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Hello Ladies,

I’m inviting Brittany Henderson of Edwards Pottinger to the table regarding Leon Black & the exploitative, “covert” sexual predator Tom Gober, CFE. Ms. Henderson has recently been made aware of the website( which is where today’s email may wind-up then viewed by a jury of legal & financial peers. I like to do this when people fail to take accountability, but for now I apologize to Ms. Henderson for throwing this at her rather quickly.

Hello to Estrich Goldin, attorneys for Leon Black, as they may be the only people who can rectify my situation if the supposed “defenders of women’s rights” fail to act. In turn, I can rectify Leon’s dilemma in a very “lateral thinking” approach that I’ve been sitting on in the misbelief that David Einhorn would man-up & ultimately resolve his MetLife-Brighthouse dilemma by ensuring that the ACFE did its job by putting Tom Gober on a short leash. After all, MetLife– along with a handful of other top insurers– is why I got involved with Tom Gober in the first place, NOT Leon Black in particular AND certainly not to become such a confrontational figure.

Keep in mind, Tom Gober made his approach after 2 years of staring at me in Starbucks & when I was salvaging years of my life that had been stolen by an unethical shrew posing as an entertainment manager who had also tried to swindle my friend from Housewives of Dallas. Looking back at my roller coaster rides with hustlers & con artists, a person has to ask themselves, “Why doesn’t TRIXIE have anyone defending her while a bunch of moronic whores with ZERO evidence like Naomi Doe and Cheri Pierson do?…. This is a gross inequity that cannot be dismissed as “apples & oranges’.

Unfortunately, Jeanne Christensen of WIGDOR LAW & “champion of women’s rights” has decided that it’s more important for her to represent such shady & stupid grifter-whores who possess no real future other than to try and strike gold by accusing Leon Black of sexual assault without the need of any real evidence as opposed to Jeanne considering a woman with a brain who’s screaming at the top of her lungs regarding the CFE & secret weapon of Big Law who maintains his own version of an “R. Kelly” business model AND who has his finger on the detonate button of the world economy. REMEMBER, this is the CFE whose investigations led Warren Buffett to spill the beans on Hank Greenberg.

Meanwhile, the deceptively meek Gober wreaks havoc on the lives of private citizens in what one local attorney has described as, “Tom doesn’t fit any industry’s standards of ethics”. Nonetheless, this “unfit for service” CFE went right ahead and took the stand against Greg Lindberg while lying to his own attorneys regarding four years of his engagements with me WHICH INCLUDED these very same attorneys being promised to investors who were anxious to work with them and vice versa. NOTE: None of this is of any interest to Christy Crow of the Alabama State Bar as attorneys continue to allow this unfit witnesses to withhold from them NOR does David Boies display any empathy or accountability, only a god complex and a bimbo secretary who’s endangered my safety which is provable.


Unlike Leon Black’s accusers who actually received money, I was that struggling, single woman working on the same contingent basis as do attorneys like Dee Miles who took on cases like the AIG civil suit for Tom which earned Dee $400 million. Unlike Dee tho, I was forced to walk a tightrope in what has to be the most obscene case of labor exploitation ever heard of in the world of high finance, but I did so as I understood that the quicker I reached a seemingly, impossible finish line then the higher-ups, like Dee, could intervene on my behalf against this narcissistic CFE who was making it increasingly clear that he was to hold all the cards. Example, Tom’s constant dodging of contracts due to his “golden word” which was not for me to question, BUT if I did bring it up then he would pull the rug out from under almost 4 years of work. Ultimately, I had to go around Tom to Dee Miles after Tom pushed investors to break security compliance laws then abandoned his “golden word” to me. Dee was thrilled to get to work on the fruits of my labor with the promise that he would “talk Tom down”; but AGAIN, Tom Gober lied & withheld 4 years of our work together which included

Tom’s own nine-figure settlement attorneys w/Dee explicitly being promised to investors & lobbyists who were now talking to each other thanks to me.
*** You can see all this synopsized in “The Man Wall of Shame” along with the first video on the homepage of

What you read on this website is important as opposed to the unimportance of some full-of-shit, bikini-clad, faux “massage therapist” who paints herself as the naivete & desperate, single mother who screams rape yet comes unarmed with ZERO physical evidence AND who continues to return to the scene of the crime just like the bimbo, Naomi Doe, who returned 10 times with the bizarre excuse that she was mesmerized & seduced by wealth. Well, DUH!!!!! These women are trash who need to crawl back to the gutter where they come from because right now I have more sympathy for Jodie Foster in “The Accused” or for the black beauty queen in the Mike Tyson case who at the time was viewed with skepticism regarding her naivete, but at least she only went to his room one time!!!! If I were juror, I would maintain ZERO sympathy for LEON’S accusers as they have no right bringing these claims forth with no actual evidence NOR do they have any credibility.

I have all the evidence in the world hanging in plain site on the internet against Tom Gober AND in his own atrocious words, yet I can’t get these attorneys to stand up for me or for themselves NOR will the condescending, boy’s club at the ACFE do their job. Why these legal inconsistencies??? MEANWHILE, OVERGLORIFIED CHEAP TARTS ARMED WITH NOTHING MORE THAN INNUENDO RECEIVE SPECIAL TREATMENT ?? Conversely, no one vilifies Tom Gober, they only make me look like the psycho in what is effectively a case of reverse psychology & a media “sexploitation.”

BOTTOM LINE: Leon’s accusers are grifters who delude themselves by pretending that they were budding entrepreneurs with a skin care line so they can feel better about themselves OR they pretend that it’s normal to be paid $300 as an unlicensed masseuse while wearing a bikini. Cheri Pierson possesses a serious case of cognitive dissonance as she refuses to admit to herself that she took a swan dive into the world of prostitution & perhaps may be the only hooker on earth who’s never heard of a “happy ending”. Your average high school girl would run the other way at any of these men asking for private massages OR masturbating in front of them– VIRTUALLY NONE WOULD RETURN 4 TIMES– assuming it’s even true, so why should I accept anything less from an adult woman?

SIMPLE LOGIC: An admittedly, desperate woman who claims to have fallen for a transparent, “hook & reel” Ghislaine then accepted $5,000 at a bar from a wealthy, male patron to whom she agrees to give home massages in a bikini despite being unlicensed & unaffiliated. To conclude, this woman is either a hustler OR a prostitute. If Cheri had pulled a no-show, then she’s a hustler. When Cheri repeatedly shows up at the house, then she’s a prostitute. DON’T PRETEND OTHERWISE!! Then again, maybe Cheri’s still desperate & making shit up!

NOTE: This lack of accountability & glorification of the dregs of society mirrors the lunacy that took place in this country during the BLM riots when we witnessed semi-retarded, rabbel “protesting” on the front lawns of private citizens whose residents were then vilified by CNN for being gun-wielding, right wingers as the dumbfounded couple stared at an ocean of boneheads trespassing in their yard who believed it to be acceptable behavior because the gate latch was ajar. Sugar-coating these women & BLM rioters represents the dumbing of America, NOT a kinder & gentler nation.

The Adult Survivor’s Act has just provided new angles for bottom-dwellers to become glorified while people with real problems like myself are cast aside by opportunistic, trial attorneys who choose to weaponize feminism for a quick & easy buck. TOTALLY UNCONSCIONABLE !!! In reality, the ADULT SURVIVORS ACT should be reserved for those suffering from such things as childhood abuse; but instead, it attracts ANYONE who can construct stories dependent on the wealth of their Johns. Leon Black– as a sexual predator– is a case for the vice squad, NOT for high-end attorneys who lack any forensic evidence stored in police evidence rooms. All Wigdor Law & Edward Pottinger have is the “she said” of call girls who kept coming back for more WHICH CERTAINLY DOES NOT BESPEAK A VICTIM. My apologies to honest call girls as I dare say that they’re EVEN MORE disgusted by these accusers who attempt to play the “babe in the woods” routine. Will WIGDOR LAW & EDWARD POTTINGER be there for those call girls when they’re abused by a pimp or a John who lacks deep pockets.

BOTTOM LINE: Leon’s accusers do not qualify under Battered Women’s Syndrome, nor should the Adult Survivors Act be used as a loophole to violate a statute of limitations while serving as an open invitation to make false claims based upon ZERO physical evidence– EVIDENCE which should have been processed by police personnel who are now being cut out of the loop. These women are a slap in the face to the Me Too movement and not at all comparable to the starlets in the Harvey Weinstein case.

Representing a Ukrainian “model” who no doubt had Wigdor LAW on speed dial after being jilted as Leon Black’s Shiksa goddess OR representing a bikini-clad, faux “massage therapist” who chooses to meet someone outside the realm of a legitimate business enterprise is questionable & doesn’t seal any deal. No one is that naive!!! EVERYONE knows “private parties” mean either “bring your own partner” or “prostitutes on hand”. A Gentleman’s club is a legitimate operation, but not this. Cheri Pierson should have gone to a welfare line with the children she clearly was never ready to have OR taken to the safety of a strip club & sold her skin care on Etsy.

The hooker clients of WIGDOR LAW & POTTINGER LAW are idiots with no future looking for deep pockets and any lawyer who represents them does not appear to be a hero, but rather a storefront, ambulance-chaser telling their client to wear a neck brace in court & remember to cry on the stand. YOUR SKILLS ARE BETTER CRANKED UP IN ANOTHER CAPACITY & I WOULD LOVE TO TALK ABOUT THAT!

I look forward to an expedient response & a collaborative effort to turn this into an advantageous solution,

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