Big Insurer, Bigger Fraud




THE HARVARD & U PENN PREDICAMENT:      If colleges were legally obliged to vet students on the basis of their belief in genocide of a particular group, then Jews would never be allowed on any college campus other than their own.

         Undoubtedly, this is why billionaire Jews seek exclusive control over who’s placed in charge of the more prestigious schools. Consequently, this controlling grip is presumed to be real by the very nature of their questionable “donations” thus allowing these miscreant-investors to effectively make private schools into “their own” wherein everyone else becomes the guest.

        NOTE THIS IS TOTAL ROLE REVERSALNOT UNLIKE THE SABOTAGE committed by Jewish “investor-terrorists” on the eve of PALESTINIAN INDEPENDENCE whose overreach stymied native people’s official statehood by instead installing a pseudo-culture resembling “ISIS meets Manifest Destiny” hell bent on committing atrocities, NOT equality. These supposedly, blameless Holocaust victims came armed with a w/a bogus land claim from a lost crusade, a presumptuous attitude, inappropriate funding, a TOTALLY conflicted identity, an imposter syndrome concealed by false allegations aimed at all non-enablers AND a Moses, business model— ALL of which has never changed throughout the ages.


…. This is the dangerous movement, not DEI– and it’s what’s now hounding institutional control of colleges which Jewish Entitlement assumed had already been systemically nailed down. This is officially a showdown to keep higher education a democracy, not a plutocracy no matter how much special interests attempt to camouflage their predatory motives with victimology….

BOTTOM LINE:     There’s no college on Earth capable of dictating OR controlling personal beliefs & dialogues between friends, families & acquaintances NOR do we want that in our lives.

During Tuesday’s House hearing, Magill, along with the presidents of Harvard and MIT, did not explicitly say that calling for the genocide of Jews would necessarily violate their code of conduct on bullying or harassment. Instead, they explained it would depend on the circumstances and conduct.”

        Liz Magill is absolutely correct & rationale when she states that it would “depend on the circumstances & conduct”… Meaning that if students & faculty were getting physical OR making direct threats, then taking measures would be deemed necessary AND I believe that these are similar rules which any officer of the law is bound to before making an arrest on a suspect.

 “Anti-Semitic speech when it crosses into conduct that amounts to bullying, harassment, intimidation – that is actionable conduct, and we do take action,” Gay said.

QUESTION:   How on earth could any lawyer disagree with this statement unless it’s a Jewish attorney attempting to bend the law for themselves??

……. OR perhaps it’s due to Jewish, “activist-terrorists” like that of Bill “the Shill” Ackman & Marc Rowan who are never held accountable in terms of proving their allegations whether they involve corporate fraud OR false allegations of anti-Semitism— only spin-doctoring them!

       When pay-offs (donations) failed to produce “re-payment in kind”, then ENTER the Dark Triad of collective, Jewish, marketing schemes wherein right-wing supremacists always come cloaked in a humanitarian wrapper. ALWAYS the wolf in sheep’s clothing, except wolves are biodiversity whereas these hucksters are just well-groomed parasites.

      INSTEAD of seeing crooks like Ackman & Rowan for what they really are, everyone is forced to believe what the berating Jew wants us to believe. This includes overlooking these men’s massive, corporate fraud schemes AND their defamatory, power grabs with the endgame being to “institutionalize” the youth of America through the use of a private institutions, NOT to prepare them for the workforce, but to prepare them for being beholden to a “Jewish Construct” which is where we are now.

          These investors are not waging a war against any rise in anti-Semitism, they’re waging a war against the curtain that’s finally being ripped open with people for once seeing what was hiding in front of them all along, but never acknowledging due to the use of psychological warfare, deep pockets OR both.

APOLLO MEMO: Leon Black’s G.O.A.T. White-Collar, Fraud Scheme

         This is dark creativity and it “can manifest in creative strategies aimed at subverting or manipulating one’s competition to achieve self-serving goals or destabilize existing power hierarchies”.

         Jews are always DEI opportunists in the sense that they’re proponents of any movement or pawn that disrupts the mainstream status quo— until it backfiresENTER, “hero-homicide”, Jewish marketing schemes to now tear it down. MEANWHILE, none of these Jewish billionaire huckster-donors have ever paid their fair share.,failed%20trickle%2Ddown%20economics%20approach.

Fruit of a Poisonous Tree:   FINANCIAL CRIMINALS, Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman DO NOT  get to square off with anyone in terms of ethics & campus harassment because they DO NO FIT any industry’s standards of ethics & are FAR more destructive to society on multiple levels than are student protesters who have taken up a legitimate cause despite being hindered by two crooks who would have been given the electric chair in a normal country OR at least banned from the financial service industries. Anyone that supports men like this are either idiots OR accomplices who are ultimately selling their own people out instead of putting their foot down.


           The outlandish accusations & badgering, behavior displayed by these two power-hungry, hagglers posing as “activist-investors” is not only culturally ingrained, it’s a form of “collective, domestic terrorism”. The unhindered ability of these crooks to syphon the insurance industry is followed-up with momentum from their media cohorts who work in tandem with them to vilify the student protesters railing against genocide, NOT the corporate terrorists who fund this genocide. They don’t care where the money comes from, just as long as it goes to Jews.

BOTTOM LINE:      There’s NO campus anti-Semitism except for that directed at Palestinians by investors like Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman NOR is there a need for a committee to “watchdog” supposed anti-Semitism directed at Jewish students who are finally “self-aware” that they must keep their Zionist-terrorist, hate-speech to themselves. Unfortunately, these Jewish students are NOT aware that it’s inappropriate behavior to openly nurse a persecution complex for having to do so. What the modern world is witnessing is a classic, old-world example of Jewish scapegoating & projective identification, not to mention a presumption of authority. This requires counseling.

        Furthermore, these “watchdog” committees represent nothing more than a sugar-coated witch hunt on innocent students who refuse to be beholden to the irrational hypersensitivity of ignorant & self-loathing Ashkenazi Jewry whose skewed, moral compass dictates that everything which does not conform to their erratic sense of who they are OR purport to being will subsequently be mislabeled as “anti-Semitic”.

Temptations of Scapegoating | American Criminal Law Review | Georgetown Law,%2C%20and%20(4)%20reckonings

        Ultimately, this faux “armchair” committee is likely to serve as a breeding ground for pontification & enforced ignorance. This means that the common man will continue to provide special treatment & to make pedestrian allegations of anti-Semitism while never knowing that this word is in conflict with the academic mission of Harvard’s namesake museum—The Semitic Museum, a center devoted to Near Eastern studies and anything less would be intellectual dishonesty, aka, “reinvention”.

MARC ROWAN– The Next Chapter in Hustlers & Con Artists Who Needs to be Studied:            It’s Marc’s presumption of authority & his inappropriate behavior that’s all too often deemed acceptable for Jews, thanks to the use of victimology, but it’s also what renders Marc Rowan not cognizant that his objections to an ethno-cultural festival would get any other Caucasian person labeled a “white supremacist” by CNN especially if they tried it on anyone outside of Palestinians.

The Message is Crystal Clear:  Beat down White Southerners & Palestinians ONLY!!! Then call all dissenters a “hate group”. Next, apply a financial squeeze & turn the “white minstrel”, liberals against these dissenters. UH, Oh!! Marc wasn’t expecting a smarter class of liberals than the usual, hipster trash & Gen X, social-climbing pseudo-intellectuals. What Marc got instead was Ivy League kids who understood that if black lives matter, then so do Palestinians. Uh-oh! Time to find some common ground with those White Southerners & Bible belters right quick & grease the palms of some rich Arabs to make yourselves look like the popular kid and the other guy just some disgruntled discontent which is exactly what the White Southerner was to Jews pre-October 7th.  Meanwhile, the weaponized black man is getting thrown under the bus by the Jew. Join the club!

 BOTTOM LINE: If the black man & the white southerner OR the hipster trash & Gen X pseudo-intellectuals think that they’re going to get anything out of weaponizing OR aligning with Jews, then guess again. The only thing these pawns and their children will inherit is the wind & Jews the upper hand.

NEWSFLASH!   Marc Rowan has no qualms when it comes to carrying out a $430 billion fraud scheme among 45 US insurers alone in order to transform their company, APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT, into “the mother nest of corporate fraud” (Marc Rowan) NOR does BILL ACKMAN have any problem with colluding in PR-driven, marketing schemes to drive companies into the ground for his own gain.

             THUS why the hell would anyone think for one second that lowlifes, like Marc Rowan, “bag man for Leon Black” OR mediocre, bug-eyed Bill Ackman, would have any problems pulling the same sort of scam on university presidents when stealing from one hand to give to another is their stock-in-trade. Why else vilify college campuses who hold a Palestinian festival in order to offset the public’s lack of knowledge regarding a group of people who have no voice in their own country NOR in the Jew.S.A. wherein the faux-liberal, Jewish media uplifts & sugarcoats EVERYONE EXCEPT FOR—AGAIN— PALESTINIANS & WHITE SOUTHERNERS?

LET’S NOT KID OURSELVES:  Rowan & Ackman have effectively “staged the scene” to INCITE VIOLENCE which is accomplished every time they enable genocide by turning the tables– and in true Jew form-– to portray themselves as both the victim & the defender of humanity. This smart-ass ruse is a “maddening tactic” used to tune-out valid complaints while creating resentment & hate for all the right reasons. It’s like a child who ignores you while saying to the air, “Did you hear something?

          Only an “off the rails” narcissist like Marc Rowan would attempt to portray Roger Waters of Pink Floyd as a Jew-baiter for observing the fact that Israeli youth function in the same capacity as that of Wanna-be, Nazi youth cadets–  my words, not Roger’s— which is an assessment based upon the heckling-filled reception Waters received at one of his concerts in Israel. This is no different than the treatment which actress, Susannah York, received when she publicly supported Mordecai Vanunu in a Tel Aviv theater, YET I’m supposed to feel guilty about my people containing Jews in the ghettos for centuries so they wouldn’t mix with white people than try to wear our skins in some future, fucked-up state of Israel wherein they’ll discriminate against people for looking like what Jews have been attempting to breed out with non-Jewish women who they misappropriate and call their own.  In America, it’s called Hollywood!!


BOTTOM LINE:  Ackman & Rowan are like the KKK– but with a victimology mindset— trying to break up a civil rights march in the ‘60’s.

       The only way Marc Rowan & his distorted reality can cruise by with false allegations of anti-Semitism regarding UPenn’s Palestinian Festival (despite Palestinians being Semitic) is in much the same way that he’s gotten away with being the “bag man” for the world’s, biggest white-collar, fraud scheme. In short, Marc suppresses facts thru the use of smoke ‘n mirrors. Marc’s money is the “magic lantern” while greasy palms serve as the mirror for which the facts— a provable, $430B reinsurance fraud scheme among 45 US insurers-– bounces right off of and into a smoky cloud of cyberspace. If that doesn’t work, legitimize fraud……Wait for it!        

LEGAL QUESTION:   In the meantime, how come the entangled universities & the Muslim Legal Fund do not have a discrimination lawsuit against these Jewish investors, the universities themselves, AIPAC  & CNN based on systemic anti-Semitism of Palestinian people including vilification campaigns & the suppression of evidence as seen by UPenn’s academia being banned from showing documentaries of Israeli atrocities under the guise of Jewish victimology.

         There’s a reason why foreigners call this country the Jew.S.A. & why Marc Rowanan openlyaccepted, terrorist-supremacist–  serves as living proof as to why eons of Europeans acted in self-defense against this unrelentingly, smartass form of Jewish aggression. Note, people often times try to destroy what they hate most about themselves and MARC ROWAN is a Palestinian AND he is an anti-Semite AND no amount of Jewish deflection, suppression tactics, faux condescension OR turning my people against me will change that. Look in the mirror, Marc— You’re a camel jockey! I CAN SPOT YOUR JEWFACE A MILE AWAY !! Emmanuel Kant was right, “Jews are Palestinians living among us.”

       Jewish scapegoating & projective identification throughout the ages:      Europe & the Roman Empire has shown more tolerance of Jews in over two thousand years than Jews have been capable of showing Palestinians in a single year out of 76. Nonetheless, Jews have managed to overwrite the narrative in their dual quest to be the “blame-free”, victim-hero AND to incite white-hate upon the white, Christian male while failing to mention that all Near Eastern cultures have had similar problems with Jews. The reason for this deflection & selective recall is because accountability is foreign to Jews and oftentimes so is an actual conscience. Instead, victimology serves as their constant companion AND as a launching pad for their projective identification in which Jews in turn accuse others of scapegoating. Beware of the constant table-turning & pivoting for the “victim seat”!

    A prime example would be the self-absorbed Jewess, Dr. Miri Bar-Halpern, who wants to label Israelis as being victimized by outsiders that’s resulted in “traumatic invalidation”, yet disregards the fact that the Jewish Construct in this country (and any country it sinks its teeth into) harasses the other 98% on a daily basis– targeting their children— by trying to make them accountable for archaic history & yesteryear’s mentality. Nowadays, it’s especially felt in terms of European expansionism or the Holocaust even as Jews suppress evidence of genocide & human rights abuses supported by Ashkenazi Jewry worldwide. To make matters worse, Jews once again pretend to be the victims of anti-Semitism by anyone who exposes it. It never ends!!

        AGAIN, Jews are the only people who never take accountability for their actions because they will always find a way to pivot for the victim seat, ya’ know, by coming up with some bullshit term like “traumatic invalidation” which the other 98% is now supposed to internalize AND which is also EXACTLY how Jews simultaneously conquer as can be seen by a crooked, obsequious pilgrimage of academics to Israel.

WANNA ANOTHER ATYPICAL EXAMPLE??Real time, Jewish chess involve hasty “blame shifts” in order to keep their grip on the victim card as ALL ASHKENAZI JEWS FROM AMERICA TO ISRAEL vilify Hamas for hiding behind children, NOT on the cornered bombings OR on an evacuation plan equivalent to putting German Jews on a boat bound for nowhere OR a second Nakba.  No other group on the planet conquers by playing the victim, only Jews. They just don’t want to admit the truth & the truth is that Palestinians are in their way.  Meanwhile on the western front, Jewish, marketing schemes target the foundations of the mainstream, Christian, Eurocentric society in order to gain the upper hand thru the use of “overmagnification” tactics which create a distorted perception of said mainstream, but NEVER an honest picture of themselves!

BOTTOM LINE:    These psychiatric “blinders” are responsible for the depraved actions displayed by Jewish, “activist-terrorists” AND by a sizeable portion of Jewish students at Columbia, Harvard & UPenn who are ALL acting like a bunch of “Karen’s”.  Remember “Karen”?…ANOTHER magnified & one-dimensional Jewish, marketing scheme!!

NOTE:   Since Israel’s inception, the country serves as a monument to overreach that’s backed by Jewish supremacy worldwide & enabled by greasy palms, but truly enabled by the DUMBING, RADICALIZING & SOCIALCONDITIONING of the other 98% whether they be left or right oriented….. This is how “Collective, domestic terrorism” gets away with victimology-based fraud & Overreach in what constitutes a subculture steeped in “Karens”…..THIS IS THE ART OF HOW THE TAIL WAGS THE DOG (ie., the Ivy League, the networks & entertainment OR corporate sabotage).


           The worst financial terrorists of our time have the gall to assume financial control of schools like Harvard & UPenn via their use of a well-orchestrated, victimology ruse featuring (i.) A bunch of sniveling & melodramatic Jewish students who create situations where none exist (ii.)  Next, faux-indignation of Jewish attorneys  (iii.) A shyster like Bill Ackman, faux “activist-investor”, who’s accustomed to colluding in Jewish, marketing schemes. Even Marc Rowan calls up his Jewish journalist cohorts at Bloomberg to pitch his threats to UPenn along with the strikebreaker & carping Jew,  Johnathan Greenblatt, from the “social-activist” scam– the ADL.  

THIS IS A HOSTILE TAKEOVER & AN ABUSE OF POWER INTENDED TO KEEP THE MAINSTREAM UNDER THEIR THUMB—— LIVE & IN YELLOW JOURNALISM!!.…….MEANWHILE, no one will interview me OR compel performance from Tom Gober, CFE, in regards to MARC ROWAN who serves as the “bag man” for a $430 billion fraud scheme at Apollo Global Management, FU very much!

Bill Ackman & Mark Rowan versus Roman Abramovich……One and the Same!!                     Roman Abramovich  wants to renege on his donations to the Ukraine in what was supposed to be some sort of a snow job in terms of buying forgiveness for serving as a henchman for Vladimir Putin; but in light of Israel’s well-deserved rebellion, Abramovich now wants to divert the profits from the sale of his home which was obviously purchased with his ill-gotten gains & instead give it to an ill-conceived nation which immediately replicated Hitler’s extermination programs & youth camps the second their feet hit the Levantine ground in ’48. It’s not happening!


      Meanwhile, Bill Ackman invests in the Israeli stock exchange, NOT food to Gaza because the Jew will always blame shift to be the victim OR just deny everything then create false realities.       

  **Now 80% people are starving in  Gaza.

         So now after years spent usurping the native people of Russia— money & Slavic whores-– Roman Abramovich is AGAIN stealing from one hand to give to the other no different than some hedge fund OR private equity manager setting up a social-activist front. Why the hell is no one appropriating Roman’s wealth as a form of RESTITUTION?? Let’s face it, the only effective form of REGULATION would be to hang his hideous ass in effigy in the middle of the town square. 


          Meanwhile, here in America, ROSS STEVENS, wants to take back his $100 million donation to the University of Penn believing that his faux indignation is acceptable behavior when in reality boycotting Israel is the ONLY acceptable form of behavior and it’s in effect by countries worldwide outside of the Jew.S.A.

The Purple Gang Continues Adds White Southern PAWNS to their Board:    The only thing worse than a leftist American who misuses the word “anti-Semitic” & bemoans the Holocaust would be a Southerner who plays right into the hands of the Jews. This is a death blow being that White Southerners are the final bastion in terms of keeping carping, harassing Jews at bay.  


      Next stop, Eastern Europe, Australia & the Arab World. Start seeing all the angles & tell Jews they’re the anti-Semites & the toxic, social-disruptors guilty of gaslighting everyone else AND that attempting to tell me that I sound like an “old school”, anti-Semite doesn’t make me guilty of it, but it does make Jews guilty of using preemptive strike tactics as part of a psychological warfare agenda.


CASE IN POINT:   Observe the faux righteousness of Ross Stevens because it ISN’T TO PROTECT STUDENTS, IT’S TO BUY PAWNS like that of Southern academic, C. Bradley Thompson, who possessed claims of having a “smoking gun” on Claudine Gay of Harvard in his possession at some point on Twitter. If he did have a smoking gun, then it was more damaging to Jewish trustees than it ever was to Claudine Gay AND HERE’S WHY…

REMEMBER:    Claudine was hired to serve as a pawn for the Jews because supporting black DEI gives legs to a much greater level of Jewish DEI.  Jewish trustees didn’t care about Claudine’s competitors for the job, just the expectation that they had the upper hand which included the ability to have her jump through unethical hoops for them.  

QUESTION:  Why are various Jewish interests busy exposing trifling matters & ancient history regarding Claudine Gay only NOW?

 ANSWER :    Don’t kid yourself, they knew EVERYTHING from the start, but there was no need to make mountains out of molehills. The Skulking Jew will always “go ad hominem” when their egos get bruised.

……BUT, the better question is why is no one’s looking into provable allegations made against Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman because I’m not the only one making them?!  I’m in good company along with Harry Markopolos, Tom Gober & Mark Mitchell of Deep Capture/WSJ.

QUESTION:    Ackman & Rowan can’t run their own companies honestly so why then expect these Jewish, corporate terrorist to run a private school?!? I have more hope for Donald Trump at this point than I do for these guys. These skulking shysters are nothing but bitchy school girls who Henry Ashby Turner would have disciplined at another time.

        Fortunately, Claudine Gay maintained a well-adjusted, moral compass which is why she should have been hired in the first place. No honest person would ever go combing thru Claudine’s past papers unless they have an agenda just as no rational person would nitpick about a few flawed annotations similar to that of NERI OXMAN’S, unless they’re out to demonstrate a clear point.

       The clear point is that Jews always love to over magnify faults on others, but NEVER about themselves. Subsequently, an even greater point is demonstrated as we witness the “snowball effect” of Jewish double-standards, authoritarianism & victimology thanks to Bill Ackman demanding an apology from Business Insider. In other words, Bill Ackman needs to back the “F” off of Business Insider once & for all REGARDING WHAT THEY UNCOVERED ON NERI OXMAN UNLESS HE IS PREPARED TO ISSUE A PUBLIC APOLOGY TO CLAUDINE GAY.

        The conclusive takeaway from recent events demonstrates that what needs to be weeded out at Harvard are NOT people guilty of a few, shoddy annotations; but rather, narcissistic psychopaths & financial, corporate terrorists in the making who will be tomorrow’s genocidal, faux activists looking for an enabler to hold open their escape door. 

       In other words, Claudine believes that Palestinians are people too & that her student body represents legitimate protesters, NOT people committing actual crimes, ie., setting police stations on fire (which every Jewish, faux activist supported whether it be CNN or the Einhorn collaborative), NOT Jewish melodrama & NOT bribes or blood money from low-life investors like Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman who would be strung up by their balls in ANY quasi-sane country for financial terrorism with their victimology agendas shoved up their ass

        In the end, Claudine Gay more than fulfilled her duties by protecting students from Jewish, corporate terrorists who belong in an electric chair, not on a pulpit BUT SHE ALSO PROTECTED STUDENTS FROM a Jewish, student body who possess a long history of harassment, neurosis, skewed perspectives & aggressive tendencies. In some respects, it’s the Jewish students—like Shabbos “alexander,” Kestenbaum—  whose behavior represents inappropriate & presumptuous bullying by literally almost EVERY other culture on earth, but in Jewish minds we are expected to accept Jewish entitlement & ASSUMPTION OF AUTHORITY.  This wasn’t new to me, but it was nonetheless shocking to me in terms of how brazen it had become which was exemplified perfectly by how Liz McGill had to explain “context”.  

          Speaking of job duties, what exactly are Neri Oxman’s??? Is she really making the world a better place with some big, ugly silkworm bird’s nest at the MoMA or is she simply throwing some business to Danny Stern Strategies who’s at the helm of her Jewish, marketing scheme which appears to dismiss the thought that perhaps Neri’s ambitions are better left to bioengineers & textile majors in terms of producing sustainable materials.

REMINDER:  Staging oneself as the victim is in itself a “power grab”, no different than a bid for institutional control. In fact, it’s the ultimate power grab and in the perfect country where we care too much about being labeled as the “bad guy”. This “bad guy” hot seat is in reality nothing but a PR ruse cross-marketed by deep pockets to make what’s not important seem important. In the process, a divide is created with no room for a rational, middle ground, ie., TransAthletes & the vilification of RuPaul & Martina Navratilova for not joining the crazy train.

LEARN IT!!:      Whenever Jews are the minority, they veil their terrorism with victimology & faux activism. Unfortunately, genuine victimology & activism is NEVER tolerated by Jews because Jews are always reading the underlying subtext in terms of how a chess move benefits them. If a pawn doesn’t give them the upper hand then it’s vilified, but if it benefits them to the detriment of others, then it’s glorified and anyone who goes against it is stonewalled & vilified with divisive accusations of anti-Semitism which shouldn’t even come into play— unless they know they’re guilty or are embarrassed about only being out for themselves which would explain false allegations of anti-Semitism directed at those who stand up for Palestinians civil rights and their right to live.

BOTTOM LINE:     The students are doing nothing wrong, it’s dark creativity & Jewish entitlement that’s to blame. Jews maintain a skewed perspective and therefore insist that the group perspective be as equally skewed as theirs. This feat is accomplished in a grassroots level by the Jewish media’s uplifting if the dregs of society while lowering the prestige of decent people, ie. NO ONE needs to hear from Eminem or Colin Kaepernick who walks around life with a chip on his shoulder.

 REALITY CHECK:  In high school, Colin would have been uncomfortably ignored & regarded as an interruption to middleclass students of all races who were there for a purpose, NOT to be harassed by the inner-city busing problem. Next, two polarized sides form, subject to peer pressure, wherein one side is unsure as to whether or not they’re obligated to take this person seriously while the others don’t understand why he’s not sent to the high school counselor who’s better equipped to deal with troubled youth instead of forcing everyone else to debate them in what turns a 50-minute class into a scene out of The Breakfast Club.  

        In other words, Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman are Colin Kaepernick receiving too much camera time & “Jeff Spicoli” ordering pizza in class while the student protesters represent appropriate behavior which is being skewed by a dark triad who need to be regulated & disciplined.

Are Jews A Threat to National Safety— YES!:    STUDENT PROTESTERS ARE VILIFIED by tag-teaming Jewish media & investors. This is the same Jewish media who glorified BLM rioters for burning down police stations over the death of one addle-brained counterfeiter & loose cannon of a cop.  The Jewish investors remained silent if not supportive, like Ira Hillman at the Einhorn Collaborative, because the end game is to undermine the mainstream while looking like the good guy.

       In reality, they’re fanning the flames of social unrest and nothing fans the flames of social unrest more than financial upsets executed by that of faux “activist-investors” which is why a low-grade eunuch & benefactor of Jewish privilege like Ira Hillman even have a job at that social-activist scam. Clearly, burning down police stations is far less important than a couple of sloppy annotations in Claudine Gay’s bibliography?? David Einhorn: The Predator in a Cute T-shirt (paragraph 9 for Bill the Shill)


CASE IN POINT:    Kyle Rittenhouse was vilified for exercising his second amendment right to bare arms in times of attack wherein there exists no front line of defense. Kyle wasn’t getting any back-up from the disabled police force thanks to the Jewish media’s faux, heroic campaign to vilify the police who were attempting to restore order. Thus, I sat back and watched CNN fan the flames which precipitated the need for private citizens like Kyle to go on armed patrol for the safety of all. WHY AREN’T THESE NETWORKS—ESPECIALLY THE ANCHORS—ON TRIAL FOR INCITING A RIOT??

HYPOTHETICAL REALISM:    If a Jewish student starts shooting at student protesters, I can guarantee that the shooter will have every rich Jew in the country & attorney coming to his aid with some kind of battered wife syndrome while every Hollywood Jew vilifies the protesters for creating the downward spiral….. AGAIN, projective identification & Jewish, double-standards.

QUESTION:   The Jews at CNN & elsewhere were quick to vilify Kyle along with an innocent couple who had directionally-challenged, “protesters” on their front lawn, but where are these leftist, media Jews in terms of a $430B fraud scheme at Apollo Global Mgmt OR Ackman’s legendary, storefront hustles?

SIMPLE ANSWER:     Bloomberg News & DANA BASH take their “payment in kind” by assisting these corporate terrorists in maintaining institutional control which obviously includes moving pawns along the chessboard. This is tactical warfare once Jews monopolize & seize control of the media and squeeze people out. Institutional control of their host country becomes a Jewish country club and the other 98% are gophers & bedwarmers. This is how Jews work and that’s how they’ve always worked. It’s the strangulating effect of living with Jews in your country. This can no longer be deflected!

MORE RUSES  Claudine Gay faced misleading accusations in terms of how or why she got the job which ranks right up there with the alt-right delusions that Biden stole the presidency. NOWno thanks to the misguided attempt of the “right” seeking to avenge itself against the left”— fake, Jewish activism grandstands as it attempts to hand over politically moderate, student protesters on a silver platter to a group of Backwoods Republicans who operate under the misbelief that these students are radical leftists ALL because they’re blinded by the presence of a black, female president of Harvard.

       NOTE:  An older generation of Republicans would have easily spotted a couple of seedy, over glorified, Jew crooks on the make like Ackman & Rowan a mile away, but now all we’re left with a Republican & a Democratic party shaped by fake Jewish activism that spawned in-fighting & extremism. To be discussed…..

     MEANWHILE, Claudine Gay is NOT the one who’s “tone deaf” in her response to campus unrest. Cherchez La Jew!! it’s the Jewish, student body with their psychodrama that includes a skewed, persecution complex which they leverage in order to assist investors in seizing control & to gain special treatment while NEVER acknowledging that they’re guests living among us. This is why Jews were contained in ghettos— to protect the mainstream! Out of 190 ethnicities in the former USSR, Jews are the only ones who create overreach by unrelentingly feigning victimology from every angle.

        Witch hunts on the presidents of Harvard or UPenn isn’t about anti-Semitism, it’s about harassment & Jewish supremacists who think they have the God given authority to keep people under their thumb & jumping through hoops. In Israel, Jews don’t have to pretend to be the “nice guy” in order to weaken the mainstream, but everywhere else Jews uplift fringe groups in order to undermine & supplant the mainstream. This is exactly what people have known for generations YET this 2% of society continues to keep the other 98% under their thumb by pretending that everyone is suffering from some sort of mental illness OR hysteria as they mislabel common sense & valid complaints as being “conspiracy theories” because the problem is never them, it’s always us.

JEWISH, MARKETING SCHEMES:    Jewish, “selective” activism & blame-shifting is demonstrated by Jews like Dana Bash on CNN as she over magnifies October 7th while conveniently ignoring the last 76 years of Jewish terrorism in the Levant even as Jews (2.7%), on every level of American society, have the gall to blame “white guilt” as being the reason why Americans— much like the rest of planet who is primarily not white— are boycotting Israel. Interesting viewpoint because all I see are Jewish investors boycotting Elon Musk instead of being forced to step down.

PRIMING THE CANVAS:  The Jewish media has brow-beaten white children not with equality, but with white guilt, since the 1980s as a means of mental enslavement to the point where it’s become a bizarre, sociology experiment to see how far a person can push the limits of compelled obedience, of first accuser tactics, conversion theory, the gradual acceptance of flawed logic, the influence of group dynamics, peer pressure, intimidation & social-conditioning tactics that far exceeds Pavlov’s dog, but that doesn’t stop the Jew from complaining when it backfires.

  The Jinx in the armor:      The real dilemma Jews can’t get a handle on is that they can’t fix the weak link in their armor of fraudulent victimology & faux, hero-activism. This jinx is the paradox that dictates if black lives matter then why wouldn’t Palestinians lives matter? At this juncture, there’s no other recourse than to berate because the more you berate in a convincing manner, then the more you confuse & embarrass, especially if it can be performed simultaneously upon millions. Fortunately, there will be at least one bright enough person within the mob who experiences an awakening and this is what happened on a massive scale within the Ivy League.   

****This clip from Eddie Murphy shows us what is acceptable behavior from Jews but ONLY for Jews (cut & paste if need be)

           ALL this hullabaloo serves nobody but the Jew whose media cohorts need to be held liable for inciting riots & creating strife in order to dismantle a power balance.  Likewise, terrorists like Dana Bash need to be beaten in the street with a baseball bat, but she would just look for the nearest camera to play up to and act like wounded Sparrow because that is the sickness of the Jew & their need to hold fast to the victim card while denying all accountability. The moral of the story always ends with “if the Jew wants to play the victim then we will make you the victim”….and they deserve it!

            Unfortunately, the next generation of Jews never learn; but rather, they weaponize the supposed casualties from the former generation by gaining control of the media then making it seem as if it’s the other 98% who has to learn from our past “torch-wielding villager” days OR our “white supremacist” ways. In terms of native people I agree, but never in terms of Jews.

           This is where I say, “Never forget“, but Jews get in front of it by trying to make blank slates out of white children who they mentally enslave by making them into self-loathing ignoramuses who are too scared to speak-up followed by enforcing the false notion that they’re evil, stupid & unsophisticated if they don’t go along with Jewish lies related to Ashkenazi Jewry’s ethnic insecurities & their blame reassignment while deceiving the youth that what they’re doing isn’t a blatant form of cultural encroachment upon them. This is the dumbing of America that only money can buy coupled with psychological warfare.

         As an American GI who freed the Jews from the camps said a few years later upon visiting  Israel, “they’ve learned a lot about treating people from the Nazis”. Personally, I disagree with this former GI as Jews were always like that, but when they’re not in their own country they just divide & conquer. This is Jewish Terrorism which includes tyrannically labeling that  American G.I. “anti-Semitic” for calling it out.

NO EASY WAY TO SAY IT:      This is the chaos & disorder which faux, Jewish activism feeds on and it has a “trickle-down effect” stemming from de-stabilizing tactics which serve only Jews, while disserving the other 98%. It’s an insidious form of terrorism & a slow-moving coup which is perfectly demonstrated by Jewish corporate terrorists, like Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman, who are only out for power grabs while creating the illusion that they’re taking the reins for both the economy & for humanity. 

*That’s the Name of the GameWeaponize socio-political OR religious fractures & various weak links in a host society as a means of undermining it’s bedrock then glorify the Jew as a “great reformer” & role model for all mankind– a true Old Testament hero!

          Journalist Joseph Sobran, frequently used his columns to criticize Israel, the Holocaust & Zionism. In one column, he wrote that The New York Times “really ought to change its name to Holocaust Update”.  In a 1992 column, Sobran complained of “a more or less official, national obsession with a tiny, faraway socialist ethnocracy”, meaning Israel. Sobran argued that the 9/11 attacks were a result of the United States government’s policies in the Middle East which Jews predictably turn around as if to say to the world, “see what we have to deal with”.  Sobran claimed those policies are formed by the “Jewish lobby” which I say clearly extends to Jews like Abe Rosenthal, formerly of the New York Times who always insisted on being kept abreast of what other Middle Eastern countries were receiving in aid so that Israel could ask for more. This is the dark creativity of a collective, not the voice of  humanitarianism. People like Dana Bash are unfit by anyone’s standards. She needs to step down or face litigation…… The same thing goes for Marc Rowan, Bill Ackman & Johnathan Greenblatt.

        The same modus operandi can be seen with the skulking, Jewish Massachusetts Rep.Simon Cataldo & the shyster attorney, Marc Kasowitz, along with Kasowitz’s whiny, self-involved Jew wimp of a client— Shabbos Kestenbaum—who collectively flank these corporate terrorists & bully the other 98% while NEVER being honest enough with themselves to admit to it NOR do the supporting characters admit to the fact that they’re colluding with criminals who are destroying the financial foundations of our society which these corporate criminals re-funnel in the form of donations to make institutions jump through hoops. In reality, everybody should be getting it back in a massive class action suit whether it be defamation OR financial fraud. Take a lesson, this is how you buy politicians & run a well-oiled terrorist machine.

                  To make matters worse, the skewed perspective & quasi-state of denial of this Jewish collective unleashes opportunists & naivetés who insert themselves into the mix. More chaos & disorder….

           AGAIN, nothing causes chaos & disorder more than economic unrest, but at least there’s “payment in kind” for collaborators with a false crusader complex.  This payment in kind is exemplified by David Einhorn effectively admitting under oath to his collusion with Bill Ackman, yet failing to understand his own words thanks to a skewed perception owing to Jewish deflection & entitlement.


         In the end, nobody’s benefiting but the Jew. This translates into 97.5% of the population receiving an extreme disservice, yet being tricked into thinking that we must look towards the heroic, well-heeled Jew for answers & for lessons on how to correctly behave. (OMG!) In other words, everyone else is dumbed-down while they stay the same.

BOTTOM LINE:   These bullshit artists should be on the hook not only for defamation, bullying, corporate fraud & blackmail, but also for intentionally contributing to precipitators of a financial collapse & serving as a recipe for social unrest & inequity. In other words, “collective domestic terrorism”. The demise of New Century Financial is a perfect example of how Jewish cronyism creates the conditions for socio-political unrest leads to riots, yellow journalism on both sides of the spectrum & Kyle Rittenhouse’s justifiable actions.

G.O.A.T.:  THE Biggest White Collar Fraud Scheme Of All Time:     Marc Rowan’s collusion with Leon Black in a $430 billion reinsurance fraud scheme AND Bill Ackman’s collusion to drive companies into the ground through the use of dishonest, marketing schemes are the tools of the trade now being harnessed against Liz MaGill & Claudine Gay due to their refusal to serve as gophers for these wanna-be gangsters whose false expectations were for these administrator’s to execute dirty favors at their behest which included axing students for no other reason than peaceful protests against genocide.


  • Dirty favors & special treatment is now euphemized as “failing to act to protect Jewish students…..” In reality, these administrators were protecting students from ruthless, financial terrorists hell-bent on ruining their futures. Even more unfortunate is the fact that these so-called investors are too clueless to understand that their behavior is inappropriate & authoritarian NOR are school administrators beholden to them.


  • In order to make fraudulent claims stick & to glorify inappropriate behavior, these “investor-terrorists” have to create the illusion of abuse which of course Bill Ackman is well versed in as is Marc Rowan. Https://     (see bottom two videos)


  • The Jewish donor’s erroneously assumed that “outsiders” would intuit their underlying meaning & jump through hoops for them. Obviously, the objectivity & clear-thinking of these school administrator’s is immune to both victimology agendas just as much as they are repulsed by blatant, blackmail attempts.

The Moral of the Sick Story:    If prestigious panhandlers expect to prosper from the ill-gotten gains in which these investors have stolen from one hand to give to the other, then they had better be party to genocide AND they must act AGAINST the best interests of their vast student body by pandering to the false allegations & neurosis of a few individuals– OR that of a collective— who pervert their own criminal collusion OR who deflect their own lack of accountability as being that of another person’s hate crime or cruel indifference.

       Regardless, Jewish donors like Ackman & Rowan are no better than Jewish Supremacists & “investor-terrorists’”, like that of Jacob Rothschild, who facilitated the theft of the Levant from the Palestinians when the latter were on the cusp of statehood and all because the British are a bunch of ineffectual, greedy whores willing to betray the very allies who helped them defeat the Ottomans instead of pulling an Edward Longshanks on a bunch of social-climbing terrorists, overglorified Shylocks & embassy-bombing  Zionists.

 BOTTOM LINE: Ackman & Rowan are making the Ivy League into “Little Israel” and everyone will be expected to be beholden to Jews even more than we are now. AGAIN, if the upper hand is not relinquished to Jews than they play the victim like a manipulative child. NOTE: These are the same problems people had with Jews before World War II.


BOTTOM LINE:  These student protesters have served as a spark which has ignited a fire that should have happened a long time ago & this is exactly what scares these domestic terrorists, like Ackman & Rowan & Kestenbaum, most of all.

          Unfortunately & once again, projective identification is chronic with Jews whether it be unintentional for some, but intentional for others. This is clearly demonstrated by shyster investors & their cohorts at publications like Bloomberg News who label these students as a “dangerous movement” when in reality it’s their tag-teaming agenda which is the dangerous movement.

Projective Identification: How Narcissists Project Their Identity Onto Others

      In a sane world, somebody like Bill Ackman would have his balls cut off and thrown down a hole at a Turkish prison and his home leveled.  Instead, we have a world in which the students are vilified & the Palestinians homes are bulldozed by IDF when they smell dissension in the ranks. What one person calls genocide of Jews is what another person calls self-defense.

BOTTOM LINE:   Nothing leads to social unrest more than financial collapse, so once again Jewish activism doesn’t help the conditions which it claims to champion, it only serves the Jew. If anyone else benefits, it’s a mere “side effect”.

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY & NOAH LEDERMAN:  This guy complains about getting pinned against a brick wall during a Gaza protest for which he shows up to waving an Israeli flag is tantamount to the white supremacist at the Charlottesville rally with a Confederate flag who then complained about people jumping to conclusions….OR maybe it’s comparable to me standing outside the New York Times building on a public sidewalk with my protest MetLife/Apollo protest sign before being lunged at by the black, male security guard who wanted to know why I was accosting pedestrians OR maybe it’s more like me being lunged at, once again, but by two white security men at the MetLife building while carrying my sign which read, “BHF is a dumping ground for MetLife debt”.

       Either way, whoever pinned Noah against a wall, is a counter-Semite. On the other hand, whoever lunged at me is a thug & an illicit, conspirator. Furthermore, can Noah Lederman prove any of his story or do we have another E. Jean Carroll AND was it a campus situation OR just public protesters near the school who were NOT organized under a university banner?  This is CONTEXT which news articles don’t clarify.

****SYSTEMIC, SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR JEWS:       Unfortunately, “actionable conduct” was not taken on my behalf in 2000 within the context of a Harvard Israeli excavation when I was not only bodily intimidated by a Jewish student, but effectively threatened academically by a Jewish, faculty member who chose to take no recourse when witnessing the event which was steeped in Jewish, false realities including racial misappropriation.

        Believe it or not, the “squaring-off” confrontation was provoked by nothing more than me merely pointing out that Jewish had always been an ethno-religious group in Europe which seemed to tick off the ignorant & self-loathing Ashkenazi Jewry who were unaware that Israel was founded as an ethnic homeland by Ashkenazi Jews who wanted a collective return to their desert roots. Instead, Jews do what they do best—  stick together & deflect accountability by feigning victimology. This is their main tool used to suppress facts, to oppress the people & to make their own false reality more palatable which in the end inspires a well-deserved revolt.

BOTTOM LINE: The more Jews  play the victim for not going along with their contradictory nonsense, then the more it makes them appear all the more guilty of racial misappropriation & of harassment for denying that they’re blatantly doing it AND the more they appear to be driving themselves out of their own mind by attempting to block things they don’t want to see about themselves much like a mental patient who’s been handed the keys to the asylum.

A Necessary Digression For Crystal Clarification—-Remember when???:

          The Jewish media had a fun time vilifying anyone who wasn’t gung-ho in terms of taking down Civil War landmarks as being “white supremacists” while attempting to educate people that these “fringe groups” were brainwashed on Grand tales of the Old South, ya’ know, as opposed to a bunch of weird “off-white” people OR black anomalies who together view themselves as members of some defunct tribes from the ancient Levant who never had exclusive claim to the land in the first place AND who were never really all that important until their migration into Europe & the spread of Christianity made them relevant.

     NEWSFLASH!  Ashkenazi Jews are essentially a subculture of “Uncle Tom’s” who have been emulating the Nazis by building their own perfect race which entails stealing the various peoples who for centuries ridiculed them in Europe for looking Jewish. This has created a brooding, cult of personality driven to build a rootless nation around a dead fringe group’s identity with a composite of three groups: Ashkenazi Jews, Mizrahi Jews & and white Europeans who are the product of conversions and therefore not even ethnic Jews. Again, more Jewish, marketing schemes.

       Note, the Mizrahi Jews were pawns used for 3 things:  to “up” the numbers, to make Ashkenazi Jews feel “whiter” & to berate the Middle Eastern identity out of them with the result being a blank slate of Jewish, ethnic ambiguity. Conversely, self-loathing, Ashkenazi Jews proselytize white women so they can, again, “up” their numbers, but this time to literally “whiten-up” or breed out their inbred & near eastern blood AND lastly, to  berate the people who have traditionally ridiculed them for looking Jewish (among other things) thus creating a new generation of white mainstream, blank slates upon which they can etch a false & ambiguous narrative as Ashkenazi Jews go in and out of their own reality like a lost rerun of Criminal Minds” (assuming the show didn’t have Jewish producers).

        To make this understandable for an American audience, try to look at European Jews as a bunch of mostly “high-yellows” who couldn’t get into a white country club so they start their own club wherein they marginalize the native blacks then bring in white women to make the high-yellows “passing” while indoctrinating everyone on “the new black”.  Note, this is NOT a mulatto, caste system.  The notable differences here are that black people have “clear parameters” with the zero ambiguity  AND blacks were always the genuine victims, but with Jews it’s the total opposite as demonstrated by the blatant, collective agenda to compel the other 98% into pandering to their militant double-talk & thinly-veiled, racial misappropriation which is what makes Ashkenazi Jews agenda the most dangerous movement, NOT DEI…..AND it’s why Jews were kept in ghettos….. But again, we’ve handed the keys to the asylum to its patients who then unlock the cages of other lunatics like the transsexual, “Minotaur” movement. Cherchez La Jewish activism!

WHERE’S MY LAWSUIT WITH HARVARD!  AGAIN, I was attacked in the early 2000’s by a member of the Harvard, Jewish student body AND in front of a Jewish instructor who did nothing except play the victim when all I did was compare Israel to Liberia & made a reference to Jewish being an ethno-religious group analogous to that of Hinduism to Indians. The outlandish attack was very revealing not only in terms of Ashkenazi Jewry’s self-loathing & ignorance, but in terms of the lack of intervention from Jewish faculty whose inaction was totally an excusable as opposed to that of Claudine Gay or Liz Magill’s potential interference & violation of their student’s constitutional right for free speech & activism allowed to the investors with their fraudulent marketing schemes. In fact, all she did was to stand there motionless looking aghast at me–  NOT at the vitriolic Jew getting physical towards me. This was profoundly disturbing considering the dual context of Harvard & an Israeli excavation.

Dirty Money, Dirty Favors, Dirty Jews ….(see my early 2000s is really Harvard archaeological excavation)


         Unfortunately, the Jewish grid leader’s skewed perspective is what the other 98% is expected to adopt & adapt to as opposed to punishing these go-to, Jewish faculty members for their unbecoming behavior & tone deaf response, not to mention the enabling of misinformation which naturally segues into ethnic misrepresentation & academic fraud. One also has to understand that the efficacy of Jewish attacks is to leave people dumbfounded, incredulous, speechless & worst of all— apologetic!?!! This is Jewish special treatment & double-standards earned by nothing more than deflecting their own self-loathing & projecting what they know to be true about themselves onto others. ….I knew I should have gone to Copan, Honduras instead!!..

         So where’s my lawsuit against Harvard OR the lawsuit for students from the 60s & ’70s whose first encounters with Jews were at the Ivy League and best-described as “loud & obnoxious”, “getting in your face” & “acting like they own the place”.  In other words, typical Jews! They were harassing the student body then & they’re harassing the student body today with the only difference being that when Jews don’t have the upper hand coupled with a sense of Jewish entitlement, they play the victim. Note, the Ivy League– then & now– serves as a microcosm for Jewish personality problems that not only led to the current backlash, but it’s what countries have been experiencing with Jewish entitlement & presumption of authority for a long time. Obviously, the applies to every level of society.

        Feigning anti-Semitism is a defense mechanism, NOT a rational mind, unless it’s an intentional scam. They say if you don’t deal with your problems they define you and  a self-loathing, Uncle Tom complex defines the Ashkenazi Jew along with the cheap hustle they used to mask it. Like I told a black friend who wanted to know why Jews pretend it’s just a religion, “Jews have always been considered less attractive than the mainstream, plus they’re unwilling to embrace their muddled, Middle Eastern hagglers roots & therefore create a hypersensitive situation that’s not really there in order to suppress facts, oppress the people and to create a more palatable reality.”

        The end result has been a younger generation programmed to genuflect to Jewish imaginary authority, false realities & double-talk by providing Jews with over accommodations & a lack of defiance. If we choose otherwise, we can all be badgered & alienated by Jews, but mostly they’ll allow the dumbed-down members of the mainstream to do the rest. The Ivy League– like all of us in our daily lives-– cannot cave to pandering to nonsense & overreach that  serves as a slippery slope in which we effectively sell our own people down the river & give away the farm. THIS INCLUDES INVESTORS!    

       NOTE:  I really don’t care about being told that I’m a Jew-baiter because not only are there worse things to be in this world, but because somebody has to meet these pathologically unrelenting, victimology tactics head on. All it involves is a series of chess moves with the use of pawns in order to gain control of the board with Jews being the victim and their opponent being the bully. These are the daily forms of Jewish terrorism which have become normalized & predictable.,emotional%20response%20from%20another%20individual

       By berating docile people, these “in your face” Jews with ethnic insecurities can train the mainstream to eat their own under the misguided notion that it’s the thing to do & that it makes them noble. Simple “ABC Afterschool special” psychology as Jews understand that people are sheep, but not this new breed of Harvard students who have gotten right back in the faces of carping, Jewish students & international terrorists like Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman who are on an  a mission to tear down the true activists while encouraging other people to do the same and for no other reason than they understand that these kids see through their genocidal collusion.  

        Unfortunately,  the inaction of these non-Jewish students of yesteryear wound up relinquishing their voices to a generation of pushy Jews who naturally gravitate towards areas of concentrated wealth & media control in which they prioritize their own people who are handed the assignment of constructing nonsensical, false narratives & victimology agendas intended to keep the other 98% under their thumb while creating the illusion that everyone is beholden to them.

      In other words, the berating Jew with the skewed perspective who everyone had to deal with at school is now plugged into your television set & brainwashing your children while more often than not they portray themselves as something they aren’t NOR have ever been by misleading people into thinking that it’s just a religion & by taking offense to honest portrayals of themselves which even Sarah Silverman has complained about to Howard Stern w/ Howard being a blatantly, self-loathing Ashkenazi Jew who can’t even look at his Jewish, “rat-face” in the mirror without sunglasses (like Joey Ramone).

JEWISH SYSTEMIC TERRORISM:   BILL & MARC ARENT GETTING AWAY WITH THEIR JEWISH TERRORISM WHEN YOURS TRULY IS ON JEW WATCH & IN HIGH-ALERT. She’s going to make sure that these kids understand your minds as will a younger generation of Jews who may be confused about mixed messages they’ve received which includes that total fruit, KESTENBAUM, who has got to be the most delusional & flaccid thing to come down the pike since Ira Hillman of the Einhorn Collaborative AND now Noah Lederman. Jew Nerds are coming out of the woodwork in herds & they all assume they can put everyone else over a barrel instead of each other.

          This is a collective personality problem & the reason why I never had a chance in hell for a lawsuit in the early 2000’s like that piece of shit, Shabbos Kestenbaum (pg 43) does now which is all thanks to Jewish entitlement & privilege created by the “Jewish Construct” we dwell in as Americans. Clearly, the corrupt, Jewish media had successfully poisoned & enslaved the minds of the masses over the course of four decades which made it possible for the Jewish Establishment’s militant & blatant contradictions to hang in plain site unquestioned— along with $430 billion fraud schemes. This is what has enabled the acceptability of everyday, Jewish terrorism to which everyone finds themselves genuflecting.  Foreigners see it so why don’t we?

BOTTOM LINE:    The Jewish media’s brainwashing campaigns & faux activism has proven to be more effective than the Magdeburg Rights in terms of completely blocking Jewish transparency.

           Of course these valid complaints are dismissed as anti-Semitic as opposed to viable, class action suits. If anything, the Jewish victimology schemes should DOUBLE the class action suits against them in terms of false allegations & defamation. Instead, what you have is an atypical, whiny Jew who runs to some shyster, Jew attorney like Marc Kasowitz in a game of “whoever runs to the school teacher first must be right”. These troublemakers make innocent people look like the troublemaker because they’re in need of either a shrink OR special regulations, NOT special treatment & enablers for their projective identification psychodrama. Are they scamming themselves or just us?? My head spins just thinking about it!!

*Parental Projective Identification: The Silent Abuse that Haunts You | by Imi Lo


       EVERYONE is expected to “just take it” while ignoring the ramifications involved with the sheepish acceptance of Jewish harassment. These ramifications are insidious & far-reaching as it effectively permits Jews to get away with human rights violation across the globe, racial misappropriation, major financial crimes, institutional control along with brainwashing & berating the youth of America into walking on eggshells while allowing others to trample them.  We all know it’s the money portion that makes this wheel go around. Netanyahu had said that he didn’t want to allow Semitic-Syrian refugees into the country because it would “change the nature” of it, yet this is exactly why people have continually chased Jews out of their own countries & blocked them from their schools. Jewish oft-repeated platitudes are correct– history repeats itself & people never learn—as Jews simply project onto others what they’re most guilty of.

          Meanwhile, the Jew continues to play the victim and complain that they feel “uncomfortable” in group discussions at Harvard. This sounds no different than the Jewish woman from the Boston Museum I talked to over 20 years ago who I asked, “Why don’t I go to any Jewish exhibits where they discuss race & Jewish features?” and she just said that would make people uncomfortable. Really?!?!  Hmmmm, is it making the other 98% uncomfortable or just the ignorant & self-loathing Ashkenazi Jewish woman to whom I was speaking & had to correct in terms of her cultural misappropriation by reminding her that Ashkenazi Jews were transplanted Arabs in Europe who were claiming our culture as her own while marking herself as some sort of unclear, European, “subdivision”. This was a woman who claimed that she would have gone into Jewish studies if she hadn’t wound up in American Indian studies being that Jews like to support anyone who can propel their “for all mankind” image, just not Palestinians. This is what’s in the driver seat!!!

 BACK TO START:     Why is everyone is acting like a bitchy school girl by chasing irrelevant avenues regarding Claudine Gay instead of focusing on the fraudulent allegations made against these universities by financial criminals who are skilled in the art of deception whether it be Jewish, marketing schemes to drive down stock values OR $430B fraud reinsurance fraud OR BHF serving as a dumping ground for Metlife debt ?

     These shysters are now shaking down major institutions of higher learning with their marketing schemes in order to force compliance with BOTH the special treatment of  Jewish students which includes their over representation as conveyed by donor concern over a drop in Jewish applicants AND forced compliance with Jewish propaganda which would sugarcoat & promote the genocide of Palestinians. This is not only a power grab for institutional control, but for mind control.

Cognitive dissonance – Pay Special Attention to Induced Compliance!,explain%20what%20happens%20after%20a


IGNORE THE YELLOW JOURNALISM: These students are NOT leftists, they’re moderates and student protesters are not calling for the genocide of Jews, BUT I’M CALLING FOR THEIR REGULATION.

THE ART OF THE JEWISH, MARKETING SCHEME:    The only way fiction can become fact OR that passive-aggressive methods of financial & social terrorism can be legitimized is by skewing the group perspective through the use of repetitious & high-profile, marketing schemes similar to those employed by

 (A.) PROVABLE YET IGNORED, corporate criminals like Marc Rowan or Bill Ackman OR (B.)  Carping, Jewish supremacists with a victimology ruse like that of X’s Gad Saad who have made marketing schemes into an art form by creating a pseudoscience out of manipulating customer psychology AND

 (C.) most definitely utilized by CNN’s Dana Bash who skirts the core facts which she sweeps under the rug OR perhaps has no real grasp of as most Ashkenazi Jews do not understand that they are Middle Easterners who entered Europe as hagglers unhindered by the Catholic church as they always seem to claim the opposite despite profiting from the limitations which the church placed on its own native people in Europe who lived as serfs under the top 1%— kind of like Putin!….(these Jewish marketing schemes are described in my LETTER TO HARVARD & UPENN),to%20get%20others%20to%20change

BOTTOM LINE:  Jews are not the target of “hate groups”, they are the “hate group”! And to say otherwise is anti-Celtic, anti-Slavic, anti-Germanic, anti-Baltic & anti-establishment as a 2 to 3% infestation is trying to change the nature of a country by weaponizing fringe groups for whom they care nothing about then when they don’t come through for them, they throw them under the bus. Next, seek shelter in the people they were previously trying to destroy—AGAIN, more pawns.

           I refuse to allow smug Jews to mock all accountability simply by carping— “anti-Semitic” then backing it up with threats of withholding money & sponsorship. What you do with people like this is you regulate them OR you appropriate their wealth or YOU HAVE A REVOLUTION!

     Bottom line, Jews have proven once again to be incapable of living peacefully among the people of their host country, ONLY passive-aggressively. The transparent guise of constantly posing as the defenders of social justice is in reality nothing more than a hell-bent mission of counter-assimilation of European peoples, NOT self-preservation of Jewish Semites.

          The real reason why Jewish Investors & Jewish students are tone-deaf to Campus Unrest, as opposed to Claudine Gay for her lack of Jewish Special treatment:     I’ve never met an Ashkenazi Jew like Ackman & Rowan who doesn’t believe in the extermination OR marginalization of Palestinians NOR are there many Ashkenazi Jews even capable of being honest & factual in terms of admitting that not only are Palestinians Semites BUT that Ashkenazi Jews are the most anti-Semitic people on the planet both towards Arabs & towards Mizrahi Jews with the latter being used as a smokescreen in order to pretend that it’s just a religion & not a race, but only when Ashkenazi Jews aren’t claiming that they came from the Levant and now want it back. Even worse, they play the victim because Palestinians refuse to get off the land.

NOTE:    Semitic isn’t a religion, it’s an ethno-linguistic group and like any ethno-linguistic group it involves centuries of evolution & shared racial traits. (unless those people conquer another group who adopt or mix their language & bloodline) After all, Aramaic is a Syrian dialect that has more in common with Hebrew than it does with the Gulf-derived Arabic of today.

       Ashkenazi Jews disengage their ethnic identity from that of MizrahI/Sephardic/Persian Jewry and not because they’re entirely different, but because they’re akin. Albeit, a Jew from Lebanon is going to be more similar to an Ashkenazi Jew than one from Yemen (barring Ashkenazy Jews who have been too whitened-up). Essentially, Ashkenazi Jews are like rootless gypsies who have lost a true sense of who they are and have therein acquired an Uncle Tom syndrome much like gypsies who have dismissed their Indian roots.

      Moreover, Ashkenazi Jews often times despise OR are embarrassed by other Ashkenazi Jews who look too Jewish which of course translates into non-Europeans of muddled & inbred, Near Eastern descent, i.e. Bette Midler, Gabe Kaplan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, Anne Frank, Golda Meir, Amy Winehouse, RBG, Jenny Slate, Masha Gessen, Grant Heslov, Ursula Kuczynski, Rochelle Walensky, Mayim Bialik, Fran Leibowitz, Sandra Bernhard, Betty Friedan, Jennifer Grey (pre-nose job but looked good before).

SIDENOTE:   This why Israel invented, intellectually dishonest loopholes (the final solution talks were more honest!) in order to recruit white women (or close to it)  from Russia over to Israel & to then convert them which would create a non-Jewish Jew of the future. (1970 Amendment). Here in the U.S., Jews like Nelson Peltz follow suit in order to breed out his “Jewish mask”.  This is not only widely accepted self-genocide & racial misappropriation, it’s an illegitimate culture making up “new truths” as they go along for which the other 98% must humor or incur the wrath of this subliminal dictatorship. IT’S IN YOUR FACE,  TOTAL counter-assimilation of a bunch of Jewish Uncle Tom’s.

         This is also how society ends up burdened by abominations with a persecution complex like that of Harvard’s Shabbos Kestenbaum whose endgame is to create a spread of Jews back into Europe when he isn’t even a real Jew himself. This is the parasitic effect of Jews who misappropriate our own people then use them against us in what becomes a strange cult despite claims not to proselyize. These aren’t missionaries, they’re encroachments by people who refuse to  keep their race to themselves by attempting to create racial overlap via a religious vehicle & by establishing themselves in lands which have repeatedly rejected them or limited them. It’s not Jews returning to their ethnic homelands. It’s Jews trying to misappropriate white people & forming counter-assimilation entrenchments in places they had no business then and they have no business now. Again, at least be honest invaders.

****** These faux laws are just MORE DARK CREATIVITY…. AGAIN, Jews love their loopholes, just ask Marc Rowan about MODCO!

…..    In short, Ashkenazi Jews exist in a constant flux of cognitive dissonance and oftentimes manage to dodge their true derivation by calling themselves German (like Andrew Zimmern) or Eastern European, despite the fact that all of those people have for centuries either cringed at Jews OR at least easily identified them by their Jewish, racial features. In other words, the Jews who are more diluted with European blood are frequently more attractive which of course Jews then try to claim as their own blood or even worse, they “wing it” and misassign their Jewish features to that of the regular white people up their host country because as always, Jews don’t understand that they’re guests living among us, and dump their insecurities off on everyone else.

NEWSFLASH! Religions don’t have their own racial features & diseases. AGAIN, jewish nose, jew fro, Jewish smile, Jewish rat face, dark like a Jew, jew them down—these are all attributes of the white man’s only exposure to a muddled & close-bred composite of near eastern peoples for a thousand years.

        With Ashkenazi Jews, the face is always the race more so than “compromised” coloring (ie., Bette Midler can have any hair color but that face is unmistakably Jewish). Like my Jewish friend’s brother said, “there was only one good-looking girl at the Jewish mixer in Grosse Pointe, but she was only half and didn’t look it too much”. Then again Eve Harlow, Gal Gadot & Gina Gershon look Jewish and are very good-looking women, but it’s always been the Middle Eastern association that has Ashkenazi Jews turned off & automatically deferring to 9/11 bombers in their heads instead of seeing more people like themselves from Turkey, Armenia & the Levant.

          More importantly, Judaism is divisive being that it has always been an ethno-religious—  never a world religion— and because of this, Jews have used it to their advantage in terms of trying to alter the trajectory of their race by “Jews-washing” white women which is how you come out with a Stella Adler as opposed to a Liz Sheridan from Seinfeld. On the other hand, if Jews reinvent it as just a religion, then it’s just a cute way of saying cultural infringement or counter-assimilation in which 2% is misappropriating people from their host country instead of  conforming to the 98% OR breeding their own. AGAIN, this is why Jews were kept in ghettos.

*For the record, I haven’t forgot Indian, Chinese or Negroid people pretending to be Jewish, they simply are anomalies who somehow got pulled in like a bastard child with an identity crisis, BUT if I were a self-loathing, Ashkenazi Jew who wanted to pretend that it’s just a religion, I would be tempted to use them as a smokescreen.

BOTTOM LINE:    People lose their legitimacy when you start to have normal, white people calling themselves Jewish OR Jewy-looking people adopting the national identity as they’re ethnic identity without said identity being hyphenated…..OR redesigning the nature of the country as your own while also misappropriating your host country’s attributes as your own, ie., there’s no such thing as Jewish cooking unless it comes straight out of the Middle East.

         To a Palestinian or a Mizrahi Jew, Ashkenazi Jews may look like regular white people, but among white people like myself, they don’t …(unless you’re talking about abominations like Linda McCartney who are the product of Jewish Terrorism that comes in the form of racial misappropriation). Anyway, a friend of mine commented on a picture of David Einhorn standing with his ex-wife (who’s a far cry from a more anticipated Lauren Silverman prototype) & told me that the reason why I couldn’t tell David looked Jewish from the picture was because he was side-by-side with someone who was so thoroughly & repulsively Jewish-looking– like Cheryl– but if David were in a room full of people like “us”, then I would be able to see it. Note that even the name Einhorn was taken off of German pub doors in the Middle Ages by transient Jews who then carried it with them as far east as Russia being that Jews did not have European surnames unless they bought them OR took it from the Lord of the Manor OR name themselves after the town in which they came.

        Meanwhile, Ashkenazi Jews like Jeff Goldblum, Sergei Bryn, David “Papi” Einhorn can blend perfectly among the Palestinians & Lebanese, but of course you’ll never find them dating their own kind. Furthermore, there are plenty of  Levantine Jews who look like Ashkenazis like Isaac Mizrahi, Sam Antar or Gad Saad.

Ex.     Consider the parasitic Jew that is the brother of my Jewish girlfriend who said, “it’s only natural for a small group to assimilate with the people of the country they’re living among”. I said I couldn’t agree more so if Jews like you want so desperately to be accepted by the white man as the white man  AND if you think that looking Jewish is so ugly, then why aren’t you converting to the white man’s religion instead of trying to recruit European women and then convert them to what you admit is an ethno-religious group”. This completely shut him down and gave him a moment of realization as to why people have always had problems with Jews and contained them in ghettos, ya’ know, because of Jewish guys like him. This isn’t about freedom of religion, it’s about the upper hand & a Jewish “Aryan” complex.

        Meanwhile, this “Hebrew Uncle Tom” tries to “pass” as Italian until people corner him on the fact that his ancestors are not from Italy, at which point he tries to pretend that he’s a regular Eastern European then tries to turn my own people against me if I don’t allow him to go along with this two-faced, self-loathing lie because Americans are too stupid to know they’re stupid and that’s the way Jews like us ….. THIS IS HOW YOU GET AWAY WITH FRAUD! It’s literally ingrained in everything they try to pull off.

        Assimilation is a more powerful word elsewhere in the world than it is in America. In other words, the Armenians would not “assimilate” to the Turkish Muslim Identity or to the Arabic Muslims by recruiting them to join their Armenian Christian Church because it doesn’t work like that!! Clearly, that’s not assimilating to the host country NOR is it self-preservation of the Armenian people…. Note, the only way I can explain to Americans how Jews have been slowly working against us & getting our own people to work against their own interests is through the use of word substitution as Americans have been completely immunized to rational thinking by the mere use of the word “Jew”. AGAIN, this is why Jews were kept in ghettos which is essentially what New York City represents as Reverend Jackson so eloquently pointed out.

           I’ve stated before that Jews don’t care about 6 million lives lost in the Holocaust, only the ability to weaponize those lives. Likewise, Jews don’t really care about overthinking their religion as much as they care about the upper hand & not looking Jewish which often encourages a love for illicit loopholes & the ability to legitimize fraud. In other words, in an idealist-based country like the USA where you have freedom of religion, this amendment has unfortunately served as a loophole OR as a vehicle for “racial substitution” especially being that Christianity has nothing to do with diaspora claims to Levantine people, just adherents of the New Testament which lacks a god of wrath & group supremacy agenda.

         Meanwhile, the Jew does what the Jew does best which is to make themselves look like the good guy and the other person the villain by standing up for a dishonest reinvention of what Jews have NEVER been. Freedom of religion is let you be you, not seize on an opportunity to sugarcoat cultural bastardization with the end result being counter-assimilation, Jewish supremacy & Jewish overreach. If Jews want to step outside of their fish bowl & marry white women than somebody let the slumlord Kushner boys know that assimilation works in one direction which is they can confirm to the other 98%, we don’t conform to you.

       The concept of assimilation is something I tried to explain to my Jewish girlfriend who whispered, “but you’re the only one who thinks like that” after correcting her that this “re-education” of what Jews are in America is not assimilation, it’s infringement & self-loathing cloaked in a faux scholarly wrapper. She might as well have just said “I’m the only one who sees what Jews are doing” which is also why she speaks one way to me and another in front of idiot Americans who think they’re being noble & learned by stealing my ethnic group and giving it to her even though we looked completely different. I’m beginning to see a lot of logic when it comes to starting race laws surrounding Jews in order to close loopholes & subsequently maintain authenticity. This makes me the most pro-Semitic person in the country!

       The real issue here is that Ashkenazi Jewboys like the Kushners don’t want to have to look a wife & kids who look like a real “sandnigger” like that of Charles Kushner whose family was thrown out of Belarus for good reason, YET Chuck & his wife have the nerve to return to the country where their family were guests for centuries and then lord over the native people as if they were supposed to stop what was to come in the 1940’s.

          Personally, I would have been the first person to proudly call the Gestapo on the Kushners & to then ensure that the white whores who play “make believe” are returned to their own people & socially alienated no different than a white woman who runs off to join ISIS and converts. The offspring would be sterilized as an act of counter-Semitism NOR could they push Judaism outside the home or on the natives because these offspring wouldn’t be raised in such an anti-establishment fashion. They would understand that their father married their mother and had her convert as an act of Jewish overreach & of ethnic “reinvention” which precipitated the necessary course of action.

The Kushners REALLY are oldfashioned, dirty Jews.


 Take a Lesson:         Why should I feel guilty when these Holocaust escapees invaded Palestine where they kidnapped the children of Yemeni Jews to raise as their own in an assimilation plan OR when self-loathing Ashkenazi Jews constantly try to pass themselves off as either Greeks or Italians, yet frequently make derogatory remarks about them in the same way that they try to “feel whiter” against that of an Iraqi Jew. Take a lesson, a blonde Jew Fro like that of Art Garfunkel’s doesn’t make a Jew white like me, but this is the mindset you’re dealing with even when Jews aren’t even aware of it. They always like to lead off with their least Jewish feature & essentially steal what’s ours and call it their own.

Anti-Semitism was normalized when the Jews invaded Palestine:    There is a misconception due to social-conditioning of the masses that anti-Semitism has been normalized in this country at this time when in reality the only thing that’s been normalized is Jews receiving equal treatment & being called out on their bullshit. Anti-Semitism was normalized decades ago and all the person has to do is pick up a copy of Meyer Lansky’s biography in which the freelance writer portrays Lansky as an avant-garde Jew for being kind to black people which therefore makes it acceptable for Lansky to openly talk about clearing the Palestinian vermin—who are Semitic— off the land for which this sycophant biographer did not apologize. At the same time, Lansky’s daughter gets a Jewish nose job while his son marries a desperate white woman so we can breed out the Jewish blood by producing  two mixed looking kids with the granddaughter having a softer case of Jewface, but with blonde hair and blue eyes, a nasally Jewish voice & a persecution complex despite being unaware that her existence is an act of Jewish self-loathing.

         Back in the real world, the only racism that has ever been normalized & encouraged post 1980’s (as a form of negative “sublimation”) is white-hate especially in targeted forms by white people about various white ethnic groups while the people making their jokes are too stupid to understand that saying a person looks Jewish is not anti-Semitic anymore than it’s anti-Celtic to say that a person looks Irish.  It gets even worse when Jews attempt to make white ethnic jokes while attempting to justify it by claiming their ancestors came from there, but then play the victim when I call them out on not being real white people from these homelands, just the village Jew with an imposter syndrome since they invaded Europe in the Middle Ages. Then they call me anti-Semitic at which point I tell them, “That’s the point, you’re Semitic—NOT EUROPEAN, UNCLE TOM!!” These are the same obnoxious Jews who have littered themselves “behind the scenes” of the sitcom world where they inspire young white kids to eat their own. When faced with this suburban trash who is too easily spoon-fed, I encourage them to approach Jews & blacks in the room and start pitching racist jokes to them.

         Ashkenazi Jews want the supposed “culture”, they just don’t want to look Jewish. This represents a serious case of cognitive dissonance especially when much of their culture is misappropriated from their host country with a Jewish banner then thrown on top. This is unique to Jews and another reason they’ve been referred to as parasites being that Christian & Muslim invaders transpose their culture on top of the native ones wherein the two meld. On the other hand, Jews are the only people who encroach upon a society at 1% then market its culture as their own. This isn’t assimilation, it’s misappropriation by a “pilot fish” subculture. There is no Israeli couscous, nor Jewish rye. Yiddish is middle German adopted by Jewish hagglers who diverted from a collapsed Western Roman Empire in the middle ages then threw in Polish & Hebrew modifications.  Judaism, Hebrew & Near Eastern blood are the only 3 things authentic Jews from Europe can call their own. Technically, their religion is more of a hodgepodge of other Middle Eastern cultures from Egypt to Babylon which Jews clipped and made into their own. 

Why the hell would a desert race sequestered in ghettos & shetls have these things?       

         The Jewish media talks to the white mainstream like we’re a child who has to be admonished for taking  from other cultures & never acknowledging it by encouraging extravagant claims of cultural misappropriation committed by the white man. A good “for instance” would be the portrayal of Italians possessing no real cuisine of their own until they came across the tomato, which is also used by dozens of different cultures outside the “new world” and in 100 different ways, NOT just Christopher Columbus’s people– BUT YOU WON’T HEAR THAT!

       Meanwhile, there is absolutely nothing that Jews can claim as their own that hasn’t been stolen and given a Jewish label. In other words, if it is just a religion, then it should be called Catholic or orthodox Christian rye on a bag of bread I buy being that  98% of the population from where this bread derives is Christian. If it is a race, then why on earth would transplanted Middle Easterners lay claim to regional cuisine not their own which they oftentimes bastardize?

        Jews simply don’t want to point out that nothing is theirs own because they’re rootless gypsies with college degrees who’ve stolen other people’s cultures to make money off of them & acknowledging this might actually create a need to provide some form of restitution OR at least the need to take the word “Jew” off of multiple products which Jews don’t want to do because they’re satisfied with the illusion that they have a culture and that it’s their contribution which also lends to greater visibility. Put another way, Jews just get the funding—like Ralph Lauren & his replication of New England WASP lifestyle– then call it the theirs OR use it as a springboard into a previously closed society.

       Bottom line, there’s nobody who takes more credit for other people’s cultures than Jews and now they’re doing it racially by breeding with white people then calling them their own. Stop looking for a Jew in the wood pile & start looking for how many white people Jews have stolen & called labeled as their own. I recently told a Japanese American acquaintance that Bette Midler doesn’t necessarily look like Mayim Bialik, only an amateur or outsider would say that.  The truth is that they’re all closely-bred without the introduction of European blood; hence, “they just all look alike”.

            GENOCIDE IS NEVER a left-wing movement.  AGAIN, the right-wing, Jewish supremacist always comes cloaked in a liberal wrapper. In America, the Jewish media has indoctrinated America’s youth to hate white people, to humor transsexuals & to pretend that Black Lives Matter isn’t a terrorist organization. Therefore, why shouldn’t Palestinian lives matter as well? Again, direct all hate to White Southerners & Palestinians!! Even BLM pulled a page out of Jewish victimology agenda by making the name of their organization inextricable from the sentiment which mirrors the Jewish ploy of “disagree with me, you’re anti-Semitic?”


LEGAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAPDOOR:    If an individual OR group tries to hold Jews accountable it’s dismissed by Jews who hide behind the sham word “anti-Semitic” or “hate speech” in order to deflect their guilt along with the resentment they bring onto themselves. Furthermore, it’s virtually impossible to bring Jews to justice through the court system because the justice system is completely Jewed-up much like Hollywood. Harry Markopolos & Tom Gober were the only ones who did it with Madoff & Greenberg respectively!  When you deal with people who live by their own rules, the greater society has to get right back “in their faces” on the sidewalks & in the courtrooms in order to save themselves.

       This is where Jewish Neurosis, rife with deflected accountability, double-standards & cloaked as the “victim-activist”, comes into play. 

ENTER:   Shabbos “Alex” KESTENBAUM of HARVARD’S DIVINITY SCHOOL– who comes weaponized by a depraved, Jewish media & a Jewish, Trump attorney. What’s not to trust?!? KESTENBAUM & KASOWITZ are nothing more than sleazy strikebreakers no matter what sort sugar-coated, activism garbage they want to tell themselves. Shabbos K is the perfect example of your second type of Jewish, “shakedown” artist.

        Just to recap, the first type of Jewish shakedown artist is simply your rabid, berating “in your face” Jew who inadvertently speaks volumes about their own self-loathing without realizing it even as they play the victim WHILE ATTACKING YOU for nothing more than saying that Israel was built as a homeland for a Jews who have been transplanted in Europe for a thousand years following their departure from the Middle East. Shabba Ranks Kastenbaum represents the second type of Jewish terrorist or shakedown artist. He’s the type who comes as the whimpering victim, a snowflake who cries at the slightest slight that’s not even a slight until a person finds themselves apologizing for what is their identity problem, NOT YOURS!

        More importantly, how do you deal with people like this and why are we forced to contend with it?!?

           PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE & THE DUMBING OF THE IVY LEAGUE:  The suppression of evidence that came in the form of a documentary on Israeli human abuses at UPenn is a prime example of fascist, Jewish donor overreach, nonsensical victimology, double-standards & special treatment of Jewish donors & students. Needless to say, this is the result of the exploitation of the Pavlovian, command word—“anti-Semitic”— which has rendered the word into a hollow & meaningless cop-out OR a petulant quip. It’s outrageous & offensive when one considers that Palestinians are in fact Semitic, yet Americans are too ignorant to know this NOR do Jews want anyone to realize this as it conflicts with their modus operandi of throwing an endless stream of berating shit against the wall just to see exactly how much will stick, then throw some more! It never ends…..

LEGAL POINT:       Crooked Jewish news outlets, Jewish investors, “social activist” scams & organizations along with your average Tom, Dick & Ira have all conspired to build an illusory, untouchable sanctuary built around the word “anti-Semitic” which makes for solid grounds in terms of a valid lawsuit against these news outlets, investors & the ADL who collectively refuse to report the financial crimes of the investor-terrorists whose ill-gotten gains are being put towards unapologetic power grabs & institutional control while lining the pockets of more fake Jewish activism like that of Rep. Simon Cataldo. This is a pack of hyenas who want to make it their school & institutions in which everyone else is a guest. Meanwhile, less than 1% of the U.S. population actually knows what Semitic is NOR could they be accused of it if they understood it.

 AT HARVARD: JEWISH, POPULARITY CONTEST REPLACE ACADEMIC INTEGRITY & FACT CHECKS              Harvard was contributing to the delinquency of academia in 2000 wherein a fellow grid member mentioned someone they knew who was half Palestinian & half Polish as being a strange combination when all I could think of was how she just described Bruce Paltrow, Woody Allen, Tzipi Livni, Marc Kasowitz, Ron Lauder & to a lesser extent, Dan Loeb & Leon Black.

 NOTE:  This doesn’t mean Jews ever deserved a two-state solution in Europe due to a dual identity as the ghetto system & Central Asian Republics were designed for the purposes of invasive subcultures & muddled, checkered people. Furthermore, a Central Asian Republic would have been a more strategic move as it would have kept Jews in the USSR fold and been in line with the Khazar origin theory while serving as a bastion against potential, radical Muslims.


*Masha Gessen Journeys to a Jewish Land Without Jews (Masha is your atypical ugly, Jewish lesbian “activist” much like David Einhorn’s ex-wife or Fran Leibowitz) lews/


           Meanwhile, there’s no doubt that Ashkenazi Jews like Gabe Kaplan, Amy Winehouse, Gene Simmons, Rhea Pearlman, Harry Houdini, Chandra Levy, Gene Simmons & Oded Fehr are all people who share the same type of ethnic makeup as that of your average Lebanese, but the Lebanese lack a children of God & victimology agenda along with the self-loathing complex whereby the Ashkenazi Jew attempts to legitimize dishonest loopholes, ie. conversion transforming a person into a “real” Jew as if it were just a religion, among European peoples.  It’s all about legitimizing fraud, looking for loopholes then spin-doctoring it whether the endgame be white women, institutional control OR sinking companies.


             Conversely, I don’t question the legitimacy of Bella Hadid’s existence as she knows what she is which is part of a culture on both sides…But with Ashkenazi Jews, they can’t provide straight answers while their forced compliance form of cognitive dissonance keeps the rest of the population at it’s mercy just as it segues into evasive double-talk, racial misappropriation, a hostile environment & power grabs. 

         Narcissism can mask underlying self-loathing & insecurities related to being an imposter which is why Jewish rhetoric likes to lie about the word Palestinian being a fabrication despite the fact that it outdates the word “Jew” which only came about around 587 BC when Israelites left Babylon. Why is no one standing up to Jewish false narratives by cutting off the weak legs on which they stand? Meanwhile, Americans act like lawn jockeys obliged to go along with lies hiding in plain site when easy fact checks can be performed, kind of like the $430 billion fraud scheme among 45 US insurers which makes Apollo Global Management the mother nest of corporate fraud.

*NOTE: Leon Black is the only one in this whole, freak show who’s NOT running his mouth which is more than I can say for Marc Rowan who I regard as America’s Benjamin Netanyahu or Bill “the Shill” QuAckman who continues to be enslaved by his midlife crisis along with an “attention freak” need to peacock for his younger wife which is TOTALLY unnecessary as she’s there for the money anyway being that a bunch of big, ugly, silk bird’s nests at the MoMA can only last for so long….. (Is it just me or is Dan Loeb’s wife, the yoga instructor, the only person in this social circle with an honest job?!)

          Meanwhile, we are ALL held hostage— NOT just Harvard, UPenn & Palestinians-— by daily, false allegations & vitriolic attacks by Jews wherein people are whipped with the empty word “anti-Semitic” just for even telling a person that they look Jewish as opposed to the people of their respective, European host country. No other ethnic group has this hang-up, NOR does any other group try to reinvent themselves by stealing another ethnic identity to claim as their own (ie, Bar Paly).

         For instance, Russia has over 190 ethnic groups and Jews may not be the only people who look completely different (Amy Winehouse/Sergei Bryn), but they are the only ones who talk out of both sides of their mouth in terms of trying to pretend that they’re the same thing as native Slavic-Russians by striving to mix with them in order to breed out their own features, preferably with conversion in order to bring white people into their fold then pretend that the children are Jewish even though they are compromised (ie., Debra Messing/Neri Oxman).


              This is a dangerous movement, NOT DEI. Worse yet is when a person is forced to contend with a talentless asshole  like Debra Messing who thinks that she can’t have blonde hair because she’s Polish-Russian while never realizing that the only reason she can pass for a regular white person, minus her Jewish nose & lips like that of Lea Michele & Sandra Bernhard, is because of some Polish or Russian siksa (“slut”) who screwed everything up. God forbid somebody like myself stands up against the sheer stupidity of this “out of line” racial misappropriation & misrepresentation committed by an imposter, fringe group because my dumbed-down, Gen X white people will attack me for being anti-Semitic despite the fact that they’re too stupid to know what that means & too proud to admit they don’t. We are now left with people adamant in terms of standing by their lies while deceiving themselves into believing that they’re taking the high road. MEANWHILE, the self-loathing Jew loves to watch the fruits of skewing the group perspective & teaching others to attack their own.


THE BOTTOM LINE EFFECT OF JEWISH DEI AT HARVARD:    The Jews– along with the pseudo-intellectual Gen X’ers on this Ashkelon expedition-– did nothing but enforce ignorance, Jewish supremacy & Jewish nonsensical, false constructs & contradictions then believed themselves noble and cosmopolitan for doing so.


         Meanwhile, Jews in the news & their sycophants forge ahead with indoctrinating others through the use of subliminal OR outright misinformation & omission campaigns which aren’t any different then tactics employed by shady, hedge fund managers OR the untalented & obnoxious Adam Sandler along with Sascha Barron Cohen, Steven Spielberg, Howard Stern and every other Jew in Hollywood who has hang-ups about looking Jewish which is why they try to keep everyone walking on eggshells by preemptively vilifying a person who objects to Jews mislabeling  Jewish features as Russian and Russian features are Jewish (Mark Ivanir). They weave this into their movies. Wait for it next time!

IN A NUTSHELL:       Essentially, we are all beholden to one group’s self-loathing, ignorance & imposter complex which gives way to a knee-jerk pattern of feigning victimology in order to justify racial misrepresentation & misappropriation when they’re not serving as the ultimate “Karen” in terms of false allegations with a clear intent to defame, harass & control people and institutions thru the use of misinformation & omission campaigns geared at skewing the group perspective and institutionalizing the American mind.

BOTTOM LINE:  Nobody at Harvard or UPenn is anti-Semitic except for Ashkenazi Jews, who are also anti-establishment whether it be anti-Anglo, anti-Germanic, anti-Celtic, anti-Slavic, etc.—  as they undermine other people’s society then vilify them for not conforming to them. This is the norm for Jews & highly ego-based.

         Conversely, to ask for accountability from Jews its never acceptable & ALWAYS falsely labeled as “hate speech”. This is easily demonstrated by everyone from Alexander Kestenbaum to a Jewish terrorist like Benjamin Netanyahu who tried to upbraid a Brazilian president for comparing Gaza to the Holocaust. Needless to say, it takes a cool-headed con artist to pull that shit off with a straight face while deflecting both the fact that Palestinians are Semitic AND the fact that what Jews are doing to Palestinians is what Jews have been doing to Europeans for centuries, ONLY passive-aggressively.

       This is the Jewish problem, not the Palestinian problem. It’s NOT anti-Semitism. It’s counter-Semitism. Are these “victimologyobsessed” Jews, like Netanyahu, lying to themselves or just to us? Why are Jews being believed while the other 98% is dismissed? Then again, it’s no longer the other 98% anymore because Jews love to skew the perspective whether it be making Palestine go from being 90% Palestinian and 10% Jewish to 10% Palestinian and 90% Jewish.

Jewish DEI & Social-Activist Scam:  the Einhorn Collaborative & Canary Mission

  *   THE EINHORN COLLABORATIVE:   No one questions Jewish privilege, dirty favors or entitlement when a young bimbo with ZERO experience is chosen to be the president of a Jewish, hedge fund billionaire’s newly-founded, non-profit for “bleeding hearts” which claims to rail against systemic racism, yet is manned by Jewish, “trust fund liberals” playing the hero just for funneling obscene amounts of money to some angry, fat Indian lesbian who felt “left out” growing up so now she has to start an organization called the “New Pluralist”, aka., forced over representation via the use of victimology ruses.

         ONCE AGAIN, David throws money into an inferno for some sort of “building bridges”, Ellen DeGeneres-type workshop instead of doing something constructive. Perhaps, an honest campaign resulting in a bipartisan reinsurance caucus would have been money better spent as opposed to slumming it with a bunch of desperate housewives & Ira “Huggybear” Hillman. Any outside, rational viewpoint easily observes that this altruistic farce clearly lacks any agency OR serves as a gross misdirection of it. Ultimately, it’s only true purpose is to serve as the final kick in the teeth!

  NOTE:      The following article– compliments of Bill Ackman’s favorite publication, Business Insider-– will demonstrate how the lack of diversity at BOTH the dipshit, Einhorn Collaborative AND in terms of how Bill Ackman attempts to exploit fears of reverse discrimination (in order to gain backdoor access for Jewish over representation) conflicts with one man’s support of DEI & another man’s war against it.

    *  Meanwhile, Saint Einhorn treats me like a second class citizen—or like a Palestinian– by trying to get his hustle on in terms of squeezing me for Intel on Assured Guaranty, NOT straight answers on Brighthouse Financial & viable opportunities encouraged by his peers who even had me circle back to Dave.

       *   Clearly, David has no interest in an honest campaign– only dishonest ones— that’s to say, when David isn’t wasting precious time & money on his pussywimp, faux do-gooder scam wherein the LimpHorn brags about his organization’s utterly worthless & over funded “new mother & baby” studies as if it were a groundbreaking contribution to society because David is as stupid crazy as his ex-wife whose idiocy & academic fraud hangs in plain site. Maybe this is why David’s only real following is some badgering, sycophant Jew whom he met him at a conference and friends him on Facebook OR Harold & Kumar.

       Dear David ClitHorn,    I want you to know that you make the world a worse place to live in. I sent you a Mark Mitchell article from Deep Capture a while back wherein he stated that a lot of what you said in 2008 was extraneous & not true in terms of Lehman Brothers. Ever talk to Mark Mitchell who wrote this article???

       More importantly, David, your organization has been uncharacteristically quiet regarding the Gaza genocide. Are you a genocide-denier?  Does Ira Hillman throw his support to Hamas just like he did black lives matter? I think this is a hell of a lot more important than your pussywimp mother & baby bonding class for emotional retards!!!!  What happened to all your empathy for children or is Ira’s only concerned showboating black pawns like his adopted sons? Are you hoping that all the Jews will starve innocent Palestinian babies so you can buy some property in Gaza compliments of the Kushners?

        You’re the sort of guy, David, who can do pretty much anything once he sets his mind to it as proven by an astounding ability to waste 24 years getting an erection for the ugliest woman on the planet who then took you for half your net worth before doubling it a couple years later thanks to concealing the insolvency of your second major holding, BHF, while rebounding w/some dried-up, aging socialite on the make—Nathalie Gerschel Kaplan– when it would have made a lot more sense just to make Jenn Hoos Rothberg earn her keep for once.  You’re a man of intriguing stamina; therefore, why can’t we expect more from you, ya’ know, like an honest comeback?  Oh, I forgot , honest isn’t in your hedge fund vocabulary any more than prime pussy appears in your little black book. Maybe I should help you out!  (Watch the video!)

        For now, you’re not a hero & you’re not a financial genius for doing what you did in ’08. It was nothing more than just another Jewish marketing scheme in which decent people lost their jobs because of the havoc Jews like you wreak on this world. Staging some social-activist scam in the aftermath so you could handout bogus jobs like candy to a bunch of worthless, desperate housewives & undeserving, entitled Jewish princess doesn’t makeup for anything NOR does it throw me off your scent. It’s a sad world we live in when it takes some limpdick loser like Ira Hillman to make you feel like a man. I think I will now friend Mel Gibson on Facebook!


         DAN STONE’s superfluous, pseudoscience, social activist scam–the Holocaust Research Institute— is simply a revival of the slow strangulation committed by a splinter group of people who constantly fail to recognize OR to even care that they’re transient guests living among us at 2% of society NOR do they have the decency to admit to even themselves what it is they’re really up to as they always deflect accountability with victimology. Dan’s organization is a waste of time & nothing more than an attempt to disguise the controlling & berating Jewish personality disorder by cloaking it with faux intellectualism & faux scapegoat disorders instead of seeing that he’s the scapegoater coddling his bruised ego. Dan is a perfect example of the faux, Jewish academia which only the Jew York Times could love..

       NOTE TO DAN STONE:   ALL of the “Collective Domestic Terrorism” described thus far is used to supplant the mainstream by creating a “peaceable”, hostile takeover via Jewish Overreach. This is no different than what we’re seeing at Harvard & UPENN today. THIS is why Jews had to be dealt with as Dan describes “continent-wide” and I’m disgusted with both the lack of accountability & the portrayal of Jews as being angels simply because of the Jewish scientists who came out of that era which doesn’t make anyone beholden to Jews anymore than Koreans owe the white man anything for inventing the automobile.


         EDMOND & LILY SAFRA OF HARVARD’S CENTER OF ETHICS:  LET’S FACE IT, this ain’t nothing more than another Jewish, marketing scheme coming to us in the form of a social-activist, PR scam to portray the Jew as the defender of social justice AND to get their names at Harvard. In true Jew form, these distinguished & social-climbing Hebes stepped down as co-sponsors from an anti-Semitic & islamophobia inquest under the bizarre guise that there’s not enough objective representation in terms of Zionist visibility on the panel.

         In truth, we all know that this couple doesn’t care about islamophobia nor do they want to have to put themselves in that position. The real problem here though is this couple’s faux indignation in terms of the lack of visibility when it came to  Zionists being heard on the panel.  In that case, why don’t we just put neo-Nazis on a Holocaust museum’s “building bridges” discussion panel, then allow the Neo-Nazis to play the victim if they sense a lack of representation.

 REMINDER:   From what I recall regarding the “behind the veil” Charlottesville fiasco was that no white southerners were heard when it came to taking down Southern, historical markers NOR did any of them feel comfortable showing up at some dismantling ceremony in Charlottesville where they would be harassed by radical & accusatory leftists & defended by nothing more than a few angry, good old boys—never moderates!  It’s exactly these angry, country boys & one man behind the wheel of his car who felt driven to the brink that the Jewish media was counting on which then places them in the perfect position to further beat down the middle-class, whites with the mud they intentionally stirred-up . It’s the old rock & a hard place tactic.


…..AGAIN,  blacks represent 12% of society and less than 1% of the wealth really aren’t the ones in the position to place a statue on the front lawn of the MFA that has an anachronistic black soldier declaring a call to war to serve as a replacement for now non-existent Confederate markers. This is not diversity, it’s a fantastical Quentin Tarantino revenge movie much like the founding of Israel.

Lastly,  THE CANARY MISSION:    This Jewish, faux do-gooder, Gestapo group won’t list me on their “hit list” next to various Harvard students for whom they’re attempting to lead a smear campaign because everything I say is FACT, NOT a Jewish marketing scheme AND because to alert the public to me would be no different than creating an electric rod leading back to the world’s biggest, fraud scheme which helps fund Jewish supremacy. In short, organized crime cloaked in a humanitarian scam.

     These unsavory “watchlists” & the terrorist, “special interest” groups who assemble them are all supporting actors in the DARK TRIAD which keeps the other 98% under the Jewish thumb while allowing for Leon Black & Marc Rowan’s $430 billion fraud scheme among 45 US insurers to go ignored. It’s understood that a portion of ill-gotten spoils will be directed towards Jewish Supremacy & privilege which is what we’re all witnessing now. The double-standards of the skewed, Jewish mindset instinctively silences the truth by suppressing information on human rights abuses in Israel under the guise of anti-Semitism WHILE deflecting the truth of who & what Jews have always been in Europe by psychologically deflecting facts as “anti-Semitic” & getting others to do the same.

        In the place of basic facts, the Jewish Construct feeds everyone their own misinformation campaigns & ambiguous double-talk OR forces everyone to live 365 days a year in the shadow of the Holocaust while harassing people who speak out against this systematic indoctrination which should be a chargeable crime, but Jews know how to walk the “barely legal’ line by brainwashing a person’s own people to attack them while believing themselves to be righteous. This mindset is demonstrated by David Einhorn perfectly sees himself and his non-profit as righteous. This is a sickness…

         In reality, the violence that occurs when Jewish, marketing schemes mobilize & pit people against each is never against Jews, they’re just the vultures who feed off of it— like hedge fund hyenas. It’s a publicity stunt for Jews who create the illusion that they’re the hero who swoops in to point out socio-economic inequities OR to pacify the situation when in fact little good comes from the situation other than weakening the foundations of society like we see with everything from the Rodney King & BLM riots to that of Rep. Simon Cataldo who’s now targeting the financial foundations of private education while pretending to do it for noble & pragmatic purposes. These Jewish, marketing schemes– steeped in neurosis & self-interest– have become far more divisive & systemic in this country than many of the problems which they claim to exist.

JOHNATHON GREENBLATT & the ADL:  The MOTHERNEST of Faux Anti-Semitism & White Hate          Jonathan Greenblatt is obligated to shut his mouth & to not even think about attacking any student protesters OR  faculty members; but rather, to join them in protest against Israel then to call out Rowan & Ackman for being the provable criminals that they are instead of hosting events for Marc Rowan OR feigning condescension & horror to my email because we both know that would be nothing more than a transparent, deflective tactic.  Greenblatt’s & his Jewish, activists schemes are morally & professionally obligated to stop weaponizing the Holocaust in order to vilify student protesters to whom he should be beholden, but this is a concept foreign to Jews.

       In order to get away with this fraud, Jews like Greenblatt have to play the victim which means that someone else has to be cast in the role of the villain. The villain in Israel is the Palestinian while in America it’s any sane person with a basic understanding of what a Jew is & looks like (and should look like). Unfortunately, the latter does not include your average, American born after 1970. The sabotage of normality has created a backlash due to the fact that moderate people aren’t vocal & don’t stand up to for themselves NOR do they know how when faced with carping, Jewish neurosis & left-field zingers.

Note, the only normal people left in this lop-sided picture are typically foreign-born who can’t make sense of the insanity wherein everyone’s supposed to walk around without saying the emperor has no clothes OR at the very least, the emperor has a severe case of Jewface and is too ashamed to admit it so they just play people against each other for camouflage & to undermine the mainstream who has known what they are and how to deal with them for a thousand years thus the most effective recourse is to “break” the younger generation & to make it so that the older generation has too much to lose if they speak up. (See last 2 videos)

        The carping, Jonathan Greenblatt proves that he is beholden to only one group—Jews— and feels that all his required to do is to toss around accusations of anti-Semitism then call it a day. Worse still are his clumsy & jarring attempts to legitimize the genocide and human rights violations of Israel in what constitutes a sick game of classic, Jewish “blame-shifting” & victimology in which the Jew pivots for the victim seat in order to fit their needs for any given scenario.   

         This is the point where someone like Johnathon Greenblatt has to admit that they’re either guilty of flawed logic OR of being a certifiable, narcissistic psychopath like the kike bitch, Jew attorney who’s all over X—Marina Medvin—who vilified a Palestinian man for ripping down an Israeli flag clearly intended to antagonize him, not unlike the atypical, vitriolic Jew from my Harvard Ashkelon expedition who lorded over me when I had the audacity to point out that Jewish is not a religion, it’s an ethno-religious group. So what about that, antagonized that JewBoy??

TWITTER (X):  The Official Platform for Jewish Supremacy & Hate Speech: 

         Marina doesn’t even bother to blameshift like the dishonest Rabbi feigning dismay at Hamas who are supposedly hiding behind children as the IDF isolates everyone into a corner and bombs continually while cutting off international aid to Gaza. Marina Medvin– like Dr Eli David (Bill Ackman’s man-love)– are exactly the smug, Jewish supremacist who serve as the reason why good people ran Jews out of town as there is no worse kind of tormentor than the one who pretends to be the victim.

            This bitch just went straight into Holocaust-denier mode & predictably accused anyone who didn’t go along with it as being “anti-Semitic” which is quickly becoming the badge of honor it should have been decades ago. AGAIN, Jews have no conscience– ONLY victimology. People can’t live with this unless it’s contained OR regulated. Jews are the ones that are supposed to be in the ghetto’s, not Palestinians. If Jonathan Greenblatt has a problem with me saying that, then it says more about him than it does me.


        AGAIN, Ashkenazi Jews have been doing the same thing to Europeans for centuries & to Americans for decades that they’ve been doing to Palestinians since 1948, just passive-aggressively! THESE PEOPLE NEED REGULATION, NOT SPECIAL TREATMENT OR DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!!  NO MORE ENABLERS PATTING THEMSELVES ON THEIR OWN SHOULDER!

ATTN:  Jewish, Faux Activist like the ADL Who Sponsor Events for Marc Rowan                    

           Now is the time to agree that NONE of you are fit to defend others, much less stay in business, due to your proven ability to hide in plain site by normalizing what would never be accepted in anyone else.    

         The blatant casting of support for the genocide of indigenous peoples within an apartheid state begins by first layering on false allegations of anti-Semitism towards dissenters along with “blame-shifting” aimed at the victims. Meanwhile, there exists no actual evidence to back accusations of anti-Semitism unless by “evidence” Jonathan Greenblatt means “intentionally skewed interpretation & mindset”.

       Secondly, by supporting the suppression of evidence detailing Israeli, human rights violations while chastising holocaust deniers AND attempting to indoctrinate students on misinformation or “omission” campaigns involving the reasons for Jewish persecution during the Holocaust, THESE TWO FACTORS alone serve as an invitation for legal action against censorship, discrimination-based privilege & overreach operating under the guise of victimology.

QUESTION: Does any rational human being actually believe that Cohen & Hisschikop, the attorneys in the Virginia vs Loving Case, really gave a shit about the love between two people of different races?

      Does anyone really think that these ACLU attorneys wouldn’t have a problem if their daughters brought home a Palestinian? Defending the underdog (for better or worse) is always the first step in terms of chipping away at the foundations of a society much like Representative Simon Cataldo is chipping away at the financial foundations of Harvard.

        Those Jewish attorneys & politicians don’t give a shit about interracial love, just Jewish self-interest & looking like the “good guy”, role model who takes the high road. Would these attorneys defend the Palestinian people today is the question OR would they vilify Palestinians in order to deflect from their own self-serving hearts? WE CAN ALL ANSWER THAT question based on what we’re all witnessing with Jews who are tearing down everything they’ve built up in terms of DEI & black pawns.

            IT’S TIME TO SHUT DOWN LEFT-FIELD ZINGERS:  A victimology routine doesn’t even make sense virtually every time a Jew cries wolf. The only reason it works is because the country has been socially-conditioned to “coddle the Jew” when in reality the Jewish false cries of anti-Semitism effectively serve as an admission of Jewish guilt, but without feeling any remorse. It doesn’t take a psychologist to point out that UPenn is dealing with people practiced in the art of deflection or projective identification or just plain con artists who know how to keep a straight face when telling a bald-faced lie.  This is Jewish victimology and it’s very exclusively a Jewish thing.

           Jonathan Greenblatt’s Jewish Warfare:   Jewish Victimology is a multilayered, psychological warfare with its frontline offense being preemptive strike tactics used to negate the common man from hearing the truth which is also flanked by defense mechanisms like that of faux condescension, faux indignation or blame-shifting that’s used to isolate the “victim card” & to deflect accountability. It’s this “get out of jail free”, victim card that serves to anchor everything while simultaneously soothing their egos, but it requires staging.

      Among Ashkenazi Jewry, the victimology has become exacerbated due to the white man’s inability to effectively contain Jewish overreach (thanks to 40 years of Jewish Marketing schemes aimed at the foundations of society which made use of the modern mediaAND by the mainstream Jews who project their own anti-Semitism onto other people whether it be their self-loathing issues about looking Jewish OR their need to breed out what they hate most about themselves……

 Note:    A lot of Jewish men keep a mental “black book” of  super, Jewish looking people who they wish didn’t exist (ie, Cheryl Strauss Einhorn would have been “the first thing he threw in the ovens at Auschwitz”)  OR those same Jews then “blameshift” the Jewish features to the non-Jewish half as seen by Jewish-hate directed at Sarah Jessica Parker who clearly inherited that face from her Jewish half and was told by Hollywood Jews in the beginning of her career that she looked too Jewish.  In fact, there are a whole lot of Jewish people who are ashamed of Jonathan Greenblatt for looking Jewish, but they’ll let it slide because he’s manning the battleship— the S.S. Jewish Upper Hand!

           More revealing & to the point is that Jews like Jonathan Greenblatt are effectively admitting that they don’t want the world seeing them do to others what’s been done to them. AGAIN, he bullshits his way thru by trying to play “the victim card” as both a power play, but also as an abusive form of tactical & repetitious training not unlike a rope placed around a baby elephant’s neck which can be easily broken as they get bigger, but they don’t do it due to social conditioning. But most importantly, Greenblatt doesn’t want people to connect the dots as to why Jews were contained in ghettos OR expelled from their host countries as a form of counter-Semitism. In other words, what Jews do to Palestinians overtly is what Jews have been doing to Europeans for centuries, but  passive-aggressively.

          Instead, Jews like Greenblatt or Dana Bash intentionally mislead by emphasizing only the Aryan, Nazi myths & religious differences while never providing a holistic picture of what Jews have always been & done because they don’t want to give the world  the root cause AND the solution in terms of the Jewish Problem which is to regulate Jews, cutoff their loopholes & bomb Israel like we would anyone else then take back what they’ve stolen, whether it be the policyholders funds OR the white women.

 NEWSFLASH:  $14 billion needs to be going to Native Americans, NOT to genocide of Palestinians for an Israel who deceives us not into not understanding that we’re shooting ourselves in the foot by supporting them.

            More importantly, suppression of evidence is tantamount to supporting & enabling genocide by NOT ONLY silencing the masses from learning the truth–  but as we’ve learned from this carping, Jewish subculture who has relentlessly harassed the mainstream & their grandchildren for the white man’s apathy during World War II—but thru apathetic collusion in what Dan Stone of the Holocaust Research Institute described as “a continent-wide crime” & as a “series of interlocking local genocides carried out under the auspices of a grand project”. This is exactly what suppression of Israeli crimes by the University of Pennsylvania, it’s donors & the Jewish media represents.

LEGAL POINT:  This is a cross-jurisdictional matter at this point. I guess it’s back to the courtroom for the Biden administration! It’s the international Jew..

        MEANWHILE, Bill Ackman, Marc Rowan & Jonathan Greenblatt  are nothing new and I can set my watch to vermin like them. These thieves & strikebreakers with a martyr complex are proof that nothing’s changed since Moses made off with the Pharaoh’s gold and ventured out to a small strip of land under the delusion that God gave it to them all with the intent of killing innocent people whilst exploiting the sociopolitical & economic fractures of their host country in order to create the illusion & a false narrative of being the slave-victim, NOT the tax collectors with access to the gold. Romans never lied about conquest, no one does but Jews, who insists that all white conquerors apologize, NEVER any other race.

BOTTOM LINE:  If these are the values that Jonathan Greenblatt embraces, then it’s time we call out Jews for what they are— a terrorist, hate group—working against us like a bitchy schoolgirl, NOT with us.  Don’t believe me?!?!! Look at what they’ve done to the young white kids while Jews have stayed the same. We wouldn’t have these anti-environmental, pro-life, white trash Republicans of today destroying what the real Republicans built if we didn’t have Jews stirring up the mud in the first place then playing the hero-intellectual casting the much-needed vote. We would have normal, white middle-class kids whose first priority isn’t devoted to “coddling the Jew” or putting Jews first & walking on eggshells for the Jew yet pretending that they’re not. Jews created the conditions feasible for this snowball effect and I saw all this coming since I was a child in the ‘80’s, why has no one else? Start throwing off the slave chains!!!

       The unregulated, Jewish media has created a generation that’s unfit to lead which is why we have to resurrect 80s relics who were never fit to lead even when they were in their prime. What we need to be doing is cracking down on Jewish, misinformation campaigns which have served as the springboard for all others.  AGAIN, the cannibalizing effect which Jews have on the nature of a country—despite their contributions-– is why they’ve been called parasites. It’s chronic overreach & veiled attempts to undermine the mainstream that’s led to containment, assimilation attempts, expulsion OR extermination policies.

          Likewise, the only time any accountability is assumed by Jews is when their children’s academic standards are compromised OR their businesses are burned, then the back-peddling begins as the Jewish Marketing Machine tears down their own creation—like DEI then starts all over again. This back-pedaling is the closest thing to being held accountable that anyone can hold Jews to which is actually just a form of deflection & a “hero-homicide” complex wherein a person starts a fire only to put it out with all the credit going to them for the faux rescue.

         MEANWHILE, a collective Jewish apathy, concealment OR support for what amounts to Israeli policies modeled after the “no good Indian, but a good one” mindset– which Bill Ackman investors openly supports AND invests in even more so since October 7th–  conflicts with the Holocaust indoctrination being shoved down everyone else’s throat for required reading over the last 40 years because the Holocaust is NOT about lives lost– it’s about the ability for Jews to weaponize those lives. This task can only be accomplished by the self-loathing, Ashkenazi Jewry collective who withhold basic knowledge as to why good people have always hated Jews AND what a Jew actually is.  

         At this point, the jig is up as I believe the world can all agree by now that these Holocaust museums need to be dismantled worldwide instead of functioning as a means of both placing Jews on a pedestal & of shaming the other 98% when in fact Jews have no shame AND there are excellent reasons why people ran them out of town & kept them in ghettos. That’s the wing in a Holocaust museum that I want to develop. Otherwise, these faux museums in America need to be converted into American Indian memorials & black slave museums as these are two groups of people who actually had it bad whereas Jews always had the advantage which is why they never left Europe and continued their encroachments.  Again, Jews cannot live among people peacefully, only passive aggressively by competing for control wherein there should be no competition. It’s classic Jewish overreach that comes in multiple forms.

         The current state of Harvard before October 7th was a “leftist” simpleton like that of Daria Baugh of Harvard’s Russian & Eurasian studies who thought she had discovered the origins of modern anti-Semitism, but in the process glorified the founding father of Zionist “activist-terrorism”. This pseudo-intellectual is a prime example of how young Americans serve as Pavlovian sycophants for the Jewish Construct which has everyone falsely equating themselves as being noble, educated & cosmopolitan for going along with Jewish doublespeak & nonsensical contradictions by blurring religion with race which is in reality a massive disservice to historical transparency. Freedom of religion is you be you, not recruit white people and pretend they’re Jewish as a means of altering the Jew’s racial trajectory while creating a cultural encroachment. Daria should have spent more time with Derek Penslar (for the rest come talk to me) because she serves as a fine example of the institutionalized mind which someone like Bill Quackman wants Harvard to produce.

BOTTOM LINE:  If I wanted to watch an ABC afterschool special, then I’ll go back to the 4th grade—NOT watch Daria Baugh’s sophomore documentary at Harvard.

DEAR KEN GRIFFIN:       Note the endgame of today’s Ivy League Republicans who are all crooked clowns OR just plain trashy, ie. Ted Cruz, Kayleigh McEnany, Elise Stefanik, & Bill Ackman. In other words, “Walmart” Republicans & one divisive Jew who taps into their agenda just enough to match his own. I almost forgot, the idiot wives & girlfriends of well-connected Jews like that of Ann Druyan, Cheryl Strauss Einhorn & Jenn Hoos Rothberg with the latter serving as the queenbee of the Jew-fabricated DEI over at David Einhorn’s “Einhorn Collaborative” along with Neri Oxman and her stupid, silkworm bird’s nest at the MoMa— a TOTAL MUST-MISS!!  I hope Ken Griffin keeps this in mind! Just like he keeps in mind that Jews have stayed the same while everyone else has gotten dumber– except for the student protestors—  because that was the Jew endgame:   UNDERMINE & CONTROL!

 NEWSFLASH:     If there were media regulations prohibiting bias, misinformation & sensationalism AND if there weren’t laws supporting a total lack of transparency within the insurance industry which surpass even that of the Magdeburg Rights, ie. The McNulty Memo, then certain illusions which control our lives would disappear overnight. If only Edward Longshanks were still alive!

Caveat Emptor:   When Sascha Baron Cohen complains about misinformation campaigns, it implies that the public isn’t bending to the will of The Jewish Construct. This involves caving to “chess moves” that enable self-loathing, Ashkenazi Jews both in terms of “covering their tracks” when it comes to their ethnic insecurities & in terms of anything that will undermine the mainstream while serving ONLY the Jewish agenda. This is the only “reliable news source” in the minds of Jews and anything less is anti-Semitic. Black lives matter, but not Palestinians….

          Likewise, Harvey Silverglate’s APATHY towards this investor-led, skewed campaign & to the threats made against students by Bill Ackman in terms of destroying their professional futures doesn’t phase Harvey whose apathy is far more damning than what he’s accused Claudine Gay of NOT doing. The Jewish alumni are trying to call the shots whether it be aimed at Ken Griffin OR towards Harvard despite no physical harm having come to these Jewish students other than a bruised ego.  

THE REAL DANGEROUS MOVEMENT AT UPENN- Cherchez La Jewish Activism:   The University of Pennsylvania’s Claire Finkelstein of the Center for Law & Ethics has to realize that anti-Semitism is what Mohamed Hadid had to go through when his family took Jewish survivors of the Holocaust into their Nazareth home who then kicked them out & claimed the home as their own because the Jews did it all legally and to complain was “anti-Semitic”. They didn’t even give him and his family the option of converting. Once again, the Jew loves his loopholes, kind of like the Israeli 1970 amendment to attract non-Jews from Russia to convert because Jews want white women, not Jewish women.  This is the dangerous movement.

BOTTOM LINE:   If Claire Finkelstein of UPenn’s Ethics & Law Center wants to expose anti-Semitism then it’s time to start getting real. In fact, the easiest way she could expose anti-Semitism is to start calling out every Jewish woman she knows who’s gotten a nose job OR every Jewish man who marries a white woman and has her convert. THERE’S NOTHING MORE ANTI-SEMITIC THAN THIS & NOTHING THAT GIVES THE WHITE MAN A BETTER REASON TO HATE JEWS!! YOU ARE FRAUDS WHO ARE STEALING OUR RACE TO CALL YOUR OWN AND TURNING OUR OWN PEOPLE AGAINST US JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN’T LOOK AT YOUR OWN UGLY, JEWISH FACES IN THE MIRROR! (How do you think you come out with a faux Jew like Kahana in the Psyche department ?!)

ALEXANDER KESTENBAUM:  The E. Jean Carroll of Harvard ……..or Maybe He’s Mort Goldman from “The Family Guy”

BOTTOM LINE:    Harvard & UPenn has all it needs in the form of VERY provable defamation & false allegations. There are no valid lawsuits against the Ivy League, ONLY countersuits! If anything there should be the immediate dismissals of lawsuits against Harvard like the one initiated by a whiny & self-deluded, Alexander Kestenbaum, who is no more eligible for an anti-Semitic suit against Harvard than Rachel Dolezal is eligible for an African-American scholarship to college OR a big, ugly man pretending to be a woman is eligible for a woman’s swimming team. Put more simply, Alexander Kestenbaum is not eligible for this lawsuit as he’s not Semitic which makes his claim both baseless & fraudulent. 

QUESTION:  Why is the definition for “Semitic” or “woman” so elusive & controversial these days?!?! 

 ANSWER:      Shady, loopholes AND skewed perspectives of Jews with “problem personalities” who dwell in a false reality then try to impose it upon a malleable mainstream all thanks to the collusion of a divisive, Jewish media & Jewish Supremacist investors who rarely do anything for the good of the whole, just themselves. This is where pretending to be the “defender of humanity” comes in as it serves to cloak the fact that Jews are playing people against each other like chess pieces and if a person calls them out, they then invoke their built-in loophole OR escape door in which all valid complaints– along with the people who see through them— are immediately dismissed as being “anti-Semitic”. 

         If anyone cares to see what’s Semitic looks like then look at Manny Jacobs from the movie “The Seventh Sign” or the Jewish woman in the below New York Times article then look at Shabbos “Akex” Kestenbaum. Clearly, Mr. Kestenbaum is a modern invention suffering from an identity crisis. More specifically, AK’s a product of racial misappropriation & ethnic-cleansing committed slowly & consistently over time by anti-Semitic, Ashkenazi Jewry. This ultimately makes Mr. Kestenbaum a  living, breathing product of cultural encroachment & intellectual dishonesty, NOT a martyr to religious freedom & certainly not a member of the tribe. There’s a reason why Harvard’s Semitic Museum is NOT a Jew Museum; but rather, a Near Eastern one.

          This confused young man is the Jewish equivalent of Rachel Dolezal. Shabbos is NOT SEMITIC, he’s a product Jewish overreach & CULTURALLY DISPLACED AMONG PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT HIS OWN. The name Kestenbaum is what German civil servants would do for Jewish encroachers in Europe by pushing two nouns together to form a makeshift last name for these foreigners, but the these foreigners looked like Jeff Goldblum, Steven Spielberg, Mike Bloomberg, David Krumholtz, Gabe Kaplan, Gene Shalit, Grant Heslov, Howie Mandel, Rochelle Walensky— NOT like the delusionoid Shabbos or Derek Penslar & Kahana at UPENN.

     It’s a shame that Central & Eastern Europe didn’t take further measures like passing race laws because if they had, people like Shabbos wouldn’t stand before us today as a representative of the insidious effects of Jewish terrorism along with serving as a living, breathing, dire prediction come true. Shabbos is what happens when you allow these invaders out of their ghettos to breed with white women which enables their counter-assimilation agenda that altered the nature of what Jewish is & the nature of the host country in what  once again forces people to deal with a slow-moving coup who doesn’t understand that not only are they guest among us, but that they are forcing themselves upon us while playing the victim (pg.23). NO ONE ELSE PULLS THIS SHIT!

         Furthermore, Shabbos perfectly demonstrates the skewed, Jewish perspective once more by complaining that members on the anti-Semitic committee were merely tokens when he doesn’t seem to understand that when you’re 2.7% of the population, you will always be a token and anything more is forced OR bought & paid-for overrepresentation. ONCE AGAIN, SHABBOS BARELY QUALIFIES AS AN ADMIXTURE OF SEMITIC BLOOD— NOT EVEN A QUADROON JEW– HE’S FULLY ASSIMILATED YET FUNCTIONS IN A COUNTER ASSIMILATION CAPACITY & AS A JEWISH SUPREMACIST.

LEGAL QUESTION:   I want to know which attorneys are interested in filing a lawsuit against any of the celebrity investors OR the major news outlets included in my emails for defamation & false allegations with intent to commit fraud OR for the suppression of fraud schemes OR for the depraved indifference to these massive, financial fraud schemes and how it’s all part of the same animal in terms of “collective domestic terrorism” which misuses public & investor funds to support both disinformation & financial support for genocide abroad & apartheid within the U.S. in which almost 97% of society is beholden to under 3%??…Has this not officially become a cross-jurisdictional situation ??

Mr. Kestenbaum, TAKE A LESSON FROM THIS JEWISH WOMAN! It’s about civil rights, NOT genocide..UNSKEW the SKEWED Jewish Perspective

         The false claims of campus anti-Semitism are symptomatic of the skewed, Jewish perspective wherein their moral compass deflects accountability by pointing in only a few directions: victimology, projective identification & scapegoating. Likewise, this personality justifies their suffocating discrimination on everyone & anyone by creating situations that don’t exist then etching a false victim-hero narrative into a stone tablet which is demonstrated perfectly by somebody like David Einhorn making it to the Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential list. When these deviant minds are in the driver’s seat, undeserving pawns become glorified while decent people & valid complaints or actions are ignored, ridiculed or vilified.

         Mr. Kestenbaum’s chess move of the “victim seat” is a classic Jewish, “power grab” intended to leave its recipient speechless & groveling for forgiveness. In reality, Mr. Kestenbaum is providing the legal arm that goes hand-in-hand with the financial control provided by Jewish investors & their synergistic, marketing scheme. The mutual understanding is the hunt to nail down institutional control while playing the hero like something straight out of the Old Testament. This display is indicative of either a self-loathing personality attempting to uplift themselves OR a self-involved narcissistic not uncommon among Jews.

         Meanwhile, Mr. Kestenbaum’s endgame is to profit from a Jewish, marketing scheme with a Trump attorney at the helm whose capable of paving the way for Jewish overrepresentation & overreach at Harvard while exacting revenge on Claudine Gay via ad hominem arguments provided by Jewish, corporate terrorists that distract us from their massive, corporate fraud schemes which will go into the coffers of Jewish politicians like Rep. Simon Cataldo of Massachusetts…..

     …….Something tells me that Shabbos Kestenbaum is going to get a hell of a lot more money out of this one lawsuit than he ever could have gotten by graduating from divinity school. Someone tell Ken Griffin that this is the real endgame Harvard is producing these days along with Ted Cruz Republicans.

         AGAIN, there are no physical attacks on Jewish students NOR any protests based on hate speech AS NO RATIONAL PERSON could construe a protest sign portraying a black mind being controlled by a Jewish hand (a sign carried by a black person who’s fed up) as anything but a valid observation. If the sign had been aimed at White Southerners, the Jewish media would defer to some lowlife with a chip on his shoulder– like Colin Kaepernick or Eminem-–  then vilify white people for not allowing themselves to be attacked.

          Jews like Shabbos Kestenbaum are atypical of the Jewish, self-absorbed worldview in which they never like the truth reflected back at them especially in the form of vivid & valid complaints of their own racial profiling of black pawns who really aren’t getting that much out of it  Therefore, we perhaps have to be more passive-aggressive, like the Jew, who deflects accountability with outlandish accusations of ”anti-Semitism”, a word for which Jews in general have usurped. Note, the list of what constitutes and anti-Semitic is nothing more than double-standards & preemptive strike tactics stemming from a whole lot of projective identification.

     REMINDER:   There is no “activist agenda” until deep pockets want something to be a cause. Observe how that sheltered wimp, Ira Hillman of the Einhorn Collaborative, spoke of lamenting the supposed, police force’s “black profiling” with his adopted black sons as if a shoddy counterfeiter like George Floyd were someone Ira would ever speak to in real life OR feel safe allowing around his kids.

THIS IS the real IRA HILLMAN! (Cut & paste)


          Something tells me that if I were to fall asleep at the wheel in a Wendy’s drive-thru line followed by grabbing an officer’s taser before discharging it on him twice– only because I couldn’t get to his gun— I certainly wouldn’t be martyred in this country like that of some semi-retarded, low-life like Rayshard Brooks. Hell, I can’t even get attention for the BHF insolvency case or the $430 billion reinsurance fraud scheme I inherited from the voyeuristic, Golden Goose of big law (Tom Gober, CFE) unless it first involves me rubbing down Leon Black in a bikini & edible undies much like E. Jean Carroll and her makeshift, lingerie modeling days for random tycoons. No Roberta Kaplan for me; but on the other hand, GIVE ME A CALL LEON!

         Anyway, if the eternal Jew wants to berate with their official mantra, “never forget” then I want people to “Never Forget” the random couple who were vilified with left-field zingers, ie., “ gun-wielding, “white supremacists”, upon waking up to morons on their front lawn protesting the death of George Floyd who in turn were propped-up by the same news networks that prop-up Jewish, “activist-terrorists” who never have to prove a damn thing whether it be fraudulent accusations of anti-Semitism OR accusations of corporate fraud, ie, bogus GAAP undervaluation theories regarding BHF, the official “dumping ground for MetLife debt”!


TRANSLATION:  A lack of subservience is tantamount to anti-Semitism in the warped mind of your average Jew.

      So now Jews expect the Christian-right & the white mainstream to save their asses when all they’ve been doing is throwing ours under the bus and mostly by creating OR overamplifying something that’s not really there just like they’re doing now at Harvard & UPenn whether it be directed at the faculty or at the students…BUT this time they’re throwing black asses under the bus as well. It’s getting mighty crowded under that bus!!…..This is not rational! Why aren’t Jews ignored, countersued, contained OR diagnosed?


         Throwing out a left-field zinger with a little bit of conviction in your voice doesn’t make your bruised ego-based allegations true NOR will stonewalling dissenters OR  accusing people of an intent to undermine Jews by not supporting Israel validate your false allegations. What it does prove is that you’re projecting everything Jews do onto everyone else.

        In other words, when students protest on behalf of the Palestinians, it’s genuine. When Jews support black people, it’s totally fake. This is NOT a double-standard, it’s dirty laundry in plain site. No sane country would leak a Rodney King tape without holding the news networks liable for inciting a riot & tampering with evidence & interfering with an investigation & skewing the narrative WITHOUT there being a greater motive. If the Jewish media wants to support Rodney King, then they can support black people at Harvard who possess valid complaints. If the Jewish media can dismiss small business owners who have had their lives destroyed during the BLM Krystalnacht— unless they placed a minority-owner “Passover” sign in the front window— then they can dismiss Limpdick Kestenbaum.


       NOTE:   These News networks instigate mob rule while targeting the foundations of law & order upon which a society rests which is not unlike Shabbos armed with a Trump attorney &  Rep. Simon Cataldo targeting the financial foundations of Harvard as the Jew always comes cloaked with a flimsy veil of humanitarianism & free press, but back-pedals when it doesn’t work to their advantage. Otherwise, why are we still seeing Holocaust documentaries 79 years later, but NOTHING on 76 years of Israeli atrocities which are systemically suppressed on television & thru University documentaries under the guise of anti-Semitism when it is nothing more than anti-Semitism directed towards Palestinians. It’s a joke! Why aren’t the Jew lawyers coming out of the woodwork to fight that like they did Virginia vs Loving????

          SHABBOS,   NOBIDY cares about Ta’anit Esther nor should you expect the world to care or to be educated about it anymore than we are on the religion of the Druze. You are in the Divinity School which is a place where things like that matter, not outside of that bubble. You should be allowed your fasting, but you should not expect the world but to have to hear about it. Incidentally, you are a living breathing product of Jewish terrorism. People like you only exist because white women were misappropriated in Europe by Jewish invaders who should all look like Gabe Kaplan & Cheryl Strauss Einhorn. It’s pretty obvious that Jews don’t want to have sex with people who look like them NOR do they want to have to look at a wife and kids who look like them as well which is how we have you, Shabbos & why Jewish marriages are often based on who has the money and who looks the least Jewish.  Do you really think that Howard Stern or Eric Cantor would have married women who were as horribly, Jewish looking as them or their mother…. …Nonetheless, Mr. Kestenbaum, your behavior is extremely Jewy.

FUCK YOU VERY MUCH– you whiny, little bitch, Shabbat Ranks Kestenbaum


Jews are intentionally ambiguous:        Jewish whitewashing of their identity destroys their own legitimacy. It doesn’t occur to them to start re-assimilating with the people of the Levant, NOT misappropriating the people of Europe. This begs the question of how Palestinians who convert to Judaism could be embraced & perhaps discriminated against in much the same way as were the Mizrahi Jews.  Strangely enough, Mizrahi Jews have severed their kinship with Palestinians with the latter being referred to as “infiltrators” which is made acceptable, yet it’s not acceptable for me to refer to Jews as “encroachers” in Europe OR in the Levant. The reason for this double-standard is that Jews are trying to own us while deflecting their own self-loathing

The Origins of CANCEL CULTURE:     This is the Jewish, skewed perspective & the double-standards Jews refuse to acknowledge being that Ashkenazi Jewry is profoundly anti-Semitic, not anti-Judaistic, which is the opposite of Martin Luther for whom insolent Jews like to lead their anachronistic witch hunts upon as a means of targeting the white man’s ancestors, but when the shoe is on the other foot it’s considered “anti-Semitic” which is as good as an admission of guilt in terms acknowledging censorship, discrimination, harassment  & suppression of evidence, just for starters.

        Keep in mind, European gypsies living in America claim to be Hungarian when they’re nothing more than a splinter group of Indian vagabonds & palm readers who don’t seem aware of their differences to Europeans OR to their legitimacy in terms of applying for an Indian citizenship, but the Indians would never take such a weird subculture when they have enough untouchables. Through time gypsies became wanderers just like the Jews, just lower class…This serves as a perfect example as to why I get so mad at pseudo-intellectual Americans who romanticize things they don’t understand at which point these goofballs in an attempt to feel special, try to be part of a culture for which they are not. THIS IS WHAT WHITE PEOPLE HAVE DONE WITH JEWS IN THIS COUNTRY!,another%20Roma%20couple%20in%20Bulgaria


NOTE:   Basic knowledge has gotten “too personal” in this country wherein a person has to contend with female rivalry OR male domination driving the conversation, NOT facts because people want to stand by their ego more than they do basic facts. I’m not sure why it’s treated as a competition but either way, it’s left us with a whole lot of “fake it to you make it” which entails racial misappropriation committed by self-loathing, Ashkenazi Jewry who are attempting to “Eurofy” themselves thru massive acts of overreach…… Did they really not expect any backlash when it was some major factor meeting up to World War II?  According to the mind of more than one Jew, this overreach is the same thing as assimilation, not infringement? What did I tell you about their stewed perspective & ignorance.

     Review the skit below because it provokes a commentary…. This behavior is exactly what Jews on my Harvard Ashkelon trip attempted to displace onto Mizrahi Jews as if they were a different breed. This includes the screwed-up, white boy who was a product of converts who I called, “The Jerk” in reference to the Steve Martin character in which a white man was adopted by a black family, but never knew it. There’s a reason why we have the expression “Jew them down” which is not anti-Semitic and it has nothing to do with the church & it’s the reason why Jews were still pulling people in from the streets and into their stores during the 60s off of South Street in Philly. It has to do with the fact that Jews are a haggling, transient, desert race who invaded northern Europe after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in search of trade routes at which point they tried to name European places after biblical locations which is why they were contained in ghettos.

mad tv jewish salesman cartoon skit,vid:mu3AvAFNYrA,st:0


 BOTTOM LINE:   If you’re going to be an invader then just do it honestly, not this encroaching crap wherein you play the victim if people give an inch, when Jews want a mile. Thanks to containment in Europe, there was more of a preservation of Jewish people like David Copperfield, Jordan Bratman, Saul Rubinek, Mort Saul, Guy Oseary, who all look Jewish. Meanwhile, why is Nelson Peltz trying to pretend that his kids are Jewish & trying to take the credit for attributes that are not his. What Nelson should be saying is, “Thank God they don’t look like an ugly, old Yid like me”...

 THE HARD TRUTH:      NO JEW wants to bring up the topic of the Jewish  “race” because it would facilitate a discussion on assimilation vs counter assimilation & Jewish overreach which would negate the need for me to have to debate with some bonehead product of converts who doesn’t understand why I call him THE JERK and that he’s in reality nothing more than a product of Jewish encroachment which explains why he doesn’t look like what he claims to be, kind of like William Shatner (F2 generation).

      The flip side of the coin is  that Jews would use “the race talk” as an opportunity to miseducate people as Jews always like to lead off with their least Jewish-looking feature if they can. In other words, the traditional description has always begun with, “dark” followed by the nose, hair, facial shape (rat-faced Jew, droopy the dog like Walter Mathau, horsey-looking or Ben Stiller/Ralph Lauren), the Jewish smile, very almond eyes like Midler, Streisand or Jason Alexander OR droopy eyes like Seinfeld, wavy upper lip, often inverted lower lip. Jews would completely reinvent themselves by starting off with calling themselves “light”—  ANYTHING unabashedly & “in your face” dishonest that’s a reflection of their self-loathing & “uncle Tom” reinvention instead of acknowledging compromised coloring comes from misappropriated white women OR the fact that you’ll find lots of people in places like Turkey who fall within a range.

      Why do you think Hollywood likes to flaunt the half-breed, shiksa goddess then try to pump them up as being Jewish, yet never want to show you their Jewish half who’s invariably terrible-looking. Conversely, if you hear that they had a model for a Jewish mother than I can guarantee you that she was “passing” which is why the father was attracted to them. This is the seduction of fraud, but instead of stealing from one hand to give to the other like Marc Rowan, Jews take white people then repackage them as Jews which attracts other white who don’t seem to understand that somebody like Tori Burch’s mother isn’t even a real Jew and we’re giving away the farm to people who are seducing us with what was stolen from us in the first place instead of sending somebody like Tori Burch’s mother to a de-brainwashing program which would include seeing pictures of people who look Jewish even with various admixtures.

       Jews have flipped the tables by creating a hypersensitivity which skews the facts then forces a person to submit to wearing “ethnic blinders” & denying the obvious fact that it’s a guise for Jews to legitimize ethnic misappropriation due to their own anti-Semitism. The underlying message is that by “going along to get along with the Jewish Construct” , then “us commoners” will then be noble, cosmopolitan & educated.

           Dual citizenship for Jews, but none for Palestinian:    Meanwhile, why does some Jewish “mulatto” like Michaela Bercu maintain the luxury of a dual citizenship in which she pretends to be an ethnic Romanian despite her people being expelled for not being ethnic Romanians as her “Jewish enough” looking face reveals along with the fact that she identifies as a Jew & claims “return Jew” status to a Middle Eastern homeland—  but only sort off claims

NOTE:  Bercu does have compromised coloring thanks to some grubby, slobbering, Jewish male on the woodpile who was in pursuit of white pussy with the endgame being to produce less Jewish looking children for him, ie, Dan Einhorn & Harvey Weinstein & Sasach Baron Cohen & Harry Cohn, Howard Stern)


       Meanwhile, the only non-transient group of people in this picture are the Palestinians, yet they can’t even get one citizenship to their ethnic homeland AND have been made into transients by the wandering Jew who has done far worse to them than what the delusional Jews have ever distorted about the Catholic church who made them rich OR about the Romans who brought them plumbing because Jews have to make shit up to feel better about themselves & to control us with it as if I should even care about their suffering and place it above everyone else’s and by everyone else’s it’s never a white person, it’s always a minority group Jews try to pit against white people.


          Bill “the Shill” Ackman posts some Jew cunt ranting on X about how “Israel doesn’t owe Palestinians anything, not electricity, we provide them with s*** jobs (more like alms)”—ya’ know, the same Israelis who bulldoze their homes and all of Ackman can talk about is having met a Palestinian family one time and trying to figure out an answer for the Palestinian problem instead of realizing that it’s not the Palestinian problem, it’s the age-old Jewish problem. As always, Jews cannot seem to get it through their heads that they are guests living among us who don’t even have the courtesy to be honest invaders.


         Meanwhile, Ackman’s Jew boy cohorts who support every subversive & disruptive low-life imaginable in this country while chanting “white supremacist” at decent people turn around and  support genocide & ongoing human atrocities even as they try to disrupt companies who they accuse of once being involved in corporate fraud to dead scandal with no real ramifications like producing goods for the Nazis at a different time and place. These are the depraved, skulking, Jewish minds  that dig up dirt on Claudine Gay, while not one of these Jewboys  attorneys or anyone among his peers seem to dig up anything on ACKMAN, ROWAN, EINHORN, or BLACK when it’s handed to them on a silver platter.  Remember, it’s just instinctive for Jews to undermine the mainstream by keeping people in their back pocket who they don’t respect which is what Claudine Gay was supposed to be for these carpetbaggers.


            Make no mistake, Israel is not exactly the equivalent of Iran being an enemy state, yet your best friend is a Persian who’s family escaped in ‘79.  It’s more of a “Liberia Gone Nazi” entity for which I’m supposed to keep my head down in obedience for 2 to 3% of society who continue to prove that everything which wrongly accused anti-Semites said decades before World War II in terms of the Jewification of Europe & the international Jew was nothing more than a valid complaint by people being driven to the brink. Believe it or not white people haven’t simply been religious zealots OR mindless bigots for compartmentalizing Jews. That’s scapegoating!


           AGAIN, Jews have been doing to the white man passive-aggressively for centuries what they do overtly to the Palestinians and now they’re using the Mizrahi Jews to get it done. This is just another example of how they pit people against each other. However subversive Jews may have been before they left the desert for Europe, they’ve morphed into something far more toxic as Ashkenazi Jews– possessed by an Uncle Tom complex— with something to prove but the only thing they prove is that they’re a dangerous movementNOT DEI.


         As I told my Jewish girlfriend, Jews were uninvited in Europe in the first place so why didn’t they just leave. It shut her up, but it also gave her a moment of self-realization which never lasts long with a Jew. Funny how the Jew deprives the Palestinians of what the Romans brought them OR the tolerance & land grants which they received in Europe OR the trust Egyptians placed in them with collecting taxes and access to gold because the Jew always finds a way to make themselves both indispensable & in need of special treatment.


 The End Result:     Jews effectively created a floating, caste system capable of and inclined to squeezing other people out of their own societies while playing the victim if people dare to notice and a lot of normal Jews take the fall for them because we all know Jews like Ackman  will get his ass out on a private jet and flee to a country like Brazil like some former Nazi.  After all, how do you think Israel was founded by a bunch of Jewish terrorist who should have been dealt with by having their money appropriated then put on a boat to some Central Asian Republic or a ghetto, but with no cheating by taking white women they convert.          


           Unfortunately, the greater society is supposed to pander to OR be re-educated on the Jewish, persecution complex along with all of its imagined offenses & it’s massive, chip on the shoulder which every Jew carries with them for centuries then insists that the other 98% observes instead of enabling the same fact checks on themselves which they shine onto everyone else. The Romans, like the surrounding Arab groups, knew Jews could be a pain in the ass despite being productive which is why I find it so ghastly to watch some seedy, Jew propagandist & supremacist, like Dr. Eli David, acting like a “mean girl” by creating Jewish illusions on Twitter that nobody likes the Palestinians (isolation tactics) when it’s always been “nobody likes the Jews and for solid reasons”. The emperor has no clothes, just an ugly Jewface, a self-loathing complex armed with a fat checkbook, a white hussy on his arm & a chokehold on the media.


FACT CHECK: The Romans never destroyed the Holyland and sent the Jews fleeing from the homeland in some mythological diaspora. The truth is Jews had always constituted a significant minority in the Roman Empire and were living in the Italian peninsula before 76 AD and therein can be credited with introducing the artichoke to Europe.


        In the Middle Eastern world, Arabs knew that Jews may have been productive members of their society, but they nonetheless had to be watched as Jews always attempt to gain the upper hand via the use of a victimology agenda & a God’s chosen children ruse, NEVER assimilation, ONLY encroachments. This scenario is roughly similar to all the backwoods, Bible-thumping. pro-lifers we have in America today who have subverted the “country club” Republicans of yesteryear because in both cases the keys to the asylum have literally been handed to the patients by a seemingly, powerless mass majority. …..And yes, the Arab world is stuck in a different era right now, but that is also encouraged like white-hate is in this country.  Strange to think that the “two most vilified by Jews” people are Palestinians & White Southerners.


         In this country, the perception is that Jews are 50/50 which is far from reality, but Jews makeup for what they lack by utilizing every splinter group imaginable while looking like the “good guy”– until It’s time to collect. After all, Jews couldn’t change the demographics in this country like they did in Palestine which of course segues into a Claudine Gay who wouldn’t pander to blood money so now the blacks are thrown under the bus with the Palestinians & Rednecks. People are finally getting what I knew as a child in the ‘80’s about Jews so perhaps David Einhorn needs to talk about this in one of his bullshit, “building bridges” workshops.

             Fortunately, Jews haven’t been able to pull the same “mind fuck” on much of Eastern Europe because it’s basically one big “white southerner”, nor do Jews from that part of the world have problems talking about ethnic lines like they do in the U.S. Nonetheless, Jews keep trying to replace their own people with European woman. Logic dictates that Jews are much more of the dangerous movement for which they accuse the wave of Arab immigration to Europe as being. BUT Jews get away with it by first legitimizing the fraud of ethnic misappropriation and then by seducing us with what they stole from us.

        It’s no different than the transsexual that can pass as female and who consequently distorts everyone’s perspective which leads to the legitimization of the unacceptable. Once this legitimization occurs, the masses have entered their own state of cognitive dissonance, but nobody wants to admit this in terms of Jews because for years now your average Joe has internalized Jewish beraterment while developing a need to overcompensate OR face being called some nonsense like “Nazi”.

Imo Lo, “The projector thrusts their emotions, thoughts, or traits onto the recipient and induces a compelling psychological influence that prompts the recipient to internalize and identify with these projected elements. This twofold nature turns the recipient into an unwitting collaborator in the drama, as they unknowingly assume the projected attributes as their own. It is not just about one person projecting emotions outward but it binds the projector and the recipient in a shared ‘staged reality’, blurring the lines between self and other.”



     If Jews already have “return” status with Israel then it makes no sense that they can claim “return” status in a European country for which their ancestors were guests, not natives? Conversely, if they are natives of Europe AND have no apparent Semitic intermixing unless by Arabs), then they cannot be claiming “Return” status to Israel NOR should they be betraying their true heritage by calling themselves Jews. Only Jews can make this sort of contradictory, intellectual dishonesty & double-talk appear legitimate then make it stick by having it seem like I’m asking a silly question.

       Jewish double-standards & victimology which has made it allowable for a Jewish supremacist & propagandist, “hate talker” like Dr. Eli David (Twitter buddy of Bill Ackman) to keep making hellacious posts in which he explicitly states that the Egyptians and other Arab countries “must know something about Palestinians that everyone else doesn’t” as a means of vilifying Palestinians & justifying their genocide, yet this shyster never acknowledges that a lot of Arab leaders are nothing more than whores for the Jews willing to sell their people down the river no different than Kate Capshaw, Elizabeth Banks, Isla Fisher or Claudia Peltz. Why am I not allowed to talk about the Jews in the same way Dr. Eli talks about Palestinians? Jews sound no different than white supremacists talking about slavery doing black people a favor when in fact Ashkenazi Jews are nothing more than transplanted Arabs with an uncle Tommy complex trying to steal white women to breed themselves out,  NOT to assimilate, but to reinvent themselves as something that makes no sense!. AGAIN, cognitive dissonance ….. Jews are beyond help!!!

          Like I said to my Jewish girlfriend’s brother, “How would you like it if a splinter group of self-loathing Arabs with hang-ups about how they look & who weren’t attracted to their own people then invaded your country, stole your women & had them convert then tried to pretend that these women were Arabs OR alternatively, that they were the same thing as the natives?”. That shut him up, but later he became part of the problem due to the skewed, Jewish Construct we live in whose campaign of psychological warfare has corrupted the national perspective & turned my own people against me in order to make me look like the “white nationalist” & him the Jewish victim as opposed to seeing him for what he is—- a “self-loathing, Jewish Supremacist-Terrorist possessed by a conflicting, Uncle Tom syndrome & skewed, Aryan complex who’s trying to supplant us from the inside out by recreating Jews as a race they’ve never been and using our people to do it” .. PHEW!!!…..

        This is the same Jewboy with the sister who told me she just wished all Palestinians would just disappear then expected me to empathize for her, yet I’m not allowed to say, “if only Hitler had finished the job” then no one would have to live with the Jewish power grabs, racial theft & victimology gun against their head. But also, her Jewish mentality is the same mindset that expected me to coddle her when the minister at her brother’s wedding complained about being squeezed out of the ceremony as it was becoming overwhelmingly Jewish and not leaving any room for him NOR acknowledging him despite the bride’s family paying for the wedding OR the fact that the groom was marrying a white woman because he thinks that Jews are ugly & too ethnic-looking  NOR does he want to look at a wife and kids who look like a total Jew like the comedian, Jenny Slate– another blatant benefactor of Jewish privilege.

       Anyway, my self-involved Jewess friend doesn’t understand what all Jews seem to forget which is that they’re a fringe group living among us who are squeezing out the mainstream yet play the victim while doing it. Are they maintain a complete lack of understanding to the fact that we don’t conform to them, they assimilate to us. This is called “living with Jews” and why they were restricted to ghettos. People can’t live with this “problem personality” unless it includes my unambitious friend’s white trash husband who married-up,, lives in her parents second home & relinquished the upper hand in that relationship years ago…….. and of course, is always on the backburner to skew the perspective.

JEWISH PRIVILEGE & DOUBLE STANDARDS & HYPOCRISY.   Just an FYI, one of the Jewish co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s blamed the Ukraine for starting the war while pseudo- intellectual Bill Ackman suggested that the Ukraine cede lend to the Russians while never suggesting for one minute that Israel cede land to Palestinians NOR did the Ben & Jerry’s co founder keep in mind that the founding of Israel has no basis in reality only mythology whereas the ancient name Palestine & the Ukraine have always been an “occupied territory” housing it’s native people along with foreigners, like Jews.  In the case of the Ukraine, Jews have at times overreached their rights as guests by misappropriating white woman & falsely claiming them as their own as can be seen with some marginally attractive, delusionoid like Mila Kunis

NOTE: The insidious nature of the Jewish, victimology agenda has taught even Vladimir Putin to cry wolf or “anti-Semitism” as a ploy to invade a country AND one whose president is a Jew!!! Somehow I think he’s really just mocking the U.S.!

BOTTOM LINE: Jews really don’t care about anyone else but their own ass which reminds me of what a NASDAQ producer said about David Einhorn when told how David shrugged off $6 billion in liabilities being written off as assets by Brighthouse Financial, a major asset he defends, get provides no proof us to its undervaluation, just Jewish back scratching & marketing schemes. EVIDENCE OF BIG INSURER FRAUD

HEED MY CALL: The next time a Jew OR low-grade American attempts to whip you with the Pavlovian, scare word “anti-Semitic”, tell them you’re counter-Semitic OR that they’re a Jewish supremacist OR they’re deflecting their own self-loathing about looking Jewish OR that they’re con artist trying to keep you under their thumb OR that they don’t even know what the word Semitic means!! ONE OF THESE ANSWERS FITS! JUST SAY “NO” TO JEWISH TERRORISM. IT’S ALL PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE!

        Nothing exemplifies true anti-Semitism more than the way Ashkenazi Jews see themselves. Like the gay, Jew who ridiculed hedge fund manager, David M. Einhorn’s, ex- wife for looking horribly Jewish for a solid 15 minutes before declaring, “If this were Auschwitz, that would be the first THING I’d throw in the ovens.” THIS IS THE NORM, NOT THE EXCEPTION!! Not to mention, I have gotten more than a couple of Jewish men to admit that if they had been alive at the time, they would have disposed of poster child Anne Frank’s diary so that she would have remained unknown for no other reason than she looks too much like a pure-blooded Jew which translates into Arab…..

DE-JEWING IS ANTI-SEMITISM:   To date, there’s been about 4 to 5 generations worth of Jewish Princess, post-bat mitzvah nose jobs, dye jobs & perhaps chin lifts to boot. It’s like when a Jewish guy admitted to me that not only did I sound like his mother, but that I was “spot on” when I said that Jewish men try to marry & breed with white women so they don’t have to look at a wife & kids who look as horribly Jewish as an aged Barbara Streisand or Bette Midler NOR do they give a shit if the pretentious whores are just there for their money (Claudia Peltz, Kate Capshaw, Isla Fisher, Blythe Danner, Elizabeth Banks, Karla Kloss.)

QUESTION:    Would Bill Ackman or Cheryl Strauss Einhorn would care to use their corrupt influence & Jewish privilege to get all I just said into print. After all, if a total ditz & an academic fraud like Cheryl can get influential people– which includes crooked Jews like Jesse Eisinger-– to put their kudos on her overglorified, bathroom book which she tries to tout as a “groundbreaking” work OR to be allowed to teach a stock selection course at Columbia despite having ZERO credentials, then why can’t FACTS be published?

The false construct of taking white women and converting them to Judaism in order to “make them” a Jew OR telling people that they’re anti-Semitic for saying that these women aren’t real Jews (racial misappropriation) is nothing more than petulance & deflection morphing into acts of domestic terrorism. It’s also the origination point of what’s evolved into the “cancel culture”. In other words, implied threats of professional & social alienation for not going along to get along with a false construct in which 2.7% of society are the tail wagging the dog. In reality, Jews find or invent loopholes which they exploit as a vehicle for ethnic-cleansing & racial theft while hiding behind the guise of religious freedom & social justice fighters. At the end of the day, it’s nothing more than intellectual dishonesty & Jewish overreach.

      Note, this collective reinvention agenda is completely at the white man’s expense as everything serves the Jew and we’re guilted into allowing Jews to shoot us in our own foot.

       Incidentally, I’ll be adding a wall of shame for any faculty members who blocks me like a few of them have at UPenn which means that people such as Amy Offner who claimed to be fighting against investor overreach & for the sanctity of the world of academia because to her, “Universities don’t exist to serve private interests” nor “are they tools for the business interests or political agendas of donors and trustees”. For a Jew, Amy Offner really doesn’t understand how her own people operate and she might as well be part of the DARK TRIAD.


     I’ve already covered the Massachusetts Rep. Simon Cataldo in the link at the top of page 3, but you may not be familiar with the Tennessee representative, Chuck Fleischmann.

“Goodbye to Palestine.”

        If I were to have said before November 2023 that what happened to the Jews in WWII was a long time in the making & a form of counterterrorism which would have been supported by all Europeans if Hitler had been pan-European, then I would have been vilified & blackballed thanks to a collective, Jewish mentality which has been plugged into everybody’s television since the 1980’s and unleashed on a daily basis in the form of unrelenting waves of false representations & social conditioning of the masses under the guise of eliminating ignorance. 

           This is Jewish terrorism & propaganda which is why the white man wanted to keep Jews out of their government & schools in the first place AND it’s absolutely in league with Israeli terrorism from a bunch of seedy Jews like the Kushners who already have resort destinations carved out of Gaza once they kill off the Palestinians to a low life like Stephen Feinberg from Cerberus Capital Management who named his company after hell hounds at the gates of the underworld for good reason. Https:// (Bottom two videos).

       Unfortunately, these Jewish, marketing schemes are responsible for the trickle-down effect  that have led to the double-standards Jews enjoy in this country which is why Rep. Chuck Fleischmann isn’t blackballed from society for his disgusting words & effective actions. This translates into Jews having an upper hand that functions as “below the radar,” form of apartheid.

BOTTOM LINE:  Church Fleischmann & Simon Cataldo need to step down and be socially blackballed.

         Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R) is absolutely wrong. Israel is NOT our ally NOR do they serve our interests. The only interest of Jews is their own & I call it the “Moses business model”. All the Jew wants is institutional control & white women and they get us to give it away to them while kissing their ring.  If anything, Jews are our tormentors who make the world hate us for all the right reasons just as they brainwash the youth to turn against their own while putting Jewish interests anove everyone else’s with the false notion that they’re being noble while  avoiding the supposed horrors of being called an “anti-Semite” because dumbed-down people say stupid things & it’s the reason people need to get confrontational with Jews— it’s the only language they speak outside of psychological warfare.

           Representative Fleischmann needs to go back up north because nobody wants him down south planting his invisible Kibbutz. In a way, Chuck is just another Virginia Foxx as both need to take their asses back to Brooklyn, with the only difference being that Chuck is a manipulator while Foxx is addle-brained. Let’s face it, Foxx is out of her depth in terms of this supposed “watch list of anti-Semitism” which is just another Jewish witch hunt in disguise intended to keep us all under the Jew thumb. It really doesn’t matter if Chuck’s a Democrat or Republican because  Chuck– the closeted, halfbreed Jew— is what has facilitated the slow destruction of both the Democrat & the Republican party as he plays the same schtick Bill Ackman plays.

         Yesteryear, Chuck Fleischmann would have been a democratic candidate up north, NOT a Republican down south, but Chuck will slip into any character he needs to be down South because he knows he could never have made it up north. I’ve said it before, Jews look for weak links as a means of subverting the mainstream whether it be to the right or to the left. There’s more than one way to skin a cat as Bill Ackman has shown us!

          One last thing, Chuck, please don’t pretend that your Jewish half is just a religion by trying to call it “Austro-Hungarian”.  If you’re related to Harry Houdini, who looked like a total Jew, then you are an ethnic Jew and I can hear it in his nasally voice. NEVER DAY  “GOODBYE TO PALESTINE”,  SAY GOOD-BYE TO THE JEW TERRORIST IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING, REPRESENTATIVE CHUCK FLEISCHMANN……  IF CHUCK CAN GET AWAY WITH SAYING WHAT HE JUST SAID, THEN SO CAN I.  No more being beholden to the Jew!

 Israel Gave the Middle Finger to the U.S. Government


       Most white Americans are too dumbed-down, yet pretentious to admit that they really don’t know anything which is easily observed as they fight for the Jewish agenda by vehemently claiming it’s just a religion while invoking the contradictory word “anti-Semitic” that they’ve also come to abuse in order to deflect a bruised ego of not knowing anything including what the word itself means. In other words, crying “anti-Semitic” has become a cop-out for non-Jews as it has for Jews themselves with the latter being either ignorant or ashamed about looking Jewish and what it implies. Why do these simpletons care about proving themselves to Jews when it’s the Ashkenazi Jew who has the Uncle Tom complex? Money changes everything!

     I think I can answer that question…. Gen X, pseudo-intellectual, white America stands by their ego, not facts which is one reason why they lash out. This is demonstrated by their need to “stand up” for Jews by misassigning them to the ethnic identity of their former host country thus showing ZERO respect for the ethnic integrity of the native 98%, only the Jews with the Uncle Tom complex who want to be them which isn’t much different than calling Turkish people from Germany, “ethnic Germans”. YET, these white liberals view themselves as educated, noble & as the “defender of humanity” for nothing more pandering to Jewish, self-loathing, overreach & mind control while proving their own ignorance. We talk a lot about racial & cultural misappropriation today and it seems that Jews are the only ones allowed to get away with it while accusing everyone else of doing it.

           Apparently these double standards apply only to Jews because as I said to a self-loathing Jew years ago, “why don’t you call the Moors from Spain, Spanish, if you’re going to call the Jews from Germany or Russia, German or Russian.” Then in true Jew form, he begins to make things up and stated that a group has to be in a country at least 200 years to be considered the same thing and then stated that the Moors were Spanish (pre-assimilation). 

         Again, out of 190 groups in the former USSR– and more as we take Europe as a whole— Jews are the only ones who have this problem then bully OR indoctrinate the other 98% to internalize their eschewed, self-loathing issues until their problem becomes our problem which includes racial misappropriation under the guise of religious freedom. This means we have a national culture suffering from parental, projective identification which requires that a person be retrained without making them feel stupid or letting them slip into “Jewish lapdog” mode because the fundamental problem is that the American, white mainstream has begun to internalize Jewish people’s own self-loathing & identity crisis.

          This is also where cognitive dissonance begins to set in for white people, NOT just Jews anymore, as white America begins to make up things as they go along which is then fused with an amateurish form of Nordic Supremacy that only American, suburbanites who’ve watched too many Indiana Jones movies could rationalize.

       Meaning that oftentimes these simpletons take everything that they don’t understand about Jews– along with a need to re-channel their old world anti-Semitism elsewhere being that they don’t want to claim Barbra Streisand, Dustin Hoffman or Henry Winkler as German/Austrian-— so they instead re-assign them into the ambiguous hole of Eastern Europe because that’s how humanitarian, cosmopolitan & knowledgeable these liberals actually are and it doesn’t matter at all to them that Winkler & Streisand’s family came from  Austria OR that half of the Eastern European Jews have German last names OR that these Gen X liberals openly contradict themselves by saying Anna Kournikova looks Russian-Slavic which is totally incongruent with Jewish features like that of Igor Stravinsky, Saul Rubinek or Seth Rudetsky. Apparently, cognitive dissonance is contagious.

          If anything, the pseudointellectual mind of Gen X & Y mirrors self-loathing, Ashkenazi Jews by shifting the burden of having to admit that Jewish features are not from the European mainstream by then dumping them on a patsy who doesn’t represent a “hot button” group, then accusing (projecting) onto them not only their own anti-Semitism, but their own amateurish form of Nordic supremacy & need to look cultivated which is just about as cultivated as me guessing that a French-speaking, black person is from Haiti.

Bottom Line:  It just makes life easier to be anti-Slavic than anti-Semitic.

NOTE:  Anne Frank, is in no way of Dutch descent, and I caution idiot Americans not to misassign her to the Spanish just because she was very likely a transplanted Sephardic Jew. The truth of the matter is that Ann Frank was a Palestinian who serves as an embarrassment to many Ashkenazi Jewish men for looking “too Jewish” which also doubles as “too Arab” because that’s what Jews are and that’s what any Ashkenazi Jew looks like who hasn’t been diluted with European blood, like Art Garfunkel who has a blonde Jew fro due to an admixture, as opposed to Gabe Kaplan who looks totally undiluted. Why do you think Sheryl Sandberg tried to highlight that “cover girl” hostage– BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T LOOK  JEWISH!!!


                 FAUX JEWISH ACTIVISM: The social-conditioning effect of faux Jewish Activism is a dangerous movement that maintains an underlying agenda to blur the lines between religion & race which includes “assimilating” the other 98% just as they displaced the other 90% in Palestine AND they did it by playing the victim every step of the way from the Nakba to today. Unfortunately in America,  everyone struggles with daily acts of Jewish terrorism, but are too dumbed-down & subservient to admit it.

        What began as a slow-moving coup has become a rapidly-moving coup & it’s all accomplished from the sidelines by a narcissistic cult. Nothing proves this more than the dark triad & my letter to Rep. Simon Cataldo and nothing is funnier than Jews trying to supplant the mainstream culture being that much of their supposed culture is misappropriated from the white man then marketed as their own, but they trick us into believing that they’re bringing “their culture” to the table when it’s nothing but our own culture wrapped in a Jewish marketing scheme. It’s the same approach that Jews use when it comes to producing non-Jewish Jews just like the repulsive Nelson Peltz. Likewise, Steven Spielberg knew not to get a Jewish-looking kid to hide in the toilet scene of Schindler’s List because nobody would sympathize, just be distracted. It’s the seduction of fraud in which Jews seduce us with what they’ve stolen from us much like Marc Rowan stealing from one hand to give to the other.

          In European host countries, Jewish aggression has always been more passive-aggressive & geared towards racial misappropriation & cultural bastardization followed by the hanging of  a Jewish banner on top of it. Conversely in Israel, Jewish aggression is about Ashkenazi Jewry rejecting  more infusions of Semitic or Near Eastern blood then they’re forced to as the Ashkenazi founders work hard at diluting it & in the process don’t give Mizrahi Jews enough credit in terms of breeding out the inbreeding among Ashkenazi Jews that created horrible-looking, ethnic types like Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, Masha Gessen, Luke Methany, Sandra Bernhard, Fran Leibowitz, Betty Friedan or Golda Meir. This is where the Jewish, cognitive dissonance of trying to rectify gaps between their actual & their idealized selves comes into play wherein Jews begin to make up things as they go along and insist that others go along with it, even if it’s counterculture OR an encroachment upon them. Their entire attitude is, “white man’s burden”, but you’ll never get the mainstream Jew to admit to it being more like “Uncle Tom’s burden” as they try to shuttle in white women to breed out what they hate most about themselves.

        Perhaps this is also why I find it so amusing to hear Jews warning about the islamification of your European cities when the white man has always been complaining about the Jewification of Europe being that Jews have always been your average European people’s only exposure to a Middle Eastern race for hundreds of years.

        Likewise, Mizrahi Jews early on faced anti-Semitism from Ashkenazi Jews similar to the way “return blacks” (“colorism”) treated Africans when Liberia was established except African Americans were victims in America, whereas Jews were repeat offenders in Europe who put the passive-aggressive “squeeze” on the establishment just as they’re doing in the U.S. & towards Palestinians today which is readily observed by Jews portraying themselves as the victim who’s simply making counter attacks, NOT the ongoing attacker.

         There’s all sorts of imposter syndrome & role reversal going on here! In other words, I’m not the “white supremacist”, Jews are just a bunch of Uncle Tom’s with a case of Jewish supremacy who want to take our people and make them their own.

         This is the skewed perspective of the Jew that needs to be clamped down, NOT permitted to enslave everyone with false victimology. It’s the same blame-shifting tactics & skewed perspective that keeps playing musical chairs with the “victim seat” OR the “defender of humanity” chair that is now scapegoating Hamas for hiding behind children as a means of justifying the Palestinian genocide. Meanwhile, Jews everywhere stonewall answers for 70 years of expulsion & genocidal practices committed by Holocaust escapees towards the Palestinians by playing the victim OR the theft of white women to use as breeders which they get away with by legitimizing intellectual dishonesty & by screaming anti-Semitic at others, but never themselves.  

       So just to be clear:   Harassing the white children of today– many of whom are products of Ellis Island– to answer for slavery from 400 years ago is acceptable, but getting straight answers from Jews on genocidal policies of today in Palestine which are largely supported by Ashkenazi Jews everywhere is not acceptable even as Jews streamline a Jewish, marketing scheme in order to eliminate DEI which they created then backfired on them. Just a reminder, if it weren’t for Jewish encroachment into Europe & the spread of Christianity, no one would care about Jews and they would be completely obscure like the Druze. Money & white women & institutional control is apparently how the game is played.

            When are we going to simply acknowledge that Jews are the true “hate group” who relentlessly employ transparent, preemptive strike tactics– on the home front & in the media– as a means of creating false narratives in order to suppress the truth of their crimes & of their own self-loathing which has culminated into the oppression of the mainstream & the creation of conditions that lead to catastrophes & division in which no one benefits but the Jew whether it be financial collapses, genocide or legitimizing racial misappropriation wherein the berating Jew will always stage a popularity contest in order to make the “offended” into the “offender” & the Jew will be cast as the persecuted-intellectual & victim-hero. All this makes the Jewish reality more palatable and benefits nobody but the Jew while lining their pockets and providing them with the upper hand.. Welcome to the New World order…     


  • It’s like I told a Mizrahi Jew from Israel over 20 years ago after she remarked that her co-worker was from Russia, but you could tell he was Jewish because of his big nose. I said, “you can’t say in America that a person looks Jewish because Ashkenazi Jews, a bottleneck population from the Middle East, think that looking Jewish is ugly so they turn around and accuse you of being anti-Semitic then use your own people against you so they can run you out of town because Americans have been too dumbed-down OR they’re too scared to speak up. Not to mention, Americans are too proud to admit that they know nothing… It’s all about brainwashing, bullying & blackballing”. This is the Jewish smokescreen.


  • This is similar to what I had to explain to a Ukrainian friend 30 years ago when she asked me why Jews talk one way in front of us, but in front of Americans who don’t know any better they pretend that they’re the same thing as us even though they look entirely different. I had to explain to her that “If you were ashamed of looking Jewish, maybe you too would pretend that it’s a religion, not a race, then pretend to be the victim if we don’t go along with it.


      .. Next, imagine 6 million people like that in America and they’re attempting to monopolize the media wherein they encourage fringe groups to replicate their tactics”. This is Jewish terrorism and it’s what drives people to the point of learning to hate Jews in America & Europe OR becoming suicide bombers in Palestine as Jews hold people’s heads underwater.


  • Readers may remember me mentioning in my previous post that my Jewish girlfriend has a brother who admitted that he thought “Jews looked like shit and always have” without the help of being mixed with European blood. In his state of Jewish self-loathing, he goes in and out of desperate attempts to attempt to pass for Italian until he’s pinned down about his people not coming from there, at which point ha pretends to be Russian.


         Ultimately, this terrorist married a northern European, white girl at which point the pushy rabbi who came to the wedding decided to make HER wedding a Jewish one. Any complaints from the minister in attendance were seen as anti-Semitism by my skulking, self-absorbed Jewish princess of a Bf who disregards the facts that the wedding was one in which the endgame was based on ethnic-cleansing, racial theft & cultural bastardization. This is a microcosm of how the Jewish victimology agenda is the most dangerous form of terrorism which now has a media backing it.


  • COGNITIVE DISSONANCE OF THE JEW: This Jewish cognitive distance I frequently bring up is demonstrated perfectly by a former, Jewish acquaintance who refused to acknowledge that Bea Arthur was Jewish even as he was cringing his face and demanding that she be identified as Italian “because I said so” was his answer…This is deflecting & stonewalling. He did it again when Bette Midler came on TV and once again he’s scrunched up his face at which point I said to him, “Too JEWISH?!” wherein he flipped-out with “I knew you were going to say that….and—-YES!” It took me pointing out Fran Drescher, who looks Jewish, standing next to Bette on TV to redirect him to the fact that it’s not lose a bad thing. ….This is the norm when dealing with Ashkenazi Jews.


        I repeated the Bea Arthur story to my Jewish friend’s brother and he just said, “sounds like he’s making things up as he goes along” which was coming from a guy who can admit that he’s not normally attracted to his own people, who also began to knowingly make things up as he went along at a later point. Nonetheless, this incident distills the Jewish ego which seems to dominate everything in this country.


  • The element that makes the Jewish, victimology agenda more toxic then the Boston Bomber is that what the Boston Bomber did that day only served to vilify Islam while the physical & psychological scars were contained to those injured or killed AND to the family of those injured or killed.


      On the other hand, what Jews have done is more insidious & far-reaching because they’ve created an environment wherein they aren’t vilified; but rather, they’re martyred & falsely sanctified as some type of “hero-victim” and it’s that same skewed, political climate which one can see from Dan Loeb & David Einhorn setting the stage OR creating the conditions for a business like NEW CENTURY FINANCIAL to collapse just before David portrayed himself because omniscient from the start.. Smoke ‘n Mirrors, baby!!! Ain’t nothing but just another Jewish, marketing scheme, just like “birthstones”…

Reinventing the Jew:      If you want to see the parasitic effect of Jews, all you have to do is look at the higher echelon of society to observe how these social-climbing, predators move. Ex , You’ve got some rich, half-breed Jewish banker who marries some French socialite whore that’s completely useless other than being a key into society AND MORE IMPORTANTLY to breeding a new generation of Caucasian-looking Jews who possess both institutional control & an identity crisis with an agenda that conflicts with their authentic self.


  • This is how you create a race-traitor like Zac Goldsmith or the husband of Jamie Lee Curtis who are both basically a stone’s throw away from a Nathalie Gerschel Kaplan type who’s main purpose in life is to attract wealthy Jew nerds like her ex-husband due to no other reason then her family’s money & the fact that she doesn’t look Jewish. She doesn’t look great, but she doesn’t look Jewish which is more important. The world will not cease to exist if ole Nat doesn’t organize his society ball; but rather, It will go back to a normal state of functioning in which we have white people being their authentic self, not serving as participants in a cultural overthrow & racial misappropriation program. Note:  I may be slightly off on these stock characters, but not by much


  • Likewise, Ralph Lauren is your typical, ugly Jew who married a half-breed Jew because she doesn’t look it, but can still cheat and say that she is. Ralph Lauren has got to be the king of racial & cultural misappropriation being that he’s replicated a preppy, wasp lifestyle for which an ugly Jewish guy from Brooklyn was kept out of until he got a lot of funding from his fellow Jewish for one hell of a Jewish marketing scheme.


  • Likewise, Dan Loeb’s aunt invented the Barbie doll because Barbie represents the ultimate shiksa goddess and everything. Jews want to emulate, possess & know will sell to the white mainstream which will buy them in to obtaining their own living breathing Barbie who they can breed with and not have kids who look like Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, Mayim Bialik, Betty Friedan & Fran Leibowitz.


Hollywood trash that includes Tony Goldwyn & Jamie Lee Curtis need to stop with their indoctrination attempts through the television set by making belittling remarks directed at Christians & Messianic Jews without first acknowledging how crazy the Jewish subculture is; but unfortunately, quadroon and noctaroon Jews like these two are acculturated in Hollywood.

        The seduction of fraud:   Totally asexual Jamie Lee Curtis— whose father was the talentless, hybrid Jew & rapist of exploited, shiksa goddesses (see article) that got to enjoy a life of Jewish privilege & double-standards thanks to the back-scratching of the Hollywood Jew caste system which is deeply-ingrained with systemic racism as displayed by atypical, anti-Slavic, dirty Jews like Harry Cohn who, AGAIN, suffers from Jewish, cognitive dissonance as they want to make anti-slavic remarks yet they don’t want to screw OR look like the ugly Jew that stares back at them in the mirror—  ANYWAY, Tony with his Ellen DeGeneres daughter got together to reconstruct a synagogue in Hungary that never should have existed in the first place.

            Meanwhile, Jamie Lee fails to talk about how much Christians in Israel are discriminated against OR the fact that the only reason she exists is because Jewish men don’t want to breed with typical, ugly Jews like Golda Meir OR the only reason her father made it in Hollywood was because he wasn’t excessively Jewish looking– he looks like a “quadroon Jew”.

            AGAIN—MEANWHILE, this butch woman who has managed to defy all odds takes the death of Sinead O’Connor to “Jew-Op” it as a means of reviling the Catholic church because there’s nothing that Jews love more than to kick people while they’re down or to exploit cracks & political fractures instead of thinking of how to heal.

               In other words, vilify the Catholic Church & uplift Jews as the “persecuted intellectual” stock character who’s always been fair-minded. We all know that’s a joke! FYI, Jesus was the first reformed Jew long before some former, desert-dwelling Jew whose people had been kicked out of Germany before invading Poland to settle around white people finally decided it was time to adjust to their new surroundings through religious reform.

            If Sinead were alive today, she’d be tearing up a picture of Benjamin Netanyahu which of course means she would then be vilified as an anti-Semite & as an anti-intellectual incapable of seeing the “bigger picture”.  Dear Jamie Lee, you are an abomination who never should have been born. AND JUST FOR YOUR OWN KNOWLEDGE, Messianic Jews &  Islam is the final evolutionary step of Christian-Judeo beliefs which you fail to understand because some of the people who practice it bastardize it due to their own environment which is exactly the angle Jews love to exploit.

            Just remember, if the Jew had ever left the desert and invaded Europe, they would still be stoning women which is exactly what Jesus wanted to move away from and into a god of love, NOT the Jewish, archaic Old Testament. You may want to pass this along to that subhuman piece of filth, Tony Goldwyn, who’s the same product of actress-model whores breeding with hybrid Jews who breed with more actress-model-whores so they can create a new race of non-Jewish Jews, in which they turn the white man against their own people because we all know that Jewish is a foreign ethno-religious group to EVERY European host country AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN, thus they are not analogous to the difference between a Catholic & a Protestant.

             Meanwhile, Tony Goldwyn tries to slip in repetitious bites of ridicule & rhetoric into shows like Dexter wherein his mission is  to invalidate Messianic Jews. The truth of the matter is, Tony Goldwyn’s existence is not valid nor is much of Hollywood that needs to be transplanted into Gaza then left to starve.

Restitution is a nonsensical invention promoted by transparent, skulking Jews, like Max Kellerman, who was mysteriously promoted from commentating on ESPN fights to suddenly guest speaking as a political commentator on CNN due to the apparent need for mainstream America to be informed by this kike at the mic that they need to spend billions of dollars on restitution for blacks from a hundreds of years ago, but fails to point out that Israel needs to do the same thing for Palestinians.


  • NOTE, Max fails to the point out that he’s not asking for restitution for Native Americans for no other reason than they’re too sparse in number to actually weaponize NOR does he bother pointing out that the only reason he’s on CNN giving his unneeded opinion is because he’s exercising his Jewish privilege.  Perhaps David Einhorn’s father can come to California and plant some of those voter suppression signs or talk to Max Kellerman.


  • Restitution is best funded by a bunch of Hollywood Jews who stirred-up the mud just to watch mainstream, white America squirm AND by Jewish corporate criminals who have been stealing from us all when they’re not attempting to bark us into the ground because they don’t remember their place. Reminder, Mexicans, Koreans & 20th century white immigrants should not be paying for restitution, when they have to deal with orchestrated attacks at the border which all the Jews help to usher in through the use of their own one-sided, victimology agenda Dictates anything that helps to undermine the mainstream and position them to take over deserve support through the use of victimology


  • Max Kellerman also has to understand that he has no right of return to Israel, only a ghetto or a central Asian republic.

PRELUDE TO THE JEWISH CONSTRUCT:      This is how Jews Pin people Against Each Other then Appear as the Cool-Headed Mediator: 

The Premise:   Hollywood trash & Jewish, marketing schemes go hand in hand. It’s all about the usual uplifting of stupid people who are used to vilify the norm which ultimately creates a ballroom brawl that translates into polarizing people, undermining the mainstream & creating a world in which faux, Jewish activism takes center stage flanked by their dirty media & dirty investors. 

 Prime Demonstration:    The entertainment industry which functions as a surrogate parent could not indoctrinate an older generation on simple-minded platitudes or the idea of whatever Drew Barrymore says is gospel. EVERY, overglorified “It” girl in Hollywood who says stupid things like “it’s just who you love”  tended to perplex a pre-2000, Middle America who wasn’t ensconced in the drug scene & Studio 54 since the age of 10, NOT to mention it was an extreme disservice to the gay community for whom Hollywood claimed to serve as I have yet to meet a gay guy who woke up one morning and just decided to give men a try because they were tired of women.


      In other words, rational people need smart answers, not some Hollywood bimbo like Taylor Swift or Drew trying to shame them with the help of a grown-ass cameraman. The ultimate point of this story is that Hollywood figures have served as political pawns who then became synonymous with Democrats & the flawed logic of “identity politics” that clustered together gay rights with the false notion that Jewish is just a religion and if you don’t go along with this checklist then you’re a white supremacist. Consequently, the radicalization of Republicans snowballed when moderates couldn’t be heard which served as an open invitation for the dregs to speak up.

    Note, we used to have moderate Democrats concerned about protecting the middle-class & normal Republicans who believed in abortion, sound foreign policy & the EPA, but now that Jews are done creating conflict we’re left with a democratic party that’s concerned about restitution & transsexual bathrooms with the latter being a convoluted means of proving that they’re respectful of everyone EXCEPT ACTUAL WOMEN because that’s the psychology behind vilification tactics, overcompensation & coerced compliance which has created a “backdoor” for misogyny.

        This isn’t much different than having to pander to self-loathing, Ashkenazi Jews who insist on pretending that it’s a religion then insist on misappropriating the European identity of their former host country and if the other 98% who represents this ethnic identity objects, they’re vilified. Effectively, the other 98% has no rights in which a major infringement or encroachment has been committed & a complete farce enforced. The message is clear, go along with false claims in order to get along.… Or more accurately stated, allow people to piss down your back and tell you it’s raining.

       Next Stop on the Crazy Train!  We now have Republicans being run by backwoods, pro-lifer trash & belligerent climate-change deniers who deny it just to piss off people who they falsely perceive as “Left”– simple theory of resistance.  This mentality OR these fears needs to be utilized, not vilified. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann knows how to work this angle, especially if he can tap into the anger of the right-wing by portraying student protesters as leftist radicals, as opposed to moderates, because he is aware that the student protesters are extinguishing his middleman role responsible for pitting people against each other & creating in-fighting while allowing their genocidal agenda & corporate terrorism to run smoothly behind the scenes— like Bill Ackman.

      Out with the black pawns who wouldn’t jump thru Jew hoops & in with a right-wing conservative interim provost at Harvard who doesn’t reflect the university any more than Jews reflect our society, they just skew the perspective. Last but not least, Chuckie Fleischmann hasn’t forgotten about appealing to the ignorance of the Scofield Bible hicks in terms of justifying Palestinian genocide and effectively getting these pawns to shoot themselves in their own foot.

THE “Pecking Order” of THE JEWISH CONSTRUCT:  A Narcissist likes to play people against or to target a single person to conceal a bruised ego and a self-loathing complex, never to admit being wrong. Jews don’t respect order and they create disorder to overthrow a society unless you’re David Einhorn’s parents who plant voter suppression signs in black neighborhoods being that their generation refuses to take accountability. (I’m not sure what a voter suppression sign is, but I assume it’s subliminal as that’s how Jews like to operate)

          An alternative for all the TRUE ACTIVISTS out there to take would be to mirror OR to tear a page out of the sham, Jewish activism handbook.  If the end game of this brand of faux activism is intended to skew or distort “the group perspective” in order to control the narrative, then why not correct the skewed lenses by uniting people as opposed to playing them against each other.

          Alternatively stated, no more vilification campaigns against the mainstream NOR the dumbing-down of different “target markets” by brainwashing people into thinking that they’re evil ignoramuses lacking in anything cosmopolitan for not going along with the Jewish Construct which is nothing more than a false reality that serves to mask a serious Jewish, Uncle Tom syndrome AND a patient plan to eventually attain the complete the upper hand in society in which all enabler-pawns, for whom they care nothing about, have a seat at a very divisive, victimology table, ie., women, children, underdogs, political fractures, fringe groups, weak links in society. 

   1.)        When it comes to the women there are typically three types: a.) actress, model, news hussy & useless, socialite-hooker with her family’s money (b.) unattractive women with slim options  (c.) left & right radicals, either naïve idealist who need to be part of something OR militant persona who’s easily fed rhetoric. ALL OF WHOM develop overinflated egos. The children of these relationships oftentimes have something to prove and the mainstream has to deal with things we shouldn’t have to.

   2.)           If you require a visual for what comes next, then just think of the overseer from “Gone with the Wind” enabling any black person in spitting distance for no other reason then a revenge agenda, a drive to undermine the mainstream & a bandage for his own low self-esteem. The Jewish marketing scheme of “white guilt” targeted towards children in the 80s became the hand that rocked the cradle, but not with black people who were immune to the underlying subtext that translated into “anything that doesn’t coddle the Jewish ego is bad” has too many black people have asked me why Jews pretend that it’s just a religion. Money & and obnoxious loud mouth changes everything, I guess.

    3.)          Furthermore, it takes a certain level of pretentiousness to make a “white hate” campaign like this work being that it’s intended to condition the youth of a country to believe that they’re stupid, evil, unsophisticated & clearly not upwardly mobile if they don’t go along with it. The black community is largely underprivileged, thus this form of motivation to comply fell on deaf ears. Moreover, black families are used to dealing with mixed looking people and many earlier generations of black people who were able to pass for white oftentimes passed for Jewish. So why are Jews betraying themselves by pretending it’s just a religion?

        Next, when black compliance backfires being that normal black people– not the angry mob– either see through this “defender of humanity” façade OR  simply maintain their objectivity, then black folks are out on their asses and things like DEl get maligned while “the overseer” continues to ply the defender of humanity routine by now back-pedaling what they built. But they also need a new pawn…

4.)         Enter Asians— the “other white meat”— who don’t have a horse in the race nonetheless serve as a blank slate upon which a false narrative is etched. All this makes the first-born generation falsely feel as if they’re “in the know” & welcomed when in reality they’re being schooled in the subtle language of “white hate” & victimology tactics geared towards toppling the & undermining mainstream. Those people are the overmagnified minority who are new being manipulated as a “starter” flame.

        In other words, Jews are tired of weaponizing blacks and Asians serve as a middle-class substitute who are foreign to what mainstream Jews are including their divisive tactics for which no Asian country would ever stand for. Essentially, Asians are easy candidates for indoctrination of false narrative & hopefully allies who will in the near future thinly-veil an heir of yellow or brown supremacy with similar victimology tactics.  

       Even more frustrating still are the Asian people who don’t understand that they’re living in a western society (which is exactly what Jews want me to say so they can vilify me & play the “good guy”) and then presume to correct me on what Jewish is when they don’t seem to understand that Jews want them here in America precisely because they don’t understand what Jews are AND can replace black pawns.

REMINDER: The Hart-Geller Act made their mass immigration from Asia possible, but the underlying agenda was anything other than altruistic. In reality, it was a revenge agenda coming from one anti-Anglo, Irish politician & one Jewish, faux activist. But we live in a country that now glorifies trash like the Kennedys OR Henry Kissinger who had volunteered to spy on the other political camp for a pre-presidential Nixon then later pushed his own agenda of witch-hunting former Nazis on empty platitudes of it being the crime of the century instead of doing something for America.

     5.)         Likewise, the “born again white liberals” of today frequently tended to be scathingly honest pre-2000, but not necessarily racist. Now, these indoctrinated drones attack me as being anti-Semitic despite the fact that they know what Jewish is and they live as if to punish themselves for that knowledge, like it’s a curse which they try to suppress by performing for an unseen eye in the sky so that they a former bully OR a pretentious, social-climber-can get a pat on the back just for caving to this anti-intellectual, nonsense.  Meanwhile, their children feel defenseless because the message their parents are sending is that we will serve you on a silver platter to be other people’s doormats and the kids know it.


         Someone let Ken Griffin know that this is what happens when you allow for Jewish marketing schemes & Jewish overreach to call the shots the next time Ken wants to complain about the Ivy League liberals for not having any end game as these student protesters are fighting the fight which graduates from the 1960s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s should have been waging against the Jew’s, passive-aggressive, stronghold responsible for creating a national, shit show in which decent people are routinely vilified for not supporting outlandish pawns OR for not giving special treatment to Jews & crossdressers. Consequently, we have a low-brow, right-wing backlash that otherwise would never have had any traction.

BOTTOM LINE:  Ashkenazi Jewry are the dangerous movement, NOT DEI.

       Once again we have Jewish, marketing schemes at work as they create the illusion of an anti-Semitic backlash when in reality the only backlash that’s in effect is the one against DEI and make no mistake, this backlash is NOT intended to defend the white male– which is what Bill Ackman attempts to subliminally convey—but rather, its’s to punish blacks for not jumping through Jew hoops & paying back Jews with blood money. Once again, Black people are being weaponized by Jews, but this time as an escape door & DEI as the fall guy. Essentially, EVERYONE IS GETTING SCREWED, BLUED & JEWED!!……

        My only question is why has it taken young students—black & white–  who are not well-versed in “Jewology” to put down this traditional, Jewish terrorization cloaked in victimology just as Europeans & Arabs have been forced to do for centuries? The Chinese would NEVER stand for this which is why they have a real country while Russia is run by a Jewish Mafia beholden to a Medieval king with an economy the size of Italy’s.

         All of America should be protesting the Jewish media & investor interference at Harvard & UPenn:     I’m FAR more concerned with the solvency of the insurance & reinsurance industry as it represents a bigger pot of gold than the banks. A few Jewish students with an overblown, persecution complex is of no consequence to me. People like Elon Musk are heavily-dependent on solvent insurers just like the rest of us, yet we have to be diverted with these social-activist scams headed by Jewish gangsters & corporate terrorists like Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman who add insult to injury by trying to keep major institutions of higher learning under their thumb, JEWS HAVE INTENTIONALLY KEPT AMERICANS STUPID & CONTINUE TO WORK OVER TIME TO ACCOMPLISH IT! That’s not anti-Semitic OR conspiracy theory, it’s an undeniable fact & the Jewish Construct we live in.     

        We’re letting  Jews like you rip us off rip us off & destroy the world economy & control or censure our leaders of industry– Like Elon Musk– while never admitting that it is they who are out of line & they who should be forced to stepped down, not Elon Musk, but handicapping people while pretending to be the victim OR the defender of humanity leaves a wide open playing field in which Jewish, collective terrorism can then misdirect funds AND the public eye for their killing of Palestinians while taking white whores for their “Uncle Tom & shiksa goddess” ethnic-cleansing program in which self-loathing Jews take women like like Claudia Peltz, Blythe Danner, Isla Fisher, Cate Capshaw, Elizabeth Banks & Ivanka Trump/Karla Kloss in order to breed out their ugly Jewish faces so they can “reinvent” or steal our race and call it their own for which Shabbos Kestenbaum is a product (it’s all unofficial of course, just collective)..

          October 7th was nothing more than the perfect excuse for the final solution regarding the Palestinian obstacle fictionalized by the world’s Jewish problem.  People of the Orient are just now beginning to understand the REAL “white man’s burden” shared by the Arab world….. AND you wonder why everyone was turning on Jews before World War II & why the ones who escaped are up to their same damn tricks whether it be corporate fraud OR institutional control and the only way they can get away with it is by Mind Control & by legitimizing fraud.

..…. In other words, putting social constraints on the other 98% in order to create the Jew’s own passive-aggressive form of apartheid with the help of fictionalized anti-Semitism thanks to  collective, domestic terrorism which we see acting out before our eyes with the Ways & Means Committee as the Jewish, “victim-terrorist” that comes to us in the form of that whiny, gutless fairyman, Shabbos Kestenbaum—who incidentally has as much business calling himself Jewish as I have calling myself black–– is enabled by his pawns such as the worthless, hillbilly Republican like Jason Smith who’s armed w/a revenge agenda against the left, but too stupid to see that he’s getting played AND some Irish Catholic Democrat from Massachusetts like Rich Neal who wants to be seen as your atypical, liberal defender of humanity when in reality he simply typifies the Irish problem which the Anglo-Protestant establishment was right about the whole time & nothing proves that more than the glorification of the lace-curtain Kennedy clan.

**  Rich Neal was previously allied with my former lobbyist, Robert Houton, who’s featured on my Man Wall of Shame**



ADDENDUM:   **** THE JEWISH SUPREMACIST CHECKLIST to Counteract the Pre-Emptive Strike List Generated by A Bullshit Holocaust research institute :


  • Jews cannot hold our heads underwater 365 days a year with the Holocaust and pretend that Israel is the victim of Hamas when in reality they are the perpetrator of ongoing atrocities for which there is an international collusion among Jews compounded by the fact that Jews are coming from all over the world to marginalize & supplant Palestinians out of their homes. Every new immigrant to Israel is an assault on a Palestinian.


  • Holocaust Museums cannot remain open. They’re overindulgent & show only the effect not the cause.


  • Harvard’s Islamic studies should not be blocked on the X while Dr. Eli David remains. It’s living proof that this country is run by Jews. Elon Musk is either a pawn for the Jews OR his hands are being tied by them. Either way, thus stands as compelling evidence that Jews are a danger to society and need to be contained. This includes people like Bob Iger who either require his resignation OR special regulations pertaining to Jews. Unfortunately, Bob Iger’s celebrity status is just another Jewish marketing scam that ranks right up there with “come and get your picture taken with a holocaust survivor.” But back to the Magdeburg Rights, in other words No more passive-aggressive overthrow, no more flanking people from all sides like hyena, and no more high-profile, Jewish, marketing schemes & shyster Jew attorneys to grease the wheels.


  • AGAIN, Judaism is not a world religion—the people if Judah– its an ethno-religious group and if it gets to be anything less then it’s officially reached “invasive cult” status in Israel and elsewhere because nobody builds a country on the basis of just a religion while under the delusion of it being a land promised to them by God. This is a form of insanity and Jews should have returned to the Middle East long ago to be assimilated within the Arab mainstream OR contained in ghettos in Europe, NOT recruiting white people into it. This is a dangerous movement no different than ISIS, just preppier.


  • Jews cannot destroy Mel Gibson’s career, yet allow trash like Bill Maher who ridicules genocide with a “get over it” attitude to remain on TV. Let’s face it , Bill Maher is too ugly, stupid & untalented to cut it at more than two episodes of “Murder She Wrote”, hence his only real abilities were to serve as a mouthpiece for the Jews AND for a generation of pseudo-intellectuals as he spouts stupid things like, “the Ottomans are nothing more than a footrest” while never realizing that those are the same people who gave shelter to Jews expelled during the Spanish Inquisition just like he doesn’t understand how stupid he sounds when he talks about everyone is trying to get a hold of the national narrative. HELLO, MORON! YOU ARE A MOUTHPIECE FOR THE JEWS …This article exemplifies double standards & special treatment given to Jews thanks to media brainwashing.


  • Jews cannot brainwash, bully OR blackball private citizens in order to produce a population willing to gang up on people, entities or countries who don’t pander to Jewish funded genocide & restitution without first providing restitution & citizenship to Palestinians AND transparency to all others.


  • The faculty members of UPenn who either block me OR who attended the Israeli function and held up those stupid “free hostage” signs, need to be dismissed from duty. They’re guilty of greasy palms & blood money OR they’re just too dumbed-down & beaten-down to work at this university & are too inept in terms of protecting it’s student body from Jewish terrorists. .. Why didn’t they hold up signs of an American journalist being plowed by an Israeli bulldozer as she tried to save their homes?! Do you know her name??!


  • JEWISH DEFLECTION: Jews cannot harass or threaten a man’s career like that of Mark Ruffalo simply for calling a spade a spade. If he wants to call Gaza genocide then Mel Gibson should be allowed to deny the Holocaust. Israel is not acting in self defense. It’s running a genocide & expulsion program oftentimes with imposter Jews who have marginalized people on a tiny plot of land no different than what the Americans Indians were left with.


  • The treatment Mark Ruffalo recently received is no different than what I went through at Harvard on the Ashkelon dig in terms of Ashkenazi Jews not being able to look at themselves in the mirror then expecting everyone to live in a state of open contradictions: It’s also no different than what that typical, rabid Jew on the Harvard Ashkelon excavation did when he instigated a physical altercation by hovering over me, a woman, for comparing Jewish to Hinduism in terms of ethno-religious group & as a return homeland comparable to Liberia. Remember, the Harvard grid leader to there in shock not at him but at me for the comparison as she insisted upon me calling her and her ugly daughter, Ukrainian, when they look like something that’s laughably fat &:Jewish to me..


  • Weaponizing White Southerners & the Christian-right to kill Palestinians is blatant depravity.


  • Jews cannot bully & indoctrinate our children into pandering to Jews, to kowtowing to Jews OR to putting Jews first.


  • Divisive Jews CANNOT churn out divisive, incendiary, outdated & irrelevant colonial talk in order to disguise a forked tongue, a revenge agenda & a histrionic personality disorder which likes to create conflict by stirring up the mud then arise from the ashes looking like the pacifist-negotiator. This isn’t helping anyone, especially not the people they claim to defend who are oftentimes, embarrassed & resented while the divide widens. (le., portraying the mainstream moderates as white supremacists for objecting to border jumpers receiving the royal treatment).


  • NOBOBY is anti-Semitic for supporting Palestinian return policies & for no other reason then “whatever a Jew says goes”. This includes disregard for the fact that Palestinians are Semitic.


  • The assumption that the rest of the planet is trying to subvert Israel & “anti-Semitic” according to the skewed, Jewish perspective which never considers civil rights for Palestinians OR negotiations, only another Nakba under the guise of weeding out Hamas from hiding while holding tight to the “victim seat” by blame-shifting Hamas for hiding behind their own people.


  • Putin’s self-involved, historical narratives– with everyone else being a supporting character— is not unlike the Jewish Construct in the U.S. (Zelensky is a product of assimilation)


  • Unrealistic restitution demands, one-sided & divisive.



  • We are not here to see the world through Jewish eyes, we are not here to put Jews above our own.


  • Jewish Terrorism: nothing personifies Jewish terrorism & hideous, Jewish features better than TVs Blossom, Mayim Bialik unless it’s Cheryl Strauss Einhorn which both need to learn how to keep to themselves.


  • Racial misappropriation both in terms of her husband, her children & her blatant misrepresentation as an Eastern European.


  • Zionists terrorism conflict with her misrepresentation as being Eastern European being that it’s a concept that reclaims a homeland for transplanted Levantine people.


  • Proselytizing & Conversion is illegal unless it is to make a person they’re authentic self which would mean that Shabbos Kestenbaum would convert to Christianity as he’s not a Semite nor an admixture, but a product of racial misappropriation straight out of a rerun of Criminal minds.


  • Jewish neurosis & skewed perspective dictates that her ugly ass was fired from Jeopardy due to anti-Semitism as opposed to being hired due to Jewish privilege & DEI. Apparently, there’s no empathy for LaVar Burton because the Jew card ALWAYS trumps the black card (unless you’re Philip Berk).


  • Forcing people to serve as enablers for this hag’s false victimology by internalizing her psychosis instead of letting her know that she’s a typical ugly rat faced Jew that nobody wants to see would make a hell of a lot more sense. Unfortunately, she’s an overindulged child star who doesn’t want to see it.


  • Making up a game and calling it, “You might be anti-Semitic if…..” is just another form of living in your own sick head. Here’s your first step in your path to recovery: Try playing my favorite games on TV, they’re called Spot the Jew” & “Guess Who Fucked a Jew……….(to Get this Gig)”.


  • Likewise, Harvey Weinstein didn’t sexually harass Blossom just because of her “unusual” looks. That’s code for typical, ugly Jew which dumbed-down, white people don’t understand & which self-loathing Jews avoid speaking about because they’re too busy magnifying everyone else’s flaws. Jews invented Hollywood so ugly, fat Jews like Harvey Weinstein can sleep with a bunch of shiksa goddesses who are totally out of their league & reliant upon his approval. Harvey doesn’t want to have to sleep with anyone who looks like him.


  • THE VERDICT IS IN:  This ugly whiny, Jewish princess has no business being on TV well, Mark Ruffalo is being harassed by carping Jews with false allegations of anti-Semitism as a means of keeping everyone under their thumb. Vermin like her are living proof that counter-Semitic programs need to be instituted in the media and in schools.


  • You might be anti-Semitic if………” you’re a self-loathing Jew who tries to pass as Greek or Italian, but then derides them in the same way Ashkenazi Jews have done with Mizrahi Jews with the end goal being to feel more accepted as a northern European from Russia to the UK.. Likewise, you might be anti-Semitic if you try to pass as Eastern European, but then deride them with ethnic jokes while allowing yourself off the hook by misrepresenting yourself as ethnic Eastern European’s which is code for Slavic.


  • Jews in the media & at home need to cease their unconvincing, “defender of humanity” act which is used as a chess game of pitting people against each other & in targeting the children of their former, Eurocentric host people for whom they try to emulate as much as they try to handicap by instilling a false, modern Jewish narrative that denies their racial status quo then attempts to portray people who are knowledgeable of it as being “Nazis”.


  • I do not have to “prove myself” to Jews by hating Palestinians because I know that, like Transsexuals, Jews need no further enabling.


  • Jews need to discontinue making their Jew lies & their self-loathing issues, everyone’s issues with the ramifications ranging from (a.) coddling Jews who don’t want to be told they look Jewish and therefore expect me to blur ethno-religious lines OR to “pimp out” my racial heritage or face being vilified by idiotic, Gen X white people that are kept on the Jew leash, (b.) This skewed thinking & censorship on every level of day-to-day life has resulted in the unbelievable effect of two to three generations of U.S. citizens turning a blind eye to the atrocities happening to Palestinians in Occupied Palestine under the empty fear of being told that they’re anti-Semites then allow their children to become doormats for the Jews no different than that of Palestinians.  THIS IS JEWISH DEI & TERRORISM ……..This is how you get away with fraud!!!!


  • If Jews marry white, Christian people then they cannot have them convert or raise the children Jewish. If that’s how you choose to live, then Jews remain with their own people which doesn’t includes imposter Jews & race-traitors like actor Steve Berkoff who is a byproduct of such previous relationships as just described. People if this ilk need to be treated in a mental health clinic for massive delusions of being a member of a race of people living in the Levant before Christ.


  • This is not a freedom of religion issue NOR is Judaism a world religion, it’s an ethno-religious group that was contained in ghettos OR the pale of settlement to prevent anti-establishment, Jewish overreach, cultural bastardization & racial misappropriation. Jews assimilate to us, we don’t assimilate to you.


  • Jews shall not adopt white children and raise them as Jewish. Likewise, these adopted white people will not proselytize other white people to become pretend Jews. (See Ian Zering.) THIS is a dangerous movement!


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