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Welcome Representatives Simon Cataldo, Natalie Higgins & Jason Smith along with journalist-propagandist, Eric Alterman & Ira Stoll,

          You’ve ALL earned your way into my email circle of “big” investors, Jewish Corporate Terrorists, journalists, attorneys, politicians, and of course Harvard, UPenn, MIT faculty & student-journalists.

          NOTE, what I’m writing now will hopefully be the second to last epistle to appear on my website….. I’m saving my most vitriolic piece for last..

        If you’d like to catch up, then here’s my website & pay special attention to the postings under my table of contents. Start with the four videos on the homepage where everyone can be briefed in terms of the $430 billion fraud scheme committed by the same Jewish Corporate Terrorists who’ve targeted the Ivy League.

          My newest & above-named recipients are a motley assortment of Jewish propagandists & “strikebreakers” posing as persecuted, intellectual-activists OR their bone-headed, right-wing & leftist pawns in desperate need of an eye-opener.

         Don’t embarrass yourselves by using words like “anti- Semitism” for which you clearly don’t understand as Jews are living in a self-absorbed bubble for which they’ve sucked everyone else into. THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM & IT’S NOT GOING AWAY ON ITS OWN! ….

Palestinians are Semitic:     THE DISMANTLING OF HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS & PROGANDA WILL BE MY NEXT PETITION…… BIDEN HAS ENDANGERED THIS COUNTRY AS JEWS ARE A PROVEN CONFLICT OF INTEREST & A NATIONAL THREAT TO SECURITY WHETHER IT BE POLITICALLY, FINANCIALLY & INSTITUTIONALLY……….$14 billion in military aid should have gone to Hamas until the Rootless Jew learns how to treat Palestinians like human beings OR until they decided to torture Benjamin Netanyahu to death.

US President Biden sued for ‘complicity’ in Israel’s ‘genocide’ in Gaza | Israel War on Gaza News | Al Jazeera

           Anyway, I’m going to keep it brief today by knocking off a few, systematic pins with the “pins” being my newcomers & my complaints against the New York Times. After that, I’ll allow the newcomers to review what everyone else received the other day. For now, I’m going to be nothing less than brutally honest.

1.). REP. SIMON CATALDO (MA): I’ve been waiting for a snake like this to slither out from under its rock & it goes by the name Rep. Simon Cataldo. This Skulking Jew deflects his true, revenge agenda by pretending to be the “defender of the middle class” because that’s what the Jew does the faux humanitarian routine! My readers know this by now as this is the nature of the Jew.

Detecting A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing: 5 Warning Signs.. (No disrespect to actual, majestic wolf!)

           Where was Simon before the October protests as he’s been in the office since January 4th of last year? How long has Simon been targeting the Ivy League in his heart? Seems like Jewboy only wants to defend the middle class when nobody’s bending over to kiss a kike’s ass. This is EXACTLY what I meant in my last email- AUSCHWITZ ROLE CALL- regarding the need for a “glass ceiling” when it comes to Jews in the government.

Harvard University faces new threat of state tax on $51 billion endowment university-faces-new-threat-of-state-tax-on-51-billion- endowment-124020200093_1.html


           Simon wants to fine colleges & universities who give preference to legacy OR donor applicants, yet he appears to disregard the Jewish donors who are noticeably concerned about a drop in Jewish applicants… Is this to suggest that their donations are dependent upon overrepresentation of Jewish admissions?? Likewise, how will this bill affect the idiotic & unqualified wives of Jewish mega donors who are allowed to instruct at the Ivy League Cheryl Strauss Einhorn & Ann Druyan come to mind!

         In fact, Simon has admitted that he’s out for blood which is the real reason he’s putting a two-fold squeeze on the Ivy League, NOT for the good of the taxpayers who he claims are effectively paying for preferential treatment on the billions of dollars in Harvard’s endowment. One might suggest that if these legislators need to take from private endowments in order to give to the state’s public schools, then maybe guys like Simon are nothing more than a template of government mismanagement.

            I’VE GOT A BETTER IDEA FOR SIMON TO PEDDLE!! Why not consider taxing the obscenely, wealthy financial terrorists who steal from one hand then give to the other, like Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman- instead of sublimating his Jewish, “chip on the shoulder” towards the Ivy League because no matter how Simon tries to spin it, it’s still all about Jews trying to obtain institutional control thru the use of faux humanitarianism, tag-teaming marketing schemes & simple- minded, weak links in society like that of Rep. Natalie Higgins.

            Why not instead bring lawsuits against these high-profile, Jewish “activist-terrorist” investors for both their financial crimes AND for defamation involving their false allegations against the Ivy League which are the same sort of false allegations that have always been an integral part of Bill Ackman’s Jewish, marketing schemes which he applies to the business world. Unfortunately, Simon Cataldo doesn’t see that he’s also guilty of making false allegations of anti-Semitism because this is the flawed psyche of Jews who perceive a lack of subservience from “others” as being tantamount to anti- Semitism.

           Essentially, Jews don’t like to be treated the way they treat these “others”. THIS is the actual “preferential treatment” for which Simon Cataldo has ZERO understanding & at the end of the day, Simon will never try to expose these Jewish, corporate terrorists because he doesn’t want to make Jews look like the “bad guy” AND because Simon knows that their ill- gotten gains will go directly into his campaign funds which will then allow all of them to work together like a pack of hyenas in order to gain institutional control. All of the above is an unspoken understanding much like a pact to never go after their own.

            The overreaching problem with Simon Cataldo, like so many Jews, is that he doesn’t understand he’s a guest living among us. My readers should be able to readily identify by now the tools in the Jewish toolbelt which Simon has whipped out. Right now, we’re at “deflection” & “ad hominem” arguments both of which are clearly demonstrated by Simon as he targets the financial bedrock for which private schools are built upon. This is a classic example of the hostile Jew’s overreach.

             SIMON CATALDO is a cog in the DARK TRIAD of the Jewish, marketing machine which investors like Bill Ackman & Marc Rowan have been swinging in collaboration with their media allies. This is where attempts are made to euphemize hostile takeovers, monopolization & institutional control instead of calling a spade a spade. Incidentally, this is similar to what can be seen in the 3rd and 4th videos on my homepage.

            BOTTOM LINE: I want Simon to step down NOW & to retire from politics. There needs to be Dodd-Frank reform containing special clauses targeted at Jewish subversion where the Magna Carta left off. Jews like Simon Cataldo do not represent the people, Jews are out for Jews and no one else. I WILL BE STARTING A PETITION TO HAVE SIMON REMOVED FROM OFFICE & I EXPECT EVERYONE AT ALL OF THESE IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS TO SIGN IT..

           What you call anti-Semitic is what I call counter-Semitic. I’m now making it my mission to make sure that all local Boston papers– Republicans & Democrats alike- assist me in exposing the insidious enemy responsible for widening the divide between both parties that’s left them beholden to one group. I will not allow for Jews like Ackman & Rowan– with a help of strikebreakers like Cataldo & Greenblatt- to use either parties as pawns who can be played against each other.

           If Simon Cataldo wants to shakedown the Ivy League, then he had better start with all the Jewish Terrorists, LIKE THAT OF ROWAN & ACKMAN, who have no doubt contacted Simon’s office and who’ll be funding his future campaigns. AGAIN, just more Jewish organized crime & back-scratching which benefits nobody but the Jew..

 2.) REP. NATALIE HIGGINS (MA): I’ve read that Rep Higgins worked as rape crisis counselor before entering politics, which is why I have to let her know that we are all getting raped in one form or another by people like Marc Rowan, Leon Black & Bill Ackman. I also realize that Rep. Higgins sees herself as a “new age” defender of the people & spokesperson for the LGBTQ which is why I feel compelled to fill Natalie in on what older gays have known long before the younger generation was brainwashed into viewing Jews as accepting forward- thinkers” as opposed to that of the archaic, right-wing Christians who reject their lifestyle due to their own failure to understand that the Old Testament is not Christianity.

                BOTTOM LINE: Rep. Natalie is an obvious pawn for Jews like Simon Cataldo who know how to tap into her more sincere, “defender of humanity” mindset so that he can further his underlying agenda of undermining the mainstream while gaining institutional control. Start seeing all the angles & Stop Allowing them to give us all the old reach around! This is how you make a name for yourself in politics.

3.) REP. JASON SMITH (MO): This is the “backwoods” bonehead who decided to take it upon himself to write to the presidents of Harvard, UPenn MIT & Cornell regarding his disappointment in their inability to contain the harassment & discrimination of Jewish students.

            Clearly, this hick simpleton doesn’t understand that EVERYTHING is harassment & discrimination of Jews due to their flawed & irrational, moral compass which dictates that anyone who doesn’t go along with their double-talk is anti-Semitic. Needless to say, even Jews don’t even know what they’re talking about half the time as it’s habitual for them to talk out of their ass & to make things up as they go along. HERE’S THE PROBLEM WITH JASON SMITH OF MISSOURI: He’s too young & too “Scofield Bible, Backwoods” Republican to understand that he’s an undesirable who would have been swept under the rug by ’70s & ’80s Republicans. Jason Smith is the right-wing backlash which the Hollywood Jews-right-wing supremacists cloaked in a liberal wrapper- brought on after decades of targeting & berating the white children of Gen X & Gen Y.

            NOW, these hick Republicans are doing exactly what their predecessors never would have allowed to happen which is to be manipulated by Jews. Presumably, Jason Smith is the Christian-right who’s been vilified & ridiculed by a Jewish media for years & it’s the same Jewish media (like Bill Ackman) who are now weaponizing them and in much the same way blacks have been played for years. Hick Republicans, like Jason Smith, are too low-brow & too ignorant to understand that they’re NOT being clever by weaponizing Jews as it’s ALWAYS a one-way street with them in terms of who has the upper hand. White Boy clearly has a lot to learn!

4.) ERIC ALTERMAN & IRA STOLL: Eric Alterman lives the skewed reality of your typical Jew who doesn’t understand that there’s a reason why they’re called the “Wandering Jew”. His oblivious nature is clearly displayed when whining about Jews having to genuflect to the Christian-right when in fact it is the stupidity of this “Old Testament”, Christian-right that contributes to the illusory relevance which Jews themselves have been demanding thru the insidious use of their Jewish, marketing schemes which reach through your television set in a transparent attempt to get the younger generation genuflecting for them.

         Moreover, if it weren’t for this Christian-right then Jews never would have been able to accumulate the obscene level of wealth that they had in Europe since Medieval Times which would explain why these encroachers never left. But again, this is the myopic, Jewish view of the world which we’re forced to go along all thanks to their victimology ruses which we tolerate instead of censoring or ignoring.

           Eric also believes that Derek Penslar isn’t the right kind of Jew to be head of Harvard’s “Kiss My Kike Ass” patrol squad; but then again, that is Eric’s “Jewish special treatment” reality. The only reason I would agree with Eric in terms of Prof. Penslar is simply because I don’t see Derek as looking all that Jewish which brings into question his legitimacy as a Jew as opposed to being an act of Jewish terrorism which largely originates from Jewish men misappropriating white women over time. It’s a lot like watching Gilligan’s Island and realizing that Gilligan is the only Jew on the show who looks like a real, ethnic Jew which of course is considered to be asexual. Meanwhile, Ginger & the millionaire’s wife only got the jobs because they’re products of Jewish people’s own Semitic- purging which has consequently created a fringe group with an identity crisis that’s no different than all those goofy white & black people who call themselves 100% Native American.

           As far as the Jewish Propagandist IRA STOLL is concerned, feel free to add his name to my Auschwitz Role Call! Thank you Eric Alterman for pointing him out to me.

5.) THE NEW YORK TIMES are getting a LONG, dishonorable mention before I leave you all to read yesterday’s email regarding the dark triad. Feel free to click on various articles at your leisure..

Murder of Kitty Genovese

           Not only does The New York Times suppress facts like that of APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT’S $430B fraud scheme among 45 US insurers, but they have a precedence when it comes to grossly misrepresenting facts as they did with the Kitty Genovese case. If we journey back in time, we see that a lack of substantiated facts were actually substituted by the Times with that of a psychological phenomenon….This is not too different from Bill Ackman portraying DEI as a “dangerous movement” when in fact there’s no movement more dangerous than that of Bill Ackman and his dark triad.

              NEXT, look at ABE ROSENTHAL, the lead journalist at the Times who largely covered the Genovese murder & who eventually became editor of the paper. This shyster is just another prime example of JEWISH OVERREACH as Rosenthal wanted Middle Eastern countries to disclose information regarding their national security. Meanwhile, Israeli Nobel Peace Prize nominee– Mordecai Vanunu- was imprisoned in Israel for exposing the same thing in regards to what Israel was keeping from the rest of the world AND which would be unnecessary if Israel weren’t running a genocidal-apartheid state. So am I leftist for supporting Mordecai Vanunu who was abused by Israeli soldiers in prison for converting to Christianity OR am I a right-wing Nazi for cheering him on?

             Either way, ROSENTHAL FUNCTIONED AS AN UNOFFICIAL HENCHMEN FOR AIPAC AS THEY ALWAYS INSISTS UPON BEING KEPT ABREAST OF WHAT “THE OTHERS” ARE GETTING SO THAT THEY CAN ASK FOR MORE all while creating the illusion that Israel is an indispensable ally who gives America the obligatory respect it deserves for misdirecting funds to Israel….

Israel Gave the Middle Finger to the U.S. Government

         BOTTOM LINE: The New York Times hasn’t changed much since the days of ABE ROSENTHAL. Nevertheless, the New York Times is functioning as a strikebreaker by concealing the crimes of crooks like Marc Rowan who take from one hand to give to the other, kinda like the funds from the syphoning of the insurance industry which Marc is now attempting to withhold from UPenn… Am I supposed to believe that Leon Black chose Marc Rowan simply because he was the best man for the job as opposed to the best, goddamn “bag man” the “godfather” of corporate fraud could have ever hoped for??

***** The following links are what the Times won’t talk about, but they will glorify BLM rioters & vilify student protesters as being deranged when in fact the complaints of these young people are falling on the deaf ears of people who, AGAIN, possess ZERO accountability, ONLY victimology.

*THE APOLLO MEMO: Leon Black’s G.O.A.T. White-Collar, Fraud Scheme & MARC ROWAN, Its “THE BAGMAN” t-white-collar-fraud-scheme/

*MORE on the Scourge of Harvard- Bill Ackman- along with a demonstration of how Jewish victimology & “preemptive tactics” are applied both in marketing schemes and in the Jewish mind… (I have a response to this under my table of contents) cute-t-shirt/

*THIS IS THE SAME BILL “THE SHILL” ACKMAN WHO’S SHAKING DOWN HARVARD & HE’S USING THE SAME SHODDY, JEWISH, MARKETING SCHEMES…..All Publicity is Good Publicity if You’re Bill Ackman publicity-if-youre-bill-ackman/

******* These above links are also why I’ve invited student newspapers into my fold and pray that they haven’t been infested by Jews like Ira Stoll who are trying to control the narrative because that’s what Jews do, they infiltrate & control, just like ABE ROSENTHAL, former editor of the New York Times. If that offends people, then you’re the problem, not me. Stand up for your children for once!!

           APARTHEID???    Israel’s actually closer to American Indian reservations of yesteryear. Worse still, it’s perfectly acceptable for Jews (Bill Maher) to make hate speeches on television promoting Palestinian genocide & expulsion OR to openly dialogue on social media (Bill Ackman) regarding the Palestinian problem, yet I’m not allowed to talk about the Jewish Problem NOR are student protesters allowed to peacefully protest without it being considered anti-Semitic. This is a prime example of how self-involved & tyrannical Jews really are, and as I’ve stated before, they pretend to be the victim in order to suppress the facts, oppress the people and to make their reality more palatable.

           AGAIN, when dealing with people who have no accountability, no self-awareness OR even no conscience at times-only victimology- you have to get in their faces which is no different than Jews getting in everybody else’s face. This is also the complaint of an older generation of white people who had to deal with Jews in the 60s at Ivy League schools: they’re loud, obnoxious, in your face & act like they own the place.. Some things never change in or out of the Ivy League & this includes the New York Times with or without the Pulitzer prize winning, ABE ROSENTHAL! NOTE: Pulitzer & Rosenthal- two crooked, strikebreaking Jews who are living proof that Dodd Frank reform needs to be extended to the media.

           My greatest fear arising from these protests is undoubtedly the very realistic possibility of all these Jews moving south to places other than Miami. In that case, I hope the faculties of Southern schools definitely refuse to use DEI in accepting an overabundance of Jewish applicants at which point I want these Jews to send Bill Ackman & Marc Rowan a thank you letter along with pressing inquiries into their professionally, questionable activities and maybe even replace their sorry asses.

           QUICK REMINDER:    The white minority of South Africa was between 10 and 13% whereas Jews are 2-3%. If Jews can’t be the majority or the plurality, they create the illusion of it here in the U.S. OR they forcibly make themselves the majority as we’ve seen through extermination & expulsion practices in Israel long before Netanyahu. Every Ashkenazi Jew I’ve ever met is not only apathetic towards this, but they refuse to speak of it as they will go straight into “victim mode” if anyone dares to express disapproval- not necessarily directed at them- which is then followed by the skulking Jew attempting to turn your own peers against you in which there is little to no doubt that these peers are too stupid to understand that they’re neither “good people” NOR are they cosmopolitan for befriending, pandering OR coddling to some overbearing, self- absorbed Jew who views everyone as beholden to them whether or not either wants to admit to it.

              To make matters worse, these proud Jews frequently think that looking Jewish is ugly; hence, they attempt to cleanse themselves of their “Jewface” by breeding with white women of questionable motives who they steal then call their own…OR they don’t recognize the fact that they look Jewish and remain unwilling to embrace their Middle Eastern heritage EVEN as they sputter out nonsense that they were “in Israel first” while never recognizing that those ancient descendants of the Diaspora are the Lebanese.

               Remind me again why Jews aren’t still contained in ghettos & race laws enforced to prevent Jews from exploiting loopholes to commit ethnic-cleansing & racial theft, ie, the freedom of religion OR the freedom of speech with the latter allowing for media misinformation & vilification campaigns directed at the youth of America. I’m considered “HATE SPEECH, not them. This is the Jewish Construct which has to lie & vilify others in order to feel better about themselves & to keep the other 98% under their thumb. Put that in the Jew York Times because we all know that all the high-up, hymies refuse to put Marc Rowan and his $430 billion fraud scheme in it and a whole lot more!!….

                We should all be learning about the extermination of the American Indian & investing $14 billion in their future, NOT with Israel while allowing for yet another generation to be force-fed the Holocaust “white guilt” Agenda out of fear of being called “anti-Semitic”. I care about the here & now in Gaza, not the Holocaust, because Gaza largely explains why people wanted Jews out of Europe in the first place. This is the truth no one will ever find in all those “shouldn’t even exist” Holocaust Museums because no Jew wants to admit that the only difference between then & now is that Jews want to openly kill all Arabs in their homeland whereas in Europe, Jews brought it on themselves by trying to “racially replace” their own Arab blood with European women who often converted then raised the offspring as Jewish— aka the “shiksa goddess”, ethnic-cleansing program!  Why do you think that Arabs have always viewed Jews as a cult while Europeans have always viewed them as parasites with a knack for making themselves needed?

**  (……… It makes me wonder why Jews weren’t sent out to the more spacious grounds of the Caucuses after WW2 where they & the Armenians could have served as buffers between Russia & any radical Muslims in what is essentially the most complex ethnic, quiltwork on the planet.)

          BUT BACK TO THE NEW YORK TIMES, this divisive & berating hand that rocked the cradle from the mid-80s onward is now vilifying student protesters who refuse to be lawn jockeys for filth like Bill Ackman who has EFFECTIVELY made it clear that he wants Jewish indoctrination to be stepped-up along with the blackballing of students who protest Palestinian genocide– with or without Benjamin Netanyahu. I’ve seen this myself on Twitter (X) and it’s no different from what I told a Mizrahi Jew in the early 2000s about Ashkenazi Jews in the U.S. who turn your own people against you if you even say they look Jewish. The problem is not me, the problem is the “Jewish problem”. The New York Times is part of this Jewish problem, along with all the journalists who pair up with these Jewish, hedge fund managers to glorify their schemes. Fraud enablers are not a valid form of journalism.

           If Jews can berate the white mainstream & indoctrinate their children on “white guilt”, then why can’t I make similar complaints about 2 to 3% of society who’s forcing their own over representation upon us all in what constitutes a hostile overthrow in & out of the Ivy League. In fact, it’s the very definition of a “hostile overthrow”, but everyone seems to have lost sight of this probably because everything with Jews is very passive-aggressive, unless you’re a Palestinian. It’s worse than having to watch a quivering Amy Coney Barrett- who first lied under oath before plotting a Supreme Court coup-act as though she’s being picked upon!? Is this a Snowflake?? Or should I just call her “Fragile Blossom”?

QUESTION: Why were Jews like ABE ROSENTHAL immune to cancel culture?

ANSWER: Because the “Jewish Construct” created it.

NOTE: “Political Correctness”, from which cancel culture stems, is not DEI. The PC movement is based more upon flawed logic, selective racism, Jewish victimology tactics like blackballing people who call them out & lastly, identity politics which are forged along the way…… Just another Jewish, marketing scheme & psychological warfare!

VICTIMS OF THEIR OWN DESIGN: The NY Times is currently back-peddling by tearing down DEI and for no other reason than it no longer functions in terms of undermining the white mainstream by uplifting useful pawns (like indoctrinated youth) who can ensure an optimal level in terms of allowing Jewish Privilege, Jewish Supremacy, Jewish Victimology & Jewish Immunity to preside which has been allowed to go unregulated for way too long??

              Funny how Jews are whining despite the fact that they’re still being overrepresented & overheard. What does that tell you??? When was the last time you heard the Times pushing for Trans bathrooms OR critical race theory? It’s all about them right now…

Feel free to go fuck yourselves,


P.S.   Just a quick nod to Leon Black, Marc Rowan, Michael Milken, Bill Ackman, David Einhorn & Ken Griffin… Marc & Bill didn’t need to attend an Ivy League school to do what they do. They’re graduates of a whole other “school of life”, one that’s steeped in cronyism. On the other hand, Ken Griffin & the Ivy League are more “one-dimensional”, like the stuffy professor in the below clip, while Leon Black is the “Rodney Dangerfield- an Ivy League protagonist. It’s a shame that Leon’s school- Dartmouth- isn’t getting more coverage which is why I’m including them in this email.



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