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Welcome Newcomers like UPenn’s Roy & Diana Vagelos, Derek Penslar of Harvard, Jonathan Greenblatt “Head Hymie” of the ADL & ROBERTA KAPLAN attorney for the aging,”call girl-activist” E. Jean Carroll for whom I’ve prepared a separate attachment to be shared with Trump attorneys— Alina Habba & Marc Kasowitz,

             To all my usual readers, new pages are up & more will be up by this week!! Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase, warns that the U.S. economy is heading off a cliff & you’re about to find out 430 billion reasons why. Feel free to forward this email to Jamie being that he worries about REAL things, NOT playing the hero over minuit, plagiarism accusations OR anti-Semitism. Now get ready for another doozy of an email because I am feeling like one angry & unhinged bitch!

 1.)      It’s obvious to me that Mark Cuban is the only sane, Jewish billionaire.  Between Mark Cuban & the late Charles Krauthammer, these are two Jews who I’d have felt comfortable with in terms of participation in financial reform…..Evan Greenberg is a definite possibility as well.  Virtually all other high-profile, faux activist Jews like Ackman & Rowan can be crammed on the next train bound to Auschwitz. ALL ABOARD!!! CHOO-CHOO!!!!!! 

****If the following video doesn’t justify the annihilation of Israel & a “glass ceiling” for Jews in the government then nothing else will. WE NEED TO CLOSE EVERY HOLOCAUST MUSEUM IN THIS COUNTRY TOMORROW!!… UNLESS we convert in into a “Why Righteous Gentiles Justifiably Hate Jews” museum. The real evil incarnate (“Hitler”) has ALWAYS been the skewed, Jewish agenda whose mission has been to brainwash & browbeat the American youth into viewing them as angels & persecuted intellectuals, not as a foreign cult vying for the upper hand by slowly undermining the mainstream which is exactly what they are. This is JEWISH TERRORISM or the Jewish Construct.


2.)        If that offends Jewish, “ACTIVIST-TERRORIST” JONATHAN GREENBLATT of the ADL then he can go fuck himself with a barbed dildo because I’m more offended by this crook’s VERY, high-profile deflection of JEWISH CORPORATE TERRORISTS who are not only destroying UPenn & Harvard when they’re not destroying the US healthcare system (APOLLO) OR fathering the world’s, biggest, white-collar fraud scheme of around $430 billion among 45 US insurers, BUT these JEWISH TERRORISTS (ie,”bagman” Marc Rowan) are bankrolling genocide & compelling the over representation of Jewish students thanks to the money they’ve stolen from policyholders OR the companies they’ve tanked for their own gain along with their indoctrination & vilification campaigns (Ackman) performed in tandem with the Jewish media who they have in their pocket. Speaking of which, this is where GREENBLATT whips out his A-typical, Jewish, “storefront hustle” by chanting “anti-Semitic” thinking it’s going to work on someone like me. THIS IS THE SMIRKING FACE OF JEWISH TERRORISM WHOSE”HOSTILE OVERTHROW” IS NOTHING NEW. You’ve seen this before in “Lethal Weapon 2” crying “diplomatic immunity” so the villain could undermine the LAPD & fund apartheid. SPECIAL THANKS TO MEL GIBSON FOR BRINGING US THAT CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE!!!!

 ***** Anyway, I believe Roger Waters of Pink Floyd attended the UPenn Palestinian cultural festival who was then vilified because Jews live in their own warped minds which dictates that the genocide of Jews is evil but not the genocide of Palestinians. Unfortunately, the genocide of Jews is a form of self-defense whereas the genocide of Palestinians is uncalled for. When you deal w/Jews, lines need to be drawn. There’s only a few options and it includes REGULATION in its many forms. Let’s start with Dodd Frank reform along w/civil or criminal suits. MEANWHILE, Jonathan Greenblatt can turn his efforts to the real hate crimes & “vocalized acts of anti-Semitism” such as the Kushner boys insisting that non-Semitic women convert to Judaism then falsely raise the kids as Jewish. This is the smoke ‘n mirrors of Jewish genocide committed by Jews themselves and it’s become normalized.


 3.)     THIS IS HOW JEWS LIKE GREENBLATT REALLY WORK:  They play their usual faux  “defender of humanity” role by falsely portraying REAL defenders like Elon Musk as an old-school, anti-Semite. NEXT, Greenblatt’s TOTALLY worthless & manufactured opinions are sent down the assembly line where they’re then glorified & transformed into actual facts by his ruthless, Jewish peers in the media. Meanwhile, Greenblatt turns the other cheek to the chicanery of these faux, Jewish “activist-investors” because much like the gold Moses stole from the Pharaoh, GREENBLATT understands that the ill-gotten gains of Jews like Marc Rowan will be used for the good of his own rootless people w/delusions of grandeur while funding the genocide of native people.  This is the true nature of Mr. Greenblatt’s job duties as head of “Kike Patrol” at the ADL. AGAIN, ALL Jewish marketing schemes….

4.)    BUT BACK TO THE VERY VOCAL MR. GREENBLATT:     I’m more disgusted by Jonathan Greenblatt for not being vilified due to his continued support of a 90% genocide & displacement rate among Palestinians in their homeland which exceeds the percentage of displaced Jews killed in the Great Purge which GREENBLATT sanctifies with the word “Holocaust”. This type of verbage is unknown to any other group on the planet who’s gone through the same thing OR who’s not privy to Jewish, marketing schemes.

           I hear Jonathan Greenblatt fabricating incidents of anti-Semitism directed at Jews, but I don’t hear him speaking out against Netanyahu’s genocidal policies which are anti-Semitic against Palestinians. Oh yeah I forgot, Jews only care about themselves so Mr. Greenblatt whips out a commonly used tool from his huckster Jew of a toolbelt & STONEWALLS anyone who’s against Jewish-Israeli, genocidal policies by labeling them as an anti-Semite in order to keep us all under the Jewish thumb because the Jewish moral compass only knows me, myself & I.  Mr. Greenblatt seems to believe that it’s too late for a little something called “civil rights” for the Israelis which should be extended to Palestinians and Christians in that country. DO US ALL A FAVOR MR. GREENBLATT & STEP THE FUCK DOWN FROM THE ADL!

5.)    BEN SHAPIRO:        Speaking of self-serving, Jewish marketing schemes, there’s Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire who also doubles as a trademark in terms of the seedy mediocrity we glorify nowadays much like Tomi Loren & Savannah Guthrie. 

6.)    ELON MUSK, PUPPET FOR JEWS:      Groucho Marx once said he’d never join a country club that would accept somebody like Groucho himself, which is why I have to ask why Elon Musk would deign to travel to Auschwitz with a tagalong like Ben Shapiro who reminds me of the Jew they got to front for the casino in “Casino”.  

  ***** For that answer, we need to look at Elon Musk both as a man and as a businessman.  

 7.)     AS A BUSINESSMAN:    Elon’s “back-pedaling” of the simple truths & valid complaints of discrimination he previously put forth is now being labeled by him as, “the stupidest thing he’s ever said”. 

8.)      In other words, Elon is a TOTAL disgrace in terms of integrity as he effectively kow-tows to BIG MONEY & JEWISH CRONYISM (monopolization) instead of legally pursuing counter suits against a bunch of disposable & despicable, Jewish shysters whose guilt & financial negligence comes in the form of EXTREME OVERREACH & false allegations with only swagger to back it & a crooked Jewish media to spin it. It’s no different than the spin-doctored assumptions Einhorn & Ackman had on Lehman or Allied Capital, while a negligent Jewish media assisted them in harassing companies on baseless claims which consequently created shaky grounds to the point that their illusions became a reality & these faux, activists-investors suddenly become Wall Street Golden boys. No one profited but them which is the only thing the Jew cares about— How does the Jew profit??

9.)       Elon Musk knows first-hand how a left-field aside can leave a person speechless as it’s been done to him thanks to David Einhorn’s ill-fated attempts to rattle his brand in order to profit from a short-sale. Meanwhile, DAVID has yet to prove his unfounded theories involving the undervaluation of Brighthouse Financial due to GAAP. Meanwhile, I have the evidence straight from the Golden Goose of Big Law which proves that BHF was a dumping ground for MetLife debt from its very inception.


  1. )        So Elon Musk was right, Jews stir up hate & he can’t get around that. Jews are now attempting to stage a coup in which they can arrest & blackball people for “hate speech” if private citizens do not support the genocide of Palestinians then & now. (This is nothing new!)  Meanwhile, the Jews continue to plant the illogical seeds that if supposed “white nationalists” crack down on Jews, then black people are next. Likewise, Jews continue to pretend to give a shit about the American Indian as a means of shaming & undermining the mainstream despite the fact that virtually no white person denies they went too far NOR were “Ellis Island” white people part of that wave.

12.)      LEGAL POINT OF FACT:      Anyone who would defame Elon Musk on the basis of false allegations of anti-Semitism while posing as activists needs to be ignored OR deposed & regulated.  SO WHY ISN’T IT HAPPENING??? WHERE ARE THE COUNTER SUITS????  Many of these “activist-terrorists” are known criminals jockeying for institutional control while a Jewish-controlled media is “in on it” by openly censoring the criminal activities of these faux heroes whose actions are documented not only on my site, but on that of Patrick Byrne’s DEEP CAPTURE.

13.)     NOTE:    Anyone who wants to end wokeness should agree with me about imprisoning Jews like Bill Ackman or firing Bob Iger as they are not about ending wokeness, they are about maintaining Jewish Supremacy & Jewish Immunity with everyone remaining subservient to it. Ackman wants to ditch the weaponization of blacks for the weaponization of Asians, that’s all. All a person has to do is to look at the Indian kid who coined the term “wokeness” despite being too foreign & too young to understand that WOKE is just another word for Jewish victimology agenda & social activist scams. 

14.)              Bill Ackman is afraid of a dangerous movement taking root called DEI, but NOT the normalization of Zionism in Israel coupled with a Jewish victimology & mental enslavement agenda primarily here in America in order to grease its genocidal wheels. SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT DAY!  It’s a continuum really, but the Jewish media has tried to make everyone into a blank slate then shame us for picking up on the lost truth which their passive-aggressive, slave master mentality beats out of you. Remember all this the next time you find some old cartoons portraying Jews as an octopus strangling the planet OR as a bunch of hook-nosed hymies sitting high in the sky making decisions about us all. Guess what, the truth was never lost on me. It was as obvious as Mayim Bialik’s ugly, Jew face. 

 15.)        Conversely, I look at the few token “kung fu Karen’s” this sociopolitical environment has created as I’ve had them lunge at me for taking BLM signs off of private school property where my white nephews are treated like second-class, citizens while the 2% school minority is showboated or given EXTREME, special treatment. The pushy ones aren’t the middle-class blacks, it’s become just a couple of first-generation Asians who’ve weaponized BLM riots to empower themselves despite the general consensus among most of the Asian (Mongol) community is that much of the Asian hate crimes being committed are “inner city” driven, but downplayed by the liberal media.. Either way, one group is getting dropped, along with DEI, if Ackman gets his way while another more convenient group is being moved up the ladder.

16.)      BOTTOM LINE:      At this point, Elon Musk is a bigger whore for the Jews than that of Claudia Peltz, Cape Capshaw & Isla Fisher combined along with all of the Arab leaders betraying their own people OR the infected minds of Bible Belt, right-wing idiots who think modern Jews are God’s Children. Let’s not forget the ivy league who has allowed for the REAL dangerous movement to take root at their schools long ago and it came in the form of leftist “pseudo-intellectualism” like that of the childlike Daria Bough of Harvard’s Russian & Eurasian Studies whose sophomoric documentary on the supposed roots of anti-Semitism is just about as enlightening as an ABC, afterschool special from the 1980s for which this imbecile expects a pat on the back?!?. In other words, propaganda & half-truths in a sycophant, liberal wrapper— just the way Jews want us! …. REMINDER:   Daria is a product of decades worth of systematic, “dumbing-down”— NOT the student protestors! 

17.)       AS A MAN, Elon sufferers from “former nerd” syndrome, kind of like David M. Einhorn. This translates into both men being desperate for acceptance & suffering from a need to “fit in” which is the worst thing either can do. Note that when Mel Gibson apologized for his muddled, Jew rant it wasn’t taken seriously NOR did Mel give a shit in terms of Jew approval– just not being winnowed out by Jewish cronyism– but Elon Musk has no psychological mettle when it comes to standing up against JEWISH PERSONALITY DISORDER (JPD). It’s a left-field attack much like getting your ass dumped for Chelsea Manning by the mother of your two children.

18.) BOTTOM LINE:    Elon may have the money & the brains, but he needs to learn how to hate & how to play people at their own game. He’s too afraid of being the kid playing by himself instead of standing up to false, popularity campaigns which were set into motion by people who possess far more self-loathing & imposter syndrome than he ever has. Elon needs to learn how to “mirror back” because nothing is more upsetting to Jews than goys who actually know what they’re talking about & who will stand up to the badgering, carping Jew.

           If you don’t believe me, then look at the Jewish, marketing scheme which quickly assembled to portray Mel Gibson as the “social outcast” who moved with his Jew-baiting father to Australia as a little boy wherein a “socially-alienated” Mel felt the need to acquire an accent in an effort to be accepted. On the other hand, Estée Lauder is portrayed as “colorful” by the Jew-media for a contrived mystique based on her lies involving European Royal lineage?!

19.)  HARVARD’S NEW “WATCH” COMMITTEE:  There needs to be more intellectual honesty or transparency as the Muslims which Americans tend to think about in terms of Islamophobia are invariably Semitic which is a word not only misappropriated by Jews; but in fact, Harvard has a Semitic Museum devoted to all Near Eastern cultures which fall roughly under the ethno-linguistic, Semitic (Hamitic) branches with both words being “coat hook” terms derived from the mythological figures, Shem & Ham. Meanwhile, Jews like GREENBLATT from the ADL enjoy the “Pavlovian dog” whip that the word “anti-Semitic” creates which is why he attempts to negate word associations between Zionist & Nazi as being “ANTI-SEMITIC.

 20.)   DEREK PENSLAR:     Speaking of intellectual honesty, I can’t even really say that Derek Pensler– the new head of Harvard’s anti-Semitic & Islamophobe watch committee– is an authentic Jew being that he’s too “whitened-up” & not ethnic enough. Perhaps this is why Derek’s too objective & too anti-Zionist which pisses off a Jewish supremacist like Bill “the Shill” Ackman along with that the Scofield Bible bimbo, Elise Stefanik, with the latter being someone I would’ve assumed graduated from the University of Phoenix, not from Harvard. 

  1.      Problems are not solved simply because Derek Penslar has assumed the wheel. If anything, it only emphasizes that problems with Jews have been a continuum in which they assume no accountability, only pivot around it by flipping the tables. In the end, everyone is spending FAR too much time on a “special needs” group & missing the big picture.

iii     Derek Penslar may be a scholar, but he’s also a scholar with an identity crisis which in a sense creates a skewed, control group study. In other words, this is a man with virtually no Jewish-Semitic (near eastern) blood left in him as opposed to that of his colleagues like that of Eran Kaplan, Gad Saad OR celebrities like Eugene Levy, Jeff Goldblum OR even investors like Marc Rowan, Ken Blavatnik & Bill Ackman OR “mulattos” like Woody Allen and Mark Zuckerberg who I can “Jew spot” from across a crowded room. The bottom line here is that Mark Rowan & Bill Ackman need to embrace their Arab heritage while Derek Penslar needs to come to terms with the fact that he’s perhaps the “Rachael Dolezal” of the Jewish World, but at least Rachel tries to look black. So who here is the living contradiction in terms?

   iv      Derek Pensler inadvertently personifies what the white man was complaining about decades before World War II when they rightfully bitched about the “Jewification” of Europe wherein Jews were not reproducing their own people; but rather, they were & still are legitimizing the misappropriation of ethnically-European peoples (particularly northern European women from Russia to Ireland) who are then converted and the children raised as Jewish while pretending that it’s just a religion as opposed to that of a whole ethno-religious group with a legitimate land claim to being the people of the Diaspora.

          Conversely, this “Eurofication” of the Jewish race gradually became more outlandish as cases of faux Jews began to appear like that of the lost German artist & race traitor (yeah, I said it!) , Charlotte Solomon, who exemplifies the divisive havoc Jews can wreak on a society which actually resembles the legitimizing of TransAthletes to me. Incidentally, a Boston Museum in the early 2000s showboated Solomon being that Jews always love to showboat faux Jews who look like regular white people. 

  1. QUESTION:    Is Derek Penslar ready to talk about the “elephant in the room” which is the closet of ignorance & ambiguity for which Jews compel everyone to live in so that they can control the narrative because thus far they control every narrative in this country either directly or indirectly. The wool has been pulled over the public’s eyes to allow for contradictions in terms to be normalized because Derek is a contradiction in terms (a non-Semitic Jew) & the problem persists in which people like myself have been vilified by a completely skewed, socio-political environment for which hacks like Bill Ackman OR even that of my best friend’s brother have created, but perhaps Derek needs a recap of what my other readers know.

     IV    RECAP:  A self-loathing Ashekanazi Jew deflects straight answers regarding the duality of what the Jewish, ethno-religious group is (Messianic Jew don’t!). His endgame is to be diluted with European Blood which he accomplishes this through his children whom he doesn’t want to look like “real Arabs” such as the pre-nose job, Jennifer Gray. Incidentally, I’m directly quoting my best friend’s brother who was ashamed of J. Grey for looking like “such a Jew” when he wasn’t seeking out half-breed, shiksa goddesses at Jewish mixers for no other reason than they were the only decent-looking ones & sure to go the quickest. (This is actually the opposite of what an Irish-American friend experienced when his Jewish BF was on the hunt for a Jewish bride and seeking to preserve the integrity of his people which meant that my artist friend learned how to pick up on certain features before I showed him the rest.) 

               NEXT, these Jews take their radicalized, bimbo wives & half-breed kids to Israel wherein the abominations that are his children are then encouraged to kill Palestinians who they mock & look down on because Jews need someone to look down on so they can feel “more white” since they have always been the barometer of racial impurity & ugliness in Europe for a millennia. If you think that I haven’t defended Jews, particularly Jewish women, against men like this then you’re wrong, BUT this is the cognitive dissonance of the Ashekanazi Jew and it’s become an international crisis.

  1. )        NEWSFLASH!     Elon has a low, emotional IQ!!!  If he knew how to play the game & understood the Jewish mind, then Elon would have insisted that the Rabbi & Ben Shapiro first traveled together to Palestine (Israel & Gaza) where they could have interviewed Palestinian survivors of the Holocaust Escapees who stole the Palestinians land in a typical, Jewish “power grab” thanks to the double-crossing of an A-moral British empire who deprived the Palestinians of their independence following the defeat of the Ottomans then handed them over on a silver platter to something much worse than ISIS & the Nazis combined. Therefore, let the U.K. now absorb all of the Palestinians.

22.) QUESTION:    Wouldn’t it have been more moral & sage in judgement if England simply pulled an “Edward Longshanks” who understood that a “straight line” solution was the only recourse in terms of dealing with the attempts of crooked, Jewish investors hedging to control both the purse strings & the national agenda???  Unfortunately, the crumbling, A-moral, British empire which got China hooked on opium found it more tempting to sell allies down the river thanks to ineffectual leaders who lacked the balls to crack down on Zionist-terrorists in their own backyard who were yanking the purse strings when they weren’t bombing British embassies & misappropriating white women to call their own??  And you wonder why we had a 9/11 which of course the Jews break out their very best “hero-homicide” routine for that one! ANGEL OF MERCY!! But it’s like I’ve always said, the hypersensitive Jew deflects by playing the victim in order to suppress the truth, oppress the people & to ultimately make their own realities more palatable.

Britain and the Nakba: A history of betrayal | Middle East Eye


23.) ANSWER:      WHY NOT GHETTOS AND RACE LAWS???  No such luck doing anything like that now as the British Parliament is unconscionably overrepresented by Jews OR by hippie-dippy, white people pretending to be Jewish along with the byproducts of white women in high places who’ve whored themselves out to a group of people who don’t understand that they’re guests living among us NOR do these Jews understand that they lose their own group legitimacy when reproducing with people not their own. 

   23.b)         How would Benjamin Netanyahu like it if Palestinians converted Jewish women to Islam or Christianity then called them Arabs? He wouldn’t and that’s why BN didn’t like allowing too many Syrian refugees into the country as they would “change the nature of the country “.  Conversely, Jews have no problems with changing the nature of everyone else’s country despite being two to three percenters, but dealing with Jews is always a one-way street as the Jewish, self-involved view of the world allows for them to play the victim if everyone else doesn’t go along with their warped agenda or delusions.

 23c.)     BOTTOM LINE:   It should in no way be a conflict for Palestinians to convert Jewish women and to then call them Arabs (or vice versa) because as Emmanual Kant once said, “Jews are nothing more than Palestinians living among us” which is documented by Jew’s ethnic kinship to the modern-day, Lebanese on the male side of the DNA of Ashkenazi Jews.  The true conflict is Jewish men taking white women and calling them Jewish.  It should be of no surprise that Ashkenazi Jews barely tolerated Mizrahi Jews in ’48 because to them the Mizrahis looked like the enemy despite the fact that many Ashkenazi Jews look indistinguishable from Mizrahi Jews, ie., Len Blavatnik, Jeff Goldblum, Grant Heslov & Rochelle Walensky vs Sam Antar & David Mazouz.


 23d.)    KEY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN AUTHENTIC CULTURE & A CULT:   Long before the Jewish encroachment of Europe, Arabs understood that Jews– though productive members of society– were a cult vying for the upper hand thru the use of a victimology agenda & a children of God mantra……..BUT WHY HAVE EUROPEANS FORGOTTEN WHAT THEY’VE ALWAYS KNOWN ABOUT JEWS & FOR WHICH THE ARABS HAVE RETAINED WHILE REMAINING BAFFLED AS TO WHY THE WESTERN, EUROPEAN SUBCONTINENT IS ENSLAVED BY IT??…….PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE IS THE ANSWER… Making people forget then vilifying them if they remember..

 24.)       We don’t have Edward Longshanks nowadays, what we have instead is a braindead Joe Biden that panders to a group of crazy people– then & now– who believe God gave them this land in the Levant which they left a thousand years ago while possessing no interest in embracing their Middle Eastern heritage, only a desire to kill off the natives who are currently suffering at the hands of a self-deluded, rootless cult of “Uncle Tom’s Gone Nazi” whose imposter syndrome & cognitive dissonance was previously contained for centuries in ghettos, shetls & the Pale of Settlement which also helped to stifle their access to white women. Mizrahi & Sephardic Jews occasionally experience conflict among their respective mainstream, but nothing to this degree. If there is conflict, don’t automatically view the Jew the victim. 

24b.)         THE ASHKENAZI JEWISH PROBLEM:    Europe’s “albatross” has become the Palestinian’s.  NONSENSE & DOUBLE-TALK is normalized in order to justify an unofficial, ethnic-cleansing program which involves the breeding out of Semitic blood through the misappropriation of European women who are then repackaged as Jews because they don’t want a wife & kids who look like an authentic, seedy-looking Jew like that of the overglorified slumlord, Charles Kushner.

   24c.)     If the other 98% doesn’t go along with this “science fiction” of a sham; a person is then told that they’re anti-Semitic which is in fact an ethno-linguistic group including all Arabs who Jews are killing because Jews are wanna-be, white people with a Nazi agenda & victimology-martyr mindset who want to be something that makes absolutely no sense. Everyone in this country is walking on eggshells for the Jewish ego while no one just says that the emperor has no clothes to people who are trying to change the 98% demographic to bend to their will through the use of mental enslavement & shaming tactics just as Jews have changed the racial demographics in Israel through extermination & expulsion tactics from 90% to 10% Palestinian. It takes help from American Jews to make either happen.

24d.).   Jews can be the most dangerous & infuriating people on earth as there’s no worst terrorist than the ones who plays the victims while cloaked in a humanitarian wrapper & armed with a big, obnoxious mouth aimed at your children & looking to stir up the mud.  THIS IS JEWISH TERRORISM AND IT’S NOT ANTI-SEMITIC TO POINT IT OUT, but the Jew will chant “anti-Semitic” as both an internal, “blocking” mechanism & as a means holding our head’s underwater which only validates retribution & the need for a good shrink who enjoys a challenge as their level of self-awareness appears to fluctuate.

****Watch the two bottom videos

25.) NOTE:   ALL THE ABOVE (#1-24) IS NOT MUCH DIFFERENT THAN REINSURANCE FRAUD SCHEMES LIKE THAT OF BRIGHTHOUSE FINANCIAL IN WHICH $6.5 BILLION IN LIABILITIES IS LABELED AS ASSETS!! .…. It’s a magic act!!!   Remember, Jews are inbred Middle Easterns with a muddling of “other”, but they misappropriate elements of Northern European culture, market it as their own, make money off of it, then try to make it seem as though Jews have enriched the American mainstream with “their culture”. This is just another Jewish-haggler, marketing scheme AND stealing from one hand to give to the other.

26.). BOTTOM LINE:    If there’s anyone in need of a mental illness diagnosis, it’s not a disgraced Kanye West, it would be the very recent founding Fathers of Israel. NOTE:  One is dangerous & the other is not.

27.) BOTTOM LINE:  What Jews have done to Palestinians in 70 years is the same thing they’ve been doing to Europeans over the course of a 1000 years, but on a more passive-aggressive scale.  As Western civilization rose in prominence, so did the Jewish population of Europe which began to exceed that of the Jews who never left & who were only 10% of Palestine, (some coming in after the Dreyfuss Affair).. NOW, they’re 90% of Israel while in America they’re 2.7%, yet they create the illusion— BOTH among the masses & in their own minds— that Jews are 50/50 in America instead of assimilating like the guests that they are. Make no mistake, they’re working on it & God help Australia. The scales are NOT balanced and it’s a reality OR an illusion that Jews have illicitly created & for which their ego refuses to acknowledge. 

 28.)      Somebody needs to remind that no-talent, half-breed, munchkin– Bill Maher– who said that the Palestinians need to “keep moving” in so many words, that perhaps the haggling, “wandering Jew” needs to keep moving or learn how to share instead of creating the illusion of an irreversible imbalance. AGAIN, WHY NOT REBALANCE THE SCALES BACK TO 1948 WHEN IT WAS 90% PALESTINIAN AND 10% JEWISH ESPECIALLY WHEN MANY OF THE JEWS THERE ARE NOT EVEN ETHNIC JEWS WHICH IS WHY PETER USTINOV WAS WORKING ON ASSIMILATING THE ETHIOPIAN JEWS INTO THEIR MAINSTREAM ETHIOPIAN FRAMEWORK, NOT PANDERING TO THEIR DELUSIONS WHICH ARE SIMILAR TO THAT OF MULATTOS IN NEW ENGLAND WHO CALL THEMSELVES NATIVE AMERICANS…. 

 29.)          Likewise, the children of white whores like Karla Kloss and Ivanka Trump can stop pretending to be something they’re not just as their husbands need to assimilate to the Christian European mainstream if they choose to step outside of their fish bowl by being with white women due to the fact that they don’t want to have a wife or kids who look Jewish. THAT’S HOW THIS WORKS!!  Same thing goes for an A-typical, disgusting-looking Jew like Nelson Peltz who has bred 8 time with some floozy so he doesn’t have to look at his ugly, Jew face in his children while false gods like Steven Spielberg need to understand that making movies doesn’t entitle him to brainwash an entire generation like some toxic Candyman NOR does it entitle him to make Jews out of white people like that B-actress who was after him before the ink dried on his divorce contract with Amy Irving with the latter being a product of Jewish counter-assimilation. (The Chinese would not stand for any of this bullshit!)


***Jews are “tone deaf”, NOT Claudine Gay!! This is the latest Jewish, pseudo-intellectual rhetoric catch phrase.


31.).   BOTTOM LINE:      Elon should have demanded that the piece of shit, “Holier Than Thou”, RABBI & JEWBOY SHAPIRO get down on their knees & beg for forgiveness from every Palestinian they met, but it never would have happened because, AGAIN, Jewboys are a one-way street who play by one game:  DENY EVERYTHING & PLAY THE VICTIM. This is their armor, this is JPD!


 32.)        STEP #2:   After visiting Gaza & interviewing the Palestinian survivors, THEN feel free to visit Auschwitz where Elon needs to take Jewish Terrorists & their puppets like Ben Shapiro along with the whiny Rabbi & Bill Ackman, Johnathan Greenblatt, Marc Rowan, Bob Iger, Penny Pritzker, Roberta Kaplan, Roman Abramovich, Sascha Baron Cohen, Mayim Bialik & her half-breed kids, Len Blavatnik, Nelson Peltz, etc and then shove them into one of those train cars. NEXT, crank up the Zyclon-B!

33.)     This is NOT a hate crime. It’s COUNTER-SEMITISM & COUNTER TERRORISM. Luckily, the younger generation of Jews are figuring out why people have resented their presence without losing their authenticity & hopefully regaining it. These are the Jews who are trying to make a change without being seen as anomalies or sellouts, but thus far they’re a minority & concealed by the Jewish media who prefer to showboat pregnant dads OR to glorify BLM arsonists as being activists just before vilifying a disabled, police department thus creating a total, breakdown society which leaves private citizens like Kyle Rittenhouse left to defend people who is also then vilified.  Meanwhile, dumbed-down white kids– “the wanna-be agents of change” —- live for full-body tattoos & conflict, but not much else.

          This is the result of almost 40 years of the Jewish media given free rein to break down your children’s spirit & mind through the use of their weasley abuse of victimology agendas, freedom of speech, false narratives AND the destruction of economic stability as seen with spin-doctors like Bill Ackman who’s getting a taste of his own medicine. We have a generation of kids who are a shell of who they should have been as they’ve been reduced to being stupid, scared, self-loathing, overly apologetic sycophants & whipping boys for the Jew with an Uncle Tom complex.  AGAIN, BILL ACKMAN & MARC ROWAN WANT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY!!


35.)    I’M NOW WATCHING the Jews back-pedaling which is what they do when their actions have taken a toll on BOTH their children’s education OR when their businesses get burned. NOW THERE’S A PROBLEM!!!! …Where were Ackman & Rowan when everyone else was experiencing a BLM KrystalNacht-Passover w/local businesses hanging “minority owned, don’t burn” signs in their windows?   Where were Ackman & Rowan when white, private citizens were being vilified as “supremacists” for defending their home against a bunch of retarded rabble on their front yard who were too stupid to understand that protesting St. George was better demonstrated at the nearest courthouse?

36.). ANSWER:  Ask yourself who benefitted from the riots  & who was the hero? It didn’t do anything for black people except get a few statues taken down while mostly creating white-hate, especially among subversive newcomers to the country. But most importantly, it created a breakdown in society intended to quiet the white mainstream into subservience which would then allow for a HOSTILE TAKEOVER in the form of “Jewish FAUX Activism” because the forced over representation of 2.5% of society is by definition a hostile takeover whether it be Harvard and University of Pennsylvania OR the USA (jew.s.a).  

Are these Jewish organizations still supporting Black Lives Matter? – Washington Examiner


 37.) DID YOU SCAN THE ARTICLE???:     The article is largely true with one exception, BLM was the only thing able to knock the Jewish chokehold down a notch as seen by the demise of Philip Berk of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. THAT was impressive!! Between Philip Berk & student protests, the Jews are now backpedaling. 

   37b.)       QUESTION:    Were black people like Claudine Gay supposed to “pay it forward” to Jews with blood money when many black folks know that they’re being used as pawns by Jews (which is grossly underestimated)?   Claudine’s not straight out of some cotton field & existing for the sole purpose of being weaponized for Jewish, faux activism just like the pawn used by the carpetbagger in “Gone with the Wind”…. That’s their game so learn it!!  Likewise, this article is why Jews like Ackman never spoke up during BLM riots until their “social activist” bullshit backfired in their own faces which meant it was now their asses in the “hot seat” this time around. This left Ackman & Rowan– along with their Jew media conspirators– looking for a way back into the driver’s seat. YOU GOTTA GET A WHOLE NEW CAR FOR THAT!!!! They’re working on it…….

38.)    LISTEN-UP ALL OTHER SHITHEADS:     I’M NOT HERE TO BE BEHOLDEN TO JEWS OR TO BE DOORMATS TO THEM & THEIR PAWNS NOR IS THE NEXT GENERATION OF WHITE, BLACK & EVENTUALLY YELLOW AND TAN…….These terrorists who are jockeying for institutional control & acting like we all have to answer to them, need to be REGULATED OR CONTAINED and if they want to play the victim, then don’t give it to them. Never be afraid to play “the bad guy” with a con artist.  When you’re no longer afraid to play “the bad guy’, you deprive them of their fodder just as you allow them to understand who’s in charge. 

39.)      Note, the white man continues to be “anachronistically” vilified for having a Confederate soldier in the family, wood pile (divisive tactic) when we have American citizens fleeing this country to fight a genocidal-based, Israeli war while donning another country’s uniform. These cult followers are being glorified, mourned & supported financially by a dementia-ridden Biden which would nonetheless be supported by a megalomaniac Trump. This insanity has been normalized by the Jew.S.A……No other American citizens go off to fight a war as another country’s soldier AND no other country would tolerate an American woman going off to work for MOSSAD in order to capture a Nobel Peace Prize nominee like Mordechai Venunu then retire peacefully to Florida. 

BOTTOM LINE:  Jews are a proven conflict of interest in this country on multiple levels.

40.)        This Jewish, collective attitude is clearly seen with Marc Kasowitz’s client who’s currently attempting to file a civil suit against Harvard. Don’t be fooled as this is merely an attempt to keep us all under the thumb of Jewish delusions & supremacy. We are currently in the midst of an awakening (not a backlash) after decades of unrelenting, Jewish attempts to selfishly pin different people against each other in order to undermine the mainstream & showboat Jewish faux activism.  This has created a national environment in which everyone’s walking on eggshells for shysters who are using victimology agendas to reinvent themselves on every level AND IT’S NO DIFFERENT THAN WHAT ACKMAN DID WITH HERBALIFE AND NOW WITH HARVARD. Elon said it right the first time; therefore, let your Jewish friends apologize to you, not the other way around.

41.)       Elon has Jewish friends, but why is he afraid of offending them with the truth when there are plenty of black people who have white friends, yet these black people are capable of making complaints of discrimination while gaining sympathy from their Caucasian friends & vice versa?  If anything, this should have been an opportunity for Elon to observe how completely self-absorbed, how totally inappropriate & how skewed the moral compass really is when it comes to the Jewish friends who choose to take offense, not accountability. 

 42.)        This isn’t any different than the obnoxious, rabid Jews I’ve described on my Harvard Ashkelon trip to Israel in my 43 page epistle, “Dirty Money, Dirty Favors, Dirty Jews”, nor was this the first time dealing with that ilk of Jew who refuses to see that they’re living a contradictory existence. For many people, collegiate activities are a first experience in terms of dealing with badgering Jews who then create a “mind fuck” wherein a finds themselves apologizing & beholden to Ashkenazi Jewry who’s only real problem is ignorance & self-loathing.

 43.)     Unfortunately, Elon’s retreats simply brought to the forefront the toxic atmosphere & “special treatment” in which no one is allowed to make valid complaints against Jews without being called anti-Semitic (point well taken, Helen Thomas!). This catty tactic is how Jews pivot on the chest board of life being that those who possess both the victim card WHILE “marketing” an actual need for it, thus becoming the hand that rocks the cradle without having to exert any active force of violence. It’s also instrumental in creating a form of apartheid– not just in Israel– as a person is forbidden from pointing out discrimination,  favoritism or even cultural misappropriation without being berated & marginalized by Jews who have preemptively brainwashed your peers & who won’t hesitate to unleash them on you NOR will your peers tolerate being told that they have no idea what they’re talking about….. This is all beginning to crumble..

44.). NEW CENTURY FINANCIAL:    ALL OF THIS goes straight to the heart of Elon’s complaints regarding Jews stirring up of hate. It’s not much different than David Einhorn pretending to give a shit about “the kids who shouldn’t have to wait”, but what he was really after was shorting the shit out of Lehman….OR Dan Loeb & David Einhorn creating the conditions necessary for the fall of New Century Financial. 

44a.) BOTTOM LINE:  When the economy goes, hate sets in. It’s even worse when the only one profiting is the person who brought on the crash, yet is revered as a hero. This isn’t a stretch in thinking, it’s Jewish methodology. Perhaps David’s, idiot, ex-wife Cheryl should stick to teaching these hero-homicide, Jewish victimology schemes as opposed to that of her asinine AREA methodology. None of these people are heroes nor are they on the same level as an Andrew Carnegie who believed that to die rich was to die poor.

45.)         Here’s a great article that demonstrates what a complete jackass Bill Ackman really is and how his 2008 ways aren’t going to fly nowadays. He & his midlife crisis– Neri Oxman– need to pack it up and get the fuck out of town. No one needs Neri’s giant cotton candy, silkworm nest at the MoMa any more than they need Cheryl Strauss Einhorn’s AREA methodology or Ann Druyan’s “contributions” to the Apollo Space mission which is better described as “banging Carl Sagan”. I feel like I’m watching the idiot stepmother from Beetlejuice times three!!!!

Bill Ackman’s battle with the Ivy League is about more than DEI: Gen Z are graduating without the right behavioral and emotional skills for the workplace | Fortune


46.)       AS OFFENSIVE AS I WANNA BE:  🖕   If we’re at the point where one of the richest men on earth, like Elon Musk, is kneeling down to kiss a kike’s “institutional” ring while slumming around Auschwitz with a twerp & a self-absorbed rabbi, then I don’t think I could do a better job drawing a cartoon panel of pre-WW2, jew-baiting propaganda than what these three jokers just mirrored. Elon never said anything racist or degrading– like me– just truthful complaints of discrimination & bullying not too different than my complaints with the ACFE. 

    46b.)     From my own experience, Jews are the most racist people I’ve ever met and who unapologetically make demeaning, ethnic jokes– especially “safe” white, ethnic jokes– but they refuse to hold themselves to the same standards as everyone else. And if you try to hold them to those standards then it looks like you’re the one who’s trying to make trouble.

47.).      KANYE WEST:       At least Kanye West stood by his guns armed with nothing more than truthful observations regarding Jewish Zionists & black voices being owned by the jewish entertainment Mafia who are keeping everyone under their thumb in what resembles the Jewish “hand shake” seen among the diamond traders.  Unfortunately, “telling it like it is” earned Kanye a faux, mental diagnosis, financial losses, a heaping of alienation & vilification thanks to Jewish marketing schemes. 

         When this occurred, sponsors effectively admitted to their own guilt much like Prem Watsa of Fairfax financial did when he forced Dan Loeb to sign a degradation contract stating that he didn’t know what finite reinsurance was being that “finite” is an insider tool abused 90% of the time in the form of illicit, “side letters”. Thus, Dan inadvertently admitted to his innocence while Prem did the opposite, but at least Prem never used his race as an escape door. Prem is an honest shyster who just wanted his enemy to be seen as an idiot which is EXACTLY what Elon Musk has done to himself. Elon Musk needs to now feel free to don a leather bodysuit, sleep in a wooden crate & refer to himself as “the Gimp” because clearly Elon loves getting fucked up the ass for no clear reason.

 48.)     NOTE:    What’s even stranger is that Dan’s useless lawyers went along with the sham contract just as Elon, Kanye & the universities are tolerating the intolerable while attorneys are allowing it to happen. Likewise, I’ll never understand why Lehman Brothers & Allied capital failed to prosecute somebody who never had any evidence.


49.)   I hate to remind everyone, but what’s going on now is the same thing that Europeans were complaining about decades before World War II in terms of Jewish monopolization of businesses along with the institutional control of universities & the media. These aren’t overachievers, they’re just assholes & they’re no different than some sleazy Jew like Ben Siegel who would walk into a Hollywood studio, call it his “territory” then demand his cut. 

BOTTOM LINE:  Start treating people like Marc Rowan as the dangerous element he really is because all Marc’s doing is stealing your money and then giving it back to you then expecting you to jump through hoops for him and if that doesn’t work then here comes the grand puba of cop-outs– “You’re anti-semitic!”. Not only is it a false allegation, but it’s one that serves as the justification for anti-Semitism. Marc might as well be showing up for a courtroom fender-bender wearing a neck brace while his Jewish media co-horts croak out “anti-Semitic” in order to keep you from getting closer to their truth. Translation, they don’t want you turning over that stone and seeing what’s underneath. They want you under their thumb.

****This next video clip goes out to Marc Rowan of APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT.

Casino the movie time to kick a kike’s ass out of town,vid:Mm9Koqu64ZI,st:0

50.)       I’ve warned everyone from the start that if academia caves to Jewish tyranny & “bad actors” like Bill Ackman, then another domino will fall. Now it’s Elon Musk… This is institutional control & the tail wagging the dog which can only occur after a generation of systematic, brainwashing by making them stupid, scared & self-loathing. It’s like walking into a contained, dysfunctional family home environment. The Jewish media cares about institutional control of big business & the ivy leagues under the guise of humanitarianism, but they don’t care about the largest, white-collar fraud schemes of all time for no other reason then it’s committed by their own people who fuel their social-activist scams…  

         Again, black lives matter when you can use them as a weapon, but the Jewboy network never thought that weaponizing white guilt could not be applied to others….GUESS WHAT!!! There’s no white guilt here, NOR is there a revenge agenda against Jews for a refusal to exterminate Palestinians for them. The only thing that’s going on here is that people have finally caught onto your act and have figured out why people persecute Jews from the first place— SELF-PRESERVATION!!!

51.)       Next, look at the public figures who’ve graduated from Harvard & seized control of the microphone over the course of the last 10 years because virtually ALL are crooked, transparent clowns OR just plain trashy, ie. Ted Cruz, Kayleigh McEnany, Elise Stefanik, & Bill Ackman. In other words, “Walmart” Republicans & one divisive Jew who taps into their agenda just enough to match his own. I almost forgot, the idiot wives & girlfriends of well-connected Jews like that of Ann Druyan, Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, Jenn Hoos Rothberg who serves as the queenbee of the Jew-fabricated DEI over at David Einhorn’s “Einhorn Collaborative” along with Neri Oxman and her stupid, silkworm bird’s nest at the MoMa— a TOTAL MUST-MISS!!.

 I hope Ken Griffin keeps this in mind! Just like he keeps in mind that Jews have stayed the same while everyone else has gotten dumber because that was the Jew endgame—UNDERMINE & CONTROL!  But it backfired in their faces as they no longer have rabble supporting BLM who the Jew media glorifies, they now have intelligent & empathetic students who realize that if black lives matter than so do Palestinians and  that supporting the state of Israel does nothing but shoot ourselves in the foot.

         These are the lunatic fringe Republicans who were squelched by the “country club” Republicans from the ’50s through the ’80s AND who barely turned out to vote unless you had a total, left-wing Democrat on the ticket. There were always a few genocidal, Jewish Supremacists sprinkled among the Republicans who didn’t align with your more A-typical, Hollywood, leftist Jew agenda which is always fueled thru the weaponization of the underdog. Thanks to the latter group of Jews, the Backwater Republican became emboldened. These are your two types of Jews sitting in the driver’s seat which is why I’m so amused to hear a Jew as old as Alan Dershowitz acting surprised but all this?!?! Really, Alan??! Go back to your Epstein defense.

52).    BOTTOM LINE:  If you want more of this freak show along with a lowering of the academic bar, then feel free to sell out the world of Academia to the world of Jewish marketing schemes & Jewish institutional control.  It’s called Academic Apartheid & Jewish Terrorism and there’s no worse type of terrorist than the kind who pretends to be the victim.

53.).      All this chicanery & massive OVERREACH is why Jews have rightfully been called “parasites”. It isn’t anti-Semitic to say so, it’s counter-Semitic to NOT stand for it.  What we see going on at Harvard & UPenn is not “activism” it’s living proof that Jews cannot live among people peacefully, only passive-aggressively, and the same things go for their faux victim-hero tactics which Bill the Shill has been shoveling in the early 2000’s.

 54.).      Again, this is how Jewish terrorism is accomplished. OVERREACH on every conceivable level in which it never dawns on the Jewish psyche that their behavior is inappropriate, it’s only inappropriate if you don’t agree to become their doormat. This was demonstrated perfectly from my own experiences with the Jewish faculty and student body at Harvard in the early 2000s. Is it any wonder why “Hate Speech” is defined as anything not in line with Jewish special treatment.

 55).       This is psychological warfare. After a while, the insanity becomes normalized as the brow-eaten, overcompensating & indoctrinated white youth begin to eat their own just for defending reason. This is what has happened to me among my own “born again liberal” siblings when I called the BLM rioters trash (primarily white hipster) and they panicked by letting me know that I wasn’t to talk around their black neighbors. Therefore, I then went to talk to my black acquaintances at CVS who agreed with me 100% and I let them know it was just another Jewish, marketing scheme in which black people are weaponized and nothing ever changes for them. Kind of like hiring Claudine Gay, the token who refused to jump through Jew hoops. Black lives matter, but Palestinian lives don’t. 

56)        Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL is busy giving “rebel w/out a clue” Whoopi Goldberg a tongue-lashing for being wrong in saying that Jewish wasn’t a race (ethnic group technically) which means that Greenblatt should also be letting Whoopi know to lose the moniker “Goldberg” before focusing his efforts on that bimbo & faux Jew who married Hunter Biden as she attempted to upbraid Trump by letting him know that Jewish was just a religion. Clearly, this deluded, “shiksa goddess” with an identity crisis doesn’t understand that she’s a byproduct of Jewish terrorism which comes in the form of Baltic & Slavic whores who the self-loathing, Jewboys recruit & radicalize in order to change the trajectory of the Jewish race for future generations of Jews so they won’t have to look at some typical, ugly Jew like Jonathan Greenblatt, Mayim Bialik, Jackie Mason, Richard Belzer, Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Nelson Peltz, Sasha Baron Cohen, Steven Spielberg, Sandra Bernhard, etc.

  57.)      There’s ZERO ethnic-Semitic, Jewish blood running through the veins of Hunter Biden’s faux Jewess, just the DNA of entitled Slavic-Baltic whores which programmed her to ditch her boyfriend, trash her birth control pill & spread her legs for a low-life like him. If she looked like a real Jew like Chandra Levy,  Amy Winehouse or even the better-looking ones like Soleil Moonfrye, Hunter Biden would not be in it for the long-run. Unfortunately, idiot Americans like Hunter view themselves as multicultural & accepting of others until they see what most REAL Ashkenazi Jews look like at which point they often make things up as they go along, kind of like Jews do   So much for patting themselves on their back & feeling like an enlightened person…   

 58.)        REMINDER, the perfect demonstration of how fraud can first seduce then be normalized is currently seen with men (excluding intersex conditions) who supposedly transition to female then deceive people by making themselves pretty enough to “pass” for actual women. Frauds like this are sympathetic & more identifiable to the masses who then begin to defend such lunacy as being “authentic” when in fact they are receiving special treatment for which they don’t deserve.  Essentially, everyone begins losing touch with reality by living in a false one simply because a mentally-ill person has successfully pulled off a massive “mindfuck” which is then politicized with “peer pressure & shame” campaigns followed by false validation from divisive media outlets & a corrupt W.H.O. This is how lies become facts.,majority%20(Moscovici%2C%201976).

59.)    I say United States of the Levant and people who look like me are sent back to their Slavic countries (Bar Paly) as they’re not even remotely related to Near Eastern Semites NOR are the so-called Black Hebrews descendants of the Diaspora OR of a Yemeni Queen Sheba. They’re members of the “I Fucked the Help” tribe who have the privilege of receiving financial assistance in Israel which they wouldn’t be privy to in Ethiopia or Eritrea while the locals suffer.

           Meanwhile, people who are the product of two mixed race parents, like Mark Zuckerberg, are acknowledged as such. Likewise, Shoshanna Lonstein is acknowledged as pure-bred Arab which is what a true Ashkenazi Jew should be whereas her ex-husband, Joshua Gruss, is mixed. I want transparency– NOT TransJews– no more smoke ‘n mirrors from Jews both financially OR racially because we’re being fucked over on every level by Jews & people won’t call out the elephant in the room. This is the final solution and it involves a fair play of regulation & the closing of loopholes which Jews always exploit.. Like the Magna Carta, there have to be Jew specific clauses.

 60.)        Jews can be a “problem personality” in constant need of regulation & containment due to their counterculture attempts to justify their imperialism both in America & in Israel. This is perfectly demonstrated by Bill Ackman & Jonathan Greenblatt who serve either as academia’s answer to Joseph Pulitzer’s strike-breakers more than they do “activists” OR as the New York Jew equivalent of Jim Baker preying upon the stupidity of the Bible Belters in need of a “personal Jesus” when what this flock really needs is a “personal Ataturk”.

61.)      Jews insult our founding fathers so I’ll insult theirs starting with the term “Mosas” which isn’t even a real name, it’s a suffix that follows the father’s name which means he was the son of no man. So we have a minor civilization reborn from a bastard Egyptian, cult leader & Christianity by a WOKE, illegitimate Jew with the latter possessing a clear understanding that Jews like Johnathon Greenblatt of the ADL were immoral, elitist supremacists in a liberal wrapper. I guess at the end of the day we’re all Muslims with a leaning towards one of the two, but at the end of my day I feel like all I’m doing is just teaching Jews how to be better-prepared liars.

61a.)        Lastly, I want all my readers to keep in mind that everything I’ve said is nothing more than common sense & basic knowledge which no one in this country seems to possess. Unfortunately, if they are “in the know” they are then vilified OR condescended by idiots while being driven to the fringes of society thanks to the self-loathing & commonly, accepted ignorance of Ashkenazi Jews who are hellbent on reinventing themselves as something they aren’t NOR ever have been & all with the full cooperation of my own people who are here to enable the “institutionalized insanity” of the Jewish Construct. It’s their world, we’re just living in it…


ATTENTION ALL SOUTHERNERS: This is the trash for which Skulking Jews, like Bill Ackman, are attempting to weaponize in what has become an unfortunately game of mutual weaponization. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day: Virginia Foxx- 2020 Update


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