Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud





Your grandfather Stephen Einhorn & Uncle Dan are aware of this website about your father and I’m not sure if it’s been discussed with you. Everything you’ll read about is what you should have been seeing in the news before the break of the pandemic.

You and your siblings may be the only people left who haven’t seen this explosive website about your father, David Einhorn, & a sleazeball CFE named Tom Gober who was behind the AIG Debacle, but now this site has grown to include the notorious, Leon Black, a man who has been described by both Tom Gober and Harry Markopoulos as “nobody belongs in jail more than Leon Black”……but your father and Tom Gober may have to share the cell next to Leon.

You decide for yourself while trying to maintain your objectivity and knowing that your father scoffed at evidence of Brighthouse Financial marking $6.5billion in liabilities as assets. He just snickered at me and wanted to know what else I had.. I wondered if Naomi would agree with the NASDAQ producer who heard this story and said, “David is a narcissist who doesn’t care about anyone but himself… he’s only out for himself.”

This producer didn’t want to be mentioned as he knows that the system is crooked and Dave would have his own crooks in the newsroom trying to overturn the real news which is David Einhorn belongs in jail with guys like Madoff. The problem is that people want to buy into your dad’s fake, nice guy, wimpy image, but I know better because I’m a woman who’s had your father screaming & yelling at me for not being able to provide him with the inside information that he wanted on companies like Assured Guaranty without offering me any guarantees even when he knew that me standing-up for him was responsible for the implosion of my working relationship with Tom. That’s not empathy, that’s a monster in sheep’s clothing. Your father has been exposed for being a crook in front of a jury of his peers with this website and he literally doesn’t care. Tom, David, Johnny Depp & OJ Simpson— it’s all the same thing.. totally exposed, never ashamed and they just keep on driving…

Here’s some important backstory which your grandfather should be able to vouch for at least to some extent being that he referred Tom to your dad.  In June of 2018, your father asked Tom GOBER in a meeting if he could prove that Brighthouse Financial was a dumping ground for MetLife debt. Tom Gober said, “Absolutely”. Your father was on his feet, angry & agitated, the meeting was over…

At least I put the client first when I realized that Tom had tied your father’s hands by offering him no recourse. I untied them as I made sure that the biggest attorneys in the country, like the ones who were the legal teams behind AIG and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, were called in. They wanted to help your father help himself, but David refuses to let go of the myth of Brighthouse Financial enough to  just talk to them.

All of this would have been much bigger than the Lehman debacle for your father, but more financially responsible and it would have taken him to the pinnacle of his career by allowing him to evolve as an investor-board member of Brighthouse Financial and taking big law along for the ride. In other words, why waste your time with GM and do something you have some control over, something in which he was not standing out alone being hung out to dry and fighting a one man battle.  A New Jersey deli valued at $100 million isn’t worth Tom Gober’s or Harry Markopolis time and it’s beneath your father for that matter.

Be prepared to be offended being that I speak about your father, your mother, and that low-grade moron, Jenn Hoos Rothberg, of the Einhorn Collaborative in anything but glowing terms. In fact, I’m brutal in my accurate description which in part includes being astounded as to why your dad isn’t grooming you and your sister to take over the Einhorn Collaborative as nepotism is totally acceptable in situations such as this.

The biggest attorneys in the country, CEO’s and billionaire investors are watching this website, YET everybody holds their breath. This is TOTALLY unacceptable!! Your father’s condescension & arrogance–  much like Tom’s– has become a flagrant admission of withholding fraud findings regarding Brighthouse Financial so he can falsely inflate the performance of his hedge fund; otherwise, your dad would have unloaded it by now.  This isn’t any different than the true story behind AIG which was Hank Greenberg going to Warren Buffett to tweak up the value of AIG stock by unloading debt through reinsurance crony scams.

People like your father and Tom don’t realize that what they’re doing is real and they need someone to rein them in. I used to tell Tom that he and your dad were like two science club nerds who should be working on the same project, but now I think they belong in the same prison cell together. Your fathers inaction is now reportable negligence much like Tom. They have incriminated their professional network while betraying the policyholders & investors they serve.

If Naomi doesn’t want to lovingly call out her father then I’ll be making that trip up to Cornell with some friends accompanied by my picket signs which the president of Cornell and the Einhorn Center know all about already. Maybe more people should know about this fruit of a poisonous tree. Lori Loughlin had to pay the price, but David Einhorn buys off schools, he buys off people in the press and he’s got so much boy’s club, back-scratching from Sohn Conference to RobinHood that they are effectively conspirators in his crime like a gangster or something out of a frathouse rape scandal. That’s pretty much what your dad and Tom are doing to the economy.

Your father reserves his famous empathy for trash & phony, “trust fund” liberals, not for real people like me who have real battles against real bad guys like him. If you weren’t sheltered by his money then you would know what real life really is, but you’re still young. Your father has no business calling out other companies for fraud when he is the fraud. He’s a flash in the pan who could have been a real hero for once in his life– not a profiteer-– and I wanted to give him that on the silver platter with very little in exchange, but he pisses on that opportunity, spits in your face so to speak then slams down the phone snickering. He’s worse than passive-aggressive Tom…..but your father’s peers know he’s dishonest, the ones who matter, not the sycophants & news hussies.

BOTTOM LINE:    Your father has stopped growing as a person….

Regardless, if you choose to show this letter to your father then you make sure he knows that a cease & desist order will do nothing other than serve as an admission of his guilt; unless of course, he’s willing to go on the news to prove that his unfounded GAAP accounting theories truly are the reason why Brighthouse Financial appears undervalued. No dice, ain’t happening! He already knows that it’ll never hold up against that of the nation’s leading CFE and secret weapon of big law who has actual PROOF of Brighthouse Financial’s insolvency. (See the gallery of evidence email to Norman Berman).  No more talking out your ass, Dave. It was “Showtime” two years ago.

I’ve already told your father that it’s time to “put up or shut up” and by that I mean it’s time to invite Tom, Tom’s lawyers, his father Steven Einhorn along with Cornell professors of accounting and finance to all sit in on a meeting involving the two of them presenting their respective sides so we can see who’s right. But I think this is best left to the analytical mind of Naomi Einhorn in terms of asking her dad to prove his GAAP accounting undervaluation theories and to do so without him stalling.

BOTTOM LINE:.     Don’t throw fat on this fire ?.  Expect any attempt at a cease & desist order to be returned to your dad’s office at Broken Taillight smeared with my fecal matter along with a copy of the New York hedge funds in receipt of the mass email regarding which will be sure to include this letter to you as the next page in my table of contents. The ensuing, collective inaction of Wall Street should serve as proof to you in terms of how dirty his friends really are.

Now if something were to happen to me OR if I were to go to jail then I’d simply have my friends manning my site while receiving free housing in the process which is far more than I’ve ever gotten out of Tom Gober. Likewise, your father doesn’t want to admit that a nobody like me presented him with the best deal of his career and all without trying to rip him off like Harry Markopolis. At this point, you have to ask if your father was offering me anything for information on Assured Guaranty or did he just want to get something for nothing like Tom Gober did after which he could then hide from me while making me appear to be the pest or a loose cannon? FUCK David & his empathy!!!!… I can’t afford consecutive people like this in my life for years at a time…

Your father is a two-faced, shapeshifter and your place in his life is to worship & validate him; otherwise, you would have known about ALL this long ago. That’s not love, just allegiance like that of Tom Gober’s estranged daughter who never got to know her father and now has daddy issues.

Anyway, I’m truly sorry if I upset you with this,

— Bea “Trixie” Russell

P.S.  A third video is in the works.

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