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Letter to EstrichGolden. Leon Black’s



Hello Ladies of a Estrich Golden & Tom Gober,

Please see my brand new video of Einhorn is Gober, Gober is Einhorn. You remember Tom Gober, the lead expert witness against Greg Lindberg who refers to Leon Black as the mothernest of reinsurance fraud…. PLEASE be sure to share the videos with the both of them.

It gets a little bit weird, but very informative and entertaining. After watching, ask yourselves why is Tom Gober allowed on any witness stand and knowledge of this suppressed by his attorney network?

Tom Gober is a man who belongs in jail or his licenses revoked. At the very least he’s a person who cannot be left to his own devices as this mad scientist needs to be regulated Instead of complaining about others needing to be regulated. He can no longer be a one man show if he wishes to continue to work.

He’s an unethical sleaze ball who as one attorney noted, “Tom Gober doesn’t live up to any industry’s standards of ethics.” This is a man who needs to be  forced to perform services promised to myself, the policyholders and his entire professional network. If not, then simply do us all a favor and expose him for what he is from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal. Maybe show it to the judge from the Greg LINDBERG trial.

Anyone who leads almost a four-year storefront grassroots operation on me and refuses to sign a contract because his “word is gold” and how dare I ask him for a contract and if I asked again he’d pull the rug out from under me which he did anyway and then lied to his own attorneys about it because of course there’s nothing more that a single, struggling woman loves to do than to armchair theorize UNPAID with Tom Gober for almost 4 years on the Tom Gober Show.

NONE OF THIS seems to bother his hillbilly, white trash wife who lives in some shithole rental with him because for her that’s hog heaven and she doesn’t have to work.

Tom Gober is the ultimate betrayal to the policyholders as he subverts fraud depending on his mood swings and buries progress from the lawyers who pay his bills to the point that it’s difficult to know who’s side he’s really on?  TOM is a life insurance policy that never pays off. You pay your premiums and your benefits are declined at narcissistic whims.

At least the insurers will sign a contract with you, but Tom knows how to walk a “barely legal” line so that he may maintain the privilege of pulling the rug out from under you at any given time while playing the victim who luckily dodged a “close call” …. By “close call” I mean getting everything he ever dreamed of for free— along with his attorneys bubbling over with enthusiasm. If you need a reminder, see the 10 point checklist sent to Dee Miles, Mary Williams Walsh and myself. It’s in my gallery of evidence. Tom had a shot at the big ring, but walked away. It was years of hard work down the drain with Tom getting away with it by blatantly lying to his attorneys and pretending that it was all just “theory” and by theory, this includes promising the lawyers to lobbyist and investors he’s approached.

Please remind me, but I do believe Dee Miles also worked on theory until he got a  $400 million settlement from the AIG debacle… I find it hard to believe that an attorney would believe Tom. There had to have been an underlying threat as in Tom pulling the rug out from under their current cases such as Dickman versus Banner life… Contracts don’t matter to him any more than his golden word…. Information is always suppressed while erraticism seems to be tolerated. Bigger men have had to be accountable for much less whether it be Clinton or Cuomo…. Gober needs to step down or he needs to be owned.

NOTE:   Logic washes over Tom’s head as he doesn’t seem to realize that he effectively admitted to Dee Miles of Beasley Allen that he had been running a storefront hustle on me for years which entailed engaging investors and promising a lobbyist that Dee Miles would be involved….. Unless of course he’s lying to Dee Miles.. Clearly, Tom Gober’s word means nothing. The ultimate insult is when Tom acted as if I were  pestering him as how dare I represent myself as working with him to others. Clearly, Tom doesn’t see his actions as real nor my time being worth anything. Yet he prides himself on defending the little, black old lady who’s being denied her benefits by the big insurer.

Now, I must go email about 50 people including attorneys, major shareholders & hedge fund managers.

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