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Today I’m welcoming the HARVARD MANAGEMENT COMPANY, New York Times journalists- Anemona Hartocollis-who’s been following Bill “the Shill” Ackman’s movements AND journalist Beth Mole who’s working to expose Apollo Global Management for its destruction of the healthcare system,

         As I’ve stated from the “get-go”, APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT is the mother nest of corporate fraud, but a $430 billion dollar fraud scheme among 45 US insurers alone wasn’t good enough for everyone despite it coming from their Golden Goose of a CFE who made attorneys $400M here & $250M there in settlements.

          Meanwhile, I can feel the civil suits just bubbling to the surface with this next one! Being that nobody seems to hold Leon Black & Marc “the bag man” Rowan accountable for the PROVABLE $430 billion fraud scheme among 45 US insurers committed at Apollo Global Management during Leon’s time as CEO, then perhaps healthcare abuses might be up for grabs thanks to Marc Rowan.

Hospitals owned by private equity are harming patients, reports find | Ars Technica staff-services-quality-of-care-when-private-equity-takes-over/

        For now, I’m sure that Robert Jain of the Harvard Management Company will find some of the following attachments on his paisan, Ajit Jain, to be of special interest.

**This is my bulletin board, as you can see…. evidence/


             Also, I’m re-attaching my monumental & offensively-titled & slightly re-touched, 43-page epistle, “DIRTY MONEY, DIRTY FAVORS, DIRTY JEWS” to this email for all of those who haven’t received it being that it targets many Harvard & UPenn funders who are nothing more than an inner circle of Jewish, corporate criminals looking for a power grab in order to keep the other 98% under their thumb and subservient to the FALSE & DISTORTED reality which they’ve created for themselves AND continue to perpetuate for the U.S. and abroad.

          By “abroad”, this includes most Arab leaders who are nothing but puppets to the Zionists & the West ruling government. All one has to do is to look at Saudi’s current attempt to break the blockade in order to stifle the noble efforts of an impoverished Yemen that refuses to enable Israel in their final push for Palestinian genocide. In reality, it’s the Jewish problem all over again, not the Palestinian Problem. No other group of people on the planet play the victim while oppressing you & misappropriating your race as their own. THIS IS WHY MARC ROWAN PLAYS THE VICTIM BECAUSE HIS END GAME IS TO SILENCE THE MASSES IN ORDER TO ENABLE GENOCIDE & HE WILL DO THIS BY CONTINUING TO STEAL FROM ONE HAND TO GIVE TO THE OTHER AND AT THE END ALL THE FACULTY AT UPENN WILL BE JUMPING THROUGH HIS HOOPS.

BOTTOM LINE: The Arab leaders can be bigger race-traitors & greedier whores for the Jews than Academia OR Cate Capshaw, Claudia Peltz, Isla Fisher & the wives of the Kushner boys combined!!! Ask yourselves why we aren’t appropriating the wealth of cheap hustlers like Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman?

DOUBLE-STANDARDS:    I may believe in a United States of the Levant, but for now why aren’t we bombing Isreal when they’re not our friends, they offer no advantages, they embroil us in the problems which they create for themselves thanks to their deplorable actions AND in the end, we’ll be shooting ourselves in our own proverbial foot just as the Arab leaders are doing now AND as Harvard is doing by caving in. Meanwhile, the Jews berate us 365 days a year due to World War II & enforce the mantra that “silence is guilt”. What they should really be teaching us is there’s a good reason why people hate Jews and if you don’t get it right the first time, they’ll never shut the fuck up.

WE’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE!!!……“History repeats itself”, as Jews like to whine, but they won’t like me pointing out the root causes. Let’s revisit the Lehman & Allied Capital debacle because the same tactics are now being applied to Harvard & Upenn that were used by hedge fund hyenas on these companies and a lot more. The enablers are always the Jewed-up media which demands no proof of allegations while Madoff viewed the SEC as his “happy hour”. WARNING: The Jewish, victimology psychosis runs deep & it intersects with a narcissistic need for total domination & “getting their way”.

**** NOTE: You can take these next 4 up with Mark Mitchell, formerly of the Wall Street Journal… AND for all the newbies to my website, it’s a work in progress, soon to be revamped. Meanwhile, see the 4 videos & 2 new links related to the Harvard & UPenn power grab, BOTH OF WHOM DESERVE SERIOUS RESTITUTION.

All Publicity is Good Publicity if You’re Bill Ackman – Deep Capture publicity-if-youre-bill-ackman/

SAC Capital and (and Steve Cohen, too) Should Be Convicted of MurderDeep Capture steve-cohen-too-should-be-convicted-of-murder/ cute-t-shirt/ century-financial/

         Also, I’ll be adding ALL 7 of my epistles & 3 cover letters involving the dirty investors who’ve been on my radar for years (and they know it!) & how they work in collusion to enable Palestinian genocide not limited to Gaza or Netanyahu. The same crooked, marketing schemes these Jewish, corporate terrorists & cronies apply to destroying companies for their own gain is EXACTLY what they’ve applied to the ivy league whether it be in the form of shakedowns OR as Jewish privilege for their wives. The latter I’ll be demonstrating before this cover letter is thru.

          These marketing schemes are a “power grab” cloaked in altruism which is exactly what’s so maddening about the Jewish victimology scam. It’s why people have either contained them OR cyclically run Jews out of town wherein Jews relocate & sing the same song of woe somewhere else which Jews then force down everyone’s throat while encouraging fringe groups to play the victim no matter how irrational it may be because the endgame is to undermine the mainstream culture then call it your own.

          Jews don’t care about anyone else but themselves unless there’s an endgame and in this case it’s institutional control of “meccas” of higher-learning which can serve as prestigious mouthpieces for their propaganda, the same propaganda seen in the videos on the bottom of my homepage. A “stage needs to be set” in order to create the conditions necessary in which Jews can apply their “victim- hero” ruse to ALL levels of society. This is clearly seen with the demise of New Century Financial (see above link).


NOTE:      Jews are not the only group of people involved in MAJOR corporate fraud as we saw by Dan Loeb’s fiasco with Prem Watsa as Prem had effectively admitted to his own guilt thanks to his vindictive use of an enforced “degradation contract” w/Loeb being that finite reinsurance is abused 9 times out of 10 in the form of illicit, side-letters & only insiders would know that. NONETHELESS, Jews in this category are (a.) overrepresented, b.) Always situated in financial meccas, rarely any “off the radar” places c.) always attracted to concentrated forms of wealth being that they’re former hagglers of the Silk Road, d.) part of a collective mentality which maintains a lack of accountability, only victimology, & e.) apply their victimology agenda to EVERY LAYER of society while using it to shield themselves from their own wrong- doings whether or not they’re aware of it.

          Consequently, we need Dodd-Frank reform & regulation, not to mention media reform. Jews like Ackman, Blavatnik, Rowan & even Kasowitz’s “middle class”, Jewish client from Harvard’s Divinity School don’t seem to understand that they’re not helping everyday Jews. In fact, they make it worse for them which is why it’s so tragic that many Jews live vicariously through these con artists. The Magdeburg Rights allowed Jews to “keep confidential how they acquired objects in their possession” & to live under special allowances as well as under the protection of the King. In the here & now, Jewish cronyism ensures this continued lack of transparency while “the Ackmans” of the Jewish world hide behind a modern-day form of hillbilly Christians who weaponize Jews against the Left (who are mislabeled moderates) in what is a blatant power play. History doesn’t just repeat itself, it remains ingrained or systemic.

NOTE:     Jews like Ackman & Rowan ping-pong between guilt-ridden, white liberals OR Scofield Bible, Christian hicks while the Jewish media covers both bases. To make matters worse, Jews like Ackman & Rowan & ESPECIALLY Ron Lauder want restitution from the Holocaust, yet all of them are either stealing from one hand to give to the other OR committing genocide either against the Palestinians OR against Jews themselves by recruiting white whores as breeders like Claudia Peltz. HERE’S URSULA’S ENDGAME: Wealth appropriation & Close Loopholes of all kinds.

        As I’ve stated, this victimology agenda extends to all levels of the society including the racial misappropriation of white women in order to breed out their ethnic, Semitic Jewish blood YET still raise the kids as Jewish. This is the other reason why people haven’t been able to deal with Jews and their passive- aggressive form of terrorism. The endgame here is to either pretend that it’s just a religion, not a race OR to pretend that an ethnic Jew can look Northern European. IT MAKES NO SENSE AND THEY OFTEN TIMES DON’T SEE ABOUT THEMSELVES WHAT THE NATIVE PEOPLE SEE.

          This is the sort of infringement (counter-assimilation) that strikes at the very heart of a society & in this country it’s seen with “freedom of religion” being used as a LOOPHOLE which has effectively created a vehicle for Jews to ethnically cleanse themselves of their Semitic blood while racially misappropriating European blood. If someone doesn’t go along with this farce, they’re barked into the ground by a carping Jew OR by their own people who’s been dumbed-down and told that they’re a hero. NOW APPLY THIS SHIT TACTIC TO POLITICS & FINANCE. IT’S TOTAL “SOCIAL CONDITIONING THAT CREATES A CLIMATE RIPE FOR A BACKLASH & A BREAKDOWN IN SOCIETY.


           Jews love their loopholes! We see this with Leon Black & his MODCO reinsurance scams which have effectively made him the godfather of corporate fraud coming in at starting figures of $430 billion in reinsurance fraud among 45 US insurers alone. When you’re as good as Leon, you keep a low- profile NOR are you reliant upon marketing schemes like Bill the Shill who isn’t smart enough to pull off what Leon can. Therefore, Bill has to create the illusion of fraud while nurturing his delusions of grandeur AND his illusions of persecution whether it be at Harvard OR with his wife at MIT wherein his own ad hominem, “Jew tools” are being used against him which he then predictably deflects onto the rest of the faculty. AGAIN, I’ve told you before that I know what you’re going to do before you do it.

           It’s all psychological warfare & mud-slinging with no root causes being explored. In the end, Bill Quackman needs to come to terms with the fact that Axel Springer stands by their claims about his wife and no amount of skewed, marketing schemes will change that. Likewise, the Quackman also to come to terms with the fact that his wife is ultimately nothing more than the embodiment of his midlife crisis AND that he’s a garden-variety shyster not to mention an irritating, attention freak who needs to get a new game, NOT the same re-packaged shit he’s been slinging since the early 2000’s. I’m not fooled by the Donald Trump-style comeback! (See screenshots)

Ackman and Einhorn: Return of the Hedge Fund Kings – The Messenger


LEGAL QUESTION #1:     How is it that I don’t qualify under this ME TOO MOVEMENT whose founder the ugliest woman on the planet, Tarana Burke is incapable of honesty & clarity in terms of who violated her beyond the age of seven OR in terms of her skin condition WHILE I have a very transparent $430 billion fraud reinsurance fraud scheme hanging in plain sight along with what used to be the #1 CFE in the country whose testimony Hank Greenberg knows all too well, AND BOTH ARE IGNORED IN FAVOR OF WOMEN WHO HAVE NO EVIDENCE OF CRIMES. Except for Harvey Weinstein’s victims, no one’s getting justice who should be!

LEGAL QUESTION #2:   Do I have to pretend that I was molested by Leon Black OR can I just be honest in regards to all of the investors, lobbyists & CFEs who’ve been trying to get their pound of flesh out of me in other ways while the “dodgy” regulators– like that of the ACFE- just sit there with the same snide, chauvinistic attitude displayed by the conservative judge who allowed a Jack Black, look-alike in lipstick & earrings to pledge a sorority because he couldn’t seem to define what a woman is… My point being, why aren’t the ACFE & Tom Gober, CFE, held equally liable as that of Leon Black or Marc Rowan both in terms of Me Too scenarios AND in terms of the suppression of fraud schemes which eclipse anything seen before??

NEWSFLASH!  I assume everyone has heard the latest news regarding the dried-up cocktease- E. Jean Carroll- who continues to hound A-hole Trump despite possessing zero evidence OR video footage from Bergdorf Goodman, ONLY a story about trying on lingerie for the Don. This story actually rivals the level of absurdity involving a bimbo who met with Leon at a bar wherein the Big Guy slipped her $5K in an envelope then directed her to meet him at his place for a bikini-clad massage after which point she experience shock that Leon might actually get “a little too comfortable”.

  1. Jean Carroll faces off with Trump as $10m defamation trial begins – BBC News

SHOUT OUT TO LEON BLACK:    Feel free to jerk-off to me AND in front of me AFTER handing me $5,000 in cash for a bikini- clad massage ANYTIME! I have a better idea! I’ll pleasure myself while you watch, but just be aware that there’ll be a bouncer right outside the door making sure that nothing else happens…. Should we invite David Einhorn into the mix?!?? Ah- Ha!! The price just went up!

NOTE:    LEON DOESN’T HAVE TO LEAN ON ANY PRETENSE OF BEING AN ACTIVIST as does attention-freak Quackman & power-hungry Rowan. But nonetheless, there are other social-climbers vying for the upper hand in society under the guise of activism. Look at the unconscionable Len Blavatnik who’s managed to warp valid, student protests due to the petulant nature of his victimology which serves as a vehicle to suppress facts, oppress the masses & to make the reality of Jews, like Len, more palatable.

TAKE A LESSON:    When dealing with people of this ilk, the need for a collective & visible show of force is the only option. Otherwise, expect a lifetime of being treated as a doormat by a cult who refuses to listen to reason without shouting you down, playing the victim & getting other people to turn against you as a means of suppressing the other 98%. That’s their game..

        In the midst up this self-denial, it never dawns on deviant minds, like Len Blavatnik’s, that they’ve effectively made false & destructive allegations as a means of suppressing funds for people who refuse to jump through illicit hoops for them such as the silencing of genocide.

       Speaking of false allegations, what’s been going on with Alan Dershowitz and his 137 allegations involving Jeffrey Epstein? Hmmm, at what point do allegations become truisms?

        Speaking of truisms, the lowering of the academic bar is far worse than a few shoddy annotations for which everyone has descended upon like a bunch of bitchy schoolgirls. For now, I’m not concerned about faux plagiarism involving either Claudine Gay or Neri Oxman, both of whom lost track in terms of implementing quotation marks when changes in verb tenses occurred. What I am concerned about is the glorification of Oxman at MIT in what appears to be yet another Jewish, marketing scheme.

Silkworms and robot work together to weave Silk Pavilion


        Neri’s self-proclaimed, one-woman discipline of “materials ecology” consisting of silkworms & slime molds is not much different than what many artists have been working in for decades AND it feels a lot like an in-store installation at Anthropologie Women’s clothing. This is why we have actual textiles & design programs, along with bioengineering, wherein people are making what Oxman alludes to into a reality and NONE of them require an interloper reminiscent of a housewife with delusions of grandeur.

         This of course leads us next to Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, the gargoyle-like ex-wife of David M. Einhorn. Cheryl represents a much more pressing matter than that of flawed annotations OR overhyped materials ecology with the latter being better utilized in an arts program. What Cheryl’s work represents is the intellectual theft of a college sophomore’s intro to marketing & management textbooks which she then re- packages as her own groundbreaking, self-help & management theory complete with cheesy acronyms that only the truly, brain dead individual could find clever. When Cheryl isn’t polluting the world of academia with her books, she’s teaching stock selection courses at Columbia for which she has no qualifications.

BOTTOM LINE: The academic bar does not get any lower than this shit nor could David Einhorn’s standards in women! This is GROUND ZERO with no place to go but up. I posted the following at least 2 years ago..

Fraud is David’s Constant Companion – Daveeinhorn companion/


         ALL of the aforementioned work is only considered “highly- acclaimed” because somebody wants it to be. For instance, the right marketing team could make somebody like Ann Druyan seem profound for asking her middle-school teacher if pi were the same for every circle in the universe, as opposed to sounding just plain moronic. (This isn’t theory, it’s proven!!)…. As far as Cheryl goes, the only person in need of self-help & management would be anyone forced to stay awake during her lecture OR a self-deluded Cheryl herself.

          Meanwhile, David Einhorn gave away the title of “president” of his non-profit to some dipshit intern just out of school (more Jewish privilege) and last I read he granted permission to misdirect $100 million over the course of 10 years to an “activist-terrorist” group called the New Pluralist which was founded during the pandemic by a skulking outcast with a hostile takeover mindset wrapped in a victimology agenda. Note, first-generation, immigrant children not only learned, but we’re encouraged to replicate the virulent, victimology agenda instilled in this country during the ’80s. It’s gone from “tail wagging the dog” to now “hostile takeover”. Yet, David wonders why there’s a right-wing backlash in this country and thinks that his organization’s touchy-feely “sit- downs” do anything positive???? Clearly, David watches too much of “The View” which has fogged his vision from seeing that his organization could have better served as the seeds for insurance innovators & policymakers along with a charitable branch.

BOTTOM LINE:    I’m seeing a lot of the same Jewish, marketing schemes being applied to the professional lives of these women & they are the same marketing schemes that have been executed by their tag-teaming husbands in terms of planned attacks on companies like Allied Capital in which Allied’s employees felt violated & harassed, NOT given a friendly “heads-up” in terms of exaggerated & UNPROVEN claims against the corporation..

         Again, Malcolm X had it right when he said the media makes everything crazy look normal & everything normal look crazy as there’s nothing crazier than trying to destroy viable

companies while uplifting the work of desperate housewives. Cheryl Strauss Einhorn is a waste of time & a waste of sperm whereas Neri’s childlike curiosities are better left to the Dupont Labs of our day which are partnered with architectural firms who together can work on replicating such things as the tensile strength of a spider’s web & how it would apply to buildings.


         The same people at the New York Times who taught us that black lives matter, have just taught us that Palestinians lives don’t. This is easily ascertained by their recent attempts to switch gears from being the “pushers of critical race theory” to now suddenly labeling DEI as anti-intellectual & non- conducive in terms of producing Jewish-Conservative intellectuals like Henry Kissinger. Hmmm, when was the last time anyone uttered Henry Kissinger’s name in the same sentence as that of Laura Boebert & Kayleigh McEnany because this is exactly where Republicans are today. This “back-pedaling” is simply another Jewish, marketing scheme.

           The NY Times has also taught us that it’s okay to burn down police stations and to glorify the destruction of public property, but it’s not acceptable for ivy league students to hold peaceful protests against a group of people who are largely enabling people on the other side of the world to get away with genocide in what has always been a downplayed, silent conspiracy that is not limited to Zionism. In fact, Jewish activists in this country who are appalled by the Israeli agenda have taken to the same sort of protests being that they understand the personalities everyone’s up against better than anyone.

          The mindset of virtually all older & mainstream Ashkenazi Jews is one that possesses a strange mix of Uncle Tom-ism, Nazism, apartheid, victimology, Manifest Destiny & a whole lot of Jewtitude which got plugged into the networks back in the ’80’s in order to berate & intimidate the children of “the other 98%” with not-so subliminal tactics. This has created a generation of dumbed-down & overcompensating adults (far left & right leaning) who are now not prepared to lead this country, yet you wonder why we have relics like Trump & Biden in the running??

           For now, the New York Times seems to worry about the rate of Jewish applicants dropping at Harvard while I worry about all those Jews moving south to places other than Miami. Instead, the Times can take heart in knowing that their slots will be filled by Asian students who’ve faced their own forms of discrimination which means that the New York Times can now turn their attention away from the glorification of supposed “hip-hop artist” George Floyd OR the normalizing of pregnant fathers to that of things that actually matter, i.e. the illegal, immigrant crisis OR the Ukraine being on the forefront of World War III AND the Palestinian genocide in or out of Gaza BECAUSE THAT LAST ONE is a huge factor in terms of why the world hates us AND for all the right reasons.

          For now, I’m working on what I hope will be my final epistle which will be out next month.


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