Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

David Einhorn: Mr. Lehman Debacle,



Welcome to a jury of your peers, David Einhorn, a man who blows me away on every level….

David Einhorn SNICKERS at a print-out from me showing his major holding, Brighthouse Financial, and their use of $6.5B in liabilities being marked as assets.

BOTTOM LINE: Brighthouse Financial is simply a “dumping ground” for Metlife debt which is PROVABLE!!

DISCLAIMER:   If Brighthouse Financial or MetLife have a problem with these statements then they can contact me. I can tell them that this is what Tom Gober and his mentor, Joe Belth, claim. At this point, Gober either denies it which means that he falsified evidence & claims of major corporate fraud among investors & lobbyists with his attorneys being promised-in far in advance OR Gober admits to it. This would effectively be an admission to withholding from his attorney network as a blatant means of swindling me on inane grounds, not to mention a betrayal to the policyholders & his life’s admission.

BOTTOM LINE:.    MetLife and Brighthouse Financial no longer have an expert witness to take the stand against them…………BUT now there is a lot of shade cast on David Einhorn.

One has to ask, if David can go after GM, why can’t he go after one malignant nerd of a CFE on a power kick who holds so many people hostage on a major strategy for which he would have sucked into in the end AND it would have been the best thing to happen to his career– way better than Lehman, more constructive? Perhaps David and Tom are too much alike as they put their ego above all else & waste people’s time all while trying to get something for free from me. There is a lack of follow-thru in this picture.

ELIZABETH HOLMES affects but a few and is a flash in the pan, but Insurer fraud that co-mingles with your pension affects everyone. David Einhorn is a man who looks a gift-horse in the mouth when the best in the business (Big Law/Big Lobbyist/Big Investor) not only wanted to include him, but SAVE HIM thus allowing David to look omniscient & ahead of the BHF problem which is VERY symptomatic of the greatest, white-collar, fraud scheme ever.

BOTTOM LINE: Lehman should have been a footnote in David’s career— but David is on the outside NOT even trying to look in! David Einhorn had less to work with, “inferences” at best, to successfully spindoctor the Lehman Debacle than what Tom sits on.

At least I know that David has a conscience as he is concerned about what people think about him, but Tom allows his depravity & unprofessionalism to hang in plain sight much like OJ Simpson: totally exposed, never embarrassed & they keep on driving. Meanwhile, David thinks that things will happen for him simply because he’s David Einhorn.

The lack of follow-thru I mentioned above is why I was there for Tom as I strategized, kept him on course and gave him peace of mind….. BUT Tom felt that he lost me to David after my brutally, honest critique of his Apollo meltdown on David. thus I was declared ungodly so God’s Messenger could justify “morally” cheating me….OR was it Tom’s way of weaseling-out of a 3 to 4 year plan when the Trixie fantasy became too real. Either way, it’s despicable of Tom, but Dee Miles believed himself capable of smoothing Tom’s psycho feathers. On top of that, I told Dee that David was not a priority, just a myopic obstacle who will come to us eventually.’

I was told by the managing director of top 15 hedge fund, who knew David personally, to tell Dave to have his people take a look at the material for which this managing director would have moved forward with, but hadn’t since Tom pulled the rug out from under everyone which led to Dee Miles stiffing this managing director without warning.

Nonetheless, David refuses to allow his people in on opportunities that other hedge fund managers grab at in 20 minutes:

The easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life was to sell a major financial-political campaign to BOTH the attorney who earned a $400 million dollar settlement on an AIG civil suit following the debacle along with a top 15 hedge fund management director. The lawyer I didn’t even have to sell it. Dee finished my sentences and said, “The bigger the better, I’ve always wanted to do something like this but never thought I could be done….. I want to start tomorrow, tell him to call me.’  I emailed a hedge fund manager and the next thing you know I have his managing director calling me back in under 4 hours at which point I’m pacing a parking lot for 20 minutes after leaving my father in a restaurant so I can explain to the managing director of a top 15 hedge fund ALL of the working parts to this big lobbyist, big investor, big law campaign.  He then tells me that if this guy, Gober, is as good as I said he was AND if he can give a killer presentation to them along with bringing the lawyers and the lobbyists, then they were on & and when can we come up.

In other words, Trixie had just sold a major financial-political campaign for which the whole world should have been hearing of in the news just before the pandemic broke ALL in about 20 minutes.  This is a hell of a lot more than what gas bags like Tom and David have been able to accomplish.

Now throw in a lobbyist who has Chuck Schumer throwing impromptu press conferences for him. I have to include one CRUCIAL DIFFERENCE: THIS is when I was doing the selling, not when Tom was clairvoyantly panhandling to David Einhorn. UNFORTUNATELY, all myopic David wanted from me was information on Assured Guaranty without offering me any guarantees, he just wanted to see how high I could jump.

 NEWSFLASH:  IT’S THE FULL PACKAGE OR NOTHING! Trying to go through me so you don’t actually have to engage with Tom is not a long-term strategy nor should it be a short-term one.

QUESTION:     If Andrew Cuomo had to pay the price then why doesn’t Tom Gober?

ANSWER:.  Cuomo is easily replaced whereas Tom is the golden goose who his attorney network aids & abets without ever seeing how screwed over they really are by Tom. This is an opportunity easily seized—unlike wrestling GM!

QUICK CONTRAST:   TOM doesn’t see me & my time a legitimate part  of “doing business” as he does his attorneys. He’s a weird grifter playing out weird, fantasy trysts away from his hick wife wherein he finds some form of validation, but no sexual gratification. Tom doesn’t see his actions as real, but by shutting down Dee Miles, Tom Gober made Dee into first a victim then an abettor of his store-front hustle. David falls into the same pattern as he doesn’t see his actions as real and as me worth being treated with common decency.

This is very hypocritical for a guy like David who spends $200M at Cornell In an attempt to brand himself as the “Ambassador of Empathy”. In reality, the equally greysexual Tom & Dave are hypocritical, overcompensating, abusive & exploitative nerds who have to surround themselves with women who are absolutely no threat to their ego.

FOR ALL THE POWER MALE READERS:    I come cheap, I’m a lot cuter, I move mountains AND I will make you A LOT more money &  with more purpose than all of your legitimate partners…… just don’t hold my head underwater!!!

Tom, David & Apollo Management like to cross currents:   PROBLEM!   A person can’t cross currents without creating a rift, much like Apollo wherein a publicly-traded, private equity crosses or co mingles security & insurer ethics lines via massive $440B in sham reinsurance among 45 U.S. Insurers. This is posted on the Internet by me! Tom’s attorneys are angry with me because they too have ZERO conscience. Their collective inaction makes it clear that the pursuit of insurers is about collective tribute, not the policy holders.

David Einhorn, you have nothing else to do than to help me help you become “fully-realized”, but all you do is jerk-off in your office as you pretend to work while avoiding client calls. You can’t get away with it anymore like you did when you made them 15% returns. You should be looking at new ways to evolve, like Green Brick. Unfortunately, you are my only recourse since Tom pulled the rug out from under EVERYONE & since I know about Brighthouse Financial so why don’t you show some goddamn empathy you always preach about for a little woman getting shit on by a wimp who wants to make me squirm for telling him not to panhandle to YOU, David Einhorn!!! Not to mention, display some critical thinking skills!

If you can dream the wrong dream by declaring war on Apple or GM, then one malignant nerd of an accountant-CFE on a powerkick who sits on the best thing to EVER happen to you along with his own attorney network shouldn’t be a problem! Start enabling the media while Gober disables his attorney network. Otherwise, go hide w/Tom Gober in his wood-working shed as he makes David Boies a wooden flash drive case instead of a billion case.

Tom Gober may be a pain in the butt, but he required a hell of a lot less compensation than some douchebag like Harry Markopolos who shakes down investors for huge upfront fees when he doesn’t even know the “meat” of the Big Insurer problem. Meanwhile, David– B.S. in Social Studies– refuses to acknowledge sham reinsurance even though the biggest in Big Law knows differently. People don’t realize the truth behind the AIG debacle.

It was Warren Buffett handing over Hank Greenberg on a silver platter to the feds to save his own ass with Reciprocal of America . Buffett performed sham reinsurance for Greenberg to tweak-up the price of AIG stock. This is what in the end saved him. Do you really think that a man like Warren Buffett takes the time to read those overly-polished turds your ex-wife falsely believes to be groundbreaking works? No, he does not!! He has his secretary compose a recommendation because her husband, David Einhorn, was a well-known disciple of his value investing philosophy. THIS is the pull that you have so own it, Bitch!!

QUESTION:.    Do you have any empathy for me OR do you wear blinders all the time? This is a serious question being that you have two daughters who don’t look like their hideous, goblin of a mother. They would be susceptible to the same horrors I’m going through right now with people like you & voyeuristic Tom & all the sleazeball, trial lawyers- EXCEPT that your daughters have your money to protect them PLUS they do not have to pave their own way in life or ever experience the “Me Too Movement”. I wonder if they ever see what I see about you…

I’m not running a smear campaign. I’m running a truth & intervention campaign just to save my life which would have the added benefit of saving your shit business as we both know that a 5% return only happens by lying about BHF’s insolvency.

         I protected you from Tom and gave you options to stay within the framework of your own principles by honoring investors while taking on the system AND in a way that eases you into a career evolution without setting off a financial panic. Even if you hadn’t gone for it, you would have ended up piggybacking off of Dan Loeb anyway and getting a close-to-free ride by sharing the risk, by allowing things to work for you and around you, by likely ascending to being a board member & by creating an honest, long-short strategy NOT your GAAP speculation crapola.

CRITICAL POINT: You had a lawsuit against a stupid blogger who discussed one your fund’s stock positions before it was publicly announced, but you won’t take on Tom Gober?!

NEWSFLASH: David, NOBODY obsesses that much about ONE of your fund’s stock positions, BUT they do care about you withholding knowledge of the insolvency of Brighthouse Financial, your second biggest holding. That’s far more interesting, don’t you think?  You won’t “settle” with me as you did the blogger because you view it as an admission of your own guilt OR you’re afraid of change not conceived by you.

QUESTION: If Harry Markopolis offered you the deal that Parker went for, would you have done it OR at least not screamed at Harry that the insurers were doing everything right and filing all the correct forms and by the time you get anyone you’re after they’re all be dead? Harry would look at you like you lost your mind and wondered why you’re even in this business still? If you answered ‘yes’ to my deal but with Harry selling it, you’re more sadistic like Tom Gober than you’re willing to admit, though Tom would never pay Harry prices, and neither would your friends at the other hedge fund I’ve alluded to.

ANSWER:     THIS is what I get from some berating nerd, “Sell it to me, why am I listening, spit it out before I hang up.” Uhhhh, you’re listening because I was told by Parker Q. to allow your analysts to have a look– same as I asked last year when you said that ship has sailed AND just before Parker grabbed it– but now he’s busy on something else since Tom pulled the rug out. Instead, I get from David is, “the insurers are doing everything right and filling out all the right forms” as David doesn’t care about saying these sort of things to somebody like me who goes ahead and repeats them to Mary Williams Walsh of the New York Times.

BOTTOM LINE: DAVID EINHORN just told me to trust the Big Insurer! A few months later, Dave stole my thunder with his piddling, New Jersey shit deli wherein he pontificated about there being “no cop on the beat.” You just made yourself completely irrelevant. Guys like Gober & Markopolos won’t touch anything valued under $100M. You’re Chasing rabbits, David, while the big game gets away and it’s not even you as a solo act anymore.

This shit is so 2008 just like BrokenAss Taillight! You’re a total let-down, like finding out the tooth fairy isn’t real!

Misguided Funds, Questionable Judgment & Over-glorified Mediocrity

This is like watching one of those weird HBO specials, but without the sex because the sex has been sublimated with “empathy”– the ‘word of the day, boys & girls– by a bunch of limpdick losers & dipshit, old hens.
This must be the guy, or Resident Eunuch, who decided that it was crucial to contribute to a study at Columbia University that would prove the importance of the mother-infant bond, or was it David?

DAVID has now given the “greenlight” for an unqualified idiot to funnel $100m over ten years to a social justice scam, activist-terrorist group who want to overthrow the mainstream culture via forced overrepresentation AND if you don’t bend over for these divisive, passive-aggressive subversives then you’re a big, hateful “white meanie”. …And Harry Markopolos thought you didn’t have the wherewithal to grease his skids due to you divorce proceedings with that cross- dressing gargoyle. FAT CHANCE!
If David supports the New Pluralists then be consistent, David, and announce your support for the PLO. Otherwise, RE DIRECT $100M over ten years to fund a BIPARTISAN REINSURANCE CAUCUS that could bring a lot of important & equally inclusive group of people to the table.
David once told me, “You must be a saint” in terms of dealing with Tom. I’m no saint, just someone with “empathetic co-dependent” issues, just like David– but at least I can see it now.

Play me a violin! If this is a man coming undone or experiencing a midlife crisis, then take it to your therapist, not your investors. Otherwise, you should be taking a queue from your peers.

EVERY guy thinks this is a Halloween mask for fuck’s sake!…. It clearly doesn’t take a woman to make David feel like man…that was poker and investments, but now what do you have…maybe this was a form of asceticism that drove you to succeed.

If Dave spent less time & money on poker & his dysfunctional, “Empathy fixated” non-profit in which he allows idiots like limp dick Iira to give away his money to Columbia University so they can prove the importance of a link between a mother and her baby, David could have been part of a real collaborative with things working for him & around him which is much more becoming for him at this stage.

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