Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud




****BOTTOM LINE:     There’s no college on Earth capable of dictating OR controlling personal beliefs & dialogues between friends, families & acquaintances NOR do we want that in our lives.

During Tuesday’s House hearing, Magill, along with the presidents of Harvard and MIT, did not explicitly say that calling for the genocide of Jews would necessarily violate their code of conduct on bullying or harassment. Instead, they explained it would depend on the circumstances and conduct.”

      Liz Magill is absolutely correct & rationale when she states that it would “depend on the circumstances & conduct”… Meaning that if students & faculty were getting physical OR making direct threats, then taking measures would be deemed necessary AND I believe that these are similar rules which any officer of the law is bound to before making an arrest on a suspect. DUHHHH!!!!!

Antisemitic speech when it crosses into conduct that amounts to bullying, harassment, intimidation – that is actionable conduct, and we do take action,” Gay said.

QUESTION:   How on earth could any lawyer disagree with this statement unless it’s a Jewish attorney attempting to bend the law for themselves?,to%20get%20others%20to%20change

Fruit of a Poisonous Tree:   FINANCIAL CRIMINALS, Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman DO NOT FIT any industry’s standards of ethics & are FAR more destructive to society than a few student protesters taking up a legitimate cause despite being hindered by two crooks who would have been given the electric chair in a normal country OR at least banned from the financial service industries.

G.O.A.T.:  THE Biggest White Collar Fraud Scheme Of All Time:     Marc Rowan’s collusion with Leon Black in a $430 billion reinsurance fraud scheme AND Bill Ackman’s collusion to drive companies into the ground through the use of dishonest, marketing schemes are the tools of the trade now being harnessed against Liz MaGill and Claudine Gay due to their her refusal to serve as a gopher for these wanna-be gangsters who expect them to axe students at their behest for no other reason then they were protesting genocide. Unfortunately, these students are being vilified along with the president of the university with the use of fake victimology agenda that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PROTECTING JEWISH STUDENTS, BUT IT DOES HAVE EVERYTHING TO DO WITH BLOOD MONEY.

MORE RUSES Now Claudine Gay is facing trumped-up accusations in terms of how she got the job which ranks right up there with the alt-right delusions that Biden stole the presidency no thanks to the misguided attempt of the “right” seeking to avenge itself against the “left”.  (See pg.4 & pg. 10)

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        Rowan & Ackman have effectively “staged the scene” to INCITE VIOLENCE. This is accomplished every time they play the victim as it’s a “maddening tactic” used to tune-out valid complaints regarding a Nazi state which these investors openly support even as a Holocaust agenda is shoved down everyone’s throat for required reading. BOTTOM LINE: These bullshit artists should be on the hook for defamation, bullying, fraud & blackmail.

*****(Skip to paragraph #9 to read more about Bill’s schemes. In fact, Google “Bill Ackman deep capture”. I can’t tell these guys apart from the Purple Gang which includes that hack journalist. Jesse Eisinger!).

      Likewise, Harvey Silverglate’s APATHY towards this investor-lead, skewed campaign & to the threats made against students by Bill Ackman in terms of destroying their professional futures doesn’t phase Harvey whose apathy is far more damning than what he’s accused Claudine Gay of NOT doing.

         Last but not least, the Jewish alumni are trying to call the shots whether it be aimed at Ken Griffin OR towards Harvard despite no physical having come to them, yet I was portrayed as a villain for taking down a black lives matter sign off of the front lawn as they have actually committed violence & encouraged destruction of public buildings.

IGNORE THE YELLOW JOURNALISM: These students are NOT leftists, they are moderates and student protesters are not calling for the genocide of Jews.

THE ART OF THE JEWISH, MARKETING SCHEME:    The only way fiction can become fact OR that passive-aggressive methods of financial OR social terrorism can be legitimized is through the use of repetitious & high-profile, marketing schemes similar to those employed by (A.) PROVABLE YET IGNORED, corporate criminals like Marc Rowan or Bill Ackman OR (B.)  Carping, Jewish supremacists with a victimology ruse like that of X’s Gad Saad who have made marketing schemes into an art form by creating a pseudoscience out of manipulating customer psychology AND (C.) most definitely utilized by CNN’s Dana Bash who skirts the core facts which she sweeps under the rug OR perhaps has no real grasp of as most Ashkenazi Jews do not understand that they are Middle Easterners who entered Europe as hagglers unhindered by the Catholic church as they always seem to claim the opposite despite profiting from the limitations which the church placed on its own native people in Europe who lived as serfs under the top 1%— kind of like Putin!….(these Jewish marketing schemes are described in my LETTER TO HARVARD & UPENN)

BACK TO HARVARD & U PENN:       If colleges were legally obliged to vet students on the basis of their belief in genocide of a particular group, then Jews would not be allowed on any college campus except their own. Perhaps this is why these billionaire Jews want exclusive control over who’s placed in charge and they accomplish this feat thru their use of excessive bribes which they call “donations” thereby allowing these miscreants to effectively make these schools into “their own”.

           But more to the point, I’ve never met an Ashkenazi Jew who doesn’t believe in the extermination OR marginalization of Palestinians NOR are there many Ashkenazi Jews even capable of being honest & factual in terms of admitting that not only are Palestinians Semites BUT that Ashkenazi Jews are the most anti-Semitic people on the planet both towards Arabs and to anyone who embarrasses them by looking too Jewish. Jews are not the target of “hate groups”, they are the “hate group”!

            GENOCIDE IS NEVER a left-wing movement.  AGAIN, the right-wing, Jewish supremacist always comes cloaked in a liberal wrapper. In America, the Jewish media has indoctrinated America’s youth to hate white people, to humor transsexuals & to pretend that Black Lives Matter isn’t a terrorist organization. Therefore, why shouldn’t Palestinian lives matter as well? Even BLM pulled a page out of Jewish victimology agenda by making the name of their organization inextricable from the sentiment which mirrors the Jewish ploy of “disagree with me, you’re anti-Semitic?”


           The worst financial terrorists of our time have the gall to assume financial control of schools like Harvard & UPenn by via their use of a well-orchestrated, victimology ruse featuring (i.) A bunch of sniveling & melodramatic Jewish students who create situations where none exist (ii.)  Next, faux-indignant, Jewish attorneys then (iii.) A shyster like Bill Ackman, faux “activist-investor”, who’s accustomed to colluding in Jewish marketing schemes. Even Marc Rowan calls up his Jewish journalist cohorts at Bloomberg to pitch his threats to UPenn. THIS IS A HOSTILE TAKEOVER & AN ABUSE OF POWER INTENDED TO KEEP THE MAINSTREAM UNDER THEIR THUMB—— LIVE & IN YELLOW JOURNALISM!!……..MEANWHILE, no one will interview me OR compel performance from Tom Gober, CFE, in regards to MARC ROWAN who serves as the “bag man” for a $430 billion fraud scheme at Apollo Global Management.

KROLL INVESTIGATIONS……Hank Greenberg, Here I Come!!! – Daveeinhorn


NEWSFLASH!   Marc Rowan has no qualms when it comes to carrying out a $430 billion fraud scheme among 45 US insurers alone in order to transform their company, APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT, into “the mother nest of corporate fraud” (Marc Rowan) NOR does BILL ACKMAN have any problem with colluding in PR-driven, marketing schemes to drive companies into the ground for his own gain.

             THUS why the hell would anyone think for one second that lowlifes, like Marc Rowan, “bag man for Leon Black” OR mediocre Bill Ackman, would have any problems pulling the same sort of scam on university presidents when stealing from one hand to give to another is there stock-in-trade. Why else vilify college campuses for having a Palestinian festival in order to offset a lack of knowledge in terms of a group of people who have no voice in a country like the U.S. wherein the faux-liberal, Jewish media uplifts & sugarcoats EVERYONE EXCEPT FOR PALESTINIANS & WHITE SOUTHERNERS.?

Bill Ackman & Mark Rowan versus Roman Abramovich……One and the Same!!   

          Now we have Roman Abramovich who wants to renege on his donations to the Ukraine in what was supposed to be some sort of a snow job in terms of buying forgiveness for serving as a henchman for Vladimir Putin; but in light of Israel’s well-deserved rebellion, Abramovich now wants to divert the profits from the sale of his home which was obviously purchased with his ill-gotten gains & now give it to an ill-conceived nation which immediately replicated Hitler’s extermination programs and youth camps the second their feet hit the Levantine ground in ’48. It’s not happening!

Roman Abramovich’s £2.3bn Chelsea sale fund ‘should go to Israel’ instead of Ukraine            

          So now after years spent usurping the native people of Russia— money & Slavic whores–, Roman Abramovich is AGAIN stealing from one hand to give to the other no different than some hedge fund or private equity manager setting up a social activist scam. Instead of having his wealth appropriated as a form of RESTITUTION & his ass REGULATED, this hideous thing is tolerated instead of being hung in effigy in the middle of the town square.

The Purple Gang Continues…….. and they’re adding PAWNS  to their Board

           Meanwhile, here in America, ROSS STEVENS, wants to take back his $100 million donation to University of Penn believing that this is acceptable behavior, when he should be boycotting Israel.

Enter, Rght-Wing Pseudo-intellectuals………even worse than the left

        The faux righteousness of Ross Stevens ISN’T TO PROTECT STUDENTS, IT’S TO BUY PAWNS like that of C. Bradley Thompson, a pseudo-intellectual, conspiracy theorist who possesses claims of having a “smoking gun” on Claudine Gay of Harvard in his possession which he refuses to share AND which he’s likely distorted being that your average American has ZERO understanding of what the word Semitic means OR what a Jew is, OR what constitutes Jewish features (which is as easy as black & white for me) AND they lack a knowledge of what people in countries outside of America know which is that REAL Ashkenazi Jews are not simply a religion.

     Any supposed “evidence”’ the alt-right has of Claudine Gay being wrongly-hired is fruit of poisonous tree given that’s it’s a misguided, right-wing revenge agenda to weaponize Jews in the same way leftist Jews weaponize blacks as seen by the glorification of Black Lives Matter rioters setting police stations on fire.  The more likely scenario as Claudine Gay may have been hired as a pawn for the Jews, but it backfired on Jews because Claudine believes that Palestinians are people too & that her student body represents legitimate protesters, NOT people committing actual crimes like setting police stations on fire!!

NOTE:     The only thing worse than an idiot, leftist American who misuses the word “anti-Semitic” & bemoans the Holocaust is an idiot redneck who knows nothing outside of black & white; therefore, without having to look beyond a mere Twitter/X post, I know that’s most likely what I’m dealing with when it comes to C. Bradley Thompson ( pg. 10 Boebert & Stefanik)

BOTTOM LINE:   The only way anyone can ever get away with emulating Hitler is by pretending to be a victim which is why the white man has always hated Jews.

** (See the bottom two clips on Jewish propaganda: as one will learn that nothing has changed since cult leader, Moses, stole the pharaoh’s gold and then lead a bunch of primitive people into the desert for 40 years before invading a peaceful people in the name of God’s children… In the case of Europe, Jews invaded it and stayed for 900, but their gold comes in the form of white whores like Claudia “Emmy Slattery” Peltz)

JEWISH PRIVILEGE & DOUBLE STANDARDS & HYPOCRISY:    Just an FYI,  one of the Jewish co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s blamed the Ukraine for starting the war while pseudo-intellectual Bill Ackman suggested that the Ukraine cede land to the Russians while never suggesting for one minute that Israel cede land to Palestinians NOR did the Ben& Jerry’s co-founder keep in mind that the founding of Israel has no basis in reality– only mythology– whereas the ancient name Palestine & the Ukraine have always been an “occupied territory” housing it’s native people along with foreigners, like Jews, in the case of the Ukraine who have at times overreached their rights as guests by misappropriating white women & falsely claiming them as their own can be seen with some marginally attractive, delusionoid like Mila Kunis.

BOTTOM LINE:  There’s no doubt in my mind that Claudine Gay was originally hired as a pawn for the Jews as are many black people, but her objectivity backfired in their face being that if transsexual lives matter and if black lives matter then so do Palestinian lives, NOT Jewish melodrama NOR bribes & blood money from low-life investors like Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman who would be strung up by their balls in ANY quasi-sane country for financial terrorism AND their victimology agendas shoved up their ass.

NOTE:    The insidious nature of the Jewish, victimology agenda has taught even Vladimir Putin to cry wolf or “anti-Semitism” as a ploy to invade a country AND one whose president is a Jew!!! Somehow I think he’s really just mocking Americans!

BOTTOM LINE:   Jews really don’t care about anyone else but their own ass which reminds me of what a NASDAQ producer said about David Einhorn when told how David shrugged off $6 billion in liabilities being written off as assets by Brighthouse Financial, a major asset he defends, get provides no proof as to its undervaluation, just Jewish back-scratching & marketing schemes. (Such a waste of potential!)



HEED MY CALL OF WHITE PEOPLE:  The next time a Jew OR low-grade American calls you Anti-Semitic, correct them and tell them you’re either counter-Semitic OR that they’re a Jewish supremacist OR they’re deflecting their own self-loathing about looking Jewish OR they’re just trying to keep you under their thumb OR they don’t even know what the word Semitic means!!  ONE OF THESE ANSWERS FITS THE SITUATION !

           Nothing exemplifies true anti-Semitism more than the way Ashkenazi Jews See themselves:  Like the gay Jew ridiculing hedge fund manager, David M. Einhorn’s, ex-wife for looking horribly Jewish for a solid 15 minutes before declaring, “If this were Auschwitz, that THING would be the first thing I’d throw in the ovens”.  THIS IS THE NORM, NOT THE EXCEPTION !!  Not to mention, I have gotten more than a couple of Jewish men admit that if they had been alive at the time, they would have disposed of poster child Anne Frank’s diary so that she would have remained unknown for no other reason then she looks too much like a pure-blooded Jew which translates into Arab….

           Likewise, there’s been about 4 to 5 generations to date worth of Jewish Princess, post-bat mitzvah nose jobs, dye jobs & perhaps chin lifts to boot. It’s like when a Jewish guy admitted to me that not only did I sound like his mother, but that  I was “spot on” when I said that Jewish men try to marry & breed with white whores so they don’t have to look at a wife and kids who look as horribly Jewish as Barbara Streisand or Bette Midler NOR do they give a shit if the pretentious whores are just there for their money (Claudia Peltz, Kate Capshaw, Isla Fisher, Blythe Danner, Elizabeth Banks…). Need I continue???

       Or perhaps Cheryl Strauss Einhorn would care to use her corrupt influence & Jewish privilege to get all this into print. After all, if a total ditz & an academic fraud like her can get influential people to put their kudos on her overglorified, bathroom book which she tries to tout as a “groundbreaking” work OR to be allowed to teach a stock selection course at Columbia despite having ZERO credentials, then why can’t FACTS be published?

**ANSWER: That would require allowing people to remove the Jewish yoke from around their necks.


  • It’s like I told a Mizrahi Jew from Israel over 20 years ago, “you can’t say in America that a person looks Jewish because Ashkenazi Jews, a bottleneck population from the Middle East, think that looking Jewish is ugly so they turn around and accuse you of being anti-Semitic then use your own people against you so they can run you out of town because Americans have been too dumbed-down OR they’re too scared to speak up. Not to mention, Americans are too proud to admit that they know nothing… It’s all about brainwashing, bullying & blackballing.”


  • This is similar to what I had to explain to a Ukrainian friend 30 years ago when she asked me why Jews talk one way in front of us, but in front of Americans who don’t know any better they pretend that they’re the same thing as us even though they look entirely different. I had to explain to her that “If you were ashamed of looking Jewish, maybe you too would pretend that it’s a religion, not a race, then pretend to be the victim if we don’t go along with it…Next, imagine 6 million people like that in America and they’re attempting to monopolize the media wherein they encouraging fringe groups to replicate their tactics”. This is Jewish terrorism and it’s what drives people to the point of learning to hate Jews in America & Europe OR becoming suicide bombers in Palestine as Jews hold people’s heads underwater this way.


  • Readers may remember me mentioning in my previous post that my Jewish girlfriend has a brother who admitted that he thought “Jews looked like shit and always have” without the help of being mixed with European blood and in his desperate attempt to pass for Italian, he ultimately married a northern European, white girl. At this point, the pushy rabbi who came to the wedding decided to make her wedding a Jewish one and any complaints from the minister in attendance was seen as anti-Semitism by my skulking, self-absorbed Jewish princess that is my best who disregards the facts that this is a wedding based on ethnic cleansing, racial theft & cultural bastardization…. Just keep this one in mind because they are living proof of how the Jewish victimology agenda is the most dangerous form of terrorism known to man and now has a media backing never seen until the modern age. Terrorism with teeth!


    (A.)      The thing that makes the Jewish, victimology agenda more toxic than the Boston Bomber is that what the Boston Bomber did that day only served to vilify Islam while the physical and psychological scars were contained to those injured or killed AND to the family of those injured or killed. On the other hand, what Jews have done is more insidious & far-reaching because they’ve created an environment wherein they aren’t vilified; but rather, martyred & falsely sanctified as some type of “hero-victim” and it’s that same skewed, political climate which one can see from Dan Loeb & David Einhorn setting the stage OR creating the conditions for a business like NEW CENTURY FINANCIAL to collapse before portraying themselves in the role of the omniscient all along. Smoke ‘n Mirrors, baby!!!…… Ain’t nothing but just another Jewish, marketing scheme!!!

David Einhorn & Dan Loeb:. New Century Financial – Daveeinhorn


(B.).        In terms of the physical & psychological damage which the Jewish victimology agenda has accomplished, all one has to do is look at the racial misappropriation of mainly white women followed by the cultural theft of Northern European culture (both Central & Eastern) which Jews then mislabel as their own while making money off of it & misrepresenting themselves. Let’s not forget about the indoctrination of white, middle-class youth who are berated with white hate & a misinformation campaign of how Jews have always the victim for no other reason than their religion while uplifting fringe groups via their Jewish marketing schemes in order to supplant the mainstream and a times intentionally incite riots all while playing the defender of humanity. I look around and see white kids kissing the boots of Jews with Uncle Tom issues when they’re not glorifying some low-life like George Floyd or Rodney King. In reality, the black community knows that they’re not getting served, only weaponized & embarrassed, when they’re not asking me why Jews are so ashamed of looking Jewish and why white people call me racist.

      KEY POINT:     I’m not  paranoid of Islamic bombers, but I am paranoid about school shooters, transsexual bathroom predators & inner city kids not selectively chosen to be bused into middle-class, suburban schools. I’ve lived in fear since at least 1988 of the reality for which the U.S. has become. When I attended public schools, I avoided the inner city kids starting fights in the cafeteria and dealt more directly with the few Jewish kids among us who frequently acted entitled by bullying people with a victimology agenda, a skewed world perspective & an assumption that they were in charge. In fact, so few have any idea of the obvious fact that they’re living a contradiction as they try to pretend that they’re European AND descendants of the holy land then play the victim if you point out that it’s all nonsense OR that you can’t be both. It’s okay for Jews to criticize the use of “BC” as being too Christian-based being that the self-absorbed nature of Jews never displays any understanding that they’re guests living among us. It’s what they used to call the “pushy Jew”.

  (C.).    Conversely, I’m not allowed to question Jewish authority by stating that it’s a REAL problem when Jews pretend that a person Is Jewish because their mother is. Likewise, it’s a REAL problem by having a regular, white person convert then pretend that they’re REAL Jews even after these Jews self-identify as ethnic Jews. They don’t seem to comprehend the ramifications of their dubious loopholes which have no place outside of their Middle Eastern Homeland! An acquaintance once suggested to me that if the Shah had exterminated a million of his own people then Persia would today still be the totally, modern role model of a country that it was before the overthrow. The same can be said for America in terms of this present-day melodramatic, sniveling, lunatic fringe that pretends to be the victims of hate crimes when in reality these entitled, “over-reachers” are simply being met with COUNTER-SEMITISM.  AGAIN, “COUNTER-SEMITISM”!        

 (D.)          BUT BACK TO MY FRIEND’S BROTHER:    Somebody like this should not be allowed to live among us. In a sane country, he should be rooming with the Boston Bomber in that Colorado federal prison, NOT married & breeding with some stupid, white girl who doesn’t understand that she’s being used as a breeder for the self-loathing jewboys who constitute nothing more than a slow-moving coup. The children of this unholy union can be easily assimilated into an immigrant country like the U.S. as opposed to a smaller, European & more ethnically-cohesive country with self-preservation needs… OR the kids who look like Jewish (i.e. Sarah Jessica Parker) can go in the other direction. Keep in mind, another countries these children would be kept in camps like what the Vietnamese had to resort to doing thanks to all the streetwalkers who were having kids with American GI’s which is ABSOLUTELY no different than women like Cate Capshaw & Claudia Peltz!

  (E )        I think it’s obvious at this point that 2% of the population ( 2.7% to account for racial misappropriation) has made it clear that they cannot live among us peacefully, ONLY passive-aggressively. I find it ironic that a rootless people who have always been contained in ghettos within their host countries for being known troublemakers with designs to get the upper-hand over the mainstream are now containing innocent civilians within their own countries & bulldozing their homes then playing the victim if they don’t go along with it. MEANWHILE IN AMERICA, those containment walls for the other 98% are invisible & institutional whereby influential Jews always marginalize people of the host country within their own establishments and if they don’t allow the tail to wag the dog, then they play the victim which is really code for “entitled”.  Over time, it becomes their establishment with their rules & their overrepresentation under the guise of being overachievers.

NOTE:   Jews will always claim to be the victim for nothing more than being told that they look Jewish OR that they don’t look like real Jews (i.e. too diluted w/European blood) OR they simply want to skulk. Different rules apply for Jews and this is how they want it & how they expect it. It’s a “personality problem” & a scam. In fact, I’ve had one Jewish friend who couldn’t deal with it in terms of the other Jewish friend.

      *RULE OF THUMB:   Every last Ashkenazi Jew is either ignorant OR ashamed of what it is to be an Ashkenazi Jew to the point of improvising OR misappropriating the heritage of their host countries where they had been squatting for centuries in Europe. It’s similar to the same degree of stupidity seen with Americans who think that they sound smart when they misidentify gypsies as Romanians when in fact Gypsies are nothing more than descendants of the lowest castes of India who were pushed westward when Tamerlane invaded India. THIS IS BASIC KNOWLEDGE WHICH AMERICANS DO NOT POSSESS, YET THEY VIEW THEMSELVES AS COSMOPOLITAN!?!? ]

       AGAIN, Palestinians are Semitic and Jews make things up as they go along such as their use of the word “anti-Semitic” which is nothing more than a scare word used to keep people under their thumb. Going after the presidents of Harvard or UPenn isn’t about anti-Semitism, it’s about harassment & Jewish supremacists who think they have the God given authority to keep people under their thumb & jumping through hoops.

      In Israel, Jews don’t have to pretend to be the “nice guy” in order to weaken the mainstream which is typically accomplished outside of Israel through the use of uplifting fringe groups in order to undermine & supplant the mainstream. This is exactly what people have known for generations YET this 2% of society continues to keep the other 98% under their thumb by pretending that everyone is suffering from some sort of mental illness OR hysteria as they label it “Conspiracy theories” because what they say goes. MEANWHILE, Jews & their sycophants forge ahead with indoctrinating others especially through the use of subliminal OR outright misinformation campaigns which aren’t any different than tactics employed by shady, hedge fund managers OR to that of the untalented & obnoxious Adam Sandler, Sascha Barron Cohen and every other Jew in Hollywood who has a hang-ups with looking Jewish.

 THE HOUSE OF CARDS:       The real problem with Jews and Arabs is not as complicated as everybody tries to make it out to be. Basically, you have many normal Jews (Ashkenazi / Sephardic / Mizrahi ) who look at it as their ethno-religious group, similar to Armenians in many ways. But then you have a bunch of delusional cultists who think that they’re the people from the Bible and that Jews and or Israelites were an important culture when they never were anything more than a “pilot fish”… Nobody would give a shit about them today if it weren’t for the spread of Christianity, the Roman Empire & their invasion into Northern Europe as the once great Silk Road fell behind the times.

        In the Middle Eastern world, people knew that Jews may have been productive members of their society; but they nonetheless, they had to be watched as Jews always attempt to gain the upper hand in society via the use of a victimology agenda & a God’s chosen children ruse, NEVER assimilation. It reminds me of these weird Bible thumpers we have an America today who have subverted the “country club” Republicans of yesteryear. In both cases, we’ve placed the keys to the asylum in the hands of the patients. And yes, the Arab world is stuck in a different era right now which has given everyone a skewed perspective, but then again isn’t it Jewish, lesbian activists who criticize everyone else for being white supremacists if It’s pointed out that Africans were sold to white slave traders by other Africans who mistreat them to this very day?

          JAKE TAPPER OF CNN is completely beside himself in the following video as he speaks to these Israeli Nazis who constantly pivot for the role of “hero-victim” as they try to convince others that they attempted to take the “high road” as evidenced by their logical solution of proclaiming an edict to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in northern Gaza to “evacuate” the area so that the Israeli army could bomb out a needle in a haystack. This is just about a subtle as the Germans putting the Jews on a ship bound to nowhere & good luck to all those who choose to stay behind.  



*Ask Bill Ackman- OVERLOOKING THE OBVIOUS:   Why wasn’t a redux of the ghetto system an option after World War 2? Why wasn’t relocating Jews into a large expanse of land within Soviet occupied territory w/a seaport a more obvious option given the fact that the Levant was to go to the Palestinians, not some cult of personality who believes that they’re the people of the Bible with very little evidence AND despite the fact that Ashkenazi Jews refuse to embrace their Middle Eastern heritage  (i.e. Semitic) AND as a place that’s been continually occupied for the last thousand years as Jews mostly abandoned it, NOR do any Ashkenazi Jews actually want to look Jewish because they’re too busy trying to breed out their jewish blood with white women since they were released from the ghettos then they rabidly bark down the native people of their host countries like junkyard dogs if these “marks” don’t pretend yhatHese foreigners are actually Russian, Polish or German. This was called the Jewification of Europe and decent-natured natives were portrayed as horrible people by a victimology ruse that was pushed by the age-old, Jewish marketing schemes as Jews continue to this day to enjoy a life of double standards unknown to everyone else on the planet Earth just as Jews relish taunting us with it.

          Judaism isn’t the white man’s religion & white people converting to Judaism is totally contrary to the premise of assimilation especially when you’re dealing with people who have been contained in ghettos for centuries for what are obvious reasons to people outside of the United States. In other words, if a person chooses to be part of the mainstream world by stepping outside of their goldfish bowl, then they conform to the mainstream environment, NOT the other way around. Example, one wouldn’t expect a Palestinian from Gaza to marry a Jewish girl in Israel then raise the kid as Palestinian Muslim, but that is exactly what Jews expect of everyone else and if we don’t comply then they’re the victim.

The rise of a white trash Republicans: A RHINO Perspective

          Meanwhile, the “new guard” of white trash Republicans, like LAUREN BOEBERT & ELISE STEFANIK, who don’t even understand what the word “anti-Semitic” means, are on a misguided mission to avenge the alt-right against that of the alt-left by playing the “other side’s” same faux, “nice guy” routine which neither simpleton understands was born from the carping, Jewish victimology agenda that was ingrained in this country starting in the 1980s.

          Militant Bimbos & Wanna-be heavy-hitters like BOEBERT & STEFANIK barely know what a Jew is, nor do their ilk have any real interest in them outside of the Bible. Likewise, Jews really have no interest in black people who they simply use as chess pieces which is what Claudine Gay was hired to be. People like BOEBERT or STEFANIK used to be the underbelly of the Republican party & were treated as non-existent in the 1970s and ’80s which is exactly when all the berating, Jewish, “victimology” seeds were planted.  Thus, it’s also why we’re been left with relics like Trump & Biden!


        I’m FAR more concerned with the insurance & reinsurance industry which is a bigger pot of gold than the banks. A few Jewish students with an overblown, persecution complex is of no consequence to me. People like Elon Musk are heavily-dependent on solvent insurers just like the rest of us, yet we have to be diverted with these social-activist scams headed by Jewish gangsters & corporate terrorists like Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman who add insult to injury by trying to keep major institutions of higher lea under their thumb. JEWS HAVE INTENTIONALLY KEPT AMERICANS STUPID & WORKED OVER TIME TO ACCOMPLISH IT! That’s not anti-Semitic, it’s a proven fact….

P.S.  If anyone wants to learn about anti-Semitism, then see & note the Jewish supremacists & misinformation they attract all while never troubling themselves in terms of disassociating from trash. Yet everyone has criticism for Elon Musk and X!!!!!





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