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THIS IS HOW ROBERTA KAPLAN & THE DRIED-UP, WHORE ON THE MAKE, E. JEAN CARROLL WORK: In case everyone is unaware, E. Jean Carroll was nothing more than an advice columnist for a woman’s magazine at the time she accosted a high-profile billionaire at Bergdorf Goodman and volunteered to be his impromptu, lingerie model.

ABSOLUTELY NO professional woman does this NOR does it matter if Trump asked first. What advice would this hair- brained & desiccated, piece of pussy give to her former readers in a situation like this? If E. Jean Carroll weren’t as stupid & her motives as transparent, she would have told her loser readers to cut the crap because she has people with real problems to get to.

BOTTOM LINE:     E. Jean Carroll’s actions were the equivalent of inviting a man up for drinks who you’ve been out with on a few dates and who’s been told “nobody’s home”……. Regardless, not only did Trump not rape or assault this neurotic hag, but there’s ZERO evidence, only a careful story which some disgruntled opportunistic, half-witted, old tart with a bruised ego came up with AND at times has convinced herself of. This is a woman in need of attention & excuses in life, nothing more. Unfortunately for E. Jean, NATURE’S CREDIT CARD wasn’t gonna work on Trump in the same way it helped the pencil neck Lizzy Jean to land her faux job as an advice columnist. THIS WAS TRUMP’S ONLY TRUE OFFENSE! It sounds like Trump treated the jilted E.Jean exactly as she deserved to be treated.

Let’s face it, advice columnist is code for “getting paid for doing absolutely nothing”. It’s the equivalent of responding to three emails a day with a paragraph each. The only woman who gets these jobs in a place like New York are either inheritors of Jewish, back-scratching OR a white whore for the Jews like the half-witted Savannah Guthrie. The moment I saw Savannah interviewing Trump, I considered how a ditz straight out of the movie “White Chicks” could be interviewing Trump. I merely confirmed what I instinctively knew by googling her husband who was by no coincidence a well-connected Jew. This is how things get done!  So who did E. jean Carroll blow for that dipshit advice columnist job.

**** Trump was right!!. This is definitely not his type!! Unless he’s going for a cheap thrill….E jean is definitely the girl who knows she has to put out, NOT the trophy wife.


Too many women have lived through a lot more than getting groped against a wall (and even this isn’t provable), but “Elizabeth Jean” has used this as an excuse for not being able to cope in life which has consequently caused her to fall short of her senior care needs which doesn’t cost $5 million. I think we need to take E.Jean’s settlements and start a foundation for victims who actually have proof, but whose perpetrators lack the deep pockets. DONALD TRUMP may even be willing to go along with this arrangement based on principal alone, but would shysters like the gawky E. Jean & the troll-like Roberta Kaplan??? No doubt Roberta Kaplan would resent her Jewish, marketing scheme backfiring in her face as it has with Bill Ackman regarding his complaints with DEI whose origins are rooted in Jewish victimology agendas. Makes you wonder who the better man really is??


    I invite the store-front hustler, Roberta Kaplan, along with the dried-up, twat—E. Jean Carroll— to go ahead and sue me for defamation because she’ll be very hard-up disproving what is true OR going against freedom of speech a second time around. If Roberta has turned a blind eye to  $430 billion, “JewBoy” fraud schemes & a sleazy CFE for whom the boy’s club over at the ACFE have chosen to ignore in favor of reinventing some humiliated, geriatric bimbo with egg in her face & a revenge agenda, then I want Alina Habba or Marc Kasowitz to counter sue both your asses for the dangerous precedence you’ve set. BUT THEY WON’T BECAUSE JEWISH CORPORATE FRAUD FUNDS JEWISH TERRORISM.

Ms. Kaplan & manipulators like E. Jean are the sort of women who I’ve fallen victim to long before the ME TOO MOVEMENT ever began. I’ve faced more male cronyism than I have sexual harassment from them, but nothing is worse than female cronyism which is never very “all-encompassing”. E. Jean & Roberta are NOT activists, they’re simply con artists working a Jewish-activist, marketing scheme for the benefit of nobody but themselves AND for which Elizabeth Jean has found herself to be a useful pawn. I say put their heads on a stick and march them through Times Square.

NOTE:     Filth like E. JEAN & ROBERTA are the impetus for such things as the capital riot even more than that of Donald Trump.  The reach of their “social activist” schemes are simply more insidious & cloaked than any Boston Bomber hiding from the police.

ME TOO MY WHITE ASS:     Women like Roberta Kaplan are elitists who would never talk to E. Jean in real life anymore than David Boies would have spoken to Virginia Guiffre. Meanwhile, E. Jean types don’t want women around who are better than they are as her ilk guards the shady tactics which they apply, kinda’ like dropping trow in a deserted dressing room for strange billionaires who you approach in the lingerie section of Bergdorf Goodman.

BUT NOWADAYS: Dried up, dumpy-looking birds of a feather flock & conspire together. You look at these two women who have abused and misused to meet you movement and then you wonder why we have capital riots which they only turn to their advantage with some “hero-homicide”, activist, marketing scheme. I dare say that people like Roberta & E. Jean need to have their heads on a stick and paraded through Times Square.

QUESTION: Do I have to be a “matronly bitch” in a suit OR a “fake-ass bitch” (E. Jean) in order to get any sympathy around here?? Forget sympathy!! I’m the only one in this fucked-up picture who actually has a real complaint AND ACTUAL PROOF such as the biggest, white-collar, fraud scheme of all time from working with a CFE who has his finger on the button of the world economy & who suppresses fraud after running his own version of an R. Kelly business model on me. I LITERALLY have to be the unluckiest person on the planet, kind of like Rebecca Howe from “Cheers”!!


NEWSFLASH! ROBERTA KAPLAN– and possibly Judge Kaplan who I’ve attempted to reach in the past– ARE AWARE OF THIS WHOLE BRIGHTHOUSE FINANCIAL APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT BLOWOUT, YET DO NOTHING!! If they choose to act, what are the chances of me being cut out?. They’ll give all their fellow hymies a slap on the wrist, spin-doctor the situation and take all the credit AND all the settlement money which essentially means smoke ‘n mirrors & kickbacks kept within Jewish, deep pockets which are continually funneled back to Jewish marketing schemes. All Leon had to pay was $62.5 million to a bunch of bimbos while his real problems are deflected.

LEGAL QUESTION: How is it even legal to sue a man for defamation just for claiming his innocence OR the fact that he doesn’t even recognize the claimant NOR does he find attractive some ugly, cheap hustler who promised to get naked for him in a dressing room so he could get a better idea of what the scraps of clothing would look like on his wife??  E. Jean wasn’t on a Brazilian beach (context, PLEASE!), she was in a back room alone with a man E.Jean didn’t even know and for whom she volunteered to try on G-strings & bras for no other reason than the fact that he was a recognizable billionaire.

BOTTOM LINE:     If E. JEAN is a woman giving advice for a living, than her publishers need to be sued. In the meantime, I can’t think of anybody who deserves to be raped & thrown into a garbage can more than this low-life cunt & attention freak, E.Jean, who touts a revenge agenda for being treated like the trash that she is– AGAIN, IF IT EVEN HAPPENED…If it did happen, then EJC can’t pretend that she wasn’t hoping he’d take the bait while expecting to get more out of it. There need to be laws to prevent  people like her from calling themselves, “activists”.

On a final note, I’m no E. Jean Carroll, but my best advice for Trump would be to stay out of the limelight, disown anything that came out of Ivana or Ivanka, spend more time with Tiffany & Barron, give Melania her space then go to your country club bar and complain to anyone who will listen.

Marc Kasowitz & Alina Habba can feel free to pass this one along to Trump & discuss amongst yourselves….And for the record, I strongly regret not “casing” Bergdorf Goodman when I was in New York back in November and staying close by as I had intended to pay homage to the dressing room while investigating the store security, but I’m sure the setup has changed significantly since then. Perhaps there’s a sign there that reads “NO HAG GROPING PERMITTED ON PREMISES”

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