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Welcome Harvard’s George Daley, Bill Ackman, Marc Rowan, Chris D’Angelo of NY’s AG Office, Rep. Joyce Beatty, Greg Lukianoff of FIRE, Dame Louise M. Richardson, Prof. Graham T. Allison,  AND the ACFE’s —- JOHN WArren, Jacob Parks & JOSEPH T. WELLS— the latter of whom ALL belong in prison bunking with Donald Trump for their part in enabling BOTH Apollo Global Management’s & Brighthouse Financial’s massive, corporate fraud schemes AND for tying the hands of attorneys & corporate litigators,

           NEWSFLASH!   The Senate is now calling Apollo Global Management into question for something that I’ve been SCREAMING OUT to the crooks over at the ACFE— namely, JOSEPH T. WELLS, JOHN WARREN & JACOB PARKS– for a few years now along with every crooked journalist, hedge fund manager AND attorney working with the “unfit” Tom Gober, CFE, who needed to be compelled to perform his duties OR be sent to prison YEARS AGO! (see videos & my “Man Wall of Shame” under the TOC.)

——BUT NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE!!!  The following article is just the icing on the cake in terms of Apollo Global Management’s $430B fraud, not to mention the final slap in the face to me.

……. EVERYONE not mentioned in this email can simply listen in to what constitutes my penultimate email regarding the Jewish Terrorism problem which is currently wrestling the Ivy League for institutional control by throwing DEI pawns under the bus being that reasonable, black administrators became the target of Jewish, corporate terrorists for not folding to a Jewish dictatorship & it’s double-standards that rule this country.

         I’ll keep it brief today with the focus being on the accountability of a handful of people outside of the “usual suspects” and in this case it includes pawns like George Daley &  Crooks from the ACFE. Also, I’ll be pulling in two, renowned political scientists— Harvard’s own Graham T. Allison & Dame Louise M. Richardson— who recently had a forum at Harvard regarding DEI & terrorism which bespeaks ALL of my recent, mass emails focused on Jewish Terrorism & their war on DEI. Unfortunately, these two distinguished, “armchair intellectuals” managed to do little more than “circle the airport” instead of landing the proverbial plane.

         Incidentally, next week’s email will focus on a viable lawsuit that’s outside of the “usual suspects”. Also, I’m including a copy of my revised version of “Legally Harvard is Harassed, NOT anti-Semitic” as I’ve made a few fixes in my epistle to that manipulative, self-deluded wimp– Shabba Ranks  Kestenbaum– who’s using a Jewish, victimology marketing scam to pursue a baseless case against Harvard as opposed to acknowledging that the very protest sign which he attests to being proof of openly-accepted, campus,  “anti-Semitism” is in fact nothing more than a valid complaint for which he’s attempting to censor. I find this to be pretty strange considering that the Jewish media does nothing more than incite & normalize “white-hate”.   If anything, the black, Harvard student carrying the sign which portrayed Jewish control of a black mind should expand its breadth to include the Jewish media’s control of ALL American minds AS WELL AS total, institutional control.

3 Preliminary questions …..

        How long are we going to pretend that there isn’t a problem when we have a Financial Times article like the one below, combined with testimony from DEEP CAPTURE journalists like that of Mark Mitchell along with Harry Markopolos’ original intention of pursuing Leon Black in 2023 AND of Tom Gober’s ongoing suppression of evidence which has been whole-heartedly supported & enabled by the shady trio of the ACFE.

      Is everyone going to continue to ignore massive fraud hiding in plain site OR is everyone already plotting to openly cut me out of my own project because I’m not an attorney, a CFE, a lobbyist or an investor despite being forced to expose what they conceal AND despite all of them not taking any effective action against a collection of people who are more provably unethical & sleazy than just some baseless story about Donald Trump in a dressing room with some gawky, “Tanya Harding trying to be Carrie Bradshaw”. 

Note, an advice columnist rubbing elbows at a party with Donald Trump who is then compared to Marla Maples from one TOTALLY, uncharacteristic & irregular photo is not a body of evidence, it’s a Jewish marketing scam given traction. I have actual evidence hanging in plain site that goes ignored……but then again I’m not fronting for some “shakedown outfit” like Roberta Kaplan is.

        Why am I receiving less credit than a sugar-coated terrorist like Chelsea Manning?  I think it’s because I create resentment from the mediocre masses which then places me in a position to attract thieves who want me to do their grunt work then make off in the night like Tom Gober—“secret weapon of big law”! The only question that remains here is who’s going to be one to try to cut me out & to steal my own project from under me? Will it be the proven crooks of the ACFE OR will it be the Gober’s, “R.Kelly-esque”, attorney network OR the Jewish, marketing scheme attorneys?


    The ACFE’s John Warren brazenly dishes out the foreboding warning:

             “This is just a snapshot. Occupational fraud is likely the costliest and most common form of financial crime in the world. This is bigger than healthcare fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and identity theft.”

        Yet, John Warren— the last man on the food chain regarding unethical conduct of CFEs–  merely feigned confusion & condescension by making it seem as though I were unclear as he construed my complaints as a befuddled mix of Tom Gober pining away at some sort of voyeuristic, sexual tension game which was clearly Mr. Warren’s condescending attempt to brush me off EVEN AFTER a body of hard evidence was submitted to him which included emails from Tom Gober to me & to hedge fund manager David M. Einhorn & to the generic email address for Third Point Financial along with a lobbyist,  Robert Houton, who wanted to take it to his friend Rich Neal of Massachusetts.

           ALL of this “WAR ON HARVARD” is more important than the world’s largest, white-collar, fraud scheme to date compliments of Apollo Global Management whose CEO is attempting to keep the Ivy League under the Jewish thumb AND to punish them for daring to host a Palestinian film festival. THIS is the ONLY thing that’s warranted the death toll for DEI.

NOTE:   We all know that if anyone tried to close down a Holocaust Museum, they would be vilified as a hate monger.  In a sane world, it would be me serving as the grassroots lobbyist flanked by an actual lobbyist, Corporate attorneys & activist-investors doing it legit for once AND by providing irrefutable evidence. 

        INSTEAD, what we have is a skulking, Jew wimp like Kestenbaum who makes false allegations which are colored by his expectations for Jewish privilege, entitlement & special treatment. This is then given traction by a collective, Jewish marketing scheme aimed at institutional control & misinformation campaigns under the guise of activism. THIS IS JEWISH TERRORISM & IT’S THE MOST INSIDIOUS TOXIN THERE IS!

      To provide new readers with some perspective, this Apollo Global Management scheme comes in at starting figures of $430B billion in reinsurance fraud scheme among 45 U.S. insurers which dwarfs Enron, Madoff &  AIG combined.  It’s also committed by the same Jewish Terrorists who are now scrounging up weak legs upon which to feign victimology while cutting off DEI at the knees for not coughing up Palestinian, blood money.

       Keep in mind:    These Jewish activists & genocide-supporters who whine about a few hostages while never considering civil rights for Palestinians are the same Jews whose colleagues uplifted common trash while vilifying decent people whether it be Ferguson, BLM, Rodney King or  child harassment 365 days a year under the guise of “educating America” about the Holocaust along with the unforgivable apathy of our great grandparents who didn’t do enough to stop it.  

        Marc Rowan of Apollo Global Management may be guilty of Jewish, marketing scams & occupational fraud, but it’s John Warren of the ACFE with his shits & giggles, “mean kid” on the playground routine who has effectively greased the wheels for the world’s most insidious & destructive, white-collar fraud scheme that to go unresolved. Of course, Mr. Warren preaches against it as do they all!!

THE MESSAGE IS LOUD & CLEAR:   The ACFE refuses to hear from the little guy, ONLY the respectable, corporate gangster.  The illicit trio of JOSEPH T. WELLS, JOHNS WARREN & JACOB PARKS clearly replicates the “deny everything” tactics currently employed by Donald Trump.

The ACFE’s Inaction vs TRUMP’s Action:     It’s one thing to deny E. Jean Carroll (he said, she said), but one cannot “deny everything” when it comes to world reality & voter security measures OR double-standards in terms of accusing Hillary Clinton of being a sore loser when a person leads a coup to overthrow election results. Being guilty of sedition then attempting to intimidate one’s own VP into becoming a party to his crime WILL NOT turn back time, but it should ensure that Trump doesn’t run again according to Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

EFFECTIVE TERRORISM OF THE ACFE:        In terms of the depraved trio from the ACFE, they cannot “deny everything”  by suppressing evidence OR by providing aid & comfort to insurrectionists which is exactly what they’re doing and so is Rep. Rich Neal.


The End Result:        Not only is the ACFE guilty of sedition, but these three miscreants are also flaunting their dismissal of reality—same as Trump-–  when Joseph T. Wells (top 100 in security) flat out lied to me in terms of diverting ethics complaints which was subsequently exacerbated by a stiff & irrelevant form letter from JACOB PARKS who ignored evidence showing the suppression of groundbreaking, corporate fraud & exploitative labor tactics then topped-off by John Warren who refused to acknowledge a mountain of evidence by stonewalling me w/faux befuddlement like “the Wiseguy of the ACFE”. 

            If this is some sort of preemptive & collective plan in terms of laying a groundwork for any future denial, then they’re deluding themselves. (take 29 seconds to witness the equivalent amount of effort & believability these three put into coming up with a viable excuse for dodging their responsibilities & ethics.)

        So if there’s anyone who deserves to be first in line for the electric chair it would be the Three Douchebags of the ACFE &  I assume I’d be given the honor of pulling the lever. The lawyers down south can also remind Dee Miles that he was ready to go to New York & “flesh everything out once we got there” in terms of plugging me back into the grand scheme, but he had to first talk Tom down. Remind me again as to why don’t I have a case?

Representative Rich Neal of Massachusetts  & Missouri’s Jason Smith

           The same Rep. Rich Neal who’s now representing that worthless, Jewish con artist—SHABBOS KESTENBAUM–  is the same politician who Robert Houton had enlisted at the time I was working with Tom Gober, CFE. As my readers may recall, Gober had sabotaged a Big fraud campaign with Third Point Financial after almost 4 years of working together by lying to his attorney Dee Miles of Beasley Allen regarding not only the nature of the plan, but the fact that Dee had already been promised to the lobbyist & investors. This was Tom Gober’s sick way of punishing me for telling him that he could not cut investors out of this project then rely on me to work for free  for years in end with the next step for me to approach non-existent advocacy groups.

Reminder:   Robert Houton is also the same lobbyist who was always hitting on me & instructing me to bring on the billionaire investors myself because he had switched gears to another project and was apparently too lazy to call the mutual acquaintances of both Dan Loeb & David Einhorn despite lining them up the very afternoon he met with Tom Gober and began making a plan to launch it ASAP. Where’s my “Me Too” representative??

          Sometimes I look at these Jokers who get into politics & I realize that there is absolutely no prestige in it, only mysterious funding of bogus candidates. In the case of Rich Neal, a Jewish, marketing scheme concocted to create the illusion of the Jew as being the “heroic victim” oftentimes requires the sycophant goy who then begins to mirror the Jewish, “the defender of humanity” racket as a means to further his own career. In this case, it would be the Irish Catholic Democrat from Boston & a Redneck Republican with a revenge agenda against an ever-dominating, alt-left like that of Rep. Jason Smith.

   Speaking of Rep. Jason Smith, being that the Redneck Riviera has become the new “offshore account” in terms of reinsurance fraud, then I suppose there’s a whole new reason for Jews not to throw White Southerners under the bus for once. Note, when middle-class, black academia didn’t relinquish themselves to Palestinian blood money OR are making valid complaints against Jews in terms of how they’re continually weaponized by them, then perhaps a bunch of ignorant, Scofield Bible Trumpsters should be finding common ground with the black community, NOT allowing themselves to be manipulated by Jewish, “investor-terrorists” shopping for an accomplice to dupe in their genocide scheme. This is like a marriage between the McNulty Memo & the Magdeburg Rights.

          More importantly, Rep. Rich Neal is closely assisting in Jewish Terrorism & Corporate fraud by allying himself with an accomplice in an unspoken, “gentleman’s agreement” of a fraud scheme. Do not doubt that Shabbos Kestenbaum works in collusion with over glorified subversives who pose as “advocates” along with activist-investors & shyster attorneys as a means to gain institutional control by either brainwashing OR vilifying the other 98%  in order to facilitate genocide. This is what allows for false allegations to stick. That’s how Jewish terrorism works. The Kushner family is already planning resorts in what will once be known as a Gaza, but first righteous voices rallying against genocide must be silenced.


      Harvard’s George Daley is blinded by an “old, boy’s club” mentality which is not hard for me to spot; but unfortunately, it’s this “blind spot” of George’s that allows Alan Garber to ingratiate himself as Alan knows to be whoever he needs to be much like Kissinger was with Nixon.  Jewish, corporate terrorists like Marc Rowan & Bill Ackman line Alan’s pockets & he will answers to them, not to the school. It’s no different than Amy Comey Barrett lying on the stand in terms of not trying to overturn Roe vs Wade.

        Fast forward:  Once Alan Garber gets in the driver’s seat it’s all about one group and everyone else who benefits is a mere side effect or a pawn. Note George’s lingo as George acts as though he’s bearing witness to a much-needed, corrective backlash which will be thanked by future generations for its ousting of some trendy, liberal arts, black feminist so that “a man of science” can intervene. 

           In reality, the only much-needed & corrective backlash being carried out is the one in which the rational & objective, student body is finally standing up to the hostile & petulant, Jewish student body whose false sense of presumed authority & special treatment has been an ongoing issue for decades AND long overdue. Any actions the Jewish student body may take against Harvard can be viewed as nothing more than that of a hostile overthrow— not unlike that of the faux, “activist-investors”. But that’s how Jewish terrorism has always operated……

        SECONDLY, George’s Daily needs to understand that his flawed logic of “who should be running the university” is exactly in line with the same gonifs who are trying to shakedown the Ivy League under the guise of activism. Unfortunately, this now makes George Daily unfit to give his opinion & too clueless to realize it. Initially, this investor activism affectation began as false allegations of anti-Semitism, but when that didn’t pan out they quickly shifted to portraying school administrators as being inept & tone-deaf which they falsely supported with ad hominem, low-blows, ie., overamplifying a few shoddy annotations.

       This is the efficacy which corporate terrorists like Bill Ackman apply to private schools which they can then make into their own. This is their brand of cronyism at work which has made doing business in their respective field less dependent on the stock market & more reliant on marketing schemes to tweak everyone else’s reality. On the other hand, Marc Rowan rarely goes public except with his private equity being that he’s too busy stealing from one hand to get to the other.

      If Harvard is suffering from a drop in the applicants it’s due to Jewish terrorism & Jewish marketing schemes which create the conditions necessary for catastrophes. These are the tools of Jewish Terrorism and it involves gaslighting people with a faux hero- homicide routine like Allen Garber injects himself in the final act to save the day as the “role model” for polite society. Wake-Up Call for George Daily:  Allen Garber ain’t no role model & he ain’t your friend. He’s a divisive & manipulative, little bitch who will always put Jews first, George. (See the bottom of page 14 & top of page 15 from my “Legally, Harvard…..”)

DAME LOUISE M. RCHARDSON & HARVARD’S GRAHAM T ALLISON:     Two Renowned Political Scientists OR Sheltered, “Armchair Intellectuals” … decide…

        Recently, Harvard’s esteemed Graham T. Allison decided to invite Dame Louise M. Richardson into some academic forum for pundits to discuss DEI & terrorism. It’s hard to believe that I wasn’t invited considering the content of my mass emails that have been going out!!

            Prof. Graham T. Allison

         Prof. Allison, being a White Southerner may not have started out knowing what Jews were, but when he came to the Ivy league in the ‘60s I’m sure that he experienced the same sort of “crash course” others his age did. AND being that Prof. Allison is of a rational generation, he didn’t bow down to it as do Generation X, Y & Z who have been brainwashed to venerate Jews & to give them the upper hand. At 84 & teaching at Harvard, only a simpleton would be blind to this.


       I hope to God Prof. Allison isn’t one of those old, pompous, white guys who pontificates on a time when Jews were verboten from certain universities & reduced to token status. What’s happening right now in terms of Jews attempting This is to gain institutional control via victimology & false allegations represents exactly why age-old knowledge has been beaten out of younger people under the pretense of “fighting ignorance” & supposed hate.


        Prof. Allison is known for coining the phrase, “Thucydide’e Trap”  to a tendency towards war when an emerging power threatens to displace an existing great power as a regional or international hegemon. The term exploded in popularity in 2015 and primarily applies to analysis of China-United States relations & I dare say that if anyone else said this, it would go ignored. It’s interesting to note that Thucydides documented 30 years of tension between Athens and Sparta just as Graham T. Allison has been charting 30 or so of years of rising tension between the US & China.


           Likewise, “yours truly” has been charting the rising cycle of the Jewish problem since she was a small child in the ‘80s which is something that can be ascribed to common sense & history repeating itself, NOT white supremacy rhetoric which is an excuse that defeated Jews & disgruntled, pseudo-intellectuals like to hide behind.  Much like Jews, I’ve known that Americans are mostly pretentious mediocrity who are easily misguided & bullied. Therefore, all that’s really needed is for 2 to 3% of society to skew the norm which is perhaps something Professor Allison should be applying, but perhaps it’s better left to the sociology department…..OR more aptly stated, this is where sociology & political science overlap.


           Thucydides was especially interested in “the relationship between human intelligence & judgment, fortune & necessity, along with the idea that history is too irrational & incalculable to predict”.  NEWSFLASH!  I saw everything that’s now happening at Harvard & UPenn coming since the ’80s when I was child, but I never imagined that Americans were smart enough to figure out how to fight back especially since Jews had perfected the art of dumbing-down then turning our own people against us.


             As an 84-year-old political scientist on his way out the door, Prof. Allison would have to be blind OR a coward for not giving credit to the millennials who have broken through this Jewish, victimology conundrum which has caged the entire country for far too long & it’s all thanks to Jewish, “defender of humanity” tactics backfiring thus making it very easy for millennials to do.  Even if Elon Musk isn’t going to stand by it, I will! Nonetheless, Jews desperately continue to keep us all on their short & imaginary, “victim-hero” leash, yet they fail to mention that what they forcefully ascribe as anti-Semitism is actually counterSemitism. (Pg 15 is dedicated to a lower key “Thucydides’ Trap


         NOTE TO PROF. ALLLISON, there may be conflict between Iran & the U.S. , but we don’t personally blame Persian-Americans as we know that they are an ancient, mother culture subject to the present-day tyranny for which their families escaped, not unlike what the Palestinians are trying to do. On the other hand, the Ashkenazi Jewish mindset is more universally Zionistic in nature but cloaked with victimology & it’s now recruiting non-Semites in drives into a subculture by dishonestly claiming them as their own. In other words, Iran is a governmental conflict, NOT a “people” conflict.  Israel & American Jewry is more of a continuum wherein  a preppy cult disguised by westernization continues to make false allegations while playing the West against the Near East for their own gain.


        What would be rhetoric & propaganda in another country, is something that avoids such labels by hiding behind a thin veil of victimology. This is the art of the Jewish, marketing scheme. Professor Allison needs to study up on this OR at least admit what he knows to be true because he’s doing everyone a great disservice by pontificating without actually identifying the problem. The same thing goes to Dame Richardson as together these two “armchair intellectuals” keep circling the airport but never land the plane.

              Dame Louise M. Richardson

        Dame Richardson praised education as being a vital tool in terms of combating “a tactic (terrorism) that will be used as long as it is effective.”

“I think the mere fact that the terrorist groups are trying to prevent people being educated illustrates that they at least believe that education is likely to turn people away from them,” she said. “To me, it just reinforces the imperative of trying to make access to education globally a huge priority.”

        Unfortunately, I wasn’t at this seminar in which DEI & Terrorism were the topics du jour though I should have been considering my recent mass emails on Jewish terrorism & Bill Ackman’s axe to grind w/DEI…..But who exactly is Dame Richardson pointing the finger towards? I dare say that ISIS isn’t actively trying to keep the world ignorant as much as they’re trying to remain secretive. Besides, groups like ISIS don’t pretend to be anything they’re not. The worst terrorists are the ones who vie for the “victim card” &  as my readers already know, there’s only one fringe group who plays that game so outlandishly well. Diversity– and now a lack thereof– is becoming acceptable as well as subliminal code for “whoever is a cooperative pawn for Jews is the ‘good guy’”.

        Dame Richardson, like Prof. Allison, is both old enough to not have been a victim of the Jewish, indoctrination campaigns targeted at the youth, particularly in America beginning in the ‘80s,  but she’s also provincial enough like Prof. Allison to not really know what Jewish is (unless they both keep some things to themselves as they have much to lose). This is not unlike my former, Irish roommate who was studying Jennifer Gray’s profile (post-nose job) on TV before commenting on her lips as I pointed out that they’re “Jew lips”, an ethnic feature like Barbra Streisand’s. Afterwards, she felt comfortable asking me questions that always seemed ambiguous to her. This ambiguity is how everyone is kept walking on eggshells.

    …….On the other hand, Levenson & Abramson Awards along w/working at Oxford’s Blavatnik Institute, makes me think that Dame Richardson is either a mouthpiece OR simply beholden to the Jews.  It’s like being at the Sabbath boy for the Einhorn Collaborative OR the token, Asian pawn at these Jewish, social-activist shrines.

Bottom Line:       If Dame Richardson is lecturing on terrorism & DEI at Harvard with all of this “history in the making”,  YET doesn’t call out the obvious in terms of multifaceted, Jewish terrorism, then she’s either an accomplice OR a useless, “armchair intellectual” living in a bubble who looks great on paper while never seeing all the angles. If she’s an armchair intellectual, then her facilitating the COVID vaccine would then be lessened as being at the right place at the right time..     

David Einhorn– former friend of Bill Ackman & frenemy of Dan Loeb— is your prime example of a guy who’s built his business on Jewish, marketing schemes in the early 2000’s.

        Nowadays, the man can’t come clean in terms of Brighthouse Financial being a dumping ground for MetLife debt NOR is he held to actually proving any of his unproven allegations in terms of its undervaluation thanks to Jewish double-standards NOR can David run a sensible non-profit because what he calls altruistic is nothing more than an unhinged & convoluted shrine to both his untreated Asperger’s AND to Jewish privilege cloaked in “social-activist” scams like that of the New Pluralists whose title in itself is a hostile overthrow of mainstream America & forced over representation…

        Meanwhile, let’s take a look at David Einhorn at the Sohn Conference— another Jewish, marketing scheme—wherein the founders disregard Jewish corporate terrorism hanging and plain sight in order to glorify the Jew. This is so deeply-ingrained from Moses to today as Jews understand that whatever ill-gotten gains power-hungry Jews get will go towards their own. Meanwhile, the anachronistic war on the white colonist of yesteryear rages on as every reasonable person is portrayed as a white supremacist for refusing to be a doormat.

My letter to Sohn Conference & to David Einhorn,

      Neither one of you possess a conscience & the Jewish media if which Sign is a part of either creates problems that don’t exist OR bury the ones that do. Everyone at Sohn knows about David’s Brighthouse insolvency issue AND about the Apollo Global Management fiasco, yet they don’t hold their colleagues in disgrace or to any degree of accountability OR provability in terms of false allegations regarding the undervaluation of BHF.

      There is no degree of fake, Jewish condescension that’ll dismiss fraud hanging in plain site because I have more evidence than the illusive findings you people ever showboated in terms of Lehman or Allied. If David wants to understand why there are problems on the horizon, then all he needs to do is to look at himself in the mirror.

      Stop creating the conditions for disaster to occur and that’s not just me saying it, that’s Mark Mitchell from Deep Capture and now David is hoarding the proverbial, Pharaoh’s gold. Sohn Conference is untrustworthy whereas the NASDAQ producer who was disgusted upon hearing of David Einhorn’s dismissal of $6.5B in liabilities marked as assets seems a little more on the level than do a bunch of Jewish, corporate cronies are which includes Bill Ackman and Mark Rowan.  There needs to be Palestinian protesters outside of Sohn Conference & NASDAQ morning news!!

       We don’t need someone facilitating the destruction of the economy for his own gain followed-up by the building of a weird, fake shrine to some useless, “building bridges” nonsense in a misdirected attempt to quell social unrest. You are what creates the social unrest!  Stop sticking your head in the sand! Your Einhorn Collaborative needs to be reinvented, NOT the police force!! 

          It’s hard to claim to “build bridges” & personal connections when you destroy lives AND don’t kid yourself because you know you have while Sohn Conference enables Jewish, marking schemes & faux activism that feeds into Jewish institutional control along with both the denial of genocide & the funding of it. Besides, we both know David possesses zero emotional capacity, only Asperger’s along with a mother-figure complex & social-climbing aspirations where actual emotions reside in other people. The proof is in the pudding!

          Here’s the dysfunctional pudding!!       David needs to quit his Kermit routine & skip a day at the office so he can feel free to go fuck himself. Given the women I’ve seen him with, I’d prefer to stay home & jerk-off to porn as I can’t think of a bigger waste of an investor’s time than a dim-witted gargoyle like Cheryl Strauss Einhorn OR a frumpy, photo-opportunistic, country club, bed-hopper like Nathalie Gerschel Kaplan who no man would ever speak to if she didn’t have her family’s money. More than likely, they’d ignore NGK at the Macy’s perfume counter.

         I still say that it’s high-time that David actually put Jenn Hoos Rothberg to work Instead of allowing this overindulged ditz to throw $100 million of his money down the drain to some store-front swami like Uma without even a decent blow job to accompany it. Or maybe he can call on Cheryl, but poor David would most likely turn to stone if he kept the lights on. (Pg.32).


THE REAL DANGEROUS MOVEMENT: Donald Trump vs Shabbos Kestenbaumsl

A.)        ZERO INTELLECTUAL HONESTY:    E. Jean Carroll has a lawsuit against Trump despite having ZERO evidence, just spin-doctored allegations.

        QUESTION:  Why don’t I have a lawsuit against Tom Gober, David Einhorn OR Harvard tailored to their respective scenarios?  Does alleged sex, groping OR propositioning  actually need to be involved??

Vietnamese real estate tycoon sentenced to death in fraud case


          I think we need to expand our definition of sexual harassment, DEI & Terrorism AND I believe that everyone will all agree with me by the time they finish my latest epistle AND as they review the others. Who’s eligible for DEI is all smoke ‘n mirrors depending on their relationship with the Jews.

        Consequently, this constitutes some serious overreach & a form of apartheid as the underlying meaning is whoever gives aid & support to the Jew is considered to be “a righteous Gentiles” no matter how unrighteous Jewish pursuits may be. This is the Jewish, moral compass. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  What Jews blatantly do to the Palestinians is what they’ve been doing passive-aggressively to Europeans for centuries….

         While some whiny Jewish, “activist-terrorist” like SHABBOS KASTENBAUM has a lawsuit against Harvard that comes flanked with politicians despite having absolutely nothing done to him— not unlike E. Jean Carroll who’s set a dangerous precedent with her Jewish marketing scheme compliments of Roberta Kaplan—  censorship & double-standards are being normalized with more dangerous precedence much like E. JEAN CARROLL.

       WAY TO GO, GUYS!:       Bankrupting Trump with a bunch of shady lawsuits doesn’t work. This guy already has the Trump Bible out to help cover his legal costs AND with a whole lot less sincerity than what Jim Bakker displayed after being caught with Jessica Hahn… The only “landmarks” Roberta Kaplan & her dried-up, half-witted puppet– E. Jean Carroll–have set is to prove that what NEVER would have gotten anyone else past the front doors of an attorney’s office can be made into a viable case thanks to Jewish, marketing schemes & deep pockets. Effectively, the only landmark that’s been set here is that of a dangerous precedence while managing to prove that this country is run by attorneys & the media who decide “what’s news” when in reality it’s “special interests”.   

B.)          Noah Lederman & Shabbos Kestenbaum are a couple of malignant, $3 bills with a Jewish victimology, scam artist agenda who are recruiting shyster Jew attorneys & Jew-controlled microphones to tell their bullshit tales of woe, YET suppressing my tale of harassment at the hands of delusional, Jewish students & faculty members in the early 2000s which isn’t much different than Ivy League students from the 1960s.

        Noah Lederman shows up to an anti-genocide rally waving an Israeli-Supremacist flag then gets Jew lawyers & microphones to defend him as the victim— or better stated, to keep the mainstream under their thumb!  YET Confederate flags are vilified despite being more of a memorial flag for fallen soldiers which has typically shared equal space with American flags in the South! 

Note:   The Confederate flag has largely never been considered a “racist thing” in the minds of your average, White Southerners any more than a colonial flag has been considered hostile to the British, but foreigners & newcomers steered by Jewish activism are trying to “educate” Southerners as to its origins & meaning.  YET, Jews won’t tolerate anyone comparisons of the Israeli flag to a Nazi one.  

         Shabbos Kestenbaum may act like an effeminate, Jew wimp, but he’s nothing more than a product of Jewish terrorism— aka the shiksa goddess, ethnic-cleansing program— in which Jewish men have take Eurocentric women to breed out their Semitic blood which is exactly what makes his lawsuit against Harvard so ridiculous with Shabbos winding up as the Rachel Dolezal of the Jewish world— except Rachael tries to look ethnic whereas Shabbos needs to a lesson from Gabe Kaplan, Bob Dylan & Eugene Levy.

        This Kestenbaum kid is so screwed-up that he actually brags about his name being German (it’s an invented name for Jews)  & being of German descent which if that were true then he wouldn’t identify as Jewish because Jewish is not just a religion NOR has it ever have been. Shabbos is delusional & a product of fraud that’s been normalized by misinformation campaigns all thanks to the efforts of one fringe group who stonewalls the truth about themselves by making false allegations of discrimination.

       In fact, Jews were contained in ghettos for centuries to prevent something like Shabbos, Alicia Silverstone or Scarlett Johansson from becoming a reality. If a person wants to see what a real Jew looks like then Google faces like:       

     Sergei Bryn, Rochelle Walensky, Luke Methany, Jeffrey Ross, Bob Dylan, Leonard Nimoy, Joe Levy of Rolling Stone magazine, David Krumholtz, Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, Seth Klarnan , Adam Goldberg, Peter Falk, Meyer Lansky, David ‘Papi’ Einhorn, Rhea Perlman, Barbra Streisand, Henry Winkler, Richard Belzer, David Copperfield, Marc Rowan, Bill Ackman, Melissa Rivers, Amy Winehouse, Maggie Wheeler,  Jackie Mason, Harvey Weinstein, Mayim Bialik, Anne Frank, Mark Ivanir, Mort Sahl, Fran Leibowitz, Gina Gershon, Gal Gadot, Eve Harlow, Anthony Bourdain or Seth Green.

This is the Middle Eastern influence in Europe of people who don’t want to identify as Middle Eastern so instead falsely claim any European admixture as being Jewish OR Jewish features as being German, Russian, Hungarian, etc. In other words, a complete reversal of basic truth.

           NOTE:    The ethnic misappropriation of Europeans (largely women) who are radicalized to identify as Jews is what has traditionally fueled anti-Semitism in Europe along with institutional control. In modern America, Jews have found a way around this by dumbing down Americans followed by inherent threats of social ridicule if they don’t go along with this “smoke ‘n mirrors” racial misappropriation & the false identification of it being just a religion. Give it “time & pressure” (as they said in “Shawshank Redemption”) and now you’ve produced a generation of Jews who are more palatable-looking to Jewish men AND who are more capable of wooing the white mainstream for no other reason than they literally are the mainstream re-packaged as Jews despite not looking at sounding it or acting like it.

       This is the seduction of fraud–  NOT assimilation– given the fact that Jews are now calling everything that’s European “ Jewish” from foods to race & the misuse of the word anti-Semitic is tantamount to the allowance of total non-transparency. It’s not much different than accounting ethics existing  in open conflict with a lack of insurer transparency. Fraud is fraud….(Pg. 5)

  Ex.     Simply look at Ralph Lauren’s son, Greg Lauren, whose mother is at least a half-breed Jew who doesn’t look Jewish which made her more attractive to Ralph Lauren who is overtly Jewish looking.  Being that his mother’s mother is not Jewish, this would mean that Greg Lauren should not be identifying as Jewish because his mother wasn’t Jewish. BUT always remember that it’s all about Jewish double-standards & what nonsense works in their favor even if it doesn’t apply to the real world.  (Funny, because these are actually Roman laws, NOT Jewish laws)…

…. Greg of course marries, Elizabeth Berkeley,  someone who claims to have two Jewish parents which is as convincing as Prince claiming two fully black parents. More importantly, Greg’s  father made his money on the cultural misappropriation of the WASP lifestyle & Jewish cronyism—NOT from being #1 at Harvard’s business school. White liberals cheer this because they are taught to eat their own which includes the Jewish, wholesale misappropriation of Central & Eastern European cuisine which is called “Jewish” when Jews aren’t lying and identifying as ethnic Russian, German & Ukrainian. (I literally need a program to keep up with their mood swings)

BOTTOM LINE:  This loosely organized approach to normalizing racial fraud is not much different than glorifying Marc Rowan as a distinguished CEO & “defender of humanity” instead of seeing  that he’s stealing from all of us to then give to Harvard. In other words, Jews get white people to shoot themselves in their own foot, but in order to do it you have to keep them stupid & subservient. Welcome to Gen X, Y & Z.

Jewish Terrorism Administers Harvard THEN & NOW:     Shabbos Kestenbaum is the reason why Jews were called “parasites” as the modern world witness a faux Jew who is a product of racial misappropriation & cultural bastardization now attempting to further change the nature of the mainstream society through institutional control.

      All one has to do is to look at the marriages of self-loathing Jews like the Kushner boys, Sascha Baron Cohen or Steven Spielberg to see how the delusional Shabbos Kestenbaum is clearly an example of counter-assimilation & cultural misappropriation wherein manipulative Jews have altered the racial trajectory of their own ethno-religious group by misappropriating the mainstream as opposed to preserving the integrity of who they claim to be & always have been.

END RESULT:       Ashkenazi Jews have psychologically turned white people into their own worst terrorist by convincing them that they’re the “bad guy* if they don’t serve as doormats & walk on eggshells for Jewish contradictions, special treatment & the upper hand. Every time I hear a stupid white person ranting anti-Semitism, it’s not much different then seeing these radicalized, white people who’ve run off to join ISIS & don a hajib.

          Meanwhile, Harvard’s Henry Louis Gates tries to shame everyone from Mario Lopez to Ben Affleck for being related to slave owners, but won’t shame celebrities whose relatives are Jewish colonists to Israel NOR expose Africans who sold blacks into slavery. Is HLG a puppet OR has he simply suffered from an overexposure to white guilt-ridden, sheltered,  pseudo-intellectuals who’ve been beaten-down by Jewish sham activism? Maybe Bill Ackman would like HLG to serve as the new president of Harvard so together they can indoctrinate the world on the ambiguity & double-speak of being a Jew for which I’m convinced Henry Lewis Gates is unsure of as he regurgitates words like “anti-Semitic”.

Thucydides’ Trap:    The socio-cultural & political-economic equivalent

        Jews are a competing subculture who shouldn’t even be competing as they try to give an over-represented image of Jews as being on a 50/50 par in this country instead of understanding that they’re guests living among us & encroaching with the use of victimology.

          As Ashkenazi Jewry continue with their own self-loathing, internal struggle of identifying as Semitic, but never wanting to embrace their Middle Eastern heritage, these same Jews on every level of society habitually distort the younger generation’s perception of what Jewish actually is, what is has always been AND getting away with it by pitting people against the white mainstream & by playing the victim at every juncture. Unfortunately, they also always find a way to make themselves needed.

            Things get even weirder as Jewish-looking begin “identifying” as the native ethnic group of the people of their host countries then lash out at the them like angry transsexuals if they don’t go along with this re-inventive sham by then making bizarre accusations of anti-Semitism, despite the fact that that’s the point– Semites are not European!   Jewish terrorists like Shabbos Kestenbaum suffer from Jewish, cognitive dissonance being that he makes up things as he goes along, like believing that he’s German which would make being Jewish just a religion despite his total lack of understanding in terms of all the ethnic Jews who surround him.  This is his “mental gap”, not unlike hypothetically moving forward 100 years into the future wherein white people are identifying as black & chastising a Nigerian that it’s a “culture”, not a race. It sounds to me like Ashkenazi Jews need to be saved from themselves OR by people who falsely claim to be Jewish like Shabbos “Rachael Dolezal” Kestenbaum….

          The Jewification of the White Man & Supplanting the Mainstream:       Shabbos is a prime example of a faux Jew who has no “right of return” to either a European homeland he’s betrayed NOR to a Middle Eastern country whose Semitic core requirements he does not meet. Unfortunately, corrupt rabbis who are no better than sleazy financiers make up their own reality as they go along in terms of who’s a Jew despite its standing and complete conflict with the word “Semitic” …Shabbos’ legacy of Jewish, marketing schemes is shared with hedge fund managers who bankrupt companies for their own gain OR shady attorneys like Roberta Kaplan who set dangerous precedents.


        Collectively, the tinhorn Shabbos Kestenbaum, Marc Kasowitz along with Rowan & Ackman (with the help of a idiot, redneck Republican & Irish Democrat from Boston who play right into their hands) gain Jewish institutional control while normalizing passive-aggressive, gangster shakedowns & corporate overreach cloaked in sham activism stemming from false allegations.

          Meanwhile, corporate fraud goes ignored as Jewish, ill-gotten gains fuel these schemes & attempt to silence the masses which we see playing out with Marc Rowan & Bloomberg news OR with that of Neri Oxman, w/her faux discipline of “Materials Ecology” being given legitimacy despite it being not much different than the same over hyped, Jewish, marketing scheme as that of Bill Ackman’s HerbaLife OR Cheryl Strauss Einhorn’s AREA Methodology AND David Einhorn’s  pussywimp, Shrine to Empathy & faux whistleblowing “call to arms” (see screenshot on Herbalife). POWER COUPLE or JEWISH, MARKETING SCHEME??? Financial, cultural, academic fraud & control. How very “counter-addimilation”!!

 COUNTER-ASSIMILATION OF 2.7%:   Jews have been scorned by other Jews for assimilating with the mainstream which is typically code for conversion despite the fact that it doesn’t exactly change a person’s ethnic differences NOR is it tantamount to being a Messianic Jew because Messianic Jews preserve their ethno-religious identity similar to that of how an Armenian Christian church preserves their holistic identity.

          Nonetheless, the sacrosanct nature of Jewish double-standards comes in the form of words like “pride” as opposed to that of “supremacy” or “ misappropriation”.  It becomes even more unacceptable as Jews expect white people to convert if intermarrying with a Jew as opposed to Jews assimilating with the mainstream as they’re guests living among us AND being that supposedly “80% of Ashkenazi Jews come from white women who converted when marrying REAL JEWS” — who were of course Semitic-Middle Eastern, haggler-invaders– before suddenly “forming a bottleneck population” which is code for “ghetto”.  Funny, that this obvious conclusion was overlooked by the academic community which is beginning to resemble something more like an ABC after school special & has been for a long time.

**This following article is where anti-DEI efforts should be honing their efforts, NOT on reversing a black, middle-class.  Note, this “reverse victimology”, but keep reading my next paragraph to see where it comes from.


           COMMON SENSE:   Jewish ghettoes were a necessary, final solution for native self-preservation from this DANGEROUS MOVEMENT of encroachers who were trying to normalize fraud by stealing white women to call their own who would then feign victimology while pretending that it was simply a religion OR conversely, that they themselves were no different from the natives even as they stole the native people’s culture and put a Jewish sign on it. (Note, this isn’t much different than complaints from Palestinians about their traditional foods & clothing being relabeled as “Israeli”. )

          Subsequently, preserving Jewish-Semitic authenticity came as a result of ghetto-shetl life as we see with Arabesque Igor Stravinsky, Masha Gessen, Johnathan Silverman OR actor Jeff Goldblum (Russian Jew with German-Jew, faux last name).  In America, Jewish is now becoming a cult or as Netanyahu said, “converts are ruining everything’, but he never seemed to mind fake Jews like Esti Ginzburg before who’s nothing more than a race-traitor who has as much business calling herself Jewish as I have calling myself black.

 NOW, I’m Going To Be a TOTAL Bitch!      Let’s face it, most real Jews are freakishly ugly which is exactly why they don’t mind falsely laying claim to this empty-headed piece of white pussy, Esti Ginzburg, who doesn’t understand her place & how she wound up in Israel, BUT she does know that she’ll always get special treatment from people like her dorky, Jewish-looking husband who has himself a shiksa goddess.

          This bimbo is a modern invention that’s traditionally been either a convert OR a product of converts occurring since Jewish emancipation from the ghetto system. She’s living proof of how Jews are a slow-moving coup that works over time to change the trajectory of their racial makeup AND how they’re not only legitimizing fraud, but seducing the mainstream with what they’ve stolen from us. THIS WOMAN IS A LIVING ACT & PROOF OF JEWISH TERRORISM!!—NOT proof that’s it’s just a religion.

         If anyone wants to see what a real Jew looks like then just Google, “Cheryl Strauss Einhorn” who married David mainly because David wasn’t as grotesquely Jewish looking, yet too socially-awkward to make a move on any normal women……

             With Ashkenazi Jews, the face is always the race.  Jewish faces with compromised coloring like that of actor Seth Green & Gene Wilder is comparable to “highyellows” except for the fact that these black people were the victims of a system, NOT the encroachers. Concomitantly, many Ashkenazi Jews are also comparable to people like my  half Northern European & half Persian with Lebanese friend who gets mistaken for Jewish by Jews.  

……..  With that said, let’s look at the compromised bone structure of Neri Oxman or Debra Messing (nose & Jew lips only) who are proof of times of acceptance & proximity to white people– especially native, white women who married for survival & Jewish men marrying for white pussy. These two women aren’t much different than these half Vietnamese & half American babies which came out of 1960’s wartime activity unless there’s an unforeseen shift in the power dynamic, ie, the man is meek or marrying up OR she doesn’t look Jewish, then these unspoken rules haven’t changed.

          Neri Oxmandespite her cloud of black ringlets— she’s only vaguely Jewish-looking  which has overwhelmingly always been considered more desirable than your typical, horsey rat-faced Jew like SJP, RBG, Bette Midler, Mayim Bialik (who are all basically Seth Klarman in a dress), Amy Winehouse, David Schwimmer, Maggie Wheeler, Spielberg’s sisters, etc. Therefore, women like Neri were sought out like something out of a Quadroon Ball. Nobody wants to come out and just say that’s racial theft because Jews try to save their own asses by pretending that it’s just a religion then call everyone else anti-Semitic if the other 98% doesn’t endorse this encroachment AND despite it being a word with racial undertones & diaspora claims.

** Don’t forget what the “re-inventive” (neé “self-loathing) brother of my Jewish GF said about the Grosse Pointe, Michigan Jewish mixer he attended— “There was only one good-looking Jewish girl there and she was only half Jewish & looking for a Jewish guy….. Oh my God!  The head Jewish guy at the party had this horrible looking girlfriend! Just look up “Jew” in the dictionary and that was her”.

   NOTE:   A woman like Shoshanna Lonstein who actually looks Semitic & who is attractive didn’t exactly grow on trees for this “under the radar” perpetrator of both self-genocide & Racial Oveerreach, but he found her attractive because she was “ethnic”, but with less exclusively Jewish facial features.  Women of her ilk know it and consequently feel that being an under-aged, armpiece for Jerry Seinfeld earned them a ticket into New York’s upper echelon, ie., dibs on the “quadroon-Jew” son of a Jewish billionaire who was in search of a Jewess who didn’t look horribly Jewish & who was a “name”. Maybe Shoshanna was right, better her than Karla Kloss!

           Furthermore, Judaism has never been the white man’s religion, only an “isolate” similar to the Druze or  Elamites who were considered Semitic by the Hebrews, but without a Semitic language. AGAIN, Mayim Bialik cannot exist on the same plane as her own children who are a  product of racial theft & cultural bastardization. The same thing goes Howard Stern’s ex-wife, Nelson Peltz’s family & Stevens Spielberg’s.  FYI, “Hebrew” is a language & an ethnic group despite being faux corrected by the fat Jewess on my Harvard dig who chronically & falsely identified as Ukrainian.

        BACK TO START:   There’s no such thing as Episcopalian cooking or Episcopalian diseases, just Jews going too far. The very use of the word “Semitic” makes race & religion inextricably linked for Ashkenazi, Sephardic & Mizrahi Jews & are regional differences as opposed to that of racial differences. With that said,  faux black, Indian or Mongol Jews are an anomaly w/an identity crisis, BUT if I were ignorant OR ashamed of looking Jewish as are 99% of Ashkenazi Jews born after the mid-1970’s AND who claim to be people of the diaspora despite lashing out at people of European descent who tell them they look Jewish, then I might hide behind Falashas, converts & adoptees OR Mizrahi Jews in a clumsy attempt to thwart facts while deflecting the Jewish, cognitive dissonance.

   Ex.    If it helps the American reader to understand differences among Ashkenazi, Sephardic & Mizrahi Jews then consider what a Puerto Rican (mestizo) girlfriend said to me, “I can tell your blacks from ours.”..…Conversely, when it comes an analogy between Ashkenazi Jews & that of their European host country, then a Puerto Rican girlfriend who was mixed with black but didn’t seem to “see it” is more comparable

       For that matter, a bottleneck population of French Canadians or White Southerners who are made up of largely English & Scottish descent, but far removed from the old country and w/ a supposed dash of Cherokee, is comparable to Ashkenazi Jews being “distilled” in Europe for centuries away from their Middle Eastern homeland.

       Unlike Jews, the latter groups aren’t confused, contradictory & lashing out on the mainstream by making them walk on eggshells as an accommodation for 2% of the population who feels the need to impose their identity crisis & fictionalized selves on the other 98%. This is how Jewish terrorism starts….

           Examples of how Jews attempt to impose or change the nature of the mainstream AND what Kestenbaum is personally attempting to facilitate–  when he’s not trying to shakedown a Harvard-– includes everything from reintroducing a migration of Jews into Europe despite centuries worth of dealing with Jewish encroachments OR pretending that it’s just a religion as a ruse to misappropriate white people who they turn them against their own heritage while also pretending that they don’t see ethnic differences between Jews and their mainstream, Christian neighbors as a means of  “faking it ‘til you make it” to the day when they are indistinguishable. That’s Jewish terrorism…

         In other words, “wise guy” tactics are being employed in order to normalize racial fraud, a corruptnew order” & a nonsensical narrative involving victimology, “science fiction” conversions along with cultural misappropriation in which the mainstream’s culture is now property of the 2%……. This is the real dangerous movement!


BILL ACKMAN SCAPEGOATES DEI:  A Study in Jewish, marketing schemes

     A Psychologist Breaks Down The Phenomenon Of ‘Dark Creativity’


         Skulking Jews like Bill Ackman & Marc Rowan both have no problem committing to either the world’s largest corporate fraud schemes OR to the Israeli stock exchange, but NEVER speaking out against Netanyahu NOR showing support for anti-Zionist, Jewish artists. INSTEAD, they choose to waylay everyone with a bunch of ad hominem, “shoddy annotations” bullshit……Then again, these are the same sort of corporate terrorists who stole Palestine on the eve of its statehood.

        BILL “THE SHILL” ACKMAN  is high on his latest Jewish, marketing scheme, but this time it’s to destroy DEI and then in true Jews form he expects to come out on the other end as the hero. Note, every left-wing coup begins with the Jew, but this time they’re getting burned by their own actions which is why Jewish representatives have to play their hand a little bit differently and this involves scapegoating DEI as the dangerous movement despite  Jewish, faux activism which has always weaponized blacks!!!

       The real dangerous movement has always been the Jewish, media— a right-wing supremacist cloaked in a liberal wrapper—which enjoys playing musical chairs with the “victim seat” OR with pitting people against each other. Jews don’t give a shit about anybody but themselves, they only play up to pawns who can help them undermine their competition in order to gain the upper hand over the other 98%.

         Honestly, Bill’s fighting the wrong fight. This man should be picking up what David Einhorn threw away despite the encouragement David received from his peers to pursue it. If Bill wants to backpedal”, this would have been the more viable course AND it would get him away from playing his latest role as “the Budget Conscious Activist of Twitter (X)”.

       The “dangerous movement” is NOT the terrorized, student protesters who are being portrayed as “radical leftist”.  When it comes to radical leftists—  Cherchez la Jewish activist! NOTE, Jews can weaponize blacks in terms of slavery from 400 years ago, but a black, Harvard student cannot protest being weaponized by Jews.  Likewise, no white person can make valid complaints regarding the repeat cycle of Jewish, victimology & faux activism used as the main tool for executing hostile takeovers & Overreach whether it be financial, political, institutional & cultural.

         The real DANGEROUS MOVEMENT has always been people like the soft-brained, white liberals who flanked me on my trip to Israel with Harvard. These Gen X & Gen Y, pseudo-Intellectuals– who after years of being beaten down by the Jewish media into thinking that Jews are people we all have to answer to— began for a moment to slip away into the mythology of Israel & question conversion despite not understanding what a Jew is OR the fact that Israel was established as an ethnic homeland, not as a religious homeland. Unfortunately, this mindless, liberal garbage who people like Bill Ackman most certainly love, are a veritable display of the proper use of Jewish control & brainwashing.

***** The following man treats Jews the way they’re supposed to be treated by not taking  any shit from their victimology agenda. Ashkenazi Jews have a tenuous claim at best to the Levant and it’s only the terrorism of so-called, “activist-investors” who should have received the Edward Longshanks treatment, NOT the skewed reality that Bill Ackman mentally re-packages as the Palestinian problem.


         The Jewish, moral compass spins wildly until it lands in the loophole OR direction that benefits only Jews– or Ashkenazi Jews specifically— and this includes talking out both ends of their mouth & running a dictatorship on anyone who doesn’t go along with it. Without fail, this dictatorship is accomplished through victimology, the creation of a false calamity & an unfaltering, straight face to see this store-front hustle thru to the finish line in what effectively creates an unseen form of apartheid.

BOTTOM LINE:        We’re dealing with Jewish supremacists who don’t want to look Jewish, yet hang a Semitic flag on it despite not even knowing what it is!! They’re Jewish supremacists-gypsies who want their culture to supplant the dominant culture OR at least to get equal booking, but it’s not even their culture because they steal from the Middle East & Europe then—once again— hang a Jewish banner on it.  Jews want it to be just a religion and then pretend to be European even if they look totally different. We are all compelled to go along with this nonsense OR be vilified as hate-mongers, ignoramuses OR people with a mental illness– never them— and they have our own people doing their dirty work because they’ve corrupted the youth, the facts & stirred up the rabble.

          It’s the age-old, Jewish victimology agenda in which right-winged, supremacy comes cloaked in a liberal wrapper & whose reach is far more insidious than that of any Boston Bomber. At the moment, we’re in Act 2 of their shit show as we watch Jewish money, media & homegrown, lobbyist efforts backpedal on DEI in order to keep everyone under their thumb as a means of regaining institutional control which Jewish Supremacists thought they had already nailed down by making universities beholden to them. In the Jewish mind, if the masses refuse to serve as their doormat then it constitutes anti-Semitism.

          It’s crucial to remember that he who successfully plays the victim holds all the cards, especially in a country where people have been brainwashed to feel ashamed & accountable for both the cause AND the effect. The only way this can happen is to breakdown a society then to rebuild it from the ground level. ENTER , a false narrative created by interlopers who gain a monopoly on the media which is then fed to all the weak links in society while orchestrating conflict in which one person comes out on top looking like both the persecuted intellectual  & the heroic, defender of humanity….. NOW, the shoe is on the other foot!

*Watch this link.

         It involves a protester on someone’s front lawn speaking out against Gaza genocide. The owner of the home is a Berkeley law professor & the protester is said to be a guest in his home. The protester is being manhandled by a hag that constitutes assault which is then followed by staging them as a “radical” or as “inappropriate”. I find it amusing that the law professor keeps saying that the protestor is a guest at his home which is something that the carping, pushy Jews never understand about themselves— they are guests!

FLASHBACK:   Remember that time when the Jew media & their puppets on CNN glorified semi-retarded rabble who found on open gate latch in a random neighborhood & then decided that it was an invitation to protest on an unknown couple’s front lawn in Missouri– both of whom attorneys— who were subsequently vilified as gun-toting maniacs despite giving loud shouts of warning as AND while never laying a hand on anyone, unlike the angry housewife in the above clip.

     NOTE:    No one at CNN or The New York Times would ever hire people as stupid as those BLM protesters NOR would they ever give the time of day to some crooked, dangerous moron like George Floyd. But this is the pecking order of Jewish terrorism in which the norm is skewed by uplifting the rabble in an attempt to lower the prestige of decent people OR contribute to the breakdown of law and order then make it stick by enlisting the help of foreigners who either smell an opportunity OR who are not familiar with  Jewish tactics & ripe for a false narrative to be implanted.

          Jewish institutional control & faux heroism can run a victory lap as the new president of Stanford is a Jew hired to supplant the old president who was the target of an ad hominem, Jewish marketing scheme used to dodge both a bruised ego & accountability involving corporate crimes & human rights atrocities. When victimology fails, shift gears to ad hominem zingers in which Jews find an alternate route to regaining institutional control which comes compete with the illusion of Jews as the “role model”. In reality, we’ve just handed the keys to the asylum to its patients.

HERE’S A CRAZY THOUGHT FOR BILL ACKMAN:  Try talking about civil rights, NOT a Palestinian problem with your “reverse lenses”…. Jews always push for black, civil rights in this country, whether or not the situation is even applicable to some low-life in Ferguson, because in the end Jews will create a situation that actually doesn’t exist. This is exactly what Bill Ackman is doing with DEI among other things!!!  All Publicity is Good Publicity if You’re Bill Ackman


BOTTOM LINEIf Claudine Gay stepped down then so does Bill Ackman & his wife w/her bullshit, spindoctored discipline.


**NOTE:  I love how this article remarks about how Bill doesn’t want to pay taxes & how his thesis at Harvard was on Jews & Asians. Remember how I’ve been talking about throwing blacks under the bus while allowing Asians, “the other white meat” to be weaponized. Bill is so predictable!  I understand these guys better than their own wives.


Congressmen Cohen and Beyer Reintroduce the Billionaire Minimum Income Tax Act | U.S. Representative Don Beyer,tax%20rates%20than%20ordinary%20Americans


       Roman law, English law, Constitutional law, the laws of science ALL matter, NOT Jewish law. KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES!!!  I don’t worry about hurting the feelings of some Jew wimp like Shabbos Kestenbaum who doesn’t matter until a Jewish marketing scheme makes him & his contrived allegations matter.


  • Forced over representation: Note that their faces are blurred out & this information has been largely suppressed & passed over. Meanwhile in America, everyone is being head-hunted & splashed all over International, Jew “hit lists” of the Canary Mission & the ADL— which we’re all supposed to support— whether it be Harvard & Upenn protesters OR the Capital rioters, YET no one is facing any punishment from the BLM riots including that piece of shit Pakistani restaurant owner in Minneapolis who was cheering for the mob to burn the police stations down while Kyle Rittenhouse is vilified for attempting to store law & order. THIS IS BILL ACKMAN’S MEDIA who glorifies rabble & corporate sham activism. This is how the sword cuts both ways— glorify the restaurateur & vilify Kyle!!!???? One incites rioters while the other attempts to restore law & Order.

        The Jew media secretly supported Bill Ackman’s faux, corporate activism just as they secretly support ALL these faux Jews spitting on Christian Pilgrims to Israel. Conversely,  Jews on every level in America vilify all Americans who don’t serve as doormats for Jews, ie, openly supporting Jewish, over-representation & overreach. Observe how Jewish, marketing scams produced a biography of the 10-year-old girl, “Hand” girl who was being held hostage, ALL within only one month AND only because she doesn’t look Jewish.

  • Cultural misrepresentation & misappropriation:     Hasids are a bastardization of Jews never before  known to real Jews of the ancient world. The way they dress is stolen from 15th century Polish nobility. From what I can see, the style of dress is not the only thing Jews have stolen as a few of the children in the forefront of the picture appear to be entirely assimilated with European blood.

           This does not prove that it’s just a religion; but rather, it proves counter-assimilation & racial misappropriation. It would be like Whoopi Goldberg identifying herself as “white” being that she’s 8% Caucasian. The only reason these children in the forefront look like normal, white people and  not Semitic like David “Papi” Einhorn can be attributed mainly to the fact that Jewish hagglers lived in urban ghettos wherein they had easier access to white women.

         As I’ve said before, Jews don’t care about 6 million Jews killed,  they care only about the ability to weaponize those lives. Likewise, the Hand girl is an opportunity to reinvent the Jewish image which Ashkenazi Jews want to blot out ever since Anne Frank– who is the traditional archetype of Jewish features without your European intermixing– became the poster girl for Jews. By “poster girl”, this translates to a hodgepodge of inbred or closely bred Near Eastern people of which the Uncle Tom, Ashkenazi Jews just can’t tolerate.

#2.) KANSAS CITY BABY HIPPO:,Tanganyika%20Wildlife%20Park%20since%202014

  • Forced Overrepresentation: Why are we having this “Jewification” issue even in a “white bread” city in Kansas??? Why aren’t we naming this hippo “Noel”? Would that be considered white supremacy despite the fact that Hispanics are Christian?


  • Racial Misappropriation: Latke is not Jewish. Jews steal the culture of their host country, then call it their own. They don’t see that they’re guests among us.

DEI vs Jewish Privilege:  LaVar Burton, but NOT Mayim Bialik????


        DEI IS A SPECTRUM:    DEI is broad in its scope as it goes far beyond a mere quota system. It should be meant to unite & assimilate, NOT to compartmentalize and nothing demonstrates this better than those horrible “assimilation” schools for Native Americans of yesteryear of which I’m sure Jews like Bill Ackman & Marc Rowan live to weapnize as a means of undermining the mainstream in an attempt to hold the white mainstream accountable, but NEVER Jews in the present. Actually, I’d love to be held accountable by taking that $14 billion going towards Israeli genocide efforts & funneling it to the Native American community.


       There are four plights on the black community:   (1.) Drugs, (2.) a lack of selective breeding, (3.) the lack of a working-class base in marginal neighborhoods & (4.) the Jewish victimology agenda with the last one benefiting no one but the traditional Jew.

       The end result is simple:   The inner city community is now in more danger than ever, middle-class blacks are embarrassed and feeling the brunt while any white person who speaks out against this sham is labeled as a “white supremacist” by some hipster trash OR cowardly, social-climber who’s going along to get along.

        DEI falls on the more reasonable end of the “equal opportunity” spectrum as opposed to the usual Jewish, “defender of social justice” scam which is always taken to an irrational extreme as Jews know they never have to pay the price…..until they see their children’s academic standards at risk & their businesses burned.

            These extremes & double standards of Jewish Terrorism are demonstrated perfectly by the sanctification of Breonna Taylor, an officer of the law who should have been dismissed from duty for dating a drug trafficker; then George Floyd, a moronic counterfeiter who resisted arrest by claiming that he was claustrophobic hence unable to enter a police vehicle, or a cheap hood like Ferguson’s Michael Brown who no sane country would put in the proverbial driver’s seat via the glorification of a vagrant, stick-up artist AND FINALLY a jacked-up, low-life like Rodney King who led the entire LAPD on a dangerous police chase around the city while endangering the lives of civilians followed by this retard with a driver’s license being too stupid OR drug-induced to understand that he was to get down on the ground when finally apprehended.

        Meanwhile, the Jewish media & many Jews on the homefront  pick-up on the scent of a weakened mainstream thus becoming more adamant in their refusal to admit that what’s really going on is pure manipulation, bulldozing & disrespect NOR are they honest enough with themselves to admit it. This also explains why we’re stuck funding a genocidal state as Jews skew the norm by shaking up the radicals which allows them the opportunity to become grossly over represented at 25% in the government. Overachievers my ass!! (If they were, are they giving credit to European blood or Middle Eastern blood they deny?!)

** Scan this article and ask yourself if Jews send their kids to these schools.

 SURPRISE ENDING:     I find myself supporting a “DEI Redux” because the bottom line remains that if this country wants to witness the sanctification of more low-lifes like the silverback gorilla from the above video OR Rodney King & Michael Brown, then they’ll only be ensuring this pattern thru a failure to facilitate a black middle-class while serving as a pawn for Jewish, marketing schemes which will primarily benefit power-gabbing Jews like Ackman & Rowan in their pursuits to ‘‘clean house” while disregarding a new set of problems that invariably accompany any backlash. Remember, any good for anyone else is a mere side-effect.

          Ultimately, the only thing that the Jewish media has done for the black community is to embarrass middle & working class blacks by uplifting the worst elements from within the greater fold to serve as battering rams & false heroes while bringing us all back to start in terms of why the NAACP originally stood for “certain colored people“. 

THE RAPIDLY-MOVING COUP— Jewish, Sham Activism,  NOT DEI:   

       The Jewish ‘activism’  that undermined law & order then attempted to defund the police are now trying to procure special security measures at Harvard for Jewish students just as they attempt to backpedal on DEI. The Jewish “activist investor” seems to disregard the fact that newcomer Asian students are marginalizing the white mainstream in their own schools far more than an extended “helping hand” to blacks has ever done NOR will this ever be acknowledged by Jews who see Asians as their new pawn as they have the added advantage of being completely ignorant to the fact that they’re being used AND ignorant to what Jews are and have always been.

         To be blunt, other than Vladimir Zelensky & Marc Cuban—maybe Evan Greenberg  I don’t trust many upper-echelon Jews when it comes to “thinking outside the box” in order to come up with honest, creative solutions OR a collaborative effort because I know it would serve as nothing more than a window for one, HUGE, Jewish marketing & faux activist scam used to camouflage an illicit front.  In fact, I would put more faith in Jewish front man & Godfather of Alternative Music, Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction, more than I would any of the “Shysters of Wall Street” in terms of coming up with creative solutions.,running%20in%20the%20United%20States

         ALL THIS circles directly back to Jewish, double-standards & special treatment which is created by LITERALLY making something out of nothing. To make matters worse, Gen X & millennial pseudo-intellectuals are now quoting some son of a rabbi– James Waterman Wise, Jr.-– all over X (Twitter) who wrote in 1936 that fascism would come carrying a Bible wrapped in an American flag & espousing the need to preserve the US Constitution with a nod to Donald Trump.

        CORRECTION:    How about dropping the word “Bible” & “American flag”, insert the words “Miqra wrapped in a victimology agenda” then replace “U.S. constitution” with “right of return” and you have the founding of Israel…. But the son of a rabbi failed to point out a slow-creeping coup & dangerous movement such as Zionism but that’s the “selective spotlighting” of Jewish terrorism. (See the bottom of page 14 & the top of page 15 of my latest installment which is the updated version of “Legally Harvard is Harassed, NOT Anti-Semitic”)


       Ask yourselves why the Jew York Times isn’t pushing for “critical race theory” or why CNN w/Dana Bash & Wolf Blitzer aren’t inciting their usual riots over the death of DEI & calling these Southerners “white supremacists” considering what they put us all through as they pushed for BLM rioters to topple police stations & deface public property while Fox News did just the opposite.

        Apparently, a lack of DEI has become more of a dictatorship than any special interests it has supposedly served. This is exemplified by the latest Texas University school president who forbade different racial caucuses on campus & cultural activities as opposed to that of a Texas hoedown. This means that UPENN’S Palestinian cultural festival would not currently be tolerated as opposed to the agenda pushed by the Skulking Jew, Tony Blinken, and his transsexual awareness day that must be given equal billing with Easter OR beyond equal billing to that of an LGBTQ month.


    ……. Let’s face it, if a decree were made that a Jewish Festival should not be tolerated on campus, then every Jew attorney with a biblical-sized, persecution complex (along with their dumbed-down sycophants who need to fight for a cause since the BLM riots cooled-off) would ensure that false allegations of anti-Semitism took root by enslaving & bankrupting institution’s along with the American mind. Jewboy attorneys worked to legalize black & white marriages, but they won’t tolerate a Palestinian Cultural Festival on campus, HUH!! That pretty much says it all!!    

        This puts me in mind of the time I saw Cat Steven’s speak at Harvard in 2000 wherein the only people who responded negatively to my recounting of this story was one obnoxious, New York Jew I had to work with in an office environment who skulked & then slowly began to target me with his misdirected hate all because of Cat Steven’s conversion for which he expressed his rage, hatred, unfounded suspicions AND subsequent banning of his music. But this is called “Jewish pride” for which I have to be sensitive towards whereas I’m seen as an archaic hate-monger for calling Cate Capshaw a race-traitor & an actress-model-whore for the Jewish Construct. In reality, the latter is simply calling a spade a spade. The truth is not always politically correct!

NOTE: The above scenario is exemplary of the same sort of treatment Roger Waters of Pink Floyd experienced at the hands of Jewish investors like Marc Rowan who have marked him for death due to his presence at the aforementioned, Palestinian Festival at the University of Pennsylvania.

           FUNNY,  I’m not allowed to say that all the white women who convert to Judaism for a bunch of self-loathing Jewboys are nothing more than a bunch of white whores being used as breeders for the “shiksa goddess racial theft program” so that a bunch of insecure, ugly, Jewish guys like Steven Spielberg, Nelson Peltz, Sascha Baron Cohen & Howard Stern can breed out their Jewish faces and produce somebody more like Shabbos Kastenbaum who’s mere existence is an unholy blurring of lines between race & religion used to effectively create a future generation of faux Jews who suffer from an identity crisis & who now compel the other 98% to adhere to their double-talk that’s encapsulated by the very word “anti-Semitic” despite it being both a contradiction in terms, an infringement upon them & a betrayal to their own people.

…………..But of course, the Jewish modus operandi is to keep people scared & stupid enough to not see this. This is how a people get away with fraud & why Jews have been called parasites. This is exactly what Jewish terrorism is whether it be financial, cultural OR social unrest.

       Jews seem to overlook the fact that I have my right to speak out against Jewish corruption which ALWAYS come wrapped in weak, victimology agendas OR the simple fact that their culture isn’t even their culture which is a point they psychologically distract by yelling anti-Semitic being that they don’t really have anything intelligent to say NOR an actual understanding of the word NOR a valid defense NOR do they have a culture. Jews are just well-groomed gypsies with Ivy League college degrees who keep attempting to reinvent themselves by “faking it till they make it”  AND by making up “filler”, false realities which they then compel everyone to go along with it.


RE-CAPPING JEWISH TERRORISM for Today’s Newcomers:  

     Being in Israel in 2000 was a completely disturbing experience, but the dumbed down Gen X’ers on the Harvard Ashkelon excavation were too clueless to see that they were accepting the unacceptable which would never happen if they were not systematically dumbed-down over the last 30 years. This is Jewish terrorism and it always targets the “weak links” in society because that’s what 2% of society is most capable of doing especially when they’re well versed in marketing schemes & a penchant for monopolizing industries of concentrated wealth.

      By playing upon other people’s ignorance along with a competitive need to look like the “good guy” & a misguided sense of white guilt, Jews dodge accountability with nothing more than one Pavlovian word– anti-Semitic– because they make up the rules.  Would someone please tell Masha Gessen and there’s a good reason why there are Palestinian suicide bombers and an even better reason why Jews were run out of town or contained within ghettos as nobody can live with this sort of smart-ass behavior holding their heads underwater.

REMINDERIf the British hadn’t betrayed their Palestinian allies by serving them up on a silver platter to Jewish, “investor-terrorists”, then there would be no human rights atrocities directed at them over the last 70 years. Nowadays, Jews have gained institutional control in Great Britain as can be seen by its government being riddled with faux Jews like hippie-dippie converts & the children of useless, French socialite-whores who married half-breed, Jewish bankers who then falsely-raised the children to view themselves as Jewish despite not looking it. This is the parasitic effect of Jews and it requires apologies from them, not from us. These are massive encroachments and the younger generation has been too dumbed down to see it.

        Unfortunately, Jews skew everyone’s perspective in terms of who our friends & heroes are even while inappropriately force-feeding us the Holocaust 365 days a year. Why doesn’t this speak for itself….NOTE,  if Jews like Max Kellerman and half of Hollywood want to provide restitution for California’s African Americans then I suggest they also work on providing restitution for Palestinians.

 Insecurities Define Some People More Than Others    The name of the endgame is to Jewify Europe OR conversely to Eurofy Jews because the Ashkenazi Jew cannot stand looking Jewish as they are self-loathing delusionoids guided by their own style of Uncle Tom cognitive dissonance in which their ideological selves (which makes no sense) conflicts with their idealized sense of self (which is a hijacked identity). Ashkenazi Jews don’t even know which way is up anymore!!

  • It’s like watching the actor Richard Klein in a stand-up, comedy duo that I saw in Trenton, New Jersey years ago in which Klein was “poking” his partner for looking like an Arab whereas I was sitting in the audience thinking about what a prototypical Jew he was & feeling like I was sitting in the Catskills in the 1950s ala “Dirty Dancing”. In other words, Richard Klein is like a black man who thinks he’s white.


  • It’s almost as bad as this Long Island Jew I met who looks like Harvey Weinstein & sounds like Harvey Feirstein, yet when he saw a picture of my father he then asked if we are of “shared ancestry” because we’re both look Eastern European. I told him I was of Eastern European descent, but that he clearly looked like a TOTAL Jew which pretty much stands out & looks the same no matter what part of Northern Europe they squatted whether it be Austria or Russia with the only differentiating factor being a matter of how much they’ve been “whitened-up” & with what. He continued to debate me and I told him to knock it off because he sounded like a total Jew as well as looking like one just before mentioning how my Jewish girlfriend complained about not wanting to be set up by her grandmother with some Jewish guy in Miami.


       This broke him down as he became more honest about Jewish ethnicity in terms of it being “the others”, but he also became empathetic to my girlfriend who didn’t want to be set up with a Jew, given her description, which should tell you exactly why Jews pretend to be something they’re not. Consequently, this also leads Jews to effectively misrepresent people of the host country by trying to count themselves as one of them which doesn’t happen with the other 189 ethnic groups of the former U.S.S.R., just Jews.


FAST FORWARDA Jewish, marketing scheme OR self-denial??…The next time I saw him and it came up, he experienced a case of amnesia then began to lay groundwork atypical of any Jewish, false narrative fraught with fraud, misinformation & knowing dishonesty as he preemptively put a false foot forward by describing Jewish features as the complete opposite of what has always been assigned to Jews.  In other words, he started with fair complexion or blue eyes while avoiding the more traditional “dark, Jew nose & fro” etc. This is as skewed as “high-yellows” describing Negroid features as “light-skinned w/freckles”.


  • I’ve dealt with delusional, Jewish mindset on so many occasions including one woman in Philly who snapped at me by saying that God promised Jews the land in the Levant which I responded by letting her know that this argument doesn’t hold up in court. Nonetheless, there is a tenuous, ancestral claim that could be made considering descent from the land of Canaan which Jews largely abandoned then blame-shift on the Romans.


            Regardless, their claim is just about as ridiculous as people coming forward and saying that they are the Hittites. I referenced many Jewish-looking actors to this delusionoid whose features reveal their Near Eastern origin, YET she tells me that I’m “confusing” Eastern European features as Jewish for the mere reason that she is a rootless, wandering Jew who doesn’t understand that Jews are guests living among us who’ve been ridiculed for centuries for looking Jewish NOR did God promise the land to a bunch of Bulgarians OR converts and products thereof. Once Jews start converting outsiders & breeding with non-Semites then raise the kids as Jewish, the Jewish subculture loses its legitimacy and becomes a cult.  

       Unfortunately, all of these examples of openly-accepted, Jewish nonsense, contradictions & “mental gaps” are accepted as fact & reality for no other reason than a skewed sense of white guilt along with a pseudo-intellectual notion that we’re to look to petulant & faux indignant Jews for approval Instead of slapping a lawsuit against them for racial misappropriation OR sending them to a psychiatrist’s office. This is also a display of cognitive dissonance filling in gaps. This is the real dangerous movement that directs the traffic of all other dangerous movements & It’s not just liberal anymore as right-wing loons jump into play the nice guy in order to wreak a revenge agenda. THIS IS WHAT BILL ACKMAN IS TRYING TO BACKPEDAL AND FOR NO OTHER REASON THAT IT’S BACKFIRED IN HIS FACE.

TIME FOR BRUTAL HONESTY:  Real “Eastern Europeans” (a communist era term also steeped in Nordic Supremacy) would laugh the woman from Philly right out of town for her attempt to re-educate idiot Americans— unless you’re dealing with a white whore for the Jew OR the product of a white whore & a hybrid Jew kind of like the “token” Gwyneth Paltrow, Esti Ginzburg, Nikola Peltz, William Shatner & Scarlett Johansson who are all shining products of the “shiksa goddess ethnic cleansing program” that never should have been born. AGAIN, they are why Jews were kept in ghettoes. WHAT’S FAIR IS FAIR!!

….…CLEARLY, I’m not here to go long to get along! If I do that then I can sit back and just watch the next generation of white kids to get screwed & Jewed (even worse than what Allen Klein did to the Verve) while some shyster like Bill Ackman plays the hero against DEI in order to camouflage who the real enemy is & always has been. Everyone is now witnessing Jewish, “hero-homicide” tactics at play.

      First, weaponize blacks. Next, throw them under the bus for not going along with Palestinian blood money cloaked in false allegations of anti-Semitism. Third, look for an ad hominem scapegoat like DEI. FINALLY, never relinquish the “victim card” by creating a myopic hold in terms of Israeli hostages & pretending to help Palestinians by forcing them off their last square inch of land in order to weed out an invisible enemy.



        I had to take my complaints regarding Harvard’s Ashkelon excavation to my Ukrainian friend being that Americans are too stupid to understand these things AND due to the clannishness of Jews who will ensure that my own people to do their dirty work for them in terms of “sweeping under the rug” the vitriolic Jew from Harvard who hovered over & physically, squared-off with me on site for comparing Israel to Liberia or Judaism to Hinduism in terms of ethno-religious exclusivity.

         Strangely enough, all the Jews from America present on the Harvard, Ashkelon dig all looked Jewish except for one who’s mother was some radicalized, Danish bitch who converted. This confused, young man transitioned from acknowledging that he wasn’t a real Jew– only half at the beginning of the trip—  to pretending that he was a full Jew by the end of the trip after being misled by all the normalized fraud hanging in plain site in Israel, ie, the part Latvian transplant & the faux Jews from Ethiopia. AGAIN, this is how Jews skew the norm & alter reality.

Point of fact: A person doesn’t need a crystal ball to know where the road would end in terms of submitting a complaint to Harvard regarding abusive & intellectually dishonest Jews! Simply look at Bernie Madoff and how he viewed the SEC as his own AND it took Goy Boy, Harry Markopolos to stop him.

    The Jew will ALWAYS turn the table to assume the “victim seat” while simultaneously espousing a false narrative in terms of Jewish being just a religion which is not only a lie, but also a dual form of racial misrepresentation of both Jews & the people of their host country whose identity Jews are fraudulently stealing while normalizing this fraud through victimology, omission campaigns & social-conditioning. In other words, anyone with any basic knowledge is seen as either a villain OR as a torch-wielding villager from the past while ignorant, pseudo-intellectuals are seen as cultured & noble. It’s not much different than normalizing fraud while glorifying hucksters like Marc Rowan or Moses.

      Americans have had basic facts beaten out of them & replaced with Jewish victimology. Therefore, they seem to forget that white people have been railing against Jewish encroachments cloaked in victimology tactics for centuries. This is easily seen by Jewish settlements that sprang-up across Europe in which Jews would re-name European locations after places in the Bible much like some shit kibbutz in Israel wherein the modern-day Ashkenazi Jews attempt to recruit white whores, like Karla Kloss, because they don’t want to look like real Jews who invaded Europe centuries ago. Essentially, what has always been maddening, victimology tactics for the white man to contend with is effectively a self-esteem, preservation tactic for Ashkenazi Jewry.

       Incidentally, my Ukrainian friend showed me off to her husband as being the only American who seems to know what a Jew is & looks like even as she remained appalled upon being told that many of the supposedly Ashkenazi Jews in Israel look like regular, Slavic, white people—like she & I—  AND THAT ONE ASHKENAZI ISRAELI IN FACT HAD ACTUALLY BRAGGED TO ME ABOUT NOT LOOKING JEWISH THANKS TO A LATVIAN GRANDMOTHER!!

     In other words, even their own culture is not their own as Jews steal everything– like a bunch of well-connected, rootless gypsies-– then relabel it w/a Jewish banner as their own AND get away with it thanks to Jewish, marketing schemes drenched in victimology & vilifying ruses. AGAIN, the only things that are legitimately Jewish is the Middle Eastern blood, the Hebrew language & the religion. Arabic & Latin have always been more universal, Hebrew has never been so. Good luck telling young, white people this because they don’t want their pseudo-intellectual ego bruised & they’ve been conditioned to see themselves as noble, educated & cosmopolitan for coddling the Jew.

Meanwhile, I see a growing movement of “Kung Fu Karens” inspired by Jewish, victimology that masks an imposter syndrome & fuels “power grabs”, but I’m not allowed to say it without being called a “white supremacist”. This brings me right back to Bill Ackman’s thesis.

       Jewish terrorism in Europe has always been about two things:  Institutional control & white women with the latter being used to breed out what Jews hate most about themselves which is their Jewish faces that serves as a giveaway to their foreign origin with the majority being what NO JEW or EUROPEAN PEOPLES have ever wanted to look like for the most part, ie, Sandra Bernhardt, Aaron Copland, Grant Heslov, Richard Belzer, Chandra Levy, Mayim Bialik, Maggie Wheeler, Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, Sarah Jessica Parker, Masha Gessen, Jeanne Beker, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Golda Meir, Rhea Perlman, Bette Midler, Noga Tarnopolsky, Amy Winehouse, the Spielberg clan etc… This is really the heart of the matter!…

SIDENOTE:  It’s also why guys like Leon Black buy themselves a Ukrainian mistress on the side as an alternative OR why David Einhorn hired an unqualified piece of ass who is considerably less ethnic-looking than that of his hideously, Jewish-looking ex-wife to head his newly found non-profit.

       In other words, pet projects, male reassurance & voyeurism all go hand-in-hand with men looking for an “outlet”.  It’s like what Leon Black said recently in an interview in terms of $158 million slipping through his fingers like water for payment to Jeffrey Epstein. BULLSHIT! It’s shiksa pussy disguised as “financial advice”….Unfortunately, Leon’s on the same par as Tom Gober, CFE, for wasting my time just so he could stare at me while gaining some form of reassurance & exploited labor. At least Jeffrey Epstein & the Ukrainian model got something out of it!

      Like Leon,  $100 million continues to slip through David Einhorn’s fingers like water as this chump is committed to forking over $100 million to a disgruntled, subversive swami who set up some half-ass, non-profit as a way of drumming-up money during the pandemic, Uma Viswanathan of the New Pluralists is a funder collaborative focused on supporting the growing field of practitioners, storytellers, researchers, and innovators working to foster a culture of pluralism in America……. Maybe we can send Uma to Israel?

CLOSE THIS GARBAGE DOWN OR TRANSFORM IT:      Ultimately, there are three things we’re going to need to close down OR re-direct (1.) The ACFE, (2.) Jewish, “social-activist” scams such as the ADL & the Einhorn Collaborative AND lastly  (3.) every single indoctrination camp colloquially known as a Holocaust Museum will be devoted to the American Indian & man-made, eco-extinction.

……unless Jews allow somebody like me to expand the curriculum in terms of why Jews were hated & what Jewish looks like, but until then Holocaust Museums constitute a hotbed of misinformation & omission campaigns.

*NOTE:  The very idea of Ashkenazi Jews having to look at themselves squarely in the mirror in order to see the truth of what they really & what has always made them so hated simply makes Jews “uncomfortable” which is ALWAYS unacceptable, but NEVER their harassment of others who do not enable NOR coddle the Jew’s self-loathing & cultural misappropriation of the very people they oppress which is exactly why Jews try to beat the truth out of everyone by creating generation after generation of dumbed-down sycophants for the Jew!!!

***NOTE, the only reason they got Harvey Keitel is because he doesn’t look Jewish. Harvey is a product of Jewish terrorism or the Jewification of Europe.

       The following footage was taken from an Israeli soldier’s social media account, recording himself torching a Palestinian home.

P.S. I don’t care about a few hostages who put themselves in that position. Hostages will be released when civil liberties are reinstituted. Africans make hostages out of oil executives until their financial needs are met due to the corruption of their own governments who withhold foreign aid for the building of hospitals & schools.

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