Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

Tom Gober is Stalking Me



EVERYONE, see the picture attached to this email. It features what appears to be a “truck-stop” bouquet of flowers tied together with a crappy string & accompanied w/a piece of crumpled-up, notebook paper that has my name & an address written on it…… Some of the attorneys in this email may recognize the handwriting?!?!?


BOTTOM LINE:  I now have a stalker at my brand new & highly-classified address which absolutely no one should have except for the DMV and they’ve only had it for a month— even my family isn’t sure of the room number, just the building or the cul-de-sac….. (I knew I shouldn’t have gotten a new driver’s license!!)

NOTE:  I don’t receive mail at this temporary address, only at my PO box and most of my packages are sent to my father’s address under his name. One cannot find this address in a casual search of my name… Maybe one could find it if they had access to DMV records OR through an search, but my membership has run out so I haven’t tried….

Even weirder still is that I’m not even physically at the apartment in order to attract any “neighborhood eyes” which is exactly why my property manager had to call me when some strange, boy-drifter posing as a delivery boy attempted to gain access to the 8th floor to deliver this sorry-ass excuse for a bouquet with no card attached as to who the sender was, just my name & unlisted address on some crummy scrap paper.

My property manager described him as a young, white kid wearing a COVID mask with nothing for her to sign NOR did he have any brochures from the florist, just a claim that the flowers came from CM Bloomers when asked. This was a lie as we both searched that company and found it to be located only in Brunswick, Maryland which clearly indicates that this kid (VCU-related) is from that area and simply reached for a familiar name when pressed…… Furthermore, no professional florist would sell such an unacceptable bouquet!

NOTE TO ATTORNEYS :  This is the crux in which one has to ask, “who enlisted this goofball kid”?

….. So let’s go through the minuscule list of suspects while understanding that the probability of the handwriting belonging to that of the “anonymous” stalker is overwhelming. Ask yourselves, why would a befuddled delivery boy leave behind a scrap of paper with my name & address on it if he had jotted it down himself?….

I’m not here to kill the messenger, just to reveal the stalker which is pretty much  a given:

  • It’s NOT Geoff McDonald of Geoff McDonald & Associates of Richmond, Virginia:. Geoff McDonald would be direct & professional if he chose to serve me with any papers, though his judgment would be questionable. If Geoff’s smart enough & connected enough to find me, then he wouldn’t screw it up with such a sloppy & low-brow approach– that would be Tom Gober… but wait for it!
  • A Private Investigator: Same thing as Geoff McDonald…
  • David Einhorn & Leon Black have too much of a god complex to give a shit about finding me!
  • Goofball Admirer:. This is not a secret admirer. I have no acquaintances NOR any neighbors who “check all the boxes”. By boxes, I mean this approach is creepy & totally lacking in finesse, BUT this person is also smart enough & motivated enough to find me. This person is then calculating enough to pursue a “facial” confirmation that he found me by setting into motion an asinine ploy involving shoddy flowers & a shady delivery boy who possessed ZERO info on the sender OR on the floral shop. Finally, this STALKER is either unaware as to the obscurity & newness of my address which only served to give this person away….. OR it’s a message to let me know that I’ve been found!


         No secret admirer wants the target of their affections to feel like they’re starring in a re-run of “CRIMINAL MINDS”…..So why go to the extreme of locating me yet not leave me a sealed message at the desk— unless the real message was more than just a front-door confirmation. Why the need to see me? Was this a “test run” for something more toxic & intrusive being that there’s an obvious need to get in my face like a gangster, not like that of someone well within their rights.


  • Tom Gober— Brilliant Investigator, but Bonehead Strategist:.  I want to take a moment to thank that dried-up hag– Linda Carlson– secretary to David Boise, for deciding to use her complete indiscretion in forwarding my emails intended for Mr. Boise instead to Tom Gober after which point the uppity, Noodlehead bragged to me about it… That was just a few weeks ago and we are now here discussing Stalker Tom. AGAIN, walk into your nearest Starbucks and just hire a replacement— NOW!


Bottom Line: Tom does nothing but investigative work in which he furtively pulls figures out of his butt like $6 ½ billion dollars in liabilities  marked as assets at Brighthouse Financial, then simply throw it on proverbial wood pile next to that of his old MBIA findings.  For someone as smart as TOM, he’ll always reach for nonsensical, “bargain basement” &  boneheaded approaches which make me wonder if perhaps he dropped too much acid in the ’70’s …


This “smart then dumb” Achille’s heel is why the lobbyist called me Tom’s handler AND why there’s no doubt that Tom would prey upon some young, vulnerable college kid to deliver that crapola bouquet to me. I mean, what do you say about a guy who thinks he has a ”killer” idea in terms of including a “Dirty Reinsurer Jigsaw Puzzle” into the sleeve of a book which I never signed up to write NOR am I getting paid NOR will it ever sell NOR can I talk basic marketing…. Only David Einhorn could like the idea of a Dirty, Big Insurer jigsaw puzzle!!


Better still, what does one say about a guy who uses his 93-year-old, mentor’s blog as his model in terms of exposing big insurer fraud to the world which would enable Tom to then “change the system” once he became an internet sensation.

……. (One can view that email online “ This is how I plan on telling the world”).

Tom has no right to stalk me. He can call me, text me, email me or honor his stupid golden word by contacting his attorneys and coming clean.  Tom needs professional help, not knowledge of my whereabouts which he failed to retrieve as I’m there on paper, not in person.

……If Tom thought he could intimidate me with this “calling card” then I answered right back with an email to Judge Max Cogburn and to Kerry Prector of the American Journal of Retirement Income along with about a dozen others…. But that email was “damage control” due to the fact that the faux delivery boy instilled fear in my property manager & for the safety of her residents. Obviously, there is the possibility that this stalker may try to follow another resident in by pretending he’s there to see someone else at night. Luckily, there are some cameras; but nonetheless, this email is proof that something needs to be done at this point.

I did NOT bring this on myself. We all know this wouldn’t be happening if Tom’s attorney network– AND the ACFE in particular– had assumed their share of accountability.  John Warren, Joseph T. Wells & Jacob Parks of the ACFE all belong behind bars. Apparently, the word of a Security Compliance Officer who described Tom as “off the rails” OR the disgust of a long-term, journalist colleague from The New York Times offered ZERO validity to the ACFE boy’s club as they simply reinvented facts & evidence posted in plain view into that of “opinions”.……

My website is not a violation of any person’s character NOR would me going to Tom’s home to confront him with his obligations be comparable to a stalker; but rather, a citizen’s arrest. If something happens to me, then that’s on you people and the website stays with ongoing updates. If you can represent Elizabeth Holmes, why can’t anyone go after one malignant wimp on a power kick like Tom Gober?!

As the lobbyist once said, Tom keeps people on shaky ground…He sits on a pot of gold and doesn’t want to share… It makes more sense in the mind of Tom to stay holed-up in his woodworking shed where he can nurse his persecution complex while hiding behind some stupid, bottom-dwelling hag— Tom’s wife, Amy, not Linda Carlsen.

Meanwhile, I report Tom along with his $430B massive, unreported fraud discovery to the schysters at the ACFE who pretend to not see facts & evidence of fraud hiding in plain sight on the internet in terms of BOTH big insurer fraud schemes AND in terms of Tom’s storefront hustle on private citizens. It doesn’t phase them that they should have been hearing all about this mothernest of corporate fraud just before the break of the pandemic.

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