Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

Leon Black or Hannibal the Cannibal



Hello again Leon,
Tell me what’s more embarrassing:. Having half of Wall Street know about your $430 billion in reinsurance fraud among 45 US insurers (starting figures, of course)……
…….. OR ……
Having women like Cheri Pierson claim that you eat pussy like Hannibal the Cannibal??? Let’s be clear, the expression “eating pussy” is simply that—- an EXPRESSION!! It’s not to be taken literally!!! Clearly, cunnilingus is not your strong suit as opposed to being the “godfather of white-collar, fraud schemes” which make the AIG debacle look like the “poor man’s sham reinsurance”…
Cheri claimed that she had to ice her labia after supposedly having it almost bitten off by you. Leon, you’re now in the same league with Harvey Weinstein and his “fish-like” penis! Do you have a fish-like penis too, LEON?? I’ll just call you– “the Big Fish”!
At least with David Einhorn, a woman can easily picture him knowing how to “take direction” like a middle-aged, toy boy should, BUT LEON BLACK just conjures images of pre-op, transsexual surgery on a girl’s parts. OUCH!!!
You know, Leon, given the fact that you look like Buddy Hackett’s illegitimate son, I say you exit the world of high finance in your golden years & do a one-man, stand-up routine based on all this shit. I can be back-up, heckling you in the audience!! LET’S DO IT!!!
Anyway, I’m still in the process of releasing the condensed report on your brilliant yet onerous MODCO reinsurance scams which no hedge fund manager I’ve spoken to seems to know anything about…… Investors need to see the information on Brighthouse Financial’s proven insolvency like Dodge & Cox or Laurence Fink along with Tom Gober’s attorney network.
I’ve already sent some of your people the suppressed, Gober Report, which that toxic bitch– Tom Gober– wanted to block from all of his attorneys AND after soliciting it to a lobbyist & major investors thanks to me.
Anyway, Leon, I can’t understand why you’re not allowing others to help you help yourself out of this hole you dug yourself into.. So long for now & HAPPY F****** VALENTINE’S DAY YOU C********* M***********!!
Time to start coughing up names like “KUSHNER”… Stay tuned for Video #3 with you as the ⭐ along with my crowdfunding account for which all the fine people who watch my site can support it much like PBS. That way I can be more prolific in terms of my videos.

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