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If you’re dating David Einhorn then I’m sorry for bursting your bubble. If you aren’t dating David Einhorn, then simply pass this email along to everyone you know… I’ve added more pages to my website, but read through this letter first.

Incidentally, I’m working with some new people on filing a whistleblower complaint against David because simply put, DAVID EINHORN is a fraud who belongs in jail (along with Tom Gober) and I’ll work tirelessly to make sure that everybody in your Hampton Social Circle knows what a low-life David really is…..

In all honesty, David isn’t much more than someone with a bachelor’s degree in social studies who fell in with the right crowd who gave him a little inside information which he used to plunder a company and now he champions empathy….

BOTTOM LINE:    David’s the poster boy for Asperger’s Syndrome and I’m not the only one who sees it (ie Harry Markopoulos comes to mind). This means David has no empathy and he really can’t feel … So don’t take it the wrong way when I say that he’s really not that into you.. It’s not you, it’s him. See the picture I’m attaching to this email.

Here’s David’s 7-point, “clinical” checklist:

  1. You’re “age appropriate” & a “respectable choice”. DAVID prefers to be with a woman who he feels is “in his league”. Meanwhile, he’ll keep somebody else at a distance… Feel free to read the chapter labeled “JENN HOOS ROTHBERG & SHADY DAVE”
  2. You’re the same socio-educational background
  3. You’re Not Morbidly Obese
  4. Hamptons Social Circle, Dave is a social climber
  5. You’re wealthy
  6. You’re Jewish
  7. You don’t look all that Jewish… He needed a break from it after his ex-wife.

Anyway, I’m sure you think David comes across as sweet, lovable and boyish and his awkward qualities seem adorable, but don’t confuse it with trustworthy & relationship material. He’s a con artist who’s very social climbing in terms of how he treats people.  Read my letter to Naomi Einhorn which can be found in the click down menu bar in the right hand corner.

Then go to the GALLERY OF EVIDENCE and read about David yelling and screaming for me to give him something new, and rushing me to speak and cough up some inside information from a CFE I had been working with because David saw me as a weak link and didn’t give a SHIT that he caused a rift between me and the CFE.

HUGE POINT:      Never forget that David has a history of financially supporting & elevating trash when it comes to women, but you are the exception.. you are legitimate…. I would go to the website and read the chapter labeled “Fraud is David’s constant companion” and again the shady Dave chapter with Jenn… David’s ex-wife has no business teaching at the University level, only Junior colleges.. she’s not qualified to teach stock selection courses and her books are compared to “Hooked on Phonics”.

OR Jenn HOOS Rothberg, who was practically fresh out of college with only some intern experience in grant writing & Fundraising, was assigned as president of a billionaire’s non-profit from day one… You know how shady that is, I KNOW I DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN THAT!!! Maybe you can find out why anyone would do that and don’t buy some fat housewife answer from David..

Ask yourself how this man can rapidly pursue Allied CAPITAL for 8 years and go after GM, but he can’t make a complaint letter to the ACFE about Tom Gober, or contact some of the attorneys involved OR CALL OUT BRIGHT HOUSE FINANCIAL, especially when I would have geared it to his advantage…. Obviously, I wasn’t just trusting in myself. I was trusting the biggest names in the country who validated me.

I suggest you all read the letter that’s going out tomorrow as it’s already posted in the table of contents which you will find in the click down menu bar in the right hand corner. And of course I recommend that Nathalie watch the two videos on the homepage. Don’t be surprised to see this letter to be the next edition on the website along with some pictures for visual purposes.

David knows that a cease & desist order isn’t going to work.. If anything, it’s an admission of his own guilt.. JUST look at the lobbyist who was formerly attached to what was supposed to be a major campaign you were supposed to have heard about before the break of the pandemic.. His career is dust and I’ll make sure David ends up commiserating with him. Wouldn’t it be sad to see Tom Gober be the one to wind up on top?

I apologize for any embarrassment that posting this letter on the website may cause, but I hope you then understand what you’re dealing with. David won’t help me help himself or his investors or you… He’s only about the glory.

David QUEERHORN is a pathetic excuse for a man. He needs to cut off his dick and flush it down the toilet where turds go or better yet, the garbage disposal.

UPDATE: …. I’m tired of being nice….

When viewers read under “ULTIMATUM” that David Faghorn now wastes time better devoted to investor interests with a “B-list socialite, Nathalie Kaplan, who’s trying to land herself a divorcee before she loses what’s left of her looks…..But at least she’s the one woman Dave hasn’t had to falsely inflate, but maybe fruitcup David should just stick to inflatable women….”  I really wasn’t kidding!!

Luckily, she’s into non-profits so Nathalie can  help divert more misdirected funds to David’s monument to Insanity in which he espouses to be the “Great God of Empathy” instead of worrying about the insolvency of his second major holding.. Is this Ivar Krueger, the “Matchbox King”??

Anyway, I’m looking at this picture and it appears to me that David is posing for his prom pictures with his grandmother. I can’t help but think of the “Golden Girls” theme song…

David, you’re a socially awkward guy who’s now a middle-aged divorcee over 50 which is perfect for a woman who has spent her life being around money, but not necessarily a part of it, just connecting it…

If you genuinely care about this woman or respect her and respect your investors then you’re going to pick up the phone– or at least have Dan Roitman pick up the phone– and call me, but Dave can call Tom and commiserate about me calling BOTH of you pathetic, crooked limpdick losers OR just Dave, the closeted queer & washed-up investor with man boobs.

If David doesn’t do this then that should tell Nathalie almost everything she needs to know about you.. I want her to remember that Dave Einhorn will spend 8 years going after Allied Capital based on some inside information, not his own acumen OR badgering GM but he won’t go after a malignant wimp of a CFE on a power kick who wanted to give him GM pension angles and me who wanted to make him a Brighthouse Financial board member along with Dee Miles attorney who landed a $400 million dollar settlement on the AIG civil suit thanks to Tom and who wanted to talk to David about the same.

You know what really amazes me about David??? He has got to be the only man I’ve ever seen with money who doesn’t look like pure shit yet sticks his dick in unattractive women? I feel like I’m watching “Shallow Hal”!

I wanna order Dave a call girl to service him at BROKEN TAILLIGHT, but I wouldn’t have to if Jenn Hoos Rothberg were doing her job?

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