Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud




Hello David Einhorn, EstrichGolden Attorneys for Leon Black & Greg Lindbergh, Tom Gober’s Attorneys, Judge Max Cogburn of The Greg Lindberg case, Brighthouse Financial Investors, journalist Sonali Basak from Bloomberg…… Cornell professors can listen in as can Jeffrey Talpins who dumped Brighthouse Financial and more investors I’ve invited,

There are 6 new pages posted on David Einhorn’s rogue website which includes this letter and a few voice-overs…

  1. Letter to Naomi Einhorn
  2. ACFE Ethics Complaint re: Tom Gober
  3. Letter to Greenlight & DME Capital Employees
  4. “Unconscionable”:. A New Netflix Series
  5. The Ultimatum
  6. Nathalie Kaplan

For those of you new to my emails, understand that David Einhorn & Tom Gober are undermining their investors or policyholders. I’m sure that all of you are intuitive enough to know that what is on this website especially under “evidence of insurer fraud” are samples….

Start on the homepage and watch the two videos. Then go to the menu bar in the right hand corner and you can look at:

Evidence of Big Insurer Fraud 

* The Man Wall of Shame….. which continues to grow

* Unethical, abusive exploitative behavior of Tom GOBER, UNFIT EXPERT WITNESS.

* Read the letters sent to Tom Gober’s attorney, Dee Miles, who settled the $400 million suit with AIG.

EstrichGoldin, attorneys for Leon Black & Greg Lindbergh’s…..THAT NEEDS MY VOICEOVER!

* Letter to Naomi Einhorn, Dave’s oldest child.

* Letter to Natalie Kaplan who some of you probably know from the Hampton Social circles….

Some chapters are financial findings of fraud. Others are a detailed walk behind the scenes with David Einhorn, Tom Gober and what abusive & exploitative scheisters they both really are. Another chapter is a construction of their strange indulgences as both men view themselves as angels and create monuments to it. In reality, these low-lifes create deleterious effects on society as they simultaneously claim to be lone crusaders of it. IN OTHER WORDS:  THEY’RE JUDGMENT & THEIR INTEGRITY SUCKS!!!

Feel free to read my ethics complaint on Tom Gober and if anybody disagrees with these  facts and evidence, then you’re guilty of gangster tactics. Meanwhile, David needs to be hit with whistleblower charges which I’m working on. This has made for strange bedfellows….

Cornell professors really need to sit in on a meeting of the minds with Big Investors, Big Law & Big Lobbyist as Cornell benefactor, David Einhorn, proves his GAAP theories on BrightHouse Financial regarding their reason for being undervalued.. Clearly, Brighthouse Financial marking $6.5 billion in liabilities as assets did not dissuade or impress him.

……That’s $6.5B in proof, not theory!! And to answer the question that’s on all the minds of all the Cornell professors— “YES”, the presidents of your school know all about this and do nothing except to forward my email to Lori Laughlin just to taunt her.

HAS ANYONE SPOKEN TO THAT PIECE OF SHIT TOM GOBER?? If that limpdick loser wants to get a cease & desist order on me, then I’ll return it wrapped around a corn cob turd. After all, what kind of a dipshit attorney would represent Tom in this matter:  Stupid or Greedy & Desperate.

Tom is too cheap to pay for a lawyer and if he did, then that money should be going to me. If Tom promises them “watershed” moments, then good luck to these attorneys either in terms of dealing with Tom’s evasive, tactics OR in terms of ME informing a legal ethics board on them then putting this asshat attorney on display for my website viewers to behold.

Three minor points

  1. David Boies cannot deny accountability of these “Tom Gober” emails due to the fact that his half-witted secretary, Linda, decided to dispatch her infinite wisdom by leaving a paper trail via the acknowledgment of the emails by sparring with me. “Chicken hawk” Linda needs to go back to Facebook while a deserving barista at Starbucks could easily replace her.
  2. How much Jewish back-scratching are we going to allow to continue? I ask this because I think there are a lot more normal ones out there who look at David Einhorn as a dweeb who deserves what he’s getting right now from me and that Leon Black is an embarrassment to all.
  3. David Einhorn disregards what goes on in his own backyard then tends to things that don’t matter or that appeal to his ego. The latest is a “B” List socialite looking to land a well-to-do divorcee before she totally loses what’s left of her looks. Of course, David’s too stupid to see this probably because she’s the first woman he’s never had to falsely inflate…… Personally, I think David should stick with inflatable women..

Final thought…….. Think of Tom as the guy who goes to a Wedding Planner to arrange for a “garden party” wedding along with a customized payment plan. A month later, “Window Shopping” Tom refuses to solidify or approve the plan by telling the wedding planner, “every time you push me one way, I go the other”, (as Tom had told me) even though EVERYTHING matches his specifications and it’s what you are there for. Next, those investors who were supposed to pay the first installment check are withheld from the wedding planner and left in the dark themselves. If you try to defend yourself, Tom’s resistance & irrationality snowballs to the point of ultimately forgetting that he engaged you for this very task with his declared intent in writing OR he is affectedly admitting that he was acting under false pretenses in the first place.  If it’s the latter, then we have a deranged “problem personality” on our hands and it’s probably serial.


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