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        This article is a quick scan… I’ve touched upon it a couple years ago when I started my website, but it has an all-new relevance. psychologist-breaks-down-the-phenomenon-of-dark-creativity/

       This dark triad of narcissism, psychopathy & Machiavellianism applies to Bill Ackman, Marc Rowan & Jonathan Greenblatt with the respective traits varying in each of them. David Einhorn walked the walk back in his hey-day, whereas Leon was like the Wizard of Oz hiding behind the curtain & never as reliant on faux, humanitarian, marketing schemes as are the others.

Past Forward: Munchausen Hero Homicide (Emotional – Narcissism)


          NONE OF THESE MEN WITH THEIR “HERO-HOMOCIDE” TACTICS HELP YOUR AVERAGE JEWISH PERSON. INSTEAD, THEY POLARIZE THE COUNTRY BY WHIPPING UP A FALSE HYSTERIA UNTIL MODERATES ARE FORCED TO TAKE SIDES (like having to choose between Trump & Biden)… This is how Bill “the Shill” Ackman made his bones….. Essentially, a bitchy, schoolgirl saboteur with “attention freak” issues. It’s too bad Harvard isn’t better at screening out narcissistic psychopaths as opposed to people with a few, shoddy annotations.

All Publicity is Good Publicity if You’re Bill Ackman – Deep Capture


          ACKMAN, ROWAN & GREENBLATT ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN TRUMP ON JANUARY 6TH or no different from a classmate of mine from high school who made black jokes to my best girlfriend, but weaponized them in his little, class speeches. This guy’s now head of some Jewish organization in Delaware.

           BOTTOM LINE:   Greenblatt, Rowan & Ackman posses ZERO empathy, ONLY a gaudy display of possessing it. They’re each other’s henchman in a game of faux, popularity contests & witch hunts in order to gain institutional control & forced overrepresentation…..It’s kinda hard to criticize DEI when this is their means to a dubious endgame

          DEI HAS ALWAYS HELPED JEWS, but now we have Jewish investors like Rowan who are complaining about being proportionately represented as Hispanics & Asians are filling the void following the student protests—God forbid!!  As for the black community, DEI has only been feasible for them due to investors with deep pockets whose sole intent was to weaponize a group of people that represents less than 1% of the nation’s wealth…… Payback time was supposed to be Gaza, blood money.

          See the below picture then write to the New York Times and request that they respectfully stop forcing a Holocaust Remembrance agenda upon “the other 98%”, INCLUDING the totally, “out of place”, Holocaust Memorial Museums, like the one located along the James River in Richmond, Virginia close to where blacks were literally sold down the river…REMIND ME AGAIN, WHO’S EXPLOITING DEI IN THIS PICTURE??? OR is it just Jewish privilege?

          I hope by now that readers understand why even as a child I never put on a slavish display of empathy in terms of the Holocaust– NOT due to hatred of Jews— but because I knew that they were weaponizing it in order to hold the mainstream’s head underwater. SUBSEQUENTLY, it left little mystery as to why it happened in the first place… It’s no different than berating 10-year-old, white kids into apologizing for slavery from 400 years ago. Essentially, they go after the kids because they can’t get to the adults.

BOTTOM LINE:   Jews have endangered our children and continue to serve as a conflict of national interest in need if regulation or containment. Nothing proves this more than Tony Blinken & Dana Bash who relentlessly attempt to fund a Nazi state while portraying it as being the “victim” in what resembles the skewed representation of “the wild Indian” as opposed to that of the “nobel savage” trope.

           THE DARK TRIAD:    THIS IS WHAT “SOCIAL ACTIVIST” SCAMS REALLY ARE!! LEARN HOW TO DIFFERENTIATE them from genuine altruism. Now take this dark triad then add it to an ingrained, “haggling” culture like that of the Jews.  SURPRISE!!!  You have the loud-mouthed Jew & their seedy, marketing schemes. I loved it on Ronco food dehydrators in the ’90’s, but I don’t like it on these guys OR on their asinine wives who peddle their overhyped snake-oil when they can be replaced by their own people in a heartbeat. The sword cuts both ways….. Rest In Peace, Ron Popeil!

mad TV Jewish salesman skit,vid:YYrdRs3H3GI,st:0

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