bill Clinton would never be stupid enough to give an intern such an important role. Nonetheless, David gifted a piece of trash with what she never should have been privy to it. The only thing Jenn should have been privy to is sucking David’s dick dry to get him through an unhappy marriage to a transsexual gargoyle before he had to split $1.4 billion which David– being the haggard masturbator that he is-– knew was always on his horizon.


If David had any common sense he would have Jenn arrested and the funds redirected. David and Jenn are dangerously reckless & dangerously stupid. David needs an Asperger specialist and a career coach while somebody needs to finish Jen’s lobotomy. I’ve never heard of so many stupid people in the ivy league until David and his stellar taste in women came to my attention.

The Takeaway…..

David elevates & financially supports TRASH, so what does that say about him as a man?  He allows a half-witted ditz to divert a $100 million over the course of 10 years to some subversive swami with an activist-supremacist, white-hate agenda while he pisses on the Golden Goose of big law who served as the lead expert witness against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama with David Boies– the biggest antitrust case of all time – and who’s introduced to lawyers as the guy who won the firm a $250 million or $400 million or $587 million settlement.

Dave isn’t making anyone this kind of money. Instead, David self-medicates thru his dysfunctional, “Mr. Rogers neighborhood” of a non-profit which serves as the equivalent to a six pack at an AA meeting just as the idiot stepmother from “Beetlejuice” serves as the group mentor— THIS is “Flower Child” Jenn Hoos Rothberg, THIS is also David’s ex-wife “teaching” at an ivy League school, THIS Is the dumbing of America, THIS is the subversion of America by arming fringe groups with a contagious case of the “activist-subversive” ruse.

The Breakdown of Society….

Bottom Line:   FORCED OVERREPRESENTATION VIA THE USE OF A VICTOMOLOGY AGENDA IS A HOSTILE OVERTHROW OF SOCIETY along with the enforcement of double standards employed to glorify low-brow exploitation & terrorist groups like black lives matter who do nothing for normal black people except to create a right-wing backlash, but that’s what the media feeds and what the pussywimp Einhorn Collaborative assists when they’re not funding inane causes to “discover” the importance of a link between mother & infant bonding. Thanks for nothing, asshole!

Organizations like the EINHORN COLLABORATIVE only serve to enable an outlet for 35 years worth of the dumbing of America which has resulted in the accumulation of wiggers, hipster trash and idiot Hollywood “It” girls who collectively feel like they need to be part of something like their grandparents were in the ‘60s. Derek Chauvin is an idiot, but I’m not about to glorify George Floyd as the Rosa Parks of this tattooed, hipster trash generation being that the only change Big George ever wanted was for that of a phony $20 bill with the ink still running.

The Einhorn Collaborative may choose to sanctify trash, but I’m not about to sacrifice this country and more importantly–ORDER— for what Putin watched on international television in terms of the riots which only served to fan his flames— I saw it in his face and knew something was coming !!! Meanwhile, a worthless piece of shit like Trump had become so alt-right stupid & hated by then that it precluded him from having the balls to deploy the Insurrection Act on a bunch of worthless, hipster-wigger trash who were whipped into a mindless state of “Pavlovian dog” hysteria who screamed at statues of abolitionists or vilified decent people who awoke to see a bunch of low-grade losers on their front lawn calling themselves “protesters”, NOT trespassers on private property, ALL because the gate was unlocked. I haven’t heard anything so goddamn stupid since Rodney King said he was just trying to get up. Is Rodney as f****** stupid as Jenn? You don’t try to “get up” after being drugged-up & leading an entire city’s police force on a wild goose chase who then tell you to get out of the car and stay down. You don’t have to watch police shows to know how this goes & whoever released that skewed footage should be in prison till this very day.

Someone please tell the gentle Ira Hillman of the Einhorn Collaborative to explain to his adopted, black sons that none of these sensationalists are doing the black community any favors, ONLY weaponizing them to undermine the mainstream anglo-culture while putting the black community behind even further by creating an alt-right backlash being that moderates are cowards.  Now if the Einhorn Collaborative wants to contribute to this breakdown of society by throwing their support to skulking low-lifes with a chip on their shoulder like Eminem or Colin Kaepernick, then join their flock while the rest of us stick to hundreds of billions in fraud-findings that could actually benefit all people.


David Queerhorn has a choice. He can either run his shithole of non-profit with that mindless & overly privileged, worthless piece of trash he’s placed in charge OR for once in his life he can act like he has a dick between his legs and start running his hedge fund like a goddamn man in charge of his destiny instead of whining like a bitch that value investing is over and “nobody knows what anything’s worth anymore” in his recent, live-news interviews. WE BOTH KNOW BRIGHTHOUSE FINANCIAL IS WORTHLESS  and at least I know that David’s current, hedge fund status is exactly where I knew it would end up four years ago— Lost at Sea!  I gave David something that would level the playing field & take out the guesswork so use it!!!!

I’m only getting started,

P.S. Please give to the below cause, NOT the New Pluralists!

Ukrainian POW Mistreated by Russia Gets $130K Donations for Medical Costs

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