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Has Judge Max Cogburn viewed my website on Tom Gober, the CFE in the Greg Lingberg Case?  The same Tom who was described by one local attorney as “this guy doesn’t fit any industry’s standards of ethics”.

I suggest you read the letter I posted to Estrich Goldin in the click down menu bar in the right hand corner.. I should be adding a voice-over to it soon… Also read the tab marked “Tom Gober” , “ACFE Round 3”,  “Evidence of big insurance fraud” and “exploitative & abuse behavior”.

What’s really sleazy and insane about Tom or anyone who would side with him against me is that they are effectively admitting to their own guilt WHILE they play the victim…

Tom and his attorneys would not be taking a financial hit from me if Tom hadn’t pulled the rug out from under me and his attorneys who I am trying to defend even if they don’t appreciate it.. He cheated all of us simply because I told Tom that he couldn’t push investors to compromise security compliance laws while clairvoyantly panhandling them then disavow all investors which would ensure that I never got paid nor would the lobbyist we were going to bring on who wanted to engage Maxine Waters because you can’t talk to Maxine and her legislative team for free, but Tom doesn’t understand that because he wants everything for free.  Just as importantly, Tom’s own attorneys were robbed of all these high level alliances with world-known investors & lobbyists who could have made their jobs a lot easier and more constructive all because it was more important for Tom, the chronic procrastinator, to spite me.

Likewise, Tom refused to answer to a security compliance officer friend of mine who reviewed the emails and described Tom as “off the rails” and endangering investors, not to mention unethical for trying to turn the situation around on me. Similarly, noted journalists who Tom had known for years were now seeing him as nothing but a sleazeball who strung me along on tenterhooks while never paying me, ya’ know, when Tom wasn’t clairvoyantly panhandling major investors in what ultimately amounted to the all-time betrayal to the policyholders and Tom’s own declared mission in life which you can see in the attachment.

One of Tom’s own attorneys, Dee Miles, had promised to talk Tom down, but was ultimately stonewalled by Tom who lied to him by saying that 4 years of my life with him was all just armchair “theory” as opposed to Tom’s declared intent and engagement with me which produced a final product for which Tom had solicited me upon for years. This final product resulted in aligning his attorneys like Dee with major investors and a lobbyist who were ready to move on cases for which Tom had been trying unsuccessfully to find a home.

Strangely enough, BOTH Tom and Dee don’t realize that TOM admitted his own guilt by saying that it was just theory aka contingency as this would mean that Tom  engaged me under false pretenses in order to simply get FaceTime with me as no rational person would think that I’m meeting with Tom for almost four years and approaching major investors, attorneys and bringing on a lobbyist— the same lobbyist who Tom had promised Dee Miles to well in advance– just so I can armchair theorize on the Tom Gober Show.

Tom needs to be regulated, but also his facts & ass owned. By this, I DON’T mean to take him back to some cheap motel in Nashville with the same big, fat redneck name Blue in which Tom still maintains delusions of God speaking to him and telling him to fight for the policy holders as he was glued to the floor immobilized. (See video #2)

Anyway, EVERYTHING Tom’s refusing to do is everything he begged me to produce for him for almost 4 years on contingency.  He got even more out of me for free by threatening to pull a disappearing act if I kept pushing him to commit to something in writing because he was too honorable to sign a contract and I was in too deep to turn back… The best I could do was get to the finish line as soon as possible and wait for higher forces to intervene.

Everything Tom’s refusing to do is his sworn mission in life that’s sitting there on the internet. If I’m killing his business, it’s because people are reading his own words and seeing how he treats lobbyists, his own attorneys and people who work for him and who are abused & exploited by him.

The Gober needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror for once in his life…. A gay guy friend of mine wanted me to sublet my apartment and be close to him because he didn’t like anything he was hearing about this miscreant, Tom Gober..

Strangely enough, I’m now living closer to Tom than I’ve ever been, practically a neighbor, and not having to pay rent which only gives me more time to do what I’m doing now.

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