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I thought we already “discussed”.the Linda Carlson Problem, but this is what LinkedIn alerted me to this week…..

Rocket Scientist Linda’s now searching me on LinkedIn and not bright enough to have a premium account to block it… If I were in her position, I would take the premium account for $40 a month…

Clearly, she’s not a dried-up hag which leaves us with Option #2.. In other words, if I were a casting director OR a visitor to your office this is what I would see:

— slut girlfriend who sleeps with best friend’s boyfriend then rubs her nose in it like Sandy from Goodfellas

— Versace sales girl from the 1990s

— Housewives of New Jersey

— Ooh, I have a good one! The office blowjob!

Kindly let Linda know to stick to making coffee, copies,  phone calls & giving head. If she wants to make contact, then feel free and make contact. Can’t wait to add her dumb ass to my website because I am damn close!

Again, I highly recommend recruiting new talent at that giant Starbucks across from the Google headquarters. The baristas there are hard workers looking for a leg up and they’ll spend far less time  painting on eyebrows, the smokey eye & a fake mole. It’s a law firm, she’s not Ginger from Gilligan’s Island.

Clearly, she’s using this job to look for a man of means just like the over-the-hill Socialite & Sack of sagging tits hanging onto David Einhorn these days…

Thanks for your time,

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