Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

List of Attorneys & Recent Cases



Tom Gober’s Deceived & Duplicitous Legal Network:

  1. BEASLEY ALLEN…enough said!
  2. Edward Stone Law: Ed and Christy Crow were out of town together on a Gober case, unless they’re having an affair..
  3. Whatley & Kallas: BCBS of Alabama
  4. Wagstaff & Cartmell:
  5. Boles Holmes White LLC:
  6. Barnes & Radney:
  7. Morris Haynes:
  8. Boise Schiller Flexner LLP: BCBS of Alabama.
  9. Mehri & Skalet: see amnesiac Judge Clemon
  10. Paulson & Nace, PLLC: Dickman vs Banner Life. Dee Miles used Tom Gober on the stand after my warning letter in February of 2020.
  11. Cohen & Milstein: Security Benefits ??
  12. Geoff MacDonald & Associates: Dickman vs Banner life
  13. Frohman Law: Tom Gobers most likely replacement.
  14. Berman Tabacco: Bright House Financial emails
  15. Crueger Dickinson LLC: GE Capital
  16. Methvin, Terrell, Yancey, Stephens & Miller P.C.:. Security Benefit …. Ogles vs SBLIC Guggenheim
  17. Jinks, Crow & Dickson, P.C., Attorneys at Law: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama…. And what about Greg Lindberg?
  18. Hagens Berman: a Guggenheim heritage case.

Top 10 List of More Recent Cases (Active/Closed/Flailing)

  1. Greg Lindberg Case – RE-OPENED !!!!! AS I STATED BEFORE, “Even if Tom’s facts were true, they need to be thrown out of court faster than Bill Cosby’s application for a liquor’s license!”. The sexist, boys club of Joseph T. Wells of the ACFE keeps Tom Gober in business.
  2. The People vs BCBS of Tom storefront hustle was concomitant to this case.. The largest antitrust case in the history of the planet.
  3. Ogles vs Security Benefit. Well this was going on, Tom Gober was pulling the rug out from everybody and lying to Dee Miles about being promised to lobbyists and investors because everything is smoking mirrors to Tom Gober. There’s a thin line between fact and fiction and how he gets it to mold to his circumstances
  5. GE Life /Genworth angle (which I was supposed to be in for a class action suit, thanks Chuck for returning my call! You tell the policyholder to call with any on your website. Fuck the policyholder!)
  6. Dickman vs Banner Life (Dee Miles used Tom following my warning and deceitfully used and unfit witness on the stand)
  7. Scottish Re (Tom’s findings were shown to a former reinsurance lobbyist which sold them on the campaign he later sabotaged after promising Dee Miles was “in” and “Dee will do what I want to do”.)
  8. GM Pensions (David Einhorn, being like Tom Gober wanting to do one thing and saying the other, didn’t seem interested in this…Plus, Charles Crueger of Crueger Dickinson maybe working on that but knowingly with an unfit lead witness).
  9. Brighthouse .. Enough said!
  10. Apollo Management…. Enough said!
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