Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

NEW! Tom Gober & the ACFE



Listen-up Tom Gober……..and listen-in everyone else,

You’ve proven to be nothing but a low-life on a power kick who believes that he can get away with the fraud(S) of the century. It’s NOT Leon Black, it’s you— ToM!! You need to be placed in a government program then forced to give-up information just like Henry Hill in Goodfellas.

If you think my website is too “low-profile” to do any damage, then think again! Rest assured, people see you for the freak that you are. Note this email’s recipient list which includes your ENTIRE attorney network along with Kerry Pechter who’s published your sanctimonious articles, also David Einhorn & his employees, David’s family, then enter Greg Lindberg & Leon Black accompanied by their attorneys– EstrichGoldin. Anyone I can’t fit into this email will be receiving it in a second batch, aka David Boise, Jere Beasley, Dee Miles, Andy Friedman, Judge Max Cogburn— they’re getting it!!

The views are almost up to 2,700 and that now includes current & former US attorneys who’ve been called in AND who’ll be looking at you under a microscope along with your attorney’s inaction BUT ESPECIALLY the negligence of the ACFE. These crooked cocksuckers– JOSEPH T. WELLS, JACOB PARKS & JOHN WARREN– can skulk & get passive-aggressive with my questioning of their corrupt authority; but in that case, they only ensure their continued enabling of fraud. Unfortunately, they’re too unfit to see that?!?! Your attorney network has the ACFE to blame as the buck should have stopped with this faux organization.

You’ve been described by a local attorney as “unethical by any industry’s standards of ethics”, yet Joseph T. Wells lies about not handling these situations while John Warren grapples with short sentences & explicit, ethical complaints as if he were some type of dyslexic. Meanwhile, Jacob Parks disregards a thick binder in which just one page was enough to tell my Security Compliance Officer friend that Tom Gober was “off the rails” & pushing investors to break security compliance laws & too ignorant to see it. Why ignore an entire binder like this unless the purpose of the ACFE is either to enable fraud OR to be dismissive of women who aren’t fronting for wealthy, power males??

Andrew Cuomo & R. Kelly would be amazed at what a financially-stymied, malignant wimp like you has gotten away with AND among so many, high-level people who’ve been betrayed on SO MANY levels.. But at least your sorry ass continues to do what it does best which is getting something for free. In fact, I’m the only one who’s really outing any fraud around here and you’ve now gotten it for free from me for over 7 years collectively!!  Instead, you should be spending 7 years as the prison pincushion massaging Leon Black in your itty-bitty ???? bikini while Greg Lindberg keeps watch for the guards during the “happy ending” portion OR as they’ll soon call it in the big house— “getting your Gober on!”

BUT AGAIN…. In case you thought it was over just because David Boies’ bimbo secretary, Linda Carlson, took it upon herself to “tip you off” which then sent you on a mission to stalk me by sending some starving, college student from Maryland with a bouquet of dime-store flowers over to the place I’m subletting, then let me be clear now that your ENTIRE “all too quiet”, attorney network knows EVERYTHING and so do half the billionaires, private equity managers, hedge funds, quant funds, EVERYTHING funds in NYC….

BOTTOM LINE:.  Explain to Greg Lindberg how you worked tirelessly to send him to prison while unconscionably pulling the rug out from under 4 years of my work which was no different than any dirty insurer who denies benefits OR tricks their own policyholders. TO MAKE IT WORSE, it wasn’t even to save you money as much as it was an act of spite & the final exploitative, labor tactic meant to punish me for trying to prevent you from going over the edge in which case I never would have gotten paid NOR would your own attorneys ever have seen this cornucopia of dream cases.. ULTIMATELY, you chose to betray the policyholders AND to lie to your own attorneys in order to satisfy your taste for malice.. It’s obvious what’s really important to you!

You can’t intimidate me and don’t bother with reverse, psychology tactics by playing the victim OR by sending me a whiny, vindictive email. You’ve betrayed the policyholders and your own “front-line” attorneys who then turned around and betrayed the rest of the network. The US Attorney’s office can contact me in terms of needing any more names or contact information. They can also pursue action against the ACFE in which case I also recommend that they use Tom Gober’s attorney network to do the same thing…

David Einhorn had better decide what side of the fence he’s going to stand on, but that may be too late & jail time unpreventable as David has yet to materialize any evidence to sustain his theories on the undervaluation of Brighthouse Financial due to his GAAP theories OR even any evidence as to the alleged wrongdoings by Allied Capital. This means anyone who’s profited from David’s ill-gotten gains– like his useless ex-wife who brought on crooked journalists– needs to have those gains confiscated.

I expect to hear from someone who’s on my side,

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