Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud

Unconscionable…A Netflix Series



*****New Netflix series: The Hedge Fund Manager, the Wall Street Legend******

           He ran a cult of empathy, tried to buy a baseball team, developed a poker affectation…. On the surface, the public saw this awkward, quirky schoolboy trotting about town with a “lesbionic”, Rhea Pearlman muppet named Cheryl.

         Together, this toast of the town duo made the perfect avant-garde, gender “non-binary” power couple. David, the hottest Wall Street hedge fund manager and Cheryl, the dime-a-dozen female entrepreneur armed with a juvenile, “self-help” management angle & a cheesy, podcast seminar.

….. But beneath the humble exterior lurked a dark side:    aloof & dismissive, withholding & desperate, ego before ethics….

       More cracks appeared in the blessed life of the socially awkward, golden boy as his feet couldn’t find solid ground… He failed to see all the angles he used to see. Meanwhile, “Rainman” finally got the balls to file for a divorce. That was the easy part, the tough part was parting with half his net worth.

        Now, with no dysfunctional anchor in his life, he turned to his other house of cards– a falsely-inflated hedge fund with 2 dirty secrets: an Insolvent major holding AND the fact that he was capable of turning it into the biggest value investment of his career.

        Instead, Shady Dave focused on his equally shady, non-profit built on dirty favors & altruistic narcissism, the EINHORN COLLABORATIVE.

        Dave, wasn’t the Golden Jew anymore. The tribe eventually threw his ass over quicker than that of Harvey Weinstein’s. For a while, it was the only thing saving his ass in the press, but once the Brighthouse & Gober Problem became real then so did Dave’s withholding.

Part two of the continuing saga:    Tom “Brokeback” Gober, CFE:  “God’s Accountant” or “Preacher of $tarbucks”


  • DISCLAIMER: I’ve NEVER asked David Einhorn for money. The only thing I’ve ever asked of him was to (A.) Be open to speaking to Tom’s attorneys regarding your options in terms of pioneering a new path….AND (B.) be forthcoming in terms of helping me take down an unconscionable grifter whose immoral actions CANNOT be tolerated by society NOR should I have to shoulder the financial devastation a snake oil salesmen like Tom Gober has created in my life. “ Empathy” Einhorn showed more concerned about picking me dry for anything he can get from the “Tom vault” just as long as it doesn’t include exposing the fact that he’s concealing the insolvency of his second major holding NOR does he give a shit that supposedly defending him cost me my relationship with Tom ALL THE WHILE myopic David could have gotten everything he ever wanted from an intractable Tom if he didn’t have such a belligerent mouth.

……Michele Celarier’s article comes to comes to mind…. yq/What-Exactly-Happened-to-David-Einhorn

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