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         The Jewish media has made it clear that their agenda is to portray Marc Rowan of Apollo Global Management as a “defender of all humanity” instead of outing him as “the bagman” for a $430Billion reinsurance fraud scheme engineered by Leon Black. To make matters worse, Marc’s now applying the same predatory tactics & media-related scheme on UPenn as Bill Ackman is using on Harvard despite the fact that Bill maintains a proven, track record of employing these very same ruses in order to undermine institutions based on spin-doctored assumptions, NOT FACTS.

         One of these two scenarios– “activist-investor” vs “Leon Black’s bagman”— is FACT while the other is a Jewish, marketing scheme. The Jewish, marketing scheme is NOT ONLY a valid complaint of discrimination, but it’s a guarantee that any future, World Financial blame will be diverted with the help of FaceTime with Jim Cramer in which a Jewish investor & faux “hero”, like Marc Rowan, appears on the show looking wise & omniscient, NOT as the root cause. To conclude, this means that an ethnocentric media– which is fully aware of my website & the evidence backing it— is actively serving as an accomplice to the “syphoning of the insurance industry at breakneck speed which will bring about a major recession much sooner than expected”.

          False portrayals of Marc Rowan as the “activist-investor” who rails against intercollegiate anti-Semitism is supplying the momentum required to garner other ”activists-hyenas”– like Bill Ackman— who are practiced in the art of deception, ie. driving a company into the ground to buy back shares at lower cost. But for now, one has to realize that what both are doing right now to these universities is nothing more than a right-wing, silencing tactic cloaked in a liberal wrapper.

        NEXT, one has to ask why Marc wasn’t speaking up when police stations were being burned down across this country and the riots glorified by Jewish “activists” like Ira Hillman of the Einhorn Collaborative.  Clearly, Marc doesn’t care about the safety of the whole student body, just in breaking-up peaceful, student protests aimed at the dismantlement of unnerving, Jewish propaganda in places like UPenn, Harvard & now GMU. Everyone else is just a pawn in his game!

          To quell the civil unrest of these righteous students, Marc & his media propagandists unleash fire in the form of victimology rhetoric OR ad hominem arguments. These are the “knuckle-breakers” in Marc’s tool belt which merely serve as a more passive-aggressive weapon than what Max Annenberg used to employ when suppressing a competitor’s news circulation with gangland tactics. Remember Max Annenberg? You know, the younger brother of gangster– Moses Annenberg— who’s son Walter has been immortalized at UPenn due to the double-standards which seem to persist in academia being that it’s where crooks go to buy respectability & accumulate power all in one stop. But faculty must remember that the apple doesn’t fall far from the diseased tree, it just develops better camouflage…..until now..  

           Does anyone actually believe that Marc Rowan has grown emboldened by a social conscience?  Don’t kid yourself, Marc Rowan is a slow-moving coup eyeing an opportunity to seize control of a major “portal of influence” under a guise of the defense for his fellow Jews. The truth about Apollo Global Management—a PROVABLEmother nest of corporate fraud” & the largest, white-collar, fraud scheme of all time which should have been “breaking news” just before the start of the pandemic— has been successfully deflected thanks to Marc’s “activism”.  Another 2-in-1!

BOTTOM LINE:    I don’t give a shit if Claudine Gay plagiarized “Gone With The Wind” as it has nothing to do with the fact that the Jewish media is fabricating instances of anti-Semitism in which Harvard students are calling for the genocide of Jews. IT’S MISDIRECTION!! 

WAKE-UP CALL:    What EVERYONE should be caring about is that a man who should be receiving a lethal injection for UNPRECEDENTED, corporate crimes thinks that he can keep academia under his grubby thumb when all he’s doing is stealing from one hand to give to the other!

NOTE:  By the time I email this letter, Claudine Gay will no doubt have been replaced by some unconscionable Jew who calls everything anti-Semitic as a go-to “stonewalling” tactic in order to oppress the people, suppress the truth & to get his/her way AND NOTHING deserves to be dismissed from duty more than someone like that. This will be the new face of overrepresentation & institutional control.

          If students want to say “from the river to the sea, then they need to be protected from inept politicians who have not only erroneously inferred genocidal talk, but who are trying to showboat these students in order to attract wealthy, Jewish backers while staging a divisive “tit for tat” scenario between Republicans & Democrats. Back in reality, both parties should be appalled by the genocidal actions of Israel and even more appalled by Israeli attempts to glorify themselves as the “victim-hero” in all this. Meanwhile, let us not forget all the Jewish “activists” rallying for restitution for blacks– like Max Kellerman— yet none of these faux liberal Jews are ever labeled as underlying “white, Christian hate-mongers” NOR does it dare to be inferred.

         “From the river to the sea” speaks to me as the Land of Canaan that’s always been checkered by many people & now requires modern, civil rights. That’s what I realistically inferred, but if it were genocidal talk then Jews have been guilty since 1948 and every new migrant (or border jumper) to some cult-like, “land grab” of a kibbutz which bulldozed an old Palestinian woman out of her home the month before in order to make room for American Jewry is an act of terrorism thanks to AIPAC. This is also property that should have been returned to Palestinians as promised by the British and no amount of anti-Semitic rhetoric directed at Palestinians, not at Jews, will ever negate their validity as a people. Netanyahu knows this to be true which is why he wants to make an expedient “final push” or “final solution” in terms of his Nazi-like extermination of Palestinians so it will be a done deal, a moot point & ancient history. This is where Marc Rowan’s assistance comes in..   


**Watch the bottom two videos.

          Marc Rowan helps to silence the intelligentsia under the guise of victimology so that Netanyahu can carry out his plans for Jewish supremacy, not preservation. Meanwhile, every carping Jew with a persecution complex in this country continues to hold every white person accountable for what happened in World War II except for maybe Norman Finklestein— “the scourge of Harvard & Jeffrey Epstein’s Alan Dershowitz”– who seems to be the only Jew willing to admit that the only reason the Brits double-crossed the Palestinians and gave their land to the Jews was because the Jews greased their palms, just like “donors” are doing right now with Harvard & UPENN and it’s called blood money! The ivy League will not only be guilty of collusion to genocide if they give in to Financial Terrorists like Marc, Bill Ackman & Len Blavatnik,  they will be “the new Palestinian” because an extortionist knows that if they can get you to roll over once, then they can get away with more each subsequent time.

          Likewise, the Jewish media– left & right wing– is an accomplice in knowingly promoting false portrayals of Harvard & of UPenn students who have NEVER explicitly called for the genocide of Jews, simply an end to the genocide of Palestinians….but for Jews, the latter is NEVER acceptable. Note, for a people  to imagine that direct threats of genocide are being made against them is not only indicative of a total lack of accountability, but of a group neurosis as well.

           These two thingsZERO Accountability & Jewish neurosis– have always been the key components to the “collective”, Jewish victimology agenda used to suppress the facts, oppress the mainstream, to make the Jew’s reality more palatable, AND to keep the other 98% of society in a constant state of “coddle the Jew” by making the mainstream walk on eggshells even if the mainstream doesn’t know they’re doing it.

        Meanwhile,   PLENTY of Muslims in this country have been going through FAR worse than what Jews are going through right now, yet NONE have ever tried to overthrow this country through the use of a well-orchestrated, victimology agenda as this approach is more of a Jewish “tools of the trade”. The Jewish Supremacists & Corporate Terrorists who are attempting to keep us all under their thumb by overthrowing this country thru their use of institutional control is of no surprise to me, just the final nail in the coffin.

        Jewish terrorism never comes with suicide bombers & armored tanks, it’s more like a fat checkbook, a white whore on their arm to breed with & a persecution complex which is applied to average facet of their life just as it allows Jews to kick a person in the gut & play the victim at the same time. This persecution complex, or “problem personality”, is the ULTIMATE marketing scheme for troublemakers who often times earn themselves a lot of well-deserved backlash. Let’s call it a self-fulfilling prophecy..

The Naked Short Selling That Toppled Wall Street – Deep Capture


**NOTE:  THESE ARE AGE-OLD, VALID COMPLAINTS ABOUT JEWISH SUPREMACISTS & PRIVILEGE THAT CANNOT BE MET WITH SMART-ASS COUNTER ACCUSATIONS OF ANTI-SEMITISM. The last time Jews tried to keep people under their thumb with bogus accusations of anti-Semitism & institutional control, they got their money appropriated & their asses thrown into a gas chamber which is exactly the sort of treatment Mr. $430B fraud scheme among 45 U.S. insurers, MARC ROWAN, should be receiving, NOT ACCOLADES !!  The Jewish media has to own up to their duplicity in all of this ALONG WITH CORRUPT, JEWISH “SOCIAL-ACTIVISTS” SCAMS LIKE THE IHRA WHICH ONLY CREATE HYSTERIA, NOT UNDERSTANDING.

Jewish “social activist” scams:  Jews create situations that don’t exist which is provable by the below “beat sheet” of what constitutes anti-Semitism. This total nonsense is largely nothing more than a bunch of BLATANT, pre-emptive tactics which allows Jews to create a false reality & to play by their own rules while never having to deal with any repercussions. This is what that Gen Y, Indian author who coined the term “wokeness” doesn’t understand because of his age & foreign culture. He’s showing the world the end result, but not the origins.

        Essentially, it’s the same scam Eddie Murphy used in “Beverly Hills Cop” in order to hustle himself a free room at a Beverly Hills Hotel & no amount of Jewish victimology agendas or Jewish, faux condescension directed towards me will change this!!   OOPS, I THINK I JUST GAVE ‘EM A NEW RULE TO ADD TO THEIR LIST !!! …..WORD TO ALL JEWS– GET NEW WEAPONS!  

       ALWAYS 3 DEGREES OF SEPARATION:     Does anyone remember how Ares Management Corporation, headed by Leon’s brother-in-law, was born out of Allied Capital being driven into the ground by Bill Ackman & David Einhorn? Likewise, Apollo rose from the ashes of Drexel Burnham Lambert following Michael Milken’s incarceration which meant that his key employee, Leon Black, reinvented what was left of it. I don’t believe in coincidence nor do I believe that shysters like Rowan, Black & Ackman should be allowed to remain in the financial services industry. IT’S A JOKE! THEY ARE THE HANNIBAL LECTERS OF THE FINANCIAL WORLD—evil experts you interview! Why are we giving the keys to the asylum to its patients?

DAVID EINHORN:        The same rabid, Jewish badgering persona which made employees at Allied Capital plead with David Einhorn to back-off of them is why I’ve compared David to that typical, obnoxious Jew from Johns Hopkins who had to be removed for harassing the faculty who were being badgered to agree with his wife’s findings. This is what David Einhorn really acts like when he’s after something and he doesn’t have to worry about impressing people. But I’m also convinced that a big part of David’s success rests in his “cover boy” appeal as he doesn’t look like your typical, seedy-looking Jew as does David “papi” Einhorn AND Dave knows how to act harmless in interviews. Marc Rowan is the same way..

Appropriation & redistribution of Ill-gotten gains

      This UPenn shakedown is not only your atypical, Jewish marketing scheme, it’s ANOTHER, MASSIVE ABUSE of Marc Rowan’s authority in which Marc is stealing from one hand to give to the other all while making his prey jump through hoops. INSTEAD, Marc Rowan should be cashing in his wife’s jewelry, among other things, and establishing a trust in which his & Leon’s ill-gotten gains are received then re-distributed. THIS is how these social-climbers can buy respectability & prestige at an ivy league school, not to mention a reprieve. We all know Leon didn’t pull-off a $430B fraud scheme by himself just as we know that there was a reason why Marc Rowan was chosen by Leon to be his successor, but at least Leon keeps his mouth shut!

 SIMPLE LOGIC:    ASSUMPTION is David Einhorn saying that Lehman cooked the books– which they didn’t. On the other hand, me stating that Marc Rowan had to have known about Leon Black’s activities, is the assumption that if Marc didn’t know then he’s too stupid to be trusted. Marc’s Not Stupid, NOR can he be trusted…Socratic logic!

THE APOLLO MEMO: Leon Black’s G.O.A.T. White-Collar, Fraud Scheme


WHY ISN’T THE DEATH PENALTY USED ON CORPORATE CRIMINAL OF THIS MAGNITUDE:   Marc Rowan, under Leon Black, has already colluded in massive fraud schemes at Apollo Global Management which would have AND SHOULD have earned these hustlers & conmen a lethal injection in a normal country… BUT Marc isn’t even at Apollo Global Management, yet he’s still trying to call the shots. In fact, Marc has no elected post. What Marc is doing now is a gross OVERREACH of his total lack of authority, ONLY an image of authority as that of a respectable businessman for which he is not. Marc’s approach is NOT “activism”, nor is it a protest OR a show of support. It’s your age-old, “passive-aggressive”, Jewish marketing scheme which dictates that if you don’t bow to forced over representation then you are a villain who can be defamed without rebuke. This is an obvious pattern of behavior which applies to Bill Ackman as well.

** PLEASE READ WHAT I WROTE AT LEAST 2 YEARS AGO as there’s very little I would change today.


NEWSFLASH:      Any reasonable university president would have made the call which Claudine Gay & Liz Magill did make. What’s not reasonable is the reality of CORPORATE TERRORISTS & JEWISH SUPREMACISTS, like Bill Ackman & Mark Rowan, calling shots from anywhere but a prison cell. All we are witnessing is just another Jewish marketing scheme in which guys like Ackman & Einhorn have colluded in over the years with no thought of repairing a company, ONLY profiting from its destruction. If anything, they make their own company out of the rubble as we saw with Apollo Global Management following Michael Milken’s prison sentence. (again on pg. 36)

BOTTOM LINE: Leon Black is to Michael Milken as Marc Rowan is to Leon Black.

   KNOW YOUR ENEMY:    Smartass Jews like Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman never acknowledge that their “activism” constitutes a hostile overthrow– not a think tank OR a repair of society— nor are “outsiders” jealous of them NOR are they Jew-hating. That reaction is the convoluted thinking of many vitriolic Jews who have a chip on their shoulder & an axe to grind who always default to some pre-rehearsed deflection & double-standards in order to dodge accountability for things in which they are PROVABLY GUILTY OF—  KIND OF LIKE A $430B REINSURANCE FRAUD SCHEME AMONG 45 US INSURERS. It also explains why Edward Longshanks threw the Jews out of England then simply appropriated their wealth being that the Magna Carta wasn’t enough for a “problem personality” that won’t accept accountability or regulation, only victimology, as I stated in my “Letter to Leon and Marc”, some things never change…

       If people have no accountability, then they require regulation, NOT the greenlight to initiate a gangster-style, territorial takeover. Boundaries need to be set which is probably why David Einhorn didn’t want to participate in a big investor, big lobbyist, big attorney campaign that could have taken on Dodd Frank Reform as Dave doesn’t know how to repair a company OR have any desire to, ONLY to destroy it for his own gain (at least earlier in his career).

*****   MEANWHILE, too many journalists (publicists?) know about this APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT fraud scheme & that BHF is a “dumping ground for MetLife debt”. They know perfectly well that it’s not “theory” (that’s a cop-out) just as they know the information is real & supplied by the CFE who took down Hank Greenberg, yet they do nothing. There’s a simple reason for this. It’s all a matter of who above them is deciding “what’s news”. This is censorship that’s backed by the ethno-religious, back-scratching & collusion of Jewish, media rainmakers who have effectively made themselves accomplices to massive fraud schemes AND now to the passive-aggressive overthrow of higher-learning. It’s become all too predictable..

        AGAIN, this is exactly why people wanted to limit Jews in their schools AND why Jews have been called “parasites” AND why this Harvard & UPenn scenario is simply a great opportunity for well-groomed crooks to seize control. This is Jewish terrorism and ONCE AGAIN, they don’t come with armored tanks & suicide bombers (the latter being what they drive other people to becoming). They come with a fat checkbook, a clannishness except for the gaudy, white whore on their arm pretending to be Jewish (Emmy Slattery/Ivanka Trump) & a victimology agenda. These are the tools in their tool belt which has always served them well in terms of overthrowing the other 98% from the inside just in case anyone wanted to contribute some sophomoric peep in the crowd of how “things were never given to them, they earned it.”


* QUESTION:  Are these simpletons I just described above referring to the state of Israel or to Hollywood?  Let’s take a quick look at both….


Hollywood:    They say that Jews built Hollywood so Jewish men could sleep with shiksa goddesses (preferably blonde) AND NOBODY proved that better than Harvey Weinstein. Now take note of how this article feigns to be inclusive when in reality it controls a very false narrative by its misleading omission of fine details such as the labeling of Louis B. Mayor as Eastern European when in fact he’s a Near Eastern transplant, aka Semites. Adolf Zucker is extremely mixed & mostly a product of racial misappropriation. Also, gangster-producers like the “inclusive” (anti-Slavic) Harry Cohn who called Kim Novak “a dumb, fat Polak” when he’s nothing but your garden-variety, ugly, seedy Jew on the make looking to screw white women like Kim so he wouldn’t have to have children who look as repulsively Jewish as himself. JUST REMEMBER:    When you scratch an Ashkenazi Jew, you’ll always finds an anti-Semite who talks worse than I do and you can ask any plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty. NONE OF THIS IS ABOUT ART, IT’S ABOUT A CONCENTRATED FORM OF WEALTH, MEDIA CONTROL & WHITE WOMEN. Are we going to leave Harry Cohn out of the museum and hang his picture around a statue of General Lee OR include him because that’s how double-standards work?


MANIFEST DESTINY:  The only thing that’s “ancient history” is the Jewish claim to a strip of land for which no rational OR reasonable human being could legitimately “return” to after a thousand years without looking totally delusional OR presumptuous & authoritarian. Furthermore, Ashkenazi Jews by & large aren’t willing to embrace their Middle Eastern heritage as seen by the nasally Jew Nelson Peltz, Steven Spielberg, Sascha Baron Cohen, Howard Stern (faux Jew ex-wife) & the Kushner boys being that NONE OF THEM want to produce children who look as horribly Jewish as the reflection they see in the mirror OR like their family members OR like Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand & Joey Ramone. THIS is the reason why Jews are so hypersensitive & anxious to keep everyone beholden to their dodgy, ethnoreligious ambiguity. At this point, I think the men I’ve named would be more subtle if they just opened a rape camp. Oh, I forgot– Hollywood!

 *******      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jews can’t live peacefully among other people, ONLY PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVELY as epitomized by over glorified, social-climbing criminals like Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman who are just the poisonous cherry on top!! AGAIN, this is why Jews were contained in ghettos for centuries. Converting white women to Judaism serves as a loophole for racial misappropriation in the same way Leon Black has abused esoteric, MODCO reinsurance scams (modified coinsurance) as a loophole to quietly pull-off the biggest, white-collar, fraud scheme of all time.  It’s not anti-Semitic to say any of this NOR was it anti-Semitic to contain Jews in ghettos. It’s always been about self-preservation!! But in the Jew.S.A. it’s normal for the other 98% to walk on eggshells for them. What Jews do to the Palestinians in Israel is simply performed in a more passive-aggressive manner here in America towards the other 98% mainstream.

**NOTEThe one thing we’ve all learned with this anti-Harvard/UPenn propaganda is that it’s okay to call for the genocide of Palestinians, but it’s NOT okay to call for the genocide of Jews or else you’re “anti-Semitic” (as if there aren’t worse things to be in life AND despite the fact that Palestinians are in fact Semitic no matter how much Jews like to misappropriate that word for their own purposes OR reinvent it as a pre-emptive tactic). 

……..MORE APTLY STATED, it’s okay to first ASSUME & THEN TO PORTRAY Harvard students as calling for the genocide of Jews when in fact all these student protesters are calling for is an end to the genocide of Palestinians ALONG WITH all massive, human rights violations which have been unrelenting since 1948. 


Dear Lampshade Ackman,

       Harvard, UPenn & now GMU students are not left-wing radicals, they’re just people who’ve broken thru the psychological stronghold Jews maintain over the other 98% in this country which baffles foreigners when they come here. It has NOTHING to do with DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion), but leave it to a sick, piece of shit like Bill Ackman to swaddle himself with that excuse then to use it as a “scare” tactic as something that has fallen into the hands of our youth as Bill sounds worse than me if I were to start reciting from the “International Jew”.  Bill Ackman is going to have to accept the fact that by shifting the blame to Claudine & DEI, he sounds either like a white nationalist OR more likely Bill’s simply doing what Jews do best:  DEFLECT ACCOUNTABILITY & PLAY THE VICTIM….

…….. THEN AGAIN I EXPECT NOTHING LESS FROM VERMIN WHO HAS COLLUDED ON SHADY, MARKETING CAMPAIGNS TO DRIVE DOWN THE PRICE OF A COMPANY SO HE CAN MAKE A KILLING AT SHORT-SELLING IT AND EXCLUSIVELY AMONG JEWISH CRONIES.  All Bill Ackman has accomplished was to “short-sell” Harvard’s first black, female president on an ad hominem argument so one of his Jewboy cohorts could predictably assume control of the university to assist in silencing Israeli genocide while Claudine now gets to enjoy a collection of racist & demoralizing emails & voicemails for which I have no doubt that one of them is from Bill Ackman. 

      TAKE NOTE:     This is where BILL the SHILL now takes cover behind DEI (and a whole lot more) because if Bill were to make the same sort of accusations against a “good ole boy” or WASP establishment which I’m making against Jews like him, no Jew would be deflected by counter accusations of white-hate and not just because of double-standards, but because of the unrelenting badgering, carping & manipulation which serves as the grease his cronies in business & in the media use to turn the wheels of a well-orchestrated campaign to destroy companies for their own gain.  In fact, you’re so fucking good at it that it makes me wonder why all these Jewboys haven’t taken on Dodd Frank Reform before I came along and then I realize that the answer rests with the fact you and your boys have never actually outed fraud, you’ve only spin-doctored accusations & melodrama for your own gain and an honest campaign would essentially mean a loss of a lotta dirty money which feeds right back into your donations to these universities which you use to launder your image.

          Claudine Gay may have began as a pawn for the Jews, but she didn’t live up to expectations being that she hadn’t inferred Hamas to be a terrorist organization as opposed to that of a resistance league based on the increasing acts of daily terrorism committed against Palestinians by IDF which are largely suppressed by the Jewish media in this country by both right-wing, genocidal Jews OR leftist Jews who perceive everything as being anti-Semitic if they don’t get their way due to JPD (Jewish personality disorder). The latter of which is a contagion that the Jewish media has communicated to every fringe group in this country to replicate while the Jew plays the skilled negotiator & defender of humanity, except with Palestinians of course. The Jews giveth, then taketh away!

✅FACT CHECK FOR ALL THE DISHONEST JEWBOYS UNWILLING TO SEE WHAT THEY ARE:   All Israeli allegations that Hamas is hiding in hospitals or schools, mosque are total lies. Hamas offered for an independent agencies such as UN, doctors without borders ,etc. to come and inspect.  In addition, the head of the physicians team who lived in Gaza for 16 years denied Israeli claims and said for 16 years in Al shifah hospital, the largest in Gaza was able to move anywhere without restriction and never seen any Hamas members.  What Hamas did was no different then what Africans rebels do when they take oil company employees hostage wherein negotiators are then sent in no thanks to their corrupt governments who don’t build a school or a hospital with the foreign aid money for which it was originally earmarked.  Essentially, Israel did this— NOT HAMAS!

YET, Bill Ackman posts on Twitter an Israeli girl mouthing-off that Israel’s not responsible for the Palestinian peoples electricity or running water despite sticking Palestinians on a piece of land not much more than the size of DC when they’re not continuing to bulldoze them out of their homes at an alarming rate. But what Americans get to see on JewTV is Jewish propaganda about 200 captives as the next Holocaust & the beheading of babies. Meanwhile, this loud-mouth, obnoxious, kike bitch has no problem making the Palestinians feel beholden to a bunch of menial jobs in Israel which they would never take on themselves just as Bill Ackman and all of his Jewish terrorist friends cheer her on because few Jews actually have the conscience in this only proves it so spare me the “activist-investor” because we both know that it ain’t nothing but a Jewish marketing scheme.

Jews did to Palestinians when they invaded Palestine in 1948?..


TRANSLATION:       Israel is a well-groomed terrorist state with a victimology agenda just like all of Bill the Shill’s Jewboy cronies with names like Rowan & Einhorn whose portrayal of heroism is the final slap in the face.  THIS IS THE NATURE OF THE JEW & SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE IN LIFE!!   Why the fuck would ANYONE ever give to a nation like this in the first place instead of bombing it unless they’ve been systematically dumbed-down OR are truly unconscionable and believe that they have a pawn in their pocket?? Or maybe nobody wants OR can contain Jewish bombers attacking their hotels & embassies in their own countries so they decided to make them someone else’s problem, but the problem just grew exponentially.

BOTTOM LINE:        ANY UNIVERSITY WHO STANDS AGAINST THIS FARCE & IN FAVOR OF PEACEFUL STUDENT PROTESTORS—not rabble—HAS A SOCIAL CONSCIENCE. Anyone who vilifies CLAUDINE GAY & HARVARD OR UPENN STUDENTS is UNCONSCIONABLE…… BUT anyone who plays the Ambassador of Goodwill is a PSYCHOPATH. Right now, I’m not sure who’s more loathsome, ACKMAN & ROWAN or MICHAEL KAHANA, who’s attempting to transform UPenn into the lapdog for the romanticized Jew because that’s the sort of self-deluded psychopath Kahana is as opposed to Bill Ackman who knows he’s a piece of shit.

        After all, Israel was founded by Zionist terrorists & gangsters with a victimology agenda and has since become a dumping ground for ill-gotten gains, misdirected funds & white whores who marry Jewish men for their money then pretend to be one. The latter may be the worst form of Jewish terrorism OR perhaps it’s the product of it, like Professor Michael Kahana of the University of Pennsylvania who cannot possibly be described as Semitic with an ancestral tie to the land as opposed to that of Bill Ackman or Marc Rowan who both look like TOTAL JEWS. Basically, Kahana is a traitor to his true heritage & a product of racial misappropriation by the cultish Jews in Europe VS that of the racial genocide of actual Semitic people we see happening in Israel today. BOTH scenarios are committed by people who possess a serious case of cognitive dissonance that comes in the form of some double-ended, Uncle Tom syndrome.

            Why should Claudine, Liz or the whole Jew S.A. be beholden to a country who serves as a cult-like “Shrine to Terrorism” which is long overdue in terms of receiving minor powerplays coming to them  in the form of 200 hostages who never should have put themselves in that position in the first place? Why are we blaming Claudine, but we’re not blaming the state of Israel & AIPAC for last 70 years of brutal human rights violations & acts of anti-Semitism committed by the state of Israel against the Palestinians? Why aren’t Jewish investors blaming Israel for putting them in this position which could have been prevented if Israel simply treated Palestinians as human beings & had the common sense not to flaunt their immorality in the face of 2 billion Muslims than expect Americans to come to their defense; but then again, these are the same investors who flaunt their financial atrocities on my website and on that of Patrick Byrne’s DEEP CAPTURE. It seems like the “Jewish Construct” is putting is endangering us from every angle.

FINALLY, I don’t understand how we can allow Vietnam protests & BLM protests, but not protests against Israel without University Presidents & faculty getting tag-teamed with false allegations or ad hominem arguments and especially by people who are supposed to be pillars of the community? In reality, Bill Ackman should have been in prison years ago and if he were,  he wouldn’t be orchestrating anther scam likes this now.

      UNIVERSITY OF PENN NEEDS TO BE PURGED:    THIS IS THE PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE VENEER OF A HOSTILE TAKEOVER EXECUTED THRU JEWISH CRONYISM & COERCED VICTIMOLOGY………..SOOOO Many Happy, Factory-Made, Conforming Faces on the Staff of UPenn .     Israel tried to get Albert Einstein to put a respectable face on this farce and was met by Einstein saying, “I lack both the natural aptitude and the experience to deal properly with people”.   Well Hell, that’s perfect! The job doesn’t require it anyway, just knowing how to mow down the natives with machine guns then rolling them into gutters & marginalizing them on a daily basis. So shame on the University of Penn “enablers of genocide”, who have been led or MISLED by the faux Jew, Michael Kahana, who believed it to be important to open up the communication channels– or some sort of hippie dippy bullshit that’s code for “special treatment” & indoctrination. Does anyone care that Israel suppresses information on an ongoing basis, denies America the right to perform their own investigations & creates such a hostile atmosphere wherein nobody is allowed to talk openly regarding valid complaints pertaining to Jews without being labeled an anti-Semite which then forces students to lead peaceful protests that only end with their vilification along with the illusion that the Jew is the one trying to open the channels of communication as opposed to misleading the narrative, like Kahana????

Israel Gave the Middle Finger to the U.S. Government | Essay


       This never began as a “race thing”, but Jews like Ackman made it into one. What’s worse, is that despicable Jewboys like Ackman & Rowan have created the illusion that there’s some left-wing, “cry baby” movement keeping Claudine at Harvard due to a misperception that everything is racist. As I’ve stated REPEATEDLY, this is an epidemic which Jews have unleashed upon this country just as they now create the illusion that everyone is crying wolf. In truth, the only covert racism here was the expectation that Claudine would bark like a seal for Jewish self-interests.

** I hope you recall the story I had which involved a Ukrainian friend who asked me why Jews speak openly to us about looking Jewish, but then pretend that it’s anti-Semitic when they’re in front of other people. I simply told her that Jews are effectively saying, “if you looked like a Jew, you too would want to pretend that it’s a religion, not a race.” And if anyone disagrees with them, then they’re letting us know that this is how we’ll hold you under our thumb. Next, imagine 6 million Jews like this in control of the media & effectively this country, and they’re handing out this same victimology agenda to every fringe group to undermine the mainstream.

QUESTION:   If Claudine could remain president of Harvard for merely a matter of weeks despite plagiarism charges, then why is Bill allowed to remain in the financial services industry for YEARS despite proof of collusion to corporate crimes, which in that case he should be in a prison cell, not playing the *activist-investor” which is merely another crime.  (Skip to paragraph 9).

            Likewise, why aren’t Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman badgering Alan Dershowitz to step down when he’s facing 137 allegations of sexual assault with Jane Doe 1, 2 & 3??…Double standards much? Where’s Alan now— Out commiserating with Leon Black & Woody Allen?? Hope it was worth it, PUSSYMAN DERSHOWITZ because TRUST ME, it wasn’t for those girls!! BARFBAG anyone??!!!!


      WAKE UP!!!!!   All Bill’s doing is playing left against right. This is amusing to me as Jews are always the point of origin behind any left-wing coup to undermine a country being that they enjoy uplifting the most subversive groups imaginable then glorify them & take credit for being the defender of humanity—just a fact, not jew-baiting.  But when things like DEI backfire or fracturekind of like Harvard student protestors or Jack Tapper on CNN cornering the IDF rep by asking for straight answers— Jews simply move in & tear down what they started then begin all over again— Until people figure it out. Not a scapegoat, just accountability. It’s not unlike what Bill the Shill does with corporations; but for now, Bill has to seek comfort in the shade of alt-right revenge tactics like that of the fat, overeducated bimbo—Rep. Elise Stefanik— who was ushered in under an embarrassment like George W who will forever go down in history as the fatal blow to the last vestiges of what used to be a great party. Unfortunately, “Serial Mom” Stefanik is too unhinged to see all the angles. But then again, Bill’s Jewish ego doesn’t want to admit to the angles, just lick his ruffled fur & have everyone pat him on the back.

          This “Harvard Scandal” hasn’t been a triumph for justice, it’s a travesty of Jewboy collusion and it’s the same craftiness that’s been written all over my “Jewish Hall of Shame” for a couple of years now along with Patrick Byrne’s DEEP CAPTURE, but Patrick’s too genteel to say it. Meanwhile, the true Harvard scandal—Alan “Pussyman” Dershowitz– goes ignored thanks to Jewish privilege! 

         Bill’s true accomplishment in this Harvard fiasco has been to demonstrate how Jews hold people’s heads underwater which leads NOT ONLY to a hatred of Jews, but to an understanding of it so by all means, keep up the victimology routine, Bill Kikeman! The only thing worse than “silence is collusion” from what Jews have taught us about World War II, is dirty money, dirty media & dirty Jews like Bill Ackman and if that’s anti-Semitic, then feel free to GO FUCK YOURSELF because it will not negate your PROVABLE crimes, SO DON’T CELEBRATE THINKING YOU’VE GOTTEN ME TO EXPOSE MY HIDDEN AGENDA OR MY TRUE SELF BECAUSE YOUR TRUE SELF ONLY TEACHES PEOPLE TO HATE, YOU VERMIN!!!


PREFACE TO MY STINT AT HARVARD:     I’ve had to deal with the same whiny, melodramatic Jews suffering from imaginary offenses 20 years ago at Harvard so I know what these students are going through now just as I wonder in disbelief why people are bashing Steve Bannon for simply making a cultural observation about whiny Jews! You can’t tell a person that they look Jewish OR that they don’t look Jewish without Jews beginning to quake & shiver and ask for help from the idiot goy next to them who for some reason believes that Jews are imbued with an authority which we do not possess. YET, these same obnoxious, loud-mouthed Jews (Adam Sandler comes to mind) can say the same things about ANYONE being of ANY background because they get special treatment which has been normalized in this country along with so many other unacceptable things, ie. men in women sports which is a field day for crypto-misogynists.

****My own HARVARD ISRAELI EXCAVATION is a prime example of Jewish hypocrisy & of how Jewish corruption has already taken its toll in the field of academia & in its mistreatment of the student body (And Liz Magill pg.33)

Early 2000’s HARVARD:      My Jewish, grid leader (who obviously controlled the grade I was to receive) stood frozen looking for someone to come to her to defense after I matter-of-factly compared Israel to Liberia as a “return state” AND because I gave the analogy of Jewish as being an ethnoreligious group like Hinduism is to India. Meanwhile, this unprofessional ignoramus that was my Harvard grid leader,  failed to contain the archetypical, rabid, junkyard Jew who suddenly stood his ground over me, staring me down and barking down at me to shut up just for saying that Israel was like Liberia wherein Jews were relocated from Europe back to their Middle Eastern Homeland. I felt physically intimidated, academically threatened & abashed that my heritage was being misappropriated & bastardized in order to accommodate self-loathing shysters, kind of like what transsexuals are doing in women’s sports. MEANWHILE, the Jewish students & Jewish faculty in charge did nothing but play the victim. I guess this is how you get away with fraud.

WARNING:  I’m going to be offensive, but “at least I’m not ashamed to admit it—BUT JEWS ARE!! I have a picture of this guy and he had the worst case of Jewish “rat face” I had ever seen in my life, even worse than Mayim Bialik, but with blonde hair due to an admixture. There was also a young, Jewish-American girl who kept calling herself of German descent even though she had a horrible Jewface like Bette Midler (Seth Klarman/Seth Caplan, film producer) or something out of “The Simpsons”, yet she literally saw herself as being of European descent. I said nothing as I observed the surreal nature of it all. Nonetheless, what the rabid, Jew effectively told me that day was that he was NOT ONLY ashamed of looking Jewish AND unwilling to embrace his own “ splinter group” of Middle/Near Eastern heritage (which makes one ponder how Ashkenazi Jews think they have a birthright to Israel if they don’t embrace it), BUT IT ALSO meant that this behavior was normal for him.

NOTE:        In other words, this atypical, vitriolic, Jewish behavior which is deemed inappropriate & presumptuous bullying by almost EVERY other culture on earth, is not only acceptable among Jews, but it is in their minds something we are expected to accept-especially in terms of their Jewish entitlement & ASSUMPTION OF AUTHORITY.  This wasn’t new to me but it was nonetheless shocking in terms of how brazen it was & in such a context. Similar to how Liz McGill try to explain context.

       In fact, the Israeli tour books & guides even noted how the kids were “pushy” and would unapologetically cut in front of adults, but you just had to deal with it. This was the same thing my tour guide in Spain who had to “deal with” in terms of a couple of obnoxious, pushy, hostile Jews from New Jersey who did nothing but complain when they weren’t bitching & moaning about anti-Semitism they had experienced in their lives. It got to the point wherein a Jewish woman from Los Angeles told me that maybe she should let them know that they were the reason why people hate Jews, much like her relatives from Michigan who talk like them. My point being that this behavior & “Jewtitude” is the inner makings of somebody like Bill Ackman or Marc Rowan and I see it coming before it happens.

 IMPLICATIONS OF ABUSIVE JEWS AT HARVARD:       The shockingly &;unacceptable behavior I experienced at the hands of Jews at Harvard who assumed not only a false reality for themselves, but who had assumed control of falsifying a narrative– not just among the commoners– but in an archaeological & anthropological setting which effectively flushed intellectual integrity down the drain. This exemplifies how the Jewish personality disorder (JPD) feeds directly into false influence campaigns wherein a person is supposed to feel like the “bad guy” for not relinquishing authority & control to obnoxious, authoritarian Jews. This translates into legitimizing intellectual dishonesty especially in terms of what “Jewish” is & traditionally has been even at the cost of forcing the other 98% to accept the unacceptable, i.e. racial misappropriation, misassignment, misrepresentation, conversion theory, contradiction in terms & irrational double-talk which includes making shit up as they go along then playing the victim & barking people into the ground as a means of deflecting their own insecurities to makes lies into facts. (Again, kind of like transsexuals in sports)

            This narcissism & imposter syndrome has become everyone else’s reality instead of Jews being sent to a psychiatrist’s office, their ghettos or a prison with the latter being exactly where people like Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman belong along with the dirty journalists who prop them up as “activist-investors” in order to enable their Jewish privilege, their financial crimes AND now their crimes against humanity. I watch shysters like Hank Greenberg, Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky, Leon Black, Marc Rowan, Bill Ackman & David Einhorn then you begin to understand the valid depth of those three everlasting, German words, “Arbeit Macht Frei” as these men are about the dirty money & ego trips WHO ARE ONLY OUT FOR THEMSELVES, yet they all act like “he who paid the piper calls the tune”, when it’s more like “he who has facilitated financial crashes based on false assumptions OR outright $430b fraud schemes then shaves off a little bit for institutional control & the veneer of respectability so they can then have everyone kissing their ring” calls the tune.  I say pawn the ring & cut off their fucking fingers!

BACK TO MY HARVARD EXCAVATION:    ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY:      Meanwhile, my grid leader (& Kathy Najimi look-alike) allowed for this behavior to continue as she did nothing except to stand there frozen staring at me in shock. This is the same woman who would sporadically, and in an overcompensating manner, bring up the fact that she was of Ukrainian descent …Funny, me & my Ukrainian friends snickered at her and even more so at her daughter for looking like a typical, fat Jew like Nikki Blonsky— NOT because we’re anti-Semitic, but because Ashkenazi Jews 9 times out of 10 have always been viewed as horrible-looking and NOBODY thinks as I do more than your average Ashkenazi Jew.

 NOTE:       But Jews are loyal to each other, and take it to a plastic surgeon’s office to de-jew themselves like Aerin Lauder. It reminds me of what a good-looking, ethnic Jew like Sarah Silverman said about Jews in Hollywood in terms of them being incapable of casting Jewish-looking people to play Jewish characters in response to an Anglo girl portraying a very ethnic-looking, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It’s all part of a visual misrepresentation campaign that’s part of a multi-faceted Jewish, marketing scheme that boils down to ethnic-cleansing of the Semitic blood & racial misappropriation of European peoples, but JEWS just can’t look in the mirror and be honest with themselves about what they really are doing whether it be financial OR otherwise.

HARVARD DIG IN EARLY 2000’S:   Most disturbing of all,  American kids from Harvard, VCU & various joint programs (which operated thru the Semitic Museum at Harvard) were what I simply labeled as “pseudo-intellectual liberals” as they had NO IDEA what they were looking at except for one girl who introduced me to her quarter Latvian roommate who bragged about not looking Jewish.  Of course, you had the hipsters who posed as some kind of new-age intellectual thru their weak attempts to feign “being in the know” of what Jewish was & got swept away in a faux romanticism of being part of something they really didn’t understand. The cosmopolitan Wanna-be types are exemplified by a white, Puerto Rican kid whose stepmother was Jewish so he felt that he was some kind of resident expert, yet he didn’t understand what my acquaintance & I were talking about when we mentioned the girl bragging about not looking Jewish so he pouted & made a weak remark about us being “mean” despite it being her who bragged about not being Jewish. Make sense?…victimology gone viral to conceal a bruised ego? Was he supposed to be the nice guy?

…….NEXT, the redneck from Mississippi who somehow married an Israeli woman and was raising their daughter back home as Jewish despite it being totally counter-assimilation and as insane as me moving to Israel to raise my kids Muslim. For him, he was marrying up. But then again, Jews don’t understand that they’re guests living among NOR do they acknowledge their ethnic differences (stonewalling, denial OR fake it till you make it works) as they introduce “science fiction” laws that don’t apply to us, ie. mother being a Jew so the kids are which is actually a Roman law and often times disregarded or warped by Jewish men’s pursuit of white women so they won’t have Jewish looking kids.  I felt like a pilgrim in a fucked-up land wherein everything crazy was normal & everything normal was crazy. In other words, kind of like what the U.S. had become.

THE UNSKEWED PERSPECTIVE:     All I could think of was counter-Semites decades before World War II who had warned of Jewish encroachments of a bizarre nature in which Jews were trying to turn white people into Jews and Jews into white people. This was proven to be true in Israel as many of the girls who greeted us at the airport OR the women working at the motels were not ethnic Jews from Russia like Jeff Goldblum, Joey Ramone, the cast of Seinfeld or the musical genius & “Jewish Elvis” Neil Diamond– these were native, Slavic, white women from Russia & neighboring countries who looked like me which disturbed my Ukrainian-Belarusian friend when I told her. It then reminded me of how Moses stole the pharaoh’s gold, but now you have AIPAC and the theft of white women from Russia no different from what the Turks used to do.

This is my Harvard trip to Israel:  These Slavic women had no more business being in Israel than I have calling myself a return black to Liberia. The only thing weirder were the Ethiopian Jews with an identity crisis claiming to be Middle Easterners, even as they stood right in front of me ridiculing an Indonesian girl I had befriended for having Mongol eyes. To top it off, the word “camel jockey” came up on the grid & the Jewish kids laughed while not realizing that that’s what they are, not just the Arabs. Even the Arab souk where the Palestinians may have gawked at a blonde American girl is literally nothing more than a throwback in time to the Jewish marketplaces in Europe and how we got the phrase “Jew them down” along with a fascination for blonde, shiksa goddesses among Jewish men, a phrase that I’ll explain by the time I’m done.

 BOTTOM LINE:   These wide-eyed college kids didn’t seem to understand that they were being easily seduced by the wealth & the modernity, along w/a fair share of faux, Jewish women, because they didn’t understand that what they were looking at was either the product of racial theft OR “re-directed” funds by people like Roman Abramovich or an Israeli lobby backed by people like Ronald Lauder who shovels their cosmetics to donate to Jewish privilege. Of course, there’s always people like Marc Rowan– Leon’s chosen one—who’s syphoning the insurance industry “at breaking neck speed” and only takes a break to do the same thing to higher education.

BOTTOM LINE:  The only way a sham of this proportions can be pulled off– such as what I experienced on a Harvard dig & in my daily life as an American– is by keeping people scared of being seen as the “bad guy” or “the stupid guy” or by hiding behind some meaningless, hippy-dippy shit like, “ What a Jew is, is personal to everyone”.  Ahh! The Trans Jew! …… Again, It’s the same approach Jews use in their shady, marketing schemes, their cronyism & in their establishment of Israel which they back with dirty money, stolen white women & a 1,000 year old imposter syndrome.

NEXT UP………HARVARD’S HENRY LOUIS GATES, JR.      Henry Louis Gates Jr goes on his TV program and attempts to make Joe Manganiello feel guilty because his Armenian grandfather sided with the Nazis as if the old man and his grandson should be held accountable.

QUESTION:  Will Henry Louis Gates ever try to shame Nathalie Portman for the atrocities committed against the Palestinian natives whose property her family stole like he would a white person whose family was in the Oklahoma land run OR who owned slaves OR for Natalie’s misappropriation of white people, like her husband, who she made into a TransJew despite the fact that Mr. Natalie isn’t even Semitic which is supposed to be the whole reason for her family, THE VICTIMS OF HATE, moved to Israel. Will HLG ever perform genealogy tests on someone like Jeff Goldblum to see how pure Middle Eastern he is and from what tribe, really?? Or just a sappy story about the Jewish victim-hero?

ANSWER:    NEVER!  Because Jews want to perpetuate the lie that they are regular, white people despite the contradiction of waving around the word Semitic

BUT MOSTLY , it’s because HLG doesn’t exactly know what a Jew is no differently than a spoon-fed, Gen X white liberal despite his genealogy gig.  In the meantime,  HLG should avoid trying to guilt mestizos like Mario Lopez for being related to the hacienda master when so many black people both light to dark can find more than one plantation owner in the genetic wood pile and I would never ask them to feel guilty about that.

MOVING ALONG……..LEN BLAVATNIK, The Shylock of Harvard…

 A ).      Now look at Lenny Blavatnik, a Jewish donor who’s been threatening Harvard. Len is a Ukrainian Jew and clearly not native to Europe being that Len Blavatnik– like Sam Antar— looks like your average, seedy-looking, Levantine or Turkic transplant which is exactly what all Ashkenazi Jews should look like and anything less is either muddled,  racial misappropriation OR an identity crisis.


 B.)     EVEN WORSE, if I were NOT to go along with the farce of pretending that Len Blavatnik is an ethnic Ukrainian, then I’m told I’m anti-Semitic even though that’s the point— he’s  SEMITIC, and you can’t convert races! I guess Jews have to ask themselves how they would like it if somebody of clearly Arabic descent were trying to control the purse strings while pretending that if their women converted to Islam then they’ were then Arabs? Maybe Jews need to remember this the next time they criticize Jew cartoons from the past which portray them as looking like with they actually are— ARABS— but at least Palestinians are a real culture, whereas Jews are a supremacist cult clinging to a myth. This duality is as contradictory as taking out the book of Maccabees & not acknowledging the Hasmonean dynasty, but celebrating Hanukkah!

C.)  If Leo Blavatnik wants to fight anti-Semitism, then go to Israel and purge it if any FI or F2 generation types who looks like Patty Lipton, Nikola Peltz, Bar Paly or Alicia Silverstone, along with any black, Indian or Mongol influences, ALL of whom possess an identity crisis and who do not remotely qualify as Levantine. Also, Ethiopian Jews predate the use of the word Jew & converted possibly because of a Yemeni queen named Sheba which does not a Jew make, just an Uncle Tom.. THIS IS THE TRUE FIGHT AGAINST ANTI-SEMITISM!

*** The irrationality  of false cries if anti-Semitism, which resembles men in women’s sports to me, has taken decades of social conditioning & conversion theory & a total lack of one group’s social conscience (only “social activist” like BLM) in order to achieve AND it was all done through the greatest weapon of mass destruction of all time– the modern media & the Jewish monopoly of it. This doesn’t make them overachievers!



      B Major institutions of higher education are only one degree of separation from the media so why am I not surprised to see that  Harvard’s Russian & Eurasian studies is overrun by pseudo-intellectual sycophants like Daria Bough who believes herself to be “onto something big”.  Daria has made some academically, sophomoric documentary on rich, Jewish bankers of the 20th century who she props up as the root of anti-Semitism, but what this simpleton doesn’t understand is that those bankers are only the culmination of hundreds of years of seeds coming to fruition as she breezes over the fact that Jews were a splinter group & and a near Eastern, ethno-religious transplant attempting to supplant the native people by making their subculture into the dominant group. Nothing proves this more than the ongoing reinvention of making Jewish into just a religion which would require racial misappropriation & cultural bastardization. This is an easily seen fact by just one look at today’s British Parliament.


             Likewise, Daria doesn’t understand that it is she who’s in fact being propped up by Jews—not her stale news about 3 banking families—  as the department (and greater media) want to elevate mediocrity because they know someone like her isn’t really “on to them” as she cushes their ego while perpetuating half-truths & their victimology ruse. You know what’s far more insightful than Harvard’s, dim-witted DARIA BOUGH? ANSWER:  Dr. Seuss, a man from a different era who hasn’t been brainwashed by the 1980s Jewish media, but who like all of our ancestors has been vilified by the Jewish media to an over-the-top degree.


               Even Dr. Seuss in his story, The Sneetches, demonstrated how the Star-belly Sneetches encourage people to ostracize those without a star (ie. Caucasian minstrels OR white supremacists). Eventually, the normal white people without the star become their sycophants due to skewed, influence campaign. Marc Rowan is DEFINITELY Sylvester McMonkey McBean in the story. But as usual, Jews dodge accountability & lick their wounds by calling the story of The Sneetches “anti-Semitic” when in fact Dr. Seuss is trying to teach Jews not to be the hate group they really are. IT’S THE SAME SHIT, JUST ANOTHER DAY! Besides, I’ve always felt that the Grinch looked like a Jew, especially when he smiles. He has that severe case of “Jewish smile” , ie, Seth Green, Joe Levy of Rolling Stone Magazine, Spielberg’s sister.


My own rendition of The Sneeches:         Jews remind me of some kid who was ostracized or rendered asexual for being weirdly, ethnic-looking & coming from a family of clannish, hagglers (which they are) so they disappear for the summer and come back with a whole new face then target the most popular kid in the room to make them look like a whipping boy while they try to screw his girlfriend. All it takes is some bullshit confidence & a donation to their country club to reach the next level of conquest. The target of his animosity is not exactly sure why he’s being targeted until he looks at the old yearbooks and sees what that kid really was. Instead of people seeing what the reinvented kid is up to follow his lead.


           MEANWHILE the office of UPenn’s provost is housed in the Annenberg building. A person can move a statue, but not a building which makes one ponder the options & double standards.

*QUESTION:  How many crooked, Jewish businessman trying to emulate WASPs via the world of academia is everyone supposed to be beholden to especially when they’re now eyeing an opportunity to seize control of these institutions by infiltrating cracks in the surface OR by creating those cracks which do not exist? This resembles a pack of hyenas running their prey off a cliff, like Allied Capital, which involved more assumption than actual proof AND ALL WHILE under the guise of activist-investor. These men are social pariahs who belong in prison, NOT distinguished businessmen…. But we’ll get to Ronald Lauder in a minute.

     Next, don’t be surprised if Marc Rowan expects a statue of himself at UPenn, but if he does we’re going to put it right next to the Annenberg building as an ode to Jewish Wiseguys & Organized Crime from yesteryear to today. If that happens, I would love to curate the campus museum.   Personally, I like the idea of changing Annenberg to the  “Ursula Annex”!

    CODE RED, CODE RED!!     We need to ensure that unconscionable, corporate criminals, like Rowan & Ackman, DO NOT make higher-learning into a monument for their social-activist scams. If that happens, we’ll be left with a kleptocracy calling the shots & skewing the standards. Right now, Marc Rowan is nothing more than another Joe Colombo– Mafia Don & founder of an Italian American anti-defamation league– which was nothing more than a “social activist” non-profit fronting for organized crime.


            BUT FOR NOW, what we’re witnessing is an opportunistic, Jewish victimology agenda swooping down upon the ivy League like a kibbutz in the middle of nowhere as Marc Rowan attempts to clamp down on academia with a “protection money“, gangster tactic re-worked into a social-activist scam.  I’m sure Steven Spielberg is waiting in the wings ready to make a movie with Marc as the heroic Hebe; but of course, they’ll get the least Jewish-looking actor they can find for the role just as I will be vilified as some disgruntled malcontent.

SIDENOTEI just described at least 4 different forms of Jewish psychological warfare:   1.) hero-victim glorification 2.)  preemptive strike tactic, 3.) Faux psychological assessments of valid complaints &  the complainant themselves  4.) visual misinformation campaign to make Jews regular, white people which Marc is NOT, nor is Spielberg.

       In reality, Rowan should be paying restitution money to these schools.

        *  Perhaps my “would have been” experience w/Third Point was the exception as it was initiated by an Anglo like Parker Quillen who warned me that there are a lot of “our friends” on this list…. When he said “our friends” I knew that was code for “members of the tribe” linked to his boss who wasn’t as one-dimensional as David Einhorn or Leon Black.

You want me to put my trust in WHO??.. Jews are divying up the colleges like they do when taking down a company either on “Corrupt Facts” OR  Milken Economics…even 23&Me gets a pass…

I.)           Would you like to see further corruption in academia & the media rolled into one?  All a person has to do is look at 23&Me which was founded by the daughter of one of those Jewish “catchers” used in WW2 who could “pass” as a non-Jew because they essentially were. Anyway, the founder of the company was married to Sergei Bryn who looks like a real Jew (“Caananite”) which means he pretty much funded her ability to corrupt facts in which she was able to make lies the new facts until she was called out on it by too many complainants who never received restitution. 

Ii.).     This is how people rewrite narratives when they hate themselves:   The founder of 23&Me tried to assert that ASHKENAZI Jews were derived from Eastern Europe when in fact that’s only where they were largely contained along with Germanic states. The founder of 23&Me didn’t bother to point out their Near Eastern descent for which Larry David was misassigned as Native American on the George Lopez Show. If Jews have any actual Eastern European blood then it comes from what can be seen in a popular clip going around with Ashkenazi Jews who are too ignorant to understand how it reads. Anyway, this clip reads as 80% of Ashkenazi Jews are derived from near eastern peoples who married the native Eastern European women before inexplicably becoming a bottleneck population.

        TRANSLATION:  Jews were the ISIS of the day who raped and stole white women before being contained as the Jewish problem…….but Jews always sidestep looking like the aggressors that they provably are & continue to be BOTH OVERTLY & PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVELY.


          It’s funny to me how Jews don’t want to look Jewish OR even acknowledge their Middle Eastern descent, yet they all want everyone to go along with some imagined birthright to a land that was stolen for them despite its intended purpose being reparations to the Palestinians for defeating the Ottomans with the British.

             Despite gifting an undeserved homeland for a rootless people, Jews continue to put the squeeze on their former host country after centuries of exploitation & snobbery by playing the entitled victim. Nobody exemplifies this sense of entitlement better than a spoiled, little shit like Ronald Lauder who tries to shakedown the president of Poland for restitution when Jews were never supposed to be there in the first place. MORE IMPORTANTLY, if Jews can try to reclaim land and places like Poland and why can’t Palestinians reclaim land in the Levant.

         I’m reminded of a girl from Poland who approached me and asked me about my origins at which point I dove in and immediately asked her what she thought about Jews in this country. I let her know that Jews in the U.S. are ignorant & ashamed in terms of looking Jewish therefore no one is allowed to say that a person looks Jewish without being told that they’re anti-Semitic. Clearly confused, she said to me,  “That makes no sense. They look completely different. It’s totally obvious.”  Keeping this in mind, I have to ask about Ronald Lauder’s funding of Jewish daycare in Poland because as I stare at the picture of supposedly Jewish kids, only one of them looks like a possible Hebe.

There are 3 possible scenarios in play here:  

  • First, Jews don’t want to be portrayed for what they really look like, so they’ll hone in on the least Jewish-looking ones who have been the most whitened-up to be the poster children. In other words, not Jennifer Grey who looked perfectly fine to me, but who seemed to stand as a scourging reminder to many Jewish men, just like Sarah Jessica Parker, unless you’re Mathew Broderick with a mother figure complex. Speaking of which, his mother doesn’t seem to understand that if you want to have Jewish kids then breed with a Jew or adopt a Semite from Lebanon. Don’t make Jews out of half-breed, white European people. We are not here to be a breeding farm for the Jewish, super race agenda no matter how skewed & ambiguous it may be. The same thing goes for Ronald Lauder.


  • Second, these children are the product of the ethnic-cleansing & racial theft that occurs when the other 98% allows for institutional & mind control of society by a self-loathing, power-hungry fringe group with “imposter issues” who then make a beeline for their women with the sole intention of breeding out their “aesthetically questionable” features by raising the kids as “the new Jewish” via the science-fiction approach of conversion AND if you contradict their authority, you’re terrorized & slandered as an anti-Semite which after a while begins to make sense unlike their double-talk, but Jews normalize this insanity with a big mouth & an iron fist just as they have with transsexuals in this country…… Eventually, we have kids who either look Northern European, but think they’re from a desert tribe as they no longer stand with their own people OR they’re blonde hair & blue-eyed but with a horrible Jew face like Roman Abramovich but they think that their native European and it’s just a religion. Do you not see the problem?…the Jewish Problem…. breed your own God damn people and stop stealing ours OR assimilate!


  • Scenario #3, the real funding of this Lauder daycare is going to a plastic surgery fund. Ya’ know, the kind of shapeshifting, Jewish princess plastic surgery which someone like a wanna-be-WASP-YET “Member of the Tribe” nonsense, Aerin Lauder, has benefited from being that she has left half her face on a plastic surgeon’s, operating room table.

        How would Ronald Lauder feel about making the “The Eternal Jew” required school viewing with Howard Stern cast as the lead? Jews only call this “anti-Semitic” because it’s true AND because it interferes with their Jewish, marketing scheme to reinvent themselves as regular, white people which is as crazy as calling black just a culture, not a race OR Whoopi Goldberg a stereotype, not a prototype. Incidentally, I had a lot of fun in New York last month at the New York Historical Society playing “Spot the Jew” on this one display as I got to click on the unnamed figures just to confirm that I was right.


SIMPLE DEDUCTION: THE ONLY REASON A MIDDLE EASTERN, TRANSIENT HAGGLING RACE LIKE THE JEWS WOULD LEAVE THEIR PART OF THE WORLD ON FOOT IS TO ENJOY A HIGHER STANDARD OF LIVING THAN YOUR AVERAGE SERF (or Near Eastern haggler) AND THEY’RE STILL TRYING TO TREAT US LIKE SERFS WHO ARE BEHOLDEN TO THEM WHEN YOU’VE MADE YOURSELVES A NECESSARY EVIL IN NEED IF CONTAINMENT OR ASSIMILATION….THESE ARE THE ROOTS OF THE SYSTEMIC RACISM JEWS SHOVE DOWN OUR THROATS WHEN VILIFYING WHITEY!! Fuck the lord of the manor when you can be him ,& breed with the serf’s women, keep them under your thumb, vilify malcontents like myself as being a deluded line wolf despite everything being in front of our faces and pretending that it’s not wrong with centuries worth of the same complaints which have I’m leaving dismissed over the last 40 years due to a weaponized mass media. Stop pissing down our backs and telling me it’s raining you ugly, rat-faced Jews with a fucked-up Uncle Tom complex!!!

*WITHOUT A DOUBT, Jews have received more special treatment & tolerance over the course of a thousand years, despite their uninvited encroachments within Europe, than they’ve ever shown Palestinians in 70 years since day one of invading the Levant with a terrorist, group supremacist agenda. This is the Jewish problem not the Palestinian problem and that now includes white people misappropriated by Jews who have been radicalized to look at themselves as Jewish. Often times, they are the worst ones to deal with….

QUESTION:     Where is the restitution for the Palestinians which this self-centered, carping Jew– Ronald Lauder– so easily forgets about?…

…… THIS IS WHERE EVERY JEW DEFLECTS ACCOUNTABILITY by making this out to be another war for INDEPENDENCE which is the same sham Moses used after The wandering Jew invaded a peaceful society and slaughtered everyone then justified it as God’s children, but at least they were more ethnically, cohesive and authentic people than what we have now.

……but what I really want to see now, RON the CON, is every propped-up Jew in the media & in Hollywood who’s championing the restitution for blacks in California, where are they now when it comes to restitution for Palestinians? It’s so goddamn quiet I could hear a mouse fart! RESTITUTION is just another way Jews like to put the squeeze on their host country while posing as the defender of humanity. If it costs THEM anything, no fucking way!

The truth hurts, Ron:. If Jews think that they can make the tail to wag the dog by shaking down those who have tolerated them for way too long, who made them wealthy & who granted them a stolen piece of land instead of simply restoring them to their ghettos OR enacting laws to prohibit racial misappropriation OR relocating them to a place like Kazakhstan after the war, then expect to be shook down in return.

       Maybe we never should have let the wandering Jew into Europe & simply ignored the church by getting into money-lending without any sort of interloper— maybe an Armenian would have worked out better? If we had done this, then where would these high-end gypsies be today and the answer is exactly where Arabs are from whom they attempt to dissociate themselves. “Jew them Down” is a phrase that speaks straight to the heart of these transplanted hagglers.

QUESTION FOR RON LAUDERIf Jews had it so bad in Europe for all those centuries, then why didn’t they leave Europe sooner?!    Maybe it’s kind of like the Venezuelans who overlooked Brazil and headed straight to the Mexican-American border, both knew they could walk all over the locals & seek shelter in the shadow of the elite.

JEWISH PRIVILEGE:   Only an ignorant & self-absorbed Jew like Ronald Lauder (who’s s living off of his mother’s business which was obviously bank-rolled by other Jews) would complain about being limited to usury & financial services as if it were a bad thing.

Reminder to Ron the Con, Jews were tax collectors under the Egyptians who made off with the pharaoh’s gold then smelt themselves a golden calf in the middle of the desert. You’re clearly dealing with some resourceful people who kept up this same sort of ancient livelihood in Europe and it was made even easier thanks to the church you berate. Would Jews have rather been limited to palm reading like the gypsies OR does Ron Lauder want to defend Gypies against an institutionalized lack of privilege just to stir up more shit while funding genocide elsewhere?  Would  Jews continue to pretend to be the victim if they had to live like a serf toiling in the fields and in fear of their women being ravaged by the lord of the manor? Not at all because Jews were untouchable as they were the king’s property and their wealth could surpass that of any nobility?  These are the roots of systemic privilege which the Jewish, liberal media has used to turn minorities against white people, but the systemic privilege isn’t white privilege. It’s Jewish privilege.

 Translation:  Jews never wanted to leave Europe because it solidified them as at least middle-class in a caste system. So what if they didn’t own land, neither did anyone else except for the top one percent. Back in the Middle East, they’re just another haggler. Why shouldn’t the common man resent this privilege given to outsiders who are marginalizing them in their own homeland and continue to do so?

*** NEWSFLASH to Ronald Lauder! White people didn’t get any land back in the Congo after the revolt NOR did Indian people who usurped a middle-class void in Uganda receive any reparations, but what makes Jews so special?  According to Google, what makes Jews “special” is that they’re a mixed race of Levantine and European.. This doesn’t make Jews special. It makes Jews a slow-moving coup like the Supreme Court. Nor does it make them Steve Jobs! Lebanese & Syrians have a culture, Ashkenazi Jews are a cult & a contradiction in terms as someone needs to tell William Shatner that the only reason he made it in Hollywood is because he’s not a real Jew like Leonard Nimoy or Gabe Kaplan– King of the Jew Fro— who dealt with being type-cast.

QUESTION:   DOES RONALD LAUDER HAVE ANY PLANS TO PAY RESTITUTION TO EUROPEAN COUNTRIES FOR THE CULTURE THEY’VE STOLEN AND THE MONEY JEWS MAKE OFF OF IT? Jews don’t have their own cuisine, they’ve stolen it & relabeled it as their own. This in itself is another Jewish, marketing scheme to create a false image of Jews among ignorant Americans.

          Rhetoric, under the guise of “Fight anti-Semitism” & defend Israel, is being spread by Ronald Lauder & Jewish Supremacists like Dr. Eli David on Twitter when Eli talks about London becoming Islamabad because Jews simply don’t want to see Middle Eastern countries do well OR for westerners to see them as relatable being that they have designs on their land, just as Jews have designs on white women. But it’s like what a Emmanuel Kant once said, “Jews are nothing more than Palestinians living among us.” Jeff Goldblum doesn’t look Russian, Anne Frank doesn’t look Dutch, Gina Gershon doesn’t look Romanian,  Albert Einstein & Ursula Kuczynski don’t look German, Golda Meir & Mark Ivanir definitely don’t look Ukrainian, Charles Kushner doesn’t look Belarusian, David Krumholtz doesn’t look Hungarian, Meyer Lansky & Rhea Perlman don’t look Polish, Barbra Streisand & Henry Winkler don’t look Austrian.


          These celebrities look like typical Yids, a couple look good, but most are not and if they pretend it’s just a religion then they’re completely misrepresenting themselves and the native people whose identity their misappropriating. Likewise, somebody like Linda McCartney was not an ethnic Jew, she was product of racial misappropriation & cultural bastardization in which Jews constantly try to blur the lines between “ethno” & “religious” so they take can either a ) pretend it’s a religion and not a race OR (B.) Apply intellectually, dishonest loopholes to pretend that the product of two “TransJews” who are 1/64 or 1/128 Semitic are the people of Judah; but alas, racial fraud & accounting fraud are the gifts of the Jews.


**SUPPORT ESTEE LAUDER AND YOU SUPPORT GENOCIDE & THEIR SOCIAL JUSTICE SCAMS FOUNDED ON ZIONISM LIKE THE WJC:   If Israel were any other Middle Eastern country & committing unrelenting genocide under the ridiculous guise of avenging themselves due to a mere 200 hostages being detained, they would be bombed by Americans as just another dangerous Middle Eastern cult taking root, which is exactly what Israel is. Meanwhile, they bulldoze Palestinians out of their homes or just feel entitled to move right in and of course these are Jews who are coming from America so it’s inextricable to separate Israeli’s and Jews from elsewhere because it is a “designer country” & not one that’s rooted in as much of a credible, historical claim as they like to purport it as being. People like Ronald Lauder fund this travesty and they do it through the AIPAC & the WJC.


       And even after using American Indian extermination tactics on Palestinians, Jews still play the victim as can be seen by the way they’re portraying this war as being a war for independence instead of the slave uprising that it is. Meanwhile, Jews in this country find “cracks in the foundation” as a means to undermine the mainstream thru in-fighting that allows them to push their own agendas. Look up “dirty Jew” in a dictionary and it’ll say “see Ronald Lauder”. 


         But alas, if the self-deluded Jew decides that something is anti-Semitic, then we all have to pretend that the emperor isn’t naked & they get away with it due to their self-absorbed & overbearing, repetitious chants of hiding behind that one word “anti-Semitic” in order to win an argument then they turn around and portray themselves as angels in a movie. And Jews wonder why there are hate crimes against them?!  Somebody needs to tell Jews that the emperor has no clothes, just a big hook nose, a Jewish smile like the Grinch, an inverted lower lip along with a horsey, rat-face & eyes worse than that of Sarah Jessica Parker’s. 

So FUCK YOU very Much Ronald Lauder!

        PRO PUBLICA IS A FRAUD & A JEWISH “SOCIAL ACTIVIST SCAM”:      The Jewed-up media will absolutely create any distraction to NOT have to go after a fellow Jew who’s committing a $430 billion fraud scheme. This includes Pro Publica which is just another Jewish activist scam that goes after Grandma Thomas’s home from a donor who collects Nazi memorabilia– as if it’s not a part of history– while propagandists like that of Jesse Eissinger GLORIFY activist-investor schemes due to his connection with Cheryl Strauss Einhorn. These distractions ALWAYS ensure that the white, hipster boneheads & black hoodlums get whipped into a frenzy overnight under a huge cloud of yellow journalism which immediately interferes with a police investigation all while inciting & glorifying riots like that of what was seen with Rodney King among others. That day in L.A. was a toppling of society & an act of media terrorism. Harvard students are not these hipster low-grades and that’s what scares men like Bill & Marc the most.

       Likewise, all it took was one phone call from Marc & Bill to ignite a domino effect of slick & berating spin-doctoring in order to transform Jewish Financial terrorists like them into being “guardians against hate mongers” who always managed to keep their chins up in defiance of Jew-baiters. Uh-oh, we have a snag! If black lives matter then so do Palestinians.

        ALL OF THE ABOVE is why older Americans (people who haven’t been dumbed-down in the ’80s by the Jewish media) openly reminisce with me about their first experiences with Jews which occurred primarily in college & I always know what’s coming... “loud, obnoxious, in your face & acted like they own the place”…. SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE!!

       I tend to add, “If you don’t let them walk all over you, then the carping Jew plays the victim because it’s like what FDR said, “you people don’t understand that you’re guests living among us”, NOT the upper hand. That may not be inclusive, but neither are Jews and it has nothing to do with Zionism because they’ve been at this game a long time. They only play that INCLUSIVE card when it serves their purposes. I don’t feel guilty about saying any of this considering the fact that Bill Ackman is cheering Dr. Eli David on X who gloats that Egypt denied Palestinians entry as if they were vermin instead of realizing it’s always been considered the other way around by both Middle Easterners & by Europeans and that the only reason Jews have lasted this long is because they are a transient, haggling people who follow empires while holding onto a myth of being direct descendants of an obscure, Levantine race from 1200-1300 BC in order to give themselves some legitimacy or roots as opposed to that of Gypsies who believe that God gave them no home or valuables which has given gypsies the right to steal.

  What is a Jew?      

         In reality, Ashkenazi Jews are nothing more than a hodgepodge of Near Eastern races who have been closely bred together for centuries within Europe and are mostly considered better-looking if there’s a larger admixture of European blood which effectively means that we’re getting into racial misappropriation or at least muddled features. Haggling is in their blood, they just can’t help it and it comes in a lot of forms and it’s lasted in its most traditional form right up until the 1960’s on South Street in Philly with Jews pulling people in from the streets trying to sell them something on Sundays, but modern Ashekanazi Jews substitute saying “I’m self loathing” by accusing other people of being anti-Semitic. Now I’m confused as I can’t figure out who the real terrorist in the Middle East is because it could be ISIS or it could just be your self-loathing, Jewish next door neighbor with a bad Jew, nose job who married a Russian, mail-order bride so he wouldn’t have kids who look Jewish. Draw your own conclusion!

                 BOTTOM LINE:   Jews ARE anti-Semitic and they require professional help, not the rest of us who are being held under their thumb OR allowing Jews to take out what they hate most about themselves onto the Palestinians.  Instead, Jews need to stop trying to guilt everyone because they need to remember that all it would have taken was another year to allow the Germans to finish the job and we wouldn’t have to deal with the genocide of the Palestinian OR their age-old, Jewish “POWER GRAB” & Institutional control tactics which is the reason why Jews were shoved into gas chambers in the first place OR why we have suicide bombers in Israel today. If the Germans hadn’t turned on all European people, there would be no Jewish problem and hence no Palestinian problem.  Instead, today we still have the Jewish problem, but their convoluted thinking frames it as the Palestinian problem wherein we have the natives in ghettoes when it should have been the remaining Jews living in ghettos OR relocated to some Soviet state.

TRANSLATION:  I can’t call one of the Kushner boys an anti-Semite with a loophole for ethnic-cleansing NOR can I call out a conservative judge who’s found himself a misogynistic loophole  by forcing a sorority to take in a guy who looks like Jack Black in earrings &  lipstick YET I’m the one being labeled as BOTH a “left wing” Jew-baiter & as a right-wing TransHater for saying the emperor has no clothes in terms of either?! I need some kind of program to keep up with these rules! But this is simply how Jews make things up as they go along & play by double-standards to fit their skewed, moral compass. It’s the same pure shit people like Helen Thomas (very Jewy-looking but Lebanese Semitic) had to deal with from weaselly Jewboys, like Ari Fleischer, as she herself admitted that you’re not allowed to say anything about Jews in this country.(see attachment) Helen, like myself, knows that supporting Jews is to sell your own people down the river.

(* If my use of the term “Jewboy” offends, then keep in mind I’m not the one with a $430B fraud scheme hanging in plain sight while trying to run universities up a tree which they should be hanging from).

         BOTTOM LINE    Jews are not allowed to be guilty and this is what ivy league kids are onto and it scares the Jew. This is a COLLECTIVE “personality problem” that lacks empathy as their egocentric, moral compass can only point to victim, faux humanitarian, TOTAL lack of accountability AND double-standards. People who lack empathy and who are out “Only out for themselves” cannot be activists… It’s like what the NASDAQ producer said about David Einhorn when hearing that David snickered at $6.5 billion in Reinsurance fraud at Brighthouse Financial, “David doesn’t give a s*** about anybody but himself, He’s only out for himself”. (Maybe it’s a Asperger’s??) 

J.P.D. (Jewish personality disorder):         Unfortunately, it’s not just about Jewish marketing scams, it’s about the self-absorbed Jewish mentality which lives in a constant flux of denial & false realities as none want to admit they were never refugees of the Romans as opposed to beneficiaries NOR were they victims in Europe as much as they were encroachers NOR are real Jews even European as much as they try to be through plastic surgery or bullshit tales of being European royalty like that of Estee Lauder whose granddaughter, Aerin Lauder, has had so much plastic surgery so she can “look right” in Ralph Lauren clothing which were modeled around a New England WASP lifestyle by a typically, ugly Jewish guy which ultimately only serves to epitomize cultural misappropriation, Jewish marketing & anti-Semitism all brought together by nothing more than a bunch of “Jews on the make”… How laughable!

         Go ahead and tell me that us goys are all jealous and that Jews aren’t over compensating! Just look at these insecure jewboys like Spielberg or Sandler or Howard Stern, definitely Sasha Baron Cohen and maybe Copperfield…they all have a schtick like a magic act, the class clown, photography… Something to get the microphone, to get attention & to be accepted to off-set some self-loathing issue…. to control the room & to get white women and they deny it even as they’re doing it! It’s not assimilation, It’s infringement…

        The white man has gotten dumbed-down & mentally enslaved while Jews stay the same. (Dumbed-down & Jewed-up). That’s not coincidence! I’ve been watching this shit show & noting it since I was a little kid in the ‘80s. The only thing that’s changed is that Jews keep aggressively & progressively whitening themselves and talking out of both ends of their mouth. Thanks be to Hollywood, ugly & insecure Jewish hustler’s can sleep with white whores like Claudia Peltz or Cate Capshaw because if I looked like something out of “The Simpsons” as most inbred Ashkenazi Jews do, then maybe I too would corner areas of concentrated wealth so that I wouldn’t have to sleep with people who looked like me.

       Meanwhile, we have dumbed-down republicans who are too stupid to know that Putin is a medieval landlord armed with Jewish henchmen like Roman Abramovich who breeds with white women & steals from the natives to give to the Jews in Israel even to the point of taking back his apology money to the Ukraine just so he can shovel more fruit of a poisonous tree to Israel which is nothing but one giant poisonous tree itself. This shit never fucking ends! Jews have ZERO conscience, ONLY a phony display of one as they think of nobody but themselves …. Maybe one exception exist as the Ukraine has to rely on a Jewish Uncle Tom at its helm who’s being told by Putin that he’s anti-Semitic as a smartass excuse to invade the country. Everybody’s getting into the anti-Semitic act because Putin as a Russian knows it’s a scam!

                     OPEN YOUR EYES & JUST SAY NO…..OR AT LEAST INSIST THAT JEWS LIKE ROWAN & ACKMAN ARE MET WITH DEFAMATION CHARGES DUE TO THEIR QUESTIONABLE CHARACTER & MOTIVES:   The same Ashkenazi Jews who support this Israeli apartheid state and it’s “American Indian” measures– at home or afar– are the same people who shove the Holocaust down our throats 24/7, who vilify white people due to events from 400 years ago, who play the “God guy” or “world moral conscience” in order to disguise their silencing of Israeli atrocities, who berate & brainwash the white youth to hate themselves (or else they’re Hitler) AND to be “inclusive”. This is how Jewish psychological warfare works and it’s been plugged into a mass media, & highly-divisive, miseducation campaign since at least the ’80’s and it’s one in which moderate voices are silenced while radical voices become more resistant & opposing just to prove that they can. This is where we are now….

        These are the nut job, Jews you’re dealing with and they want to write the national narrative then streamline it in some shit show like Will & Grace where they can ridicule people for associating a religion with being penny-pinchers because they’re too stupid to know they’re stupid. Speaking of which, you have the mediocre actress Debra Messing from the show speaking in an interview about how she can’t do blonde hair because she’s Polish-Russian not understanding that the only reason you have Jews with blonde hair is because they are like quadroons and her least attractive features are her Jewish nose & lips. These are perfect examples of the repetitious small bites of misinformation & misassigned identity that’s constantly fed to this country.

        This inappropriate behavior of Ashkenazi Jews brings to mind the author of a book called how “How Jews Became White Folks”, in which she stated that her generation of Jews and all previous generations lived an open secret in terms of being ashamed of looking Jewish. It was never anything but an ethno-religious group considered smart, but not necessarily attractive. During her own coming of age, her peer group took advantage of modern practices of plastic surgery and she was one of the few Jews in her extended network who didn’t get a nose job. Her own children’s generation, Gen X, was adamant about identifying as white despite being traditionally marginalized as an “off-white’ racial status.


           Meanwhile, black people are asking me why the facade & I tell them all of the above plus the fact that Jews were not really in the victim position as were blacks being that Jews were encroachers NOR do they have “cut-off” points like black people do wherein a person can no longer identify themselves as black, Jews just have reinvention apparently breed it out or go to a plastic surgeon to remove the “stain”, totally the opposite of Rachel Dolezal. Meanwhile, I have my Ukrainian friend trying to explain to Americans that “this looks Russian or Slavic” & “the other looks Jewish” while my half Persian & half northern European friend is constantly mistaken by Jews for a Jew. At the end of the day, I go into the grocery store to buy a teriyaki sauce and staring at me from the top shelf is not something by a Chinaman, but by a Chinese woman married to a Jewish guy & if that doesn’t exemplify Jewish privilege, I don’t know what does. This is the thumb we live under & the people who make us walk on eggshells when it’s not much more than a psychological stranglehold & tugs on the purse strings.

BILL MAHER:  JEWISH PROPAGANDIST! More right wing supremacists cloaked in a liberal wrapper.

         I regard myself as a Counter-Semitic activist who knows that the words, “Arbeit Macht Frei” were welded together because of Jews like Ackman, Rowan & Ackman. MEANWHILE in a sane country, a “D” list actor turned puppet for the Jews”, like BILL MAHER, wouldn’t be famous. This half-breed Jew not only has zero concept of what Jewish is since it appears to be amorphous depending on to whom he’s speaking. Nonetheless, the Bill Maher I’m used to would ridicule—NOT VALIDATE— a group of people who thought of themselves as being descended from a 12 to 1300 BC Canaanite fringe group living in the highlands of the Levant like some redneck Arab as they attempt to differentiate themselves from other various Canaanite descendants of today WHILE RECRUITING & RADICALIZING white people, primarily women, because they’re ashamed of actually looking like these people they claim to be. Why would my white ass get caught up in this shit? Call it the United Kingdom of the Levant and be done with it?


          CODE RED!!!  Bill Maher turned the tables!  It’s not about the genocide of the Palestinians, It’s about the genocide of the Israelis, ‘ya know, the self-absorbed cultists who are complaining about a few kidnapped people, but don’t bother to talk about Palestinians being bulldozed off their land OR Israeli singers banned from the radio for singing about Israeli soldiers gunning down Palestinian civilians and throwing them into the gutter not much different from Nazis. Jewish terrorism elsewhere has always been more past progressive which is again they were kept in the ghettos which is where useful but transient foreigners were kept who you don’t want getting too comfortable or going after your women or getting the upper hand. In fact, they have Armenian ghettos in Israel.

The Old Testament is NOT CHRISTIANITY!


         It’s amazing how Jews circumvent any blame or accountability until they land in the “victim” slot. This has always been a personality problem and one that does not need further enabling. NOTE:  It’s not even a thought in Bill Maher’s mental processing to consider the simple solution to bring nothing more than civil rights for the Palestinians—NOT EVEN A STATE– just civil rights, ie, don’t use a bulldozer to destroy their home while they’re still inside. Can you imagine someone in the media telling Jews to get over it (the Holocaust), “shit happens” the way Bill Maher did to the Palestinians?  The bigger abomination that I’m seeing in Israel is not the genocide of Palestinians; but rather, the genocide of Jews by Jews as they attempt to breed out the Jewish blood with European whores because they can’t stand looking at their ugly, Jewish faces. (Expect my next email to be all visuals.)

         If the word “Jew” weren’t involved, Bill Maher would ridicule a splinter group from the Levant who vacated a millennium ago & feels entitled to kick everybody off their land despite not wanting to embrace their Middle Eastern heritage. He might say something sarcastically like, “What’s next, the Hittites are back?” The Bill Maher I’m used to would be especially unrelenting on a splinter group of black, faux Jews who think of themselves as descendants of this overglorified, desert tribe then compare them to Thomas Jefferson’s black descendants viewing themselves as country club WASPS.

BILL Maher & the JEWISH TERRORIST, Mayim Bialik:   The Bill Maher I’m used to would ridicule people who couldn’t get their shit straight when they call themselves proud Zionists like Mayim Bialik who then contradicts to herself by identifying as “Eastern European” when people who are ethnic Eastern European or Slavic—like myself–  cringe at her for being an atypical, repulsive-looking Jewess (ie. Masculine-featured, rat-faced, an Alf or a Simpsons character look-alike). The white man has ridiculed this sort of shit face for centuries from Russia to Spain. She’s right up there with Barbra Streisand, Nelson Peltz, Bette Midler, Luke Matheny, Amy Winehouse, Chandra Levy, Sandra Bernhard or Cheryl Strauss Einhorn.

This is the toxic environment Jews create:  So now thanks to “Blossom”, I get to deal with idiot Americans born after 1970 who think of themselves as intellectuals because they now see an atypical, ugly Jew like Mayim Bialik and then turn around to tell me that I don’t look Eastern European because I don’t look like ole Jewface. To add insult to injury, the pseudo-intellectual becomes even more pretentious as they attempt to vilify me when I try to correct them!! At the same time these simpletons can’t quite close that gap of irrationality when they look at a prototypical Russian-Slavic, tennis player like Anna Kournikova, because they then lash out at me again for their own intellectual & cultural inadequacies. This is the environment which Jews produce and take pleasure in producing because when there’s more chaos, they can pretend to play the hero and try to take hold of the narrative.

Why would Bill Maher not call out MAYIM “ Kikeface” BIALIK on Zionism being that it’s terrorism composed by the melding of Nazis, Manifest Destiny, a mulatto caste system & Apartheid all rolled together then lightly-coated in a thin veneer of victimology agenda & double-talk contradictions? To make matters even more bizarre, I find out that a regular, white guy actually stuck his dick in her & reproduced. This is more fucked-up than all the old white guys who want to sleep with Whoopi Goldberg or actually have!!! So of course I immediately know it’s either about the money OR he’s attracted to domineering cult-like figures. As always, I’m right! You remember my sermon on the Scofield Bible? Her ex-husband, along with his mother, were a couple of nut-job Mormons who got involved with this domineering Jewess & converted to Judaism. This now boils down to a typical ugly, overbearing Jewess who is effectively practicing triple-ended, racial misappropriation by calling herself Eastern European while recruiting white people to abandon their culture and to misidentify as a defunct tribe from 2000 years ago AND believing as a Zionist that the Levant is their ethnic homeland..

        The Bill Maher I’m familiar with would call out a MIDDLE EASTERN Cult for invading Europe and going after white women then trying to pretend that a person can convert a person’s ethnicity OR for pretending that it’s just a religion by denying that they look completely different or mixed as they attempt to misappropriate an ethnic identity that’s not their own. If the latter happens, they rabidly attack anyone who doesn’t go along with this farce by ensuring that they’re blackballed from society then go after a white woman who they have convert to prove that you’re “wrong”, but it actually proves that they’re dangerous. This is EXACTLY WHAT ASHKENAZI JEWS ARE AND WHAT THEY’VE DONE AND CONTINUE TO DO!! (At least the Spaniards & Moors had designations for this sort of thing before 1492 & from everything I’ve just described I think I have a hell of a lot more reason to be angry then do two warring factions of Muslims, Shiite or Sunni).

         But alas, Bill Maher is pseudo-intellectual mediocrity who doesn’t understand that the Ottoman Empire was real and that Jews are a transient subculture clinging to a myth of being descended from some lost tribes of a multi-checkered Levant even as they try to recruit white women as a means of altering the trajectory of their racial makeup thus making themselves less of what they claim to be OR they’re attempting to reinvent themselves as something that they’ve never been. This means that Jews are effectively turning people against their own kind & it also explains why Jews have always been seen as a parasitic, slow-moving coup. Now compare this mindset & modus operandi to the Gypsy belief that god gave them no land or possessions which grants them the right to steal……but at least Gypsies don’t play the victim….

Christians & Muslims have a Jewish Problem in Common & the Birthright of Rawabi

           When Christian & Muslim societies conquer, they let you know it and they never pretend to be the victim. But the infuriating thing with the Jews is they conquer by pretending to be the big victim. This country’s national agenda is special treatment for Jews, but it happens to conflict with the civil rights of Harvard and UPenn students. TRANSLATION:   We are witnessing the same Jewish terrorism or conquest at Harvard & UPENN that is seen every time Israeli’s demolish a home to make room for new Jewish settlers. I’m not for anti-Semitism, I’m for counter-terrorism in all of its forms as for many people prior to WWII.  AGAIN, when Jews invade, they don’t come with armored tanks & suicide bombers (the latter of which is what they drive other people to become), they invade with a fat checkbook, a blonde goy-hussy-faux-Jew on their arm & a victimology agenda in their holster.

Whenever various people ask me, why do people hate Jews, I’ve said the same thing for years:   Jews stick together by excluding others with the exception of white women who they recruit to breed out the Jewish blood so they can replace it with our own, they monopolize businesses which comes from their Silk Road-haggler roots, you let one in and they squeeze everyone else out as they deliberately take over your schools with a fact checkbook & a big mouth wherein they can brainwash or indoctrinate the younger generation & finally, they use the media to tie it all together which includes vilifying anyone who doesn’t go along w/problems that don’t really exist.

          Jewish terrorism seeks out the weak links in society (women, children, the poor, political strife) which they play against each other in order to undermine the mainstream culture so egocentric Jews, who believe themselves to be the norm, can supplant the mainstream with their own subculture which is actually nothing more then that of their host country’s culture which they misappropriate then affix their religion to which is contrary to that of their host country’s. This is nothing more than a marketing scheme of near eastern hagglers and it’s coded in their DNA. The next component is to breed out the Jewish look by recruiting white people, typically women who are traditionally a more obvious weak link. This gets to be a very intricate form of cognitive dissonance & group supremacy which is then reinforced by victimology tactics & defender of humanity angles which is always amusing considering that Jews really don’t give a shit anybody but themselves.  NOTE:   We would never need Jews in order to offset the Christian right if they never stirred up the mud in the first place.

 When Christians and Muslims conquer a country, they transpose their own culture on top of the native one and the two meld. Jews are the only people who encroach upon a country as a one or two percentile and then misappropriate that country’s culture then call it their own, kind of like gypsies who say that God gave us no land or possessions which gives us the right to steal. All of Central and Eastern European cooking is misappropriated and relabeled as Jewish for which they gain & popularity & acceptance. Likewise, their Middle Easterner neighbors have always known that Jews waivered between being a splinter group like the Druze to being a cult of group supremacists armed with a “God’s chosen” mantra & accompanied by a victim-hero psychosis which they abuse in order to justify their actions in much the same way that gypsies possess a “God’s forgotten children” culture to justify their means. In the Jewish mind, they’re an uprooted empire who wants it back, but in a rational mind this makes them an imposter cult  of a people who vacated long ago especially if they’re not going to embrace their Middle Eastern identity. Personally, I find Jews to be too modern of a people to actually buy any of this shit as would some Bedouin.

 NOTE: I SHOULD NEVER SEE A HOLOCAUST MUSEUM IN THIS COUNTRY OUTSIDE OF NEW YORK CITY WHICH IS BASICALLY A JEWISH GHETTO. Why is there a Holocaust Museum in Richmond, Virginia overlooking the James River where slaves were literally sold down river? A Holocaust Museum has no place other than in Germany, Poland, Israel & New York City. Other than that, the presence of these museums serves as nothing more than a massive source of overrepresentation & blatant agenda-pushing. Not to mention, the word “holocaust” is a slap in the face as it means “sacred offering” as if they’re more important than all the casualties killed by Jew-supported Communists which far exceeded the Nazi death toll.

****** The Bible says Canaanites were wiped out by Israelites but scientists just found their descendants living in Lebanon……. FUNNY, THAT THE MALE DNA OF THE ASHKENAZI JEW IS MOST CLOSELY RELATED TO THAT OF THE MODERN DAY LEBANESE ACCORDING TO DATA I RECALL FROM THE ’90S.. ONE LOOK AT MARC ROWAN’S FACE (“Alf” from the ‘80’s show) TO KNOW THAT’S TRUE……Read article!

          JEWISH HAS NEVER EVER BEEN JUST A RELIGION IN EUROPE AND IF IT SUCCEEDS IN BECOMING THAT THEN WE KNOW THAT PRE-WW2 COUNTER-SEMITES WERE CORRECT WHEN THEY SAID THAT JEWS WERE PARASITES TRYING TO JEWIFY EUROPE AND IN THE PROCESS, JEWS HAVE BETRAYED THEIR OWN CULTURAL INTEGRITY AS THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES THEM A CULTURE WHEN THEY’RE LIVING AMONG EUROPEANS IS THE RACE + Religion …EVERYTHING ELSE is misappropriated by a rootless cult of personality. Challah bread is stolen from the Slavic people & re-packaged by Jewish hagglers in another Jewish marketing scheme and called their own. This is no different than what that dumb bitch from 23&me did! Bottom line, if Jewish is just a religion then call it Catholic bread, but if it’s a race from the Middle East then it can in no way be Jewish cooking. A female Palestinian rapper, Samar, had the same complaint when some Arab headpiece was misappropriated by the umbrella term “Israeli” because once again they don’t understand that they’re the guest among us who are re-labeling other people’s culture as their own. (see attachments  on what is assimilation & emancipation)

             Even the Spanish acknowledge Moorish architecture as not their own just as they’ve allowed for the assimilation of both Jews & Moors in their homeland.  On the other hand, Jews are just a fringe group who encroach upon a country then claim the host country’s culture as their own while expecting the other 98% to conform with this misrepresentation AND with their very real or perceived overrepresentation under the threat of another spell of victimology which Jews have passed on to everyone in this country.

         Black people in society just want to assimilate, but Jews want to dominate. Black people were the victims, Jews were the encroachers and still are. Black people don’t steal your race and call it your own no matter how mixed they are and they’re able to talk about these things rationally. Jews keep everyone in a state of ambiguity and play the victim if you don’t go along with double-talk nonsense while always dodging the question of race because you either have to deal with somebody who looks like a Jew and identifies as Ashkenazi Jewish and doesn’t understand that they’re native dishes are not German or Polish dishes as that’s assimilation, not their native heritage. Likewise, we have a typical, ugly Jew like Nelson Peltz doing everything counter assimilation by taking white women to produce white looking children and then calling them Jewish. And if you don’t like any of this, they’ll turn your own people against you..

         MEANWHILE, the Muslim & Near Eastern world has fallen behind when previously they were a superior culture which is something the Jews love to take advantage of despite their cognitive dissonance as a Zionist state in terms of not accepting the fact that Ashkenazi Jews were part of this world & they too stoned women for adultery before they came into Europe and had to assimilate. Perhaps this is why Israel relies on American Jewry to ensure that nothing conflicts with their expansionist agenda by actually maintaining conflict for fear of anyone else becoming too successful.

          In other words, the US political & economical platform is run by the defense industry which has substantial influence with their survival being war & conflict around the World so if the U.S. gives concessions to another country Israel wants to know who? How much? What for? and then give them billions in aid to match it. This is the destabilizing effect Jews have elsewhere when they’re not encouraging things like BLM riots in America. If we’re giving Israel so much money, why do we not get anything in return? If Israel were any other country & went by any other name, we would be bombing them for the “final solution” they’re carrying out right now, NOR would we ever be funding a nation like this from the start? Because anyone who believes that God promised them a piece of land in the Middle East, which they haven’t been at for a thousand years, has all the makings of a Middle Eastern terrorist cult, but this shit has been normalized. But perhaps the only reason we’re not bombing Israel is because we’ve shoveled so much money into them for no good reason…. They’re not an ally of America, they don’t respect us & they’re not a strategic move when they are committing human rights atrocities equal to that of the Nazis and surrounded by 2 billion Muslims.

          In reality, near eastern countries require either a benevolent dictatorship or at least martial law in order to bring them back to what Lebanon and Iran used to be before fundamentalists overthrew the country like the Christian right is doing in America today, but nobody wants it coming in the form of interference from a Jew-dominated American society. With all the Muslims in the UK now, there’s no way that Jewish bombings of embassies and hotels which led to the establishment of the Jewish state could reoccur. If it weren’t for that Jewish terrorism, there would be no Israel as Palestine was promised to Palestinians for their help with bringing an end to Ottoman occupation. Now, England has all the Arabs in the UK thanks to their botched interference and a need for Jewish support in WWII, so they have only themselves to thank….. but Jews always rely on reinventing themselves by breeding with white women, institutional control & a high-level, media image makeover….. This is how Jews become white folks..

Long Clip


                GYPSY vs JEW:    Jews put me in mind of a rerun of “Criminal Minds” wherein the idiot writer described a bunch of gypsies who were populating by taking white, adolescent women; but in fact, it is the gypsies who have traditionally whored-out their own women which has led to any mixing with Europeans. A person can see this debauched practice originating from within India’s prostitution caste to that of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The age-old threat of a child who misbehaves will face punishment by being given to the gypsies is easily seen with a Bulgarian girl from a few years ago whose psychotic mother actually did so… but for the social-climbers, there was always a village Jew who would love some white pussy to breed out the horribly Jewish features like that of Bette Midler or Barbra Streisand or Gabe Kaplan….look at Jeff Goldblum, Igor Stravinsky, Rick Moranis, Lev Rubinstein, Eugene Levy OR Masha Gessen—  these are NOT white Russians, they’re ethnic Jews, and very few are attractive. For that, one can see Julianne Margolis, Gina Gershon, Shoshanna Lonstein or Eve Harlow.

        Let’s be honest, religions don’t have their own diseases and their own noses and their own hair, ie. Jewish nose or jew fro or the Jewish smile, etc. These were words the natives came up, yet I still deal with self-loathing jews who like to pretend that they’re ugly Jewish faces are Eastern European at which point I have to remind them Barbra Streisand is an Austrian Jew and they started in Germany before the Germans couldn’t deal with these troublemakers anymore who wanted white women & special privileges OR for everyone to be beholden to them so they pushed them off to the east. Nonetheless, Jews still contrive false narratives in order to fit their victimology agenda AND their self-denial of middle Eastern origins even as they claim the holy land as being theirs OR when you call them out for adopting white, non-Semitic babies and raising them Jewish & converting white whores.

     Jews and gypsies were both transient people, but the gypsy was more “outcast” whereas Jews were hagglers of the Silk Road. A criminal subculture like gypsies couldn’t get white women unless these women were outcasts themselves. On the other hand, the more middle-class Jews stood a better chance as money always talks, but it’s also very dependent on both proximity & waves of acceptance. Note that the Yiddish (middle German) word  “shiksas”, a word that seems to be synonymous with beautiful, blonde non-Jewish women is in fact a bastardized Polish word ‘siksa’, meaning “slut” or “vixen” which gives you a pretty good idea of what either the native people thought of women who married Jews OR what the Jewish women thought of women like Claudia Peltz, Isla Fischer & Cate Capshaw who were breeding with their self-loathing Jewboys. All this puts me in mind of how the Spanish after 1492 were far more harsh on converts to Islam or Judaism rather than on your traditional Moor or Jew for what should be obvious to the reader at this point. But at least the Moors were a real culture, not a “pilot fish”.


       Whenever I see a half-breed, shiksa goddess who have their hideous, Jewish father’s money & their white whore of a mother’s looks—like Nikola Peltz or Gwyneth Paltrow or Ralph Lauren’s wife— I immediately know that these “loopholes” are getting ahead in life by the very fact that they’re showboated by Jewish men even while traditionally serving as the scourge for Jewish women. Some years ago, Howard Stern displayed some serious nerve going after the light-skin, big sister from the Cosby Show for not being black enough which represented nothing more than a deflection of his own insecurities being that Howard had intentionally sought out a woman who had far less business calling herself Jewish, but Howard Stern’s goal was to not have to look at a wife and kids who were as repulsively Jewish-looking as he is. It’s all about paying it forward. If you think this is just my imagination, remember that another one of Howard’s shows focused on celebrities who people didn’t realize were Jewish and this translates into bragging about people who didn’t look Jewish which points once again to a serious case of cognitive dissonance, intellectual dishonesty & racial misappropriation.

        Women like Esti Ginzberg, Bar Paly, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone & Nicola Peltz were the women who would have been used as “catchers” by the Nazis in World War II because they were mixed enough to pass for non-Jews, but still connected enough to the Jewish community to lure them in.  Nowadays, these women are still lures, but what they attract instead is invariably self-loathing Jewish men OR white men attempting to look cosmopolitan when in fact all they look like are total ignoramuses as they don’t seem to know that these women have as much business calling themselves Jewish as Anderson Cooper has calling himself black & no one really accepts that on either sides. Besides, if these women looked like real Jews then the white men wouldn’t sleep with them (unless they’re a poor man’s prize) NOR would they get any “hot, leading lady” parts in Hollywood NOR would they be satisfied with the way they looked and they would be turning to a plastic surgeons office to de-jew themselves because these women are entirely unaware that they’re nothing more than products of ethnic-cleansing & racial theft OR an abomination & a modern invention.

SIDENOTE 1:  I’ve seen Lebanese women with blonde hair, green eyes, light skin & no Semitic facial features, but the difference here is they never invaded Europe. In fact, I volunteered with this woman years ago at the Semitic Museum at Harvard years ago.

SIDENOTE 2:      I discussed a movie production years ago with some Jewish producer and he didn’t like the idea of a movie about these catchers because there was no hero in it which literally translates as Jews always have to be the hero AND  Jews in Hollywood don’t want to deprogram the last 40 years of damage that they’ve done by revealing that Jews are a near eastern or “off-white”, ethnic group who look nothing like the people of their host country, yet harder to tell among Mediterranean people unless you’re dealing with Jews who have the face, but not the coloring due to admixtures.

.** UPDATE: THIS WAS A MOVIE I PITCHED OVER 15 YEARS AGO ON STELLA GOLDSCHLAG AND IT WAS FINALLY RELEASED IN 2023 AFTER BEING PANNED BY A JEW PRODUCER. Personally, I can tell that Stella Goldschlag was Jewish, so I don’t know what’s wrong with the Nazis that they can’t tell what I can. I guess my Hungarian friend was right years ago when she said that I can sniff ‘em out just as well as anyone back home.

       Women are always the weak link into society for passive-aggressive invaders or encroachers with very few exceptions.  It’s either the actress, model, inept socialite whore OR unattractive throwaways OR the tourist, left & right radicals or naivetés. These are the weak links that make Jews so insidious & I don’t care if Jews try to make me out to be an “old school” jew-baiter because they’re an old school problem who used to be kept in line before we had a mass media which has brainwashed everyone to think that living the Jewish reality or the Jewish lie is normal and if you to don’t go along with it, you’re evil. This is what young white middle class kids were indoctrinated on in the ‘80s and ’90s. This is not a new thing. I call it the Jewish Construct.

NELSON PELTZ      If I were a Jewish supremacist or simply a realist, I’d still say exactly what I’m about to say now. Women like Claudia Peltz belong in a rape camp and this shouldn’t be a stretch for this overglorified trollop considering that she’s already served as a complete whore & a cum dumpster for the “Grand Puba of Ugly, Self-Loathing Jews on the Make” & no amount of money is going to make this former centerfold married to a dirty, old man into a respectable businesswoman because the whole world knows that this high-priced hooker wouldn’t give ole Kikeface Peltz the time of the day if he didn’t have money. NEXT:  By some biblical-sized miracle, most of the kids from what I’ve seen, have absolutely no Jewish features. NIKOLA PELTZ, the actress-daughter, needs to enter a de-brainwashing program as she views herself as Jewish instead of as the epitome of racial theft & identity crisis. At least Rachel Dolezal tries to look black so maybe we should send Nikola to a plastic surgeon so she can have a Jewish nose inserted & her lower lip inverted. (The latter is what a black friend of mine called “the Jewish ledge” especially on the old men.)

Meanwhile, Nelson Peltz would be given two choices:  Either have his balls cut off OR Reproduce 8 tiimes with a typical, ugly Jew just like him—Mayim Bialik comes to mind. I’m telling you now that NELSON PELTZ would rather have his balls cut off than to reproduce with his own reflection. This is the mind of the inbred, Ashkenazi Jew & NO ONE is more guilty of the genocide of Jews & of ethnic-cleansing then some typical, monstrous-looking Jew like Nelson Peltz who goes through life appearing to wear a grotesque, Halloween “Jew Mask” much like Cheryl Strauss Einhorn. The only thing not Jewish-looking on Peltz is the blue eyes & with Cheryl it’s her complete lack of tits. Those are two people who should have been reproducing and every time I look at typical Jews like them all I see are rejects from The Simpsons.

        If I were a Jewish woman, I’d be pissed-off that these women weren’t the first ones to enter the gas chamber being that they not only personify the intentional self-destruction of the Jews by Jews, but because these women give the natives every right to resent them. The only thing that could cause more resentment is when Jews play the victim because that’s exactly what people with no conscience do. It’s like Leah Thomas & her idiot fanbase trying to vilify Riley Gaines for fighting for women sports. I find it laughable when some dumb & overly privileged slut like Nikola Peltz has a Jewish wedding– despite having ZERO Jewish mother on either side of the wedding– because the Jewish moral compass is one of convenience that points only in the direction of getting their way which typically entails racial misappropriation of white women & Jewifying the mainstream despite it being a blatant disrespect & infringement.

         MEANWHILE, Jews desperately attempt to amplify David Beckham’s son who married Nicola Peltz for his 1/8 Jewish ancestry despite more than likely being even less than that as nobody wants to talk about the fact that most Ashkenazi Jews are like mulattos– except black people were the victims & Jews the encroachers. Nothing reeks more of this brand of insidious, Jewish terrorism than looking at the British Parliament where a person can see people like Zac Goldsmith– a product of RACIAL THEFT– who’s social-climbing, paternal line interbred with a bunch of useless, socialite, French whores in an attempt to make Jews out of white people as Zac’s less than half Jewish father was adamant on his son “identifying very strongly as Jewish” despite the fact that Zac is no way of Levantine descent & his mother wasn’t even Jewish. And let’s not forget about Leonardo DiCaprio who dated the only Jewish Sports illustrated model which caused everybody to clamor to find out if he were going to convert to Judaism instead of wondering if she were to convert to Christianity which would have been a truer reflection of her heritage being that of course she was very whitened-up; hence, the cover of Sports illustrated.

        Again, Jews don’t seem to understand that they’re guest living among us. Meanwhile, I have Jewish women writing articles about how this same Israeli model for looking like nothing more than a product of a self-loathing Jew, so typical of her generation, who married a white, gold-digger while all the real Jewish women in her day were getting nose jobs after their Bat Mitzvah. Realistically, that is exactly what Bar Rafaeli looks like once you see her mother and realize the mother is nothing more than a product of Slavic & Balkan whores whereby any Semitic blood to the daughter comes through the father’s line.

         Meanwhile, Jews continue to not understand why people hate them as they doggedly attempt to reinvent themselves as something they’re not (at our expense), NOR have they ever been. Even the Jewish philosopher, Spinoza, pointed out in terms of how the religion has helped to preserve the race in an ocean full of “others”.  Incidentally, this Zac Goldsmith scenario of high-level, Jewish social-climbing & TransJews reminds me of the origins of somebody like a NATHALIE GERSCHEL KAPLAN type.

NOTE:      All a person has to do is to look at somebody like Esti Ginzberg or Bar Paly to see that wrongly-accused, anti-Semites who for decades before World War II had warned that Jews were parasites (internalized terrorists) trying to Jewify Europe were ABSOLUTELY RIGHT as these “NON- Semitic” women DO NOT prove that Jewish is simply a religion, they prove that Jews really are a SLOW-MOVING COUP as ethnic Semites like Dustin Hoffman, Gad Saad, Jeffrey Ross, David “Papi” Einhorn, Rochelle Walensky, Grant Heslov, Steve Rubell, Betty Friedan & Barbra Streisand cannot exist on the same plane with women who are nothing more than the product of white whores for self-loathing Jews who were hell bent on breeding out every last drop of Semitic blood while raising the children to cling to some strange vestige or phantom limb no differently than these weird white people who want to call themselves American Indian in order to feel special.

         These women need to be returned to Europe where they can enter a de-brainwashing program & practice Christianity, NOT run off to the Middle East like some ISIS recruits pretending to be something they’re not. These women (Emmy Slatterys) are what my friends from Russia & Eastern Europe would look at and simply say “they’re not REAL Jews, just religious Jews”.  This is indignant code for abomination, whores & Jewish terrorism which the Jews don’t mind because they’re fully aware that REAL Jews are horrible-looking 9 times out of 10 so they make it not only allowable, but they encourage it and engulf it with marketing schemes to let the world know that it’s their way only & everyone else is evil for not going along with it. The funny thing is that breeding with a Sephardic Jew or Mizrahi Jew neutralizes that inbred Ashkenazi Jew look just as well, but the 80% or so Ashkenazi majority don’t want to be ethnic Jews coming from Russia who look like Fran Leibowitz, they want to be ethnic Russians from Russia.

      *** QUESTION:  Do you think that these race-traitors, Esti & Bar, realize that they don’t look Jewish? Do you think their ugly, Jewish husbands know that their wives aren’t real Jews like them, just products of generations of the “shiksa-goddess” ethnic-cleansing program? “Sometimes” is the answer. Just look at the girl from my Harvard Ashkelon, archaeological dig who bragged about having a Latvian grandmother when I asked her why she was living in Israel because she didn’t look Jewish & came from Russia. Then again, this one idiot guy from my Harvard archaeological dig who at least admitted that his Danish mother was not a real Jew, just a convert, then later started changing the narrative after seeing girls like that quarter-Latvian (who obviously is far more than just a quarter) because of the psychological transformation we read about in Dr. Seuss’s THE SNEETCHES. This abomination didn’t understand that he was nothing more than a modern invention & an act of Jewish terrorism NOR did he understand it when I compared him to Steve Martin in “The Jerk”, a movie about a white imbecile who was raised by a black family and never knew he was white.

The Jewish Version of a Final Solution : Uncle Tom Turned Nazi

           The skewed Jewish pride & their FINAL SOLUTION is exemplified by the brother of a Jewish friend of mine who was literally on his feet & wringing his hands in agony at the thought of our old classmate for no other reason than she served as an embarrassing & archetypical representative of what Jewish looks like. I told him that I was almost certain she was a quarter & raised Christian; but regardless, that quarter blood definitely shone through like it does with Miles Teller or Emily Ratajkowski. My friend’s brother then sunk down into his chair with a sigh of relief & a smirk on his face since she was effectively “culled”.  

 This is the face of anti-Semitism:  This is no different than this Jewish guy I dated years ago as a social experiment who also happened to hate my Jewish girlfriend because she was “too Jewish” except for what he perceived as a lack of ambition. She hated him in turn as she could read his mind. Regardless, I couldn’t watch television without him insulting my dead goddess, Bea Arthur, as he sat there with his face scrunched up in disgust. I simply asked him, “What’s wrong—too Jewish?!” He immediately snapped that he knew I was going to say that, admitted that I was right, then began to pave a false narrative that she’s Italian. I immediately told him “No she’s not &:you know that.” He responds she’s Italian because he says so.

NOTE:  This is not uncommon with Jewish men or Jews in general. They deflect what they hate most about themselves upon other people AND create false narratives. You see this Jewish propaganda in my bottom on this homepage. These are tools of the trade when you’re only two 3% of the population and largely growing through ethnic misappropriation. This is what belongs in a federal prison cell in Colorado with the Boston Bomber. The Jewish men I’m describing are far more dangerous &  insidious than the actions of the Boston bomber who only served to vilify Muslims & was more contained whereas the carping Jews creates a warped, socio-political atmosphere wherein they get the upper hand by playing the victim & defender of humanity to the point that you’re kissing their ass and looking for their approval instead of them respecting the fact that they’re guests living among us.

 Loopholes to RAPE CAMPS:  Nelson Peltz & Steven Spielberg      The same self-loather I was dating  tried to “claim”, brag actually, that actress Alicia Silverstone was a real Jew when in fact her mother is Scottish & her father a hybrid Jew. The point to this story is that he’s bragging about her for no other reason than the fact that she doesn’t look Jewish AND the underlying hope is that Silverstone can either attract a white guy and raise their kids Jewish OR she breeds with a faux Jew like herself and then raises her children to view themselves as Jewish hence corrupting both traditional identities in favor of Jewifying Europeans & Eurofying Jews. Not to mention that people of this background usually have the most to prove & the least accurate grasp on what they claim to be. This is NOT a small deal, it’s the tail wagging the dog & an infringement. This is why wars are fought, why extermination camps were built to eliminate the Jewish problem & why many Jews are in reality passively-aggressively carrying out genocide in what’s tantamount to what Bosnian Serbs did to Bosniaks at rape camps as the Bosniaks were seen as being tainted with Turkish blood (typically Muslim). But in this case, Jews want to ethnically cleanse Ashkenazi Jewry of Semitic blood & even the ones who marry their own seem to not acknowledge the differences by identifying as being of European descent.

NOTE:   This is very complicated, cognitive dissonance which has become a blatant infringement. Nonetheless, in order to pull off this precarious stunt among the goy masses, Jews have to play the victim in order to enforce obedience to their contradictory double-talk & racial theft & any form of a hostile takeover.   Essentially, if they tell you that the sky is green then you have to go along with it or you’re the “bad guy” & “ignoramus”. You see this all the time as Whoopie Goldberg was almost fired for not calling Jewish an ethnic group, while other people are being vilified for doing the opposite. Bottom Line. If it’s a race than Jews are going to have to acknowledge racial misappropriation and that’s conflicts with their agenda. I’ve had to explain this to a Mizrahi Jew from Israel who couldn’t understand why in the U.S. she couldn’t say that  her partner was Jewish, despite the red hair, because of his Jewish beak. “He’s from Russia, but you can still tell he’s a Jew because of his big nose” were closer to her exact words. Red hair comes from mixing typically with European women.

         Meanwhile, I’ve had black acquaintances and friends ask me why Jews carry out a facade that it’s a religion, just like my friends from Eastern European. Likewise, at ten years old I asked my mother when I was watching the “Golden Girls” if Bea Arthur were Jewish because Jews always changed their last names and they get them to play Italians on TV; but in this case, I don’t know why they didn’t leave her as Jewish because she looks & acts more Jewish, especially with Stanley as they reminded me of an old Jewish couple who left New York to retire to Florida. On the other hand, white people of my own generation have become social-climbing, pseudo-intellectual sycophants to ambiguous, self-loathing Jews in this country whose presence is “overfelt” as these now-grown, white kids are incapable of having a normal commentary on Jews without having a competitive “moral yet misinformed” vibe OR they’re simply uncomfortable and don’t realize that it’s them who has the issue, NOT ME, which includes an adherence to double-standards & a pretentious “peppering” of Adam Sandlerisms that’s worse than a piece of broccoli stuck between someone’s teeth and they don’t even know it.

           Now let’s look next at the Nazi-wanna-be, Tzipi Livni. who looks like the product of some Slavic, blonde whore & a hybrid, Jewish father from whom she inherited a little of the Jewish rat eyes & fleshy, “droopy the dog” look like Donna Karen or Ben Netanyahu. This abominable quadroon has the nerve to eradicate people on their ancestral homeland like she’s a chosen people instead of a mistake & a product of Jewish terrorism that never should have been born. That’s how it works and we’ve all known how this scamming cult has worked for centuries which is why the white man has had to contain it in ghettos because the Jewboys all want to make faux Jews out of white people typically starting with the white whores who produce half-breed kids who they radicalize and these children either recruit weak-minded, white people OR Jews looking for someone not that Jewish-looking. It’s like something I’ve seen in a rerun of Criminal Minds.


            Ashkenazi Jews are rootless, self-loathing transients with ivy League college degrees vying for dominance & acceptance like some sort of screwed-up, uncle Tom who doesn’t just want to be accepted anymore. They want to wear our skin, then talk out of both sides of their mouths and nothing proves it more than that attachment I’ve included from StopZionistHate. Either they want to look like us and call themselves the people from the Bible OR they want to look like us and pretend it’s just a religion while ignoring the fact that those people, like Nikola Peltz, are both a modern invention & living proof of Jewish terrorism which comes in the form of racial misappropriation & cultural infringement.

           Elon Musk was right when he said that Jews stir-up hate, but they also inspire it and act like they don’t do anything to earn it. As always, they create another false portrayal but this time it is of that asshole Adolf Hitler who is suddenly some disgruntled loser & a failed artist who deflected his own inadequacies onto Jews instead of assuming some much needed accountability in terms of valid complaints directed towards their control of universities, monopolies & takeovers, the misappropriation of Eurocentric culture &  government bodies by placing their own above the other 98% which could be seen as a diversity, equity & inclusion problem— NOT jealousy!

        BUT AGAIN, ALL Jews do is use Hitler as a scapegoat to deflect their own accountability by accusing Hitler of using Jews as a scapegoat for his feelings of inadequacy… or some sort of psycho babble nonsense like his fear that he was half Jewish despite his mother working as a housekeeper in neighborhood where Jews were not allowed which is of course suppressed information. All this passive aggressive badgering inspires hate, yet people wonder why:

  • Hitler sat down and wrote “Mein Kampf” OR
  • why Palestinians strap a bomb to their body OR
  • why we have a Capital Riot as a right-wing answer to the left wing BLM riots which Jews glorified while making all white opposers out to be skinheads OR
  • why we have Hamas to answer for Palestinians being bulldozed out of their homes while all Bill Maher has to say in a nutshell is “deal with it, it’s the Palestinians to suffer.” He needs to be off the air & in a semi-normal country Maher would be a “missing person”.

      Funny, that’s what white people have been saying to the carping Jew in terms of them never shutting the fuck up about the Holocaust despite more of my people being killed by Jew-backed communists and any Jews were by Nazis. Stop trying to make it seem like everyone else has displaced aggressions OR a psychological disorder for not liking Jews; instead, entertain the possibility that it actually is you and not everybody else!!


            It’s this same sort of skewed morality coupled with the constant maneuvering for the victim card that has allowed Jewish propagandists like to vilify GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY students who apparently had enough with all the Jewish rhetoric about decapitated babies regarding the 200 hostages taken in “survival mode” by Palestinians. This students actions were not only appropriate, but they indisputably were in line with fighting the anti-Semitism directed at Palestinian people. What’s happening now is simply an amplification of what we see in this below link.

        There needs to be lawsuits leveled at the Jewish media for not allowing the American public to hear things about Jews coming from America or elsewhere wherein they’ll kick a Palestinian woman out of her home to move right in OR Jews on stand-by as Palestinians are bulldozed out of their homes while an elderly women is crying in disbelief because some psycho, entitled Jew with a “children of God” complex & victimology agenda is waiting in the wings to break ground on a new home for themselves. If you remind Jews of this in a matter-of-fact way, NOT AGGRESSIVELY, the shysters just accuse you of anti-Semitism, smirk & then try to destroy you among peers. This is their game!

   ******      So when Liz Magill said that it would “depend on the context”, the real problem with this strategy is that Jews refuse to even broach a topic if it doesn’t portray them as a victim-hero OR if it doesn’t confirm with their own ignorance & self-loathing which feeds into whatever false reality or contradiction Jews want to indulge in at that moment. If these conditions are not met by stonewalling & hypersensitive Jews, then peaceful demonstrations are the only recourse which then triggers Jews to then smear someone like Liz Magill to serve as an example of how the other 98% will all be kept in line by a self-involved people who don’t understand their place.

NOTE, this is why a Muslim friend of mine had said that Jews literally think that they’re the only people on the planet. This has always been the Jew’s skewed perception especially when one remembers that apartheid in South Africa consisted of a decline of the white minority from 20% to 13% of the population whereas Jews are 2.7% in the U.S. which includes the racial misappropriation of white people as opposed to strictly the ethnic, Semitic Jews.

*BOTTOM LINE:  Nobody can politely hold Jews accountable which leaves people with only one choice and that is NOT lying down for passive-aggressive warfare which is no longer all that passive. “AGITATE, AGITATE, AGITATE!”, Frederick Douglas.

        The students of Harvard & UPENN are doing what their parents & grandparents never had the decency & foresight to do which is why they are subsequently taking the brunt of a Jewish, revenge agenda. The vilification of the students is the American Jewish version of sending in the IDF to destroy your home on suspicions. Meanwhile, the same Jews who pretend to give a shit about the American Indian, like a Jewish woman who headed some American Indian division of a Boston museum during the early 2000s AND who I had to correct in terms of Ashkenazi Jew culture after she misidentified Central & Eastern European cooking as Jewish, recommended that I utilize my own culture.

       This woman effectively confirmed two things:    Jews live to corner of the market on pawns AND this bottleneck population of transients simply make things up as they go along so they can have the roots which they lack. I don’t know that I want somebody like this dictating the “museum narrative”. The last time that happened, Moses was made into a hero and peaceful people were exterminated in Canaan. If Jews can’t be honest with themselves then how can they be honest with others? 

SHORT STORY  OF THE JEWISH MIND AND AN EXAMPLE OF “CONTEXT” FOR LIZ MAGILL:   The idea of giving free rein to Jews in terms of “writing the narrative”, is as frightening as this Jewish, ER doctor I had befriended who looked exactly like Harvey Weinstein, yet after seeing a picture of my father, he asked me if I were of Eastern European descent because he could tell that we were of “shared ancestry”. I told him “yes” my father & I are and we both look it, but you on the other hand look like a TOTAL JEW and you know it!

He got defensive and tried to say it’s the same thing. After this point I reminded him that my Jewish girlfriend talks out of both sides of her mouth as well as she complains about how she doesn’t want her grandmother setting her up with some jew dork from Miami. He groaned in agreement, we discussed who looks Jewish in Hollywood, Jewish migrations in Europe as well as this New York Jew I worked with who my Jewish girlfriend was calling Mega Jew because he reminded her of Richard Kind. Yet, sometime down the road he pretends like we didn’t have the conversation and casually lays down a false narrative about Jewish, physical traits as he starts in with an almost Nordic description of light-skinned. In other words, he starts with compromised attributes (ex. like a light skin black man to personify all blacks) in order to create a false narrative.

      But why?:     The above remembrance goes back to what Sarah Silverman was complaining about in terms of how Jews don’t want to be portrayed by Jews OR in turn having Jewish-looking actors inaccurately portraying Russians & Italians. The other problem is that Jews tend to think that all Middle easterners look like 911 terrorists which is why they don’t want to identify with them when in fact Netanyahu could easily pass for a Turk, but Jews wear “jew goggles” to not acknowledge this and it is cognitive dissonance.

      AGAIN, the same Jews in Israel who believe that there’s a Palestinian problem– not a Jewish one— have a cousin in America vilifying the white man for what happened with the American Indian 200 years ago despite no one ever denying it NOR does the white man play the victim. These are more Jewish marketing schemes, nothing else. The Jews are leading a genocidal campaign against the Palestinians with the weak incentive of 200 hostages while accusing everyone of anti-Semitism if they don’t go along with them which isn’t that much different than Putin taunting a Jewish Zelenski with his reason for his invasion of the Ukraine was to rid it of anti-Semitism. It’s become an international joke to cry wolf like this, which means Jews have become an international problem. History repeats itself!!

         False portrayals of GMU students as “anti-Semitic” are the same tactics that Jews in the media have taken with the police force. The angelic portrayal of Rodney King is a ruse as Jews don’t give a shit about black people & trying to uplift the most embarrassing among them doesn’t exactly help race relations. I went to high school in Delaware, and yes Jill Biden was my 10th grade English teacher and she was very nice; but more importantly, there was this typically, obnoxious Jewish kid I remember who would make jokes about blacks at a law firm with my Jewish girlfriend and I could hear them giggling yet he would turn around and weaponize blacks in a class presentation to make it seem like he’s the defender of humanity. This is the norm with Jews, NOT me being impressionable. Last I heard, this guy was the head of some Jewish organization in Delaware.


           Regardless, the turning point with all Jews is that once their children’s educational standards are compromised & their businesses burned, they will no longer back blacks which is why you now see Jews focused more on brainwashing & weaponizing  Asians who serve as “blanks slates” upon whom they can write their false narrative. I can definitely see the trend of “dropping blacks”  from David Einhorn’s parents who post voter suppression signs in black neighborhoods (whatever that entails?) to John Paulson’s letter to the Brearley School. Likewise, Jews don’t even want the Ethiopian faux Jews in the country anymore than Spike Lee & his white relatives from slave days care to associate with one another. If any Ashkenazi Jewry say otherwise, it’s only because the Ethiopians are used as pawns by the self-loathing Ashkenazi Jews who want to pretend that it’s only a religion, but if that were true then nobody has a birthright to the Levant except for the Palestinians.   



             All the Jews in Hollywood who’ve led witch hunts in the past on celebrities like Dolly Parton who have done nothing more than to make a valid comment about Jewish oppression in entertainment, are finally keeping their berating mouths shut except for monkey-boy, Bill “the Shill” Ackman, Marc “Alf” Rowan, the certifiable psychopath of X– Dr. Eli David & “trust fund baby” RONALD LAUDER. These low-lifes are all massive criminals in their own right whether it be bankrupting the insurance industry, playing the victim to mask genocidal agendas OR serving as nothing more than shakedown artists who inspire hate, YET THEY ALL PLAY THE VICTIM. That’s called living with Jews and giving into this is never okay. Balance needs to be restored….


         I’m proud that this generation has finally stood in unison to remove the yoke placed around Gen X’s necks by the Jewish victimology agenda. These college kids have stood up and said, “We won’t be slaves to your nonsense”. On the other hand, all the adult role models are setting a horrible example such as the journalists, attorneys & investors. The ACFE is a joke!


       IF MARC LAMONT HILL had his ties with CNN severed for defending the idea of a more collective Israeli-Palestinian state, then I hope he’s begun to re-think his criticism of Kanye who’s not allowed to make valid complaints of discrimination & monopolies as they pertain to Jews. I find it peculiar that BLM is allowed to attack the white establishment (thinly-veiled “white-hate” at times), but the second anyone makes valid complaints directed at Jews they’re ignored as accusations of anti-Semitism are immediately fabricated & the Jewish yoke around our neck tightens.

            Meanwhile, not one journalist has put out an intelligent article displaying any indication that they actually know what a Jew is.


         If anyone wants to come at me, then come at me with FACTSNOT with male domination, female rivalry OR Jewish, faux condescension as a means of deflecting from the FACTS. Likewise, DO NOT stand by spoon-fed fallacies then feel noble & cosmopolitan for supposedly defending Jews as opposed to defending your own bruised ego. If that’s the case, then you’re nothing more than a victim of Jewish, psychological warfare.

         Unfortunately, this trap is typical of Gen X liberals, but I never imagined it would apply to the right-wing who are now weaponizing Jews just to undermine protestors who they wrongly perceive as the “alt left”. This only widens the divide & betrays their own constituents by playing into the hands of the same Jewish media who have been weaponizing every weak link in society against the mainstream over the last 40 years while cloaking their own bigotry & massive, fraud schemes behind “social-activist” scams. This has left America dumbed-down & divided from both ends as cowardly moderates who never speak up are pushed to the side my extremists and eventually become worse themselves. We no longer have country club Republicans, we have white trash republicans. We no longer have moderate Democrats, we have self-loathing hipsters & subversive white-haters.

          If anyone chooses to side with Jewish shysters like Ackman & Rowan, than you’re either an idiot or an accomplice.  If neither, then at the very least you’re a pawn with sublimated, anti-leftist, toxic masculinity who’s been lulled into a false sense of security believing Jews to be “the new WASP”. If the latter is the case, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot for allowing yourselves to be seduced by wealth & westernized Jews who take your wealth & your women & your institutions, call it their own and then turn around again and seduce you with it to the point that you’re now kissing their ass like they’re the “new great white father” just so you can all somehow prove that you’re not the crypto-racist, far-right which the alt-left media has painted you as being. Don’t fall in that trap!

DO YOU SEE HOW THIS WORKS?   Jews are now using the alt-right to offset the alt-left which the Jewish media created and now the easily-duped, alt-right thinks that they’re using the Jews to look like the “good guy”; when in fact, the alt-right is NOT ONLY a pawn for the Jews, but they now mirror them in that both are essentially nothing more than right-wing supremacists cloaked in a liberal wrapper which I warned you about three emails ago in my letter to Harvard & UPenn.

SNAPSHOT:  The Jews steal the Arab’s land & increasingly more of the white man’s race while white Americans are lulled or indoctrinated into thinking that we are all “bad” people if we don’t enable a cult of personality who possesses an identity crisis, a dual self-loathing-persecution complex & a penchant for talking out of both sides of their mouths, to go and murder the native people then to come out as the victim in all of this!!  Just thinking out loud, but this is probably why the Druze can get along with EVERYONE & the Jews get along with NO ONE without the use of brainwashing campaigns which wear thin & inspire well-deserved hate after a while. How long do Jews think that they can play Muslims & Christians against each other thru the use of victimology agendas, control of the purse strings & monopolizing the media? We need Edward Longshanks!

         Wake up call! No one’s defending Jews, only weaponizing them. By supporting a false victimology agenda, the Christian-right is enabling the same people who have systematically targeted young, middle-class white kids for decades with a “terror indoctrination” campaign that revolves around white guilt, irrational “white nationalist” accusations, vilification tactics, selective misinformation, double standards & double talk— ALL OF WHICH plays the left & right against each other while widening the divide as Jews unconscionably assume total, institutional control by playing the “defender of humanity” & “the victim”.

           This is a proven reality and it’s continuing to be accomplished everyday thru the same berating & vitriolic Jewish attitude possessed by that of your average, nagging & neurotic Jewish housewife—or Adam Sandler— which is always plugged into your television & set on the front lines of your children’s, popular culture table so PARDON ME when I say that Adam Sandler can go fuck himself for saying that “the government is not the people” in reference to a mere 200 hostages being taken by Hamas when ALL of those people in Gaza have been bulldozed out of their homes by “the people” who should have been placed either in a ghetto OR in a large, “composite” block of Indo-Europe after the war.


       Every day of my life, the Jews have held everyone’s head underwater in this country by force-feeding the Holocaust agenda under the guise of humanitarianism. In reality, it’s berating tactic in which Jews blame every member of society, then & now, due to a “see no evil, speak no evil” sentiment which is MUCH more applicable in the case of Israel whereas in the case of Nazi Germany, a person would have been thrown in jail for speaking out. I stand corrected! Ask yourselves why nobody in this country knows the name Mordecai Venunu, but they know Chelsea Manning, an entity who’s been elevated thanks to the “snowball effect” of Jewish “faux nice guy” ploys which has also earned border jumpers free healthcare & a hotel room at the Roosevelt Hotel while the Palestinians are being told to “evacuate” so IDF can find a needle in a haystack.

    Bottom Line:   There are great reasons why good people have gotten fed up with Jews to the point of running them out of town OR containing these haggling troublemakers & interlopers within their own communities AND I refuse to be vilified for saying it as Jewish terrorists, like Marc Rowan, attempt to seize control of the ivy League while brazenly disregarding a GROUNDBREAKING $430 billion INSURANCE FRAUD SCHEME. To add even more insult to injury, Marc plays the defender of humanity while sugar-coating the genocidal actions we’re witnessing in Israel which comes primarily from the self-loathing, Ashkenazi Jews like him who are supported by others world-wide.

        NEWSFLASH! Jews have always been migratory people by choice, not because of persecution which they bring on themselves thru leftist agitation. Palestinians are not transients, but Jews are making them into everything they hate most about themselves & in order to justify their oppression of them they point to Lebanon’s downfall at the hands of Palestinian Muslims despite the fact that Palestinian Christians haven’t fared any better in Israel.  The idea of a non-transient OR an assimilated Jew is a modern concept & living in this shadow inspires either an understandable desire for self-preservation by some Jews whereas with others it inspires shame that comes in the form of a need to create a “ designer” culture instead of an authentic one.

        MEANWHILE, these Jews occupy themselves with their own “final solution” that consists of misinformation campaigns, silencing or corrupting the press, berating indoctrination agendas targeted at the white youth, skewed “white guilt” tactics, ethnic-cleansing of their Semitic blood & the cultural bastardization of the Jewish culture via the racial misappropriation of primarily European women as can be seen by corrupt Jews like Nelson Peltz, Steven Spielberg, Sascha Baron Cohen, Howard Stern, Mayim Bialik, etc. ALL OF WHOM have to learn that we don’t assimilate to them, they assimilate to us. Anything less is by definition domination, infringement, over representation & overthrow which this Jewish collective is accomplishing by gaining a stranglehold on the media, the highest echelons of academia & thru financial institutions like the insurance industry– which is a bigger pot of gold than banking— and NO ONE is allowed to call them out on it because they’ve already laid the groundwork that if one speaks up, then Jews are the victim & you’ll be blackballed from society just as Bill Ackman decreed of Harvard student protesters on Twitter (X).  What Jews call “classic anti-Semitism” is what a sane mind would call “repeat offenders”.

         It’s to the point where it can be assumed that anyone who’s been accused of anti-Semitism is simply a person who refuses to be a doormat for Jews & one who refuses to allow Jews to tell one-sided stories such as the recent vilification of a sane, student protester at GMU. It’s also gotten to the point where we need to hand out prison sentences for this sort of destructive, Jewish propaganda & Jewish Supremacy.

     .. Just remember what Jerry Seinfeld said to his Uncle Leo when Leo was irrationally carping about the chef being an anti-Semitic—- “Can you blame him?!”….

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