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Welcome Ben Black (son of Leon Black), Debra Black, David M. Einhorn, Bill Ackman, Steve Cohen, Mark Spitznagel, Nassim Talib & the current president of the Alabama State Bar Brandon Buck, who has replaced the apathetic Christy Crow,
What you’re reading now is a microcosm of what I’ll be sending out in a mass email for a jury of your peers to behold, i.e., attorneys, journalists, hedge fund managers and so forth.  I’m including whistleblower information on Leon Black which some of you have already seen; but nonetheless, it has earned Leon the dubious honor of being described as “no one belongs in jail more than Leon Black”, by both Harry Markopolos & by the schyster CFE who crashed & burned our long-term, working relationship by lying & sabotaging 4 years of hard work entirely at my expense.
Being that the attorneys of CFE Tom Gober have left me high & dry while the rest of the attorneys out there are too busy these days defending “girls gone wild”, teen prostitutes & bikini-clad, corporate secretaries who previously doubled as Leon Black’s unlicensed masseuse, then maybe I need to take it upon myself to meet up with Leon armed with a tube of warming, cinnamon massage oil & crotchless panties because apparently Leon’s $430 billion MODCO reinsurance fraud among 45 US insurers— which constitutes the BIGGEST, white-collar fraud scheme of all time– just ain’t enough!
For now, I’ll be attaching more screenshots primarily of what WASN’T posted on my now-infamous website w/videos. The unconscionable attorneys & investors will rip off everything I present to them & entirely at my expense just as Gober has done to me then justify their actions being that I’m not an investor or an attorney. This means that I just have to continue to get this to more and more people.
I had created this website in order to expose a sleazy CFE who chose to conceal the fact that Brighthouse Financial is a PROVABLE dumping ground for MetLife debt AND that Leon Black is the mothernest of corporate fraud AND ALL to ensure the destruction of me ever getting any form of financial compensation by sabotaging our shared vision of leveraging his usual corporate litigation cases with that of activist-investors and further heightened by lobbyists who could approach Maxine Water’s legislative team for Dodd-Frank reform.
Even “baby steps” would have been monumental, but we all know it would have been huge strides with everyone doing what they’ve always done, now amplified. After all, if David Einhorn could hire the Gordon Group to help him spin-doctor running a company into the ground on baseless claims (until Leon bought it out), then imagine what an honest campaign could achieve.
Anyway, my latest postings represent more of what Tom Gober withheld from his attorneys OR what Gober claimed to be billing his attorneys who never paid him which meant Gober could never pay me, which meant that I had to get this in the hands of investors ASAP who could pay me and who could deal with the attorney’s directly, the same attorneys who wanted to deal with them.  That way, I would no longer have to be isolated with a man who should be rotting in a prison cell OR compelled to comply, YET Gober’s attorneys don’t hold themselves liable for the sweatshop that their Golden Goose, “no-lose” expert witness was running NOR do they consider a reproach with the ACFE to be a logical next step.
Remember the unconscionable attorney– Dee Miles– who took on the AIG civil suit in 2008 after Warren Buffett threw Hank Greenberg under the bus following Gober’s investigations into Buffet’s General Re? Well Mr. Amnesia assured me that he would not only talk Gober down, but that everything would be fleshed out once we got to New York in terms of my compensation. EVERYTHING I’ve stated thus far is more provable than what some neurotic hag had to say on a witness stand about Trump groping her in a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman.
This campaign along with a bipartisan reinsurance caucus would have been the first of its kind and something Dee Miles of Beasley Allen had previously stated, “I always wanted to do something like this, but never thought it could be done”. Now with the help of investors and lobbyists it could be done and long-fought court cases not forgotten, only heightened. Nonetheless, after lying to his attorneys and pulling a disappearing act on investors, Gober then went about playing out his fantasy of being the “Martyr of Wall Street” & the “defender of the defenseless policyholder”.
Corporate criminals love hearing my story because Tom Gober serves as the Wizard of Oz who grants them a getaway either through his apathy OR thru his now-tarnished reputation. As I said before, Tom needs to be treated like Henry Hill at the end of Goodfellas while the ACFE needs to have its dirty slate wiped clean and replaced with honest people. Meanwhile, David Einhorn’s stony indifference on THREE major points should be enough to have his social-activist scam of a non-profit, either dissolved OR redirected.
RESOLUTION:  If David’s sham of a non-profit is to be reincarnated, then I could see Debra Black’s replacing the worthless Jenn Hoos Rothberg then immediately slamming on the brakes in terms of the Einhorn Collaborative’s misdirected funds to sham organizations like the New Pluralists. Those funds can then be used to go towards that bipartisan reinsurance foundation OR legal costs incurred with the attorneys selected by me. After that, it’s just a matter of other major investors having to pay to play. THIS will be a board composed of investors, attorneys, honest mutuals, advocates, CFE’s and regulators all keeping each other in check. THIS would not serve as an instrument to be abused for de-regulation agendas. This foundation & caucus could also be used as an instrument wherein civil engagement meets entrepreneurship. This vision is what I’ve described as Leon’s “Get Out of Jail & Reinvent Yourself” card.
BOTTOM LINE:  It’s time to clean house & come to a compromise…
In the meantime, trial lawyers don’t seem to care about the biggest cases of their career which should have been opening new doors for them while Leon Black continues to care more about paying-off a bunch of grifter-tarts than he cares about reinventing himself in order to avoid much more serious charges. More importantly, let us NOT pretend that Leon’s $62.5 million settlement to the Virgin Islands is to clean up the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. What you call a settlement is what I call a kickback for offshore accounts in some Banana Republic brimming with nymphets. There are better ways in which Leon could be spending his golden years & ill-gotten gains.
NOTE: Apollo Global Management is offering $1 billion in stock to boost Athene growth. HUH?!  Considering that it falls at #3 on Leon’s Top 45 list of US insurers involved in his modified coinsurance scheme, it’s no wonder Apollo is trying to boost it.. THANKS TO TRIXIE ALERTING APOLLO TO IT or NO THANKS TO TRIXIE FOR DRAWING EVERYONE’S ATTENTION TO IT.
Leon’s been “destroying (siphoning) this industry at breakneck speed”. Somewhere in your reading you’ll come across Gober mentioning that these schemes will bring about the next financial collapse much sooner than expected, but who’s going to trace it to Leon Black, Ajit Jain & all the dirty re-insurance scams who represent a bigger pot of gold than do the banks like Silicon Valley Bank? Or will the experts just circle the airport like MARK SPITZNAGEL is now? Gober’s attorneys have been circling it for years due to the separation of insurer & investor ethics… People need to meet this head-on at this point.
Nassim Taleb is quoted in video #1 on the homepage, but I’m letting Nassim know right now that he’s total disappointment, much like David Einhorn. NASSIM TALEB, you have known about this situation for quite some time and you should have been informing Mark Spitznagel about it a long time ago instead of searching for the next supposed “black swan” when one is handed to you on a silver platter.. AGAIN— like David Einhorn! Start a club!
NEXT: Here’s the REAL David M. Einhorn of Broken Taillight Capital:   (a.) Pissing on Intel which Parker Quillen at Third Point & Dee Miles wanted to get started on immediately which meant being up in NYC ASAP
(B.) Trying to hustle me for proprietary information while displaying no empathy for the fact that he destroyed Tom’s desire to work with investors which meant that I would never get paid NOR could I take David’s offer to pay me for proprietary information seriously when I’m not asked to come to New York; but instead, I receive a re-enactment of Gordon Gecko telling Charlie Sheen to give him something new, except Gordon Gecko respected information while David was too lazy & hostile to make the call to Tom himself OR at least to have somebody else do it. If David has personal issues at home, then he needs to leave them at home because it doesn’t excuse his behavior.
(C.) Concealing the insolvency of his second major holding, BHF, in order to falsely inflate a comeback while pissing away the biggest & the ONLY honest fraud find of his career which was was handed to him on a silver platter without any Harry Markopolos shakedown fees. Like Harry said to me, Einhorn couldn’t bankroll him as Dave was mid-divorce with his cross-eyed, warthog of 24 years so I naturally took David’s bizarre situation into consideration when looking at it as a collaborative.
David Einhorn Answered Me & I Fire Back!! – Daveeinhorn
ANYWAY, I want Bill Ackman or Steve Cohen to let Dan Loeb know that the following screenshots are simply a taste of what David has withheld from him AND all that Dan’s utterly, useless attorneys want to keep from him as well just so those parasites can continue to cannibalize their oversized retainer fees…
Maybe I should mail Dan Loeb a big tube of Anal Eze because he clearly loves taking it up the butt from his own attorneys who make him sign degradation contracts with Prem Watsa.. I don’t know what I was thinking offering to bring the most experienced attorneys in the country (in terms of massive insurance fraud & complex litigation cases who routinely win nine figure settlements) to his office along with lobbyists and what used-to-be the secret weapon of Big Law who could have handed over any insurance fraudster to him like cards from a deck.
I already know that Harry Markopolos doesn’t like Dan, just like I know that Tom knows a hell of a lot more than Harry who wasn’t seeing the bigger picture…. Prudential was a no-brainer, just see Leon’s Top 45 list. Either way, congratulations to Dan as it’s clear that he’s as big a wimp as David …..or maybe Mark Mitchell of DEEP CAPTURE was right?
David Einhorn & Dan Loeb:. New Century Financial – Daveeinhorn
just an FYI, if anyone wants to accuse DEEP CAPTURE of fake news, then take a look at the people who call it Fake news.. YA’ KNOW, more reliable & honorable Members of the Tribe like SAM ANTAR!!!  Incidentally, ALL the MetLife information was backed by Gober’s decrepit, 94-year-old, emeritus mentor– Joe Belth.
Likewise, we– meaning, the Lobbyist, Parker, Dee, Tom & myself– didn’t know exactly how to approach the Leon situation until we got to New York, but we did know that it would not be a debacle approach (the Einhorn effect).  So anyway, why aren’t the Pulitzer prize winners like Gretchen Morgenson who wrote articles about Tom’s AIG debacle for the Wall Street Journal speaking out now on the information which Gober has suppressed involving Leon Black & MetLife?
Maybe it’s because the faux-liberal, newsroom magnates are really nothing more than “activist-terrorists” who shield their associates by weaponizing THEN SANCTIFYING the dregs of society in order to control & mislead the nation’s narrative; WHILE IN THE PROCESS, portraying themselves as the “defender of humanity” in order to distract the malleable masses from what’s really important which certainly is NOT Leon’s fat ass getting rubbed down with massage oil—- IT’S $430 billion in reinsurance fraud among 45 US insurers alone!!  Transgender Athletes are NOT important until someone stirs up the mud, BUT a financial collapse is ALWAYS important no matter how under the radar it may be. WHY are we talking about one, but not the other? Let’s ask 98 year old, Hank Greenberg…..
KROLL INVESTIGATIONS:     For now, I’ve just been informed that Kroll Investigations is keeping my Genworth term life insurance policy “safe” ever since a breach in Genworth’s security system was detected.  BUT you know what they say, “whoever smelt it, dealt it”. Just to refresh your memory, Kroll Investigations is Hank Greenberg’s security company which he used to dig up irrelevant dirt on Elliott Spitzer because Elliot was becoming to effective at his job? Kroll Investigations also gets an honorable mention in David Einhorn’s book when Dave believed himself to have fallen under Hank’s radar? And just as an FYI, my Genworth term-life insurance policy is what Tom Gober claimed wouldn’t fully pay out; therefore, I was supposed to be a plaintiff in a suit which Tom’s Milwaukee-based attorney was cooking up– ya’ know- when Tom wasn’t telling me about how Hank Greenberg was selling off American CIA policies to “the Chinese Warren Buffett”…
BOTTOM LINE:   I can’t think of a bigger breach in security than this HANK GREENBERG keeping an eye on my life insurance policy & personal information!  Maybe Hank sent me those crappy flowers to my nearly untraceable apartment which I was subletting…Power-hungry Hank is like the Emperor from Star Wars, he just won’t die. I don’t have mere suspicions at this point and Tom’s attorneys– AMONG OTHERS– know it!   (Also, Genworth is also on Leon’s Top 45 list of offenders….. Need I go on?!)
“All I Want in Life is an Unfair Advantage” – August 8, 2005
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